10 Smart Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

If I were to estimate one of the biggest complaints bloggers have, it’s lack of traffic and not knowing how to get more of it to their blog. In this post, I’m going to help you there by showing you 10 methods that work across the board to solve that problem.

I’ve been building blogs for several years (and making money from them through affiliate marketing, learn more about me here) and have cross tested many strategies that led to an increase in traffic across all of them and in this post, the 10 strategies I’ll be showing you have proved to show the most promising results.

The bottom line is that the more traffic your blog gets, the more success it can experience. But at the same time, my strategies focus a lot on getting you the most targeted type of traffic to your blog because this is the one that is most profitable in my experience.

Here are the 10 ways on how to get more traffic to a blog:

how to get more traffic to a blog

  1. Using a good theme like Generate Press.
  2. Stick to 1 niche and become an authority in it.
  3. Create keyword targeted blog posts related to your niche.
  4. Create high quality images with keywords in them.
  5. Create quality niche content when you blog.
  6. Focus a lot on making product review blog posts.
  7. Create backlinks to your blog on YouTube and Pinterest.
  8. Create internal links throughout your blog site.
  9. Set a goal of blogging several times a week.
  10. Use specific SEO plugins and connect your blog with Google Search Console.

Most of these can be individually applied to get more traffic to your blog, but they are best used together. In order to fully understand how to do this, what I’m going to do right now is explain from points 1-10 how to apply them on your blog so you can maximize it’s success.

1) Use a theme like GeneratePress:

generate press theme for your blog


GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that is simple to use and can be installed for free.

It’s mobile friendly, loads quickly and has many attributes for simple navigation and helping you organize your blog in a way that is easy to navigate.

There is a free option available as well as a Premium one. You can easily get the necessary benefits your blog needs with the free one.

How it helps get your blog more traffic:

By simply installing and using this theme on your blog, you will already make it (if it isn’t already):

  • Mobile friendly.
  • Help it load faster (leads to better ranking).
  • These simple little changes help the site rank better, and as a result attract more traffic.

2) Keep your blog’s focus on 1 niche and become an authority at it:

find your niche to start a blog


One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers make which impacts their traffic massively is that they are all over the place with the content.

There is no focus on any particular subject and in my experience, a blog that focuses on a specific niche that the blog owners knows about is one of the biggest keys to that blog’s success in every field, including traffic.

How it helps get your blog more traffic:

The most successful blogs and bloggers in my experience are always focused on 1 specific niche they know a lot about. Your goal as a blogger is to select a niche you would be most passionate about blogging.

From there, you will be using the next strategies I list to grow the blog in that niche until it becomes an authority blog.

An authority blog is a level your website will eventually reach following this step where it will easily rank high on search engines and attract loads of traffic to it.

Here are ways to pick niches:

For the sake of example, I’m going to focus on an ironic niche: Hair loss for men.

It’s ironic because I’m bald, but it’s an easy example to follow, so save the jokes for later. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say I selected this niche because:

  • I know a lot about hair loss.
  • I know how to regrow my hair.
  • This is a major problem men experience.
  • I can write a lot of blog content on different methods, products and ways to regrow hair.

I want you to know that your niche doesn’t have to be this. I’m just giving you an example and reference, because without this, it’ll be difficult to apply this and any other step in this guide. Anyway, let us move on:

3) Create keyword targeted blog posts connected to your niche:

how to find keywords when blogging


Every blog you create should ideally be targeting some sort of low competition keyword in the title that people look up online.

This will allow your blog to rank for such terms.

In my hair loss for men niche, here are just a few examples:

10 best foods to regrow your hair for men

Does testosterone cause hair loss?

Top 10 shampoos to regrow your hair for men

How to stop balding for men

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

Your niche (if chosen correctly) will have a lot of topics and products to blog about and the more content you create on your blog for popular subjects and products that are connected to the niche, the more traffic it will get.

This is simply because you are writing up about stuff people are actually interested in and look up online. See more information on how to find keywords for your blog.

Also have a look at my buyer keywords post as well as my evergreen keywords post for more reference on finding good keywords to get traffic from.

4) Create high quality images with keywords in them:

create beautiful images for a blog


You create images and put them throughout one or more of your blog posts. You also insert the keywords you want your blog/s to rank for in the image in order to help it rank better.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

Images do a few things in this regard:

1) They individually rank on search engines. Google for example has a Google images section.

2) Good images attached to blogs help the blog look better and read easier for people. This is connected to better SEO and rankings.

For example:

If I’m writing a blog post on “How to stop balding in men”, I’ll make at least one image with a bald man, and label that image: how to stop balding in men. This will help my blog rank better, as well as the image for that term on Google images (as well as other search engines too).

Where to make good images:

Canva.com is my top choice for this. You can find countless images for free that you can edit and make. At this point in time, I have only 1 tutorial on making images, but it’s in relation to YouTube thumbnails. However, the instructions there can 100% be applied to your blogs, so the tutorial there will help you with this.

5) Always create quality content when you blog:

quality content for a blog


Whenever you blog, it shouldn’t be just to write whatever to rank. It should be to write as much quality information on whatever blog subject you chose to help readers understand the niche subject better.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

Quality content is one of the leading reasons a blog ranks well on search engines and attracts traffic. It is easier to write quality content when you know your niche very well.


Let’s take the stop balding in men niche. Let’s suppose I am writing a blog on a keyword like “10 foods that help stop balding in men”. As I list out these foods, I’m going to go into details on why these foods are important. Things like:

  • The vitamins they hold and how they help hair grow.
  • My experiences with using these foods (personal experiences are the best way to create quality content).

6) Focus a lot on making product review blog posts:

writing product reviews for a blog


Every single niche has tons of products available to market, promote and blog about. It can be an easy way to get more content on your blog and grow it.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

1. You can find more blogging ideas with product reviews.

2. You can promote these products in your blog and make money from it.

3. Product reviews usually hold less competition to rank for and are therefore easier to get traffic from.

4. Your blog’s authority can grow faster when you mix up your content and include product reviews.

Examples of writing good product reviews:

If we use the hair loss for men niche, I think you can only image just how many products I can find to blog about:

  • Different types of shampoos (100’s of products).
  • Different types of creams (100’s of products).
  • Different types of programs for regrowing hair (dozens at least).

You will literally have a blueprint to crank out at least 100 blog posts if you start writing product reviews.

7) Create backlinks to your blog on YouTube and Pinterest:

getting backlinks to a blog


Backlinks are links from outside your blog pointing back to it.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

You can manually create them to get more “link juice” back to your blog and have it receive better SEO results, rankings and traffic. In this case, I recommend 3 sources:

In the case of the hair loss for men niche, I’d make:

1) Videos on YouTube covering the subject of hair loss for men (pretty much all of the same stuff I’d cover on my blog) and linking back the videos to my blog.

2) Making pins on Pinterest with images of men with hair problems and pointing them back to my blog.

8) Create internal links throughout your blog site:

making internal links for a blog


Internal links are any links within your blog website pointing to other pages/blog within the same blog/site.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

Internal links have always been a huge factor in helping your site’s SEO improve and it is a highly recommended practice for any blogger.

You will want to provide links wherever it makes sense throughout your blog so people can see those links and potentially explore more of them.

Not only will that help them explore the blog more, but it will be noticed by search engines and have other blog posts you write rank better.

This will lead the blog to get more traffic all across the blog posts you create, and help those blogs which aren’t ranking higher, to be raised in the rankings too.

For specific examples, see my blog post on this very page and all of the links I provide throughout it.

9) Set a goal of blogging several times a week:

blog consistently


New blogs and bloggers will want to blog a consistently as possible when their blog is new to help it grow faster.

A good reference for how many times to blog a week would be 2-3 times, and ideally every day (7 times a week).

With the tips and resources I’ve given you in this post, you should have more than enough blogging ideas to work with for your niche.

The only question is finding the time to blog about all those ideas and this is where you’ll want to set your own quotas.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

The bigger your blog is and the more consistently it cranks out new content, the faster it will grow and the faster the traffic will come. It is one of the fastest ways to reach authority status. For reference:

  • A person who blogs everyday (correctly using the tips I outlined) can see their blog get serious traffic results by 6 months.
  • A person who blogs once a week or less will likely see results within a year or perhaps longer.

10) Use specific SEO plugins and connect your blog with Google Search Console:

seo plugins for a blog


I recommend people who use WordPress and the GeneratePress theme install the All in One SEO plugin and also connect their blog with the Google Search Console.

How this helps get your blog more traffic:

All in One SEO helps the site be more clearly seen and understood by Google spiders. It helps with making your content rank a bit easier on Google and this helps with traffic growth.

Google Search Console is a good reporting tool that you can install with your blog to see it’s progress.

It doesn’t help with traffic growth, but connecting the site to Google directly helps you (and Google) understand how it’s doing.

These 2 tools are free to use.

Applying these 10 strategies to getting more traffic to your blog (what you should notice):

The short answer is that if you use the 10 strategies I’ve given you here, you will see a noticeable climb in traffic to your blog. For new blogs, this may not come quickly, and will take several months to really notice and this is normal.

For more developed blogs, it will be seen a bit quicker (within weeks).

Blogging growth is usually a very slow process so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the results happen immediately as it’s very normal for this to be a process, not a quick solution.

Eventually when the blog grows enough, it can obviously make more and like I said earlier, I do affiliate marketing on my blogs mainly (affiliate marketing is what I make money with passively), but one other thing you may want to look at if the blog grows far enough is display ad networking and using platforms like Mediavine.

Each option can really provide limitless profits for your blog and your success.

Blogging programs that help you with this:

There are at least 8 blogging training programs you can check out which utilizes these principals I shared with you and give you a step by step training to create profitable blogs.

My top choice on where to get step by step help to make a profitable blog:

If you’re new to blogging and need help, then I can promise you these 10 strategies will work well for you, but if you need more assistance and perhaps a more detailed step-by-step plan to get going, then I recommend the following:

Give a program called Wealthy Affiliate a shot.

They help you with the whole niche selection, blog creation, traffic generation to that blog and monetizing it (and this is just a small sample of what they teach).

This is the same program I used to learn and then create my own blogs, as well as give out the very tips you got here. And if you have any questions on these methods I listed, do let me know below!

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