How to Make Money Through Facebook Ads Step by Step

Facebooks Ads can be an incredible source of traffic through which you can make a lot of money from, but for most people, this scenario just doesn’t happen because they don’t use this network correctly.

And frankly, Facebooks Ads, like other pay per click networks won’t exactly tell you the best way to use it either, leaving you to either:

  • Figure it out on your own and spend a lot of money doing that.
  • Or buying expensive courses teaching this stuff, and not having assurance that the course you bought is actually legitimate.

And even then, most people will still fail at using Facebook Ads to make money online. And I obviously want you to avoid that. And so:

What I want to do in this article is:

1) Help you understand what Facebook Ads really is.

2) Show you how to correctly make money through Facebook Ads by:

  • Understanding the key to mastering Facebook Ads.
  • Understanding how to set up an ad correctly.
  • Set up the ad so you get both targeted clicks and spend very little on it.
  • And to be able to make money through Facebook Ads in general with just about anything you wish to sell.

3) This tutorial is overarching on the subject of making money through Facebook Ads.

And because there are so many ways to do it, I decided to keep this post very general and stick to the most important way of using it.

This tutorial will give you more than enough info and a solid foundation to get started with Facebook Ads, but I will be making more specific tutorials on the different ways of using this place in the future (such as for affiliate marketing, Clickbank, local marketing offers, ect…).

And if you personally have questions on Facebook Ads and making money through them in a specific way, let me know below so I can mark it down and make a post on it in the future.

I typically use Facebook Ads to do affiliate marketing through, but the steps can also be applied to any promotion you have, including from drop shipping offers, products you own and so forth.

how to make money through facebook ads step by step 01

My quick history with Facebook Ads explained:

Over $500,000 of my affiliate income earnings have come from using pay per click networks and out of those networks, Facebook Ads for me was the most confusing one to understand and this was because unlike other PPC networks I used for affiliate marketing, this one never used keywords.

In case you didn’t know, with the other PPC networks that are out there, you could literally control who sees your ads by inputting the keywords that would need to be typed by your target audience to trigger the ad.

And therefore, I’d always get very targeted traffic. However, when I went over to Facebook Ads to expecting the keyword option to be there, I was surprised to learn such a thing didn’t exist!

Because of that confusion, I had put off learning about this network and making money through it for years, until in 2019, I hired an advanced Affiliate Coach named Jay to teach me about this network.

With his help, I had created numerous ads through Facebook, and tested multiple online sales funnels promoting a program called Wealthy Affiliate. While the ads I made got VERY targeted clicks (this is what you need to make money), my backend funnel lacked in imagination and relevancy and thus my overall profits from this venture weren’t high.

However, my knowledge in Facebook Ads grew to a point where I could use it and teach it, and this tutorial is straight out of the methodology I learned from Jay and he is truly a master of using Facebook Ads to make money.

What is Facebook Ads?

It’s a place where you can make ads which can appear on Facebook, as well as on places like Instagram, since Facebook also owns that. The ads you make on this network can be extremely targeted meaning you can select the types of people who you wish to see the ad.

Anything from:

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Particular likes.
  • Hobbies.
  • Specific locations.
  • And so forth can be set when making your ad.

This can ensure that the right people see it and as you’ll shortly see, that’s exactly how you’ll be making your ads through this tutorial and it’s the key to making money through Facebook Ads.

The key to making money through Facebook Ads:

The more specific the audience your ad targets, the more likely it is to make money. One of the most amazing things about this network is just how much detailed information it gathers on its users (with their consent).

People like, share and post stuff on Facebook all the time and link their accounts with other places. Facebook collects all of this info and provides you with data on this and by utilizing this aspect of the network, we can create very specific ads, targeting VERY specific people.

Here is an example:

  • Let’s assume we have 2 people using Facebook Ads.
  • Both people are trying to drive visitors to their own websites.
  • And both websites sell camping gear.

1) One person decides to use the most default settings when making their ad and targets people who are:

  • 18-64.
  • And live in the United States.
  • He makes a simple ad that shows a person camping and offers a link to his site.

With these 4 broad and simple settings, Facebook Ads predicts his ad will reach over 10,000,000 people. Wow he thinks “I can get 10,000,000 customers to my camping site!”. But you’re about to learn why this is a disaster waiting to happen.

2) The next person decides to go a much more detailed route. He makes a similar ad, but his targeting is far more specific.

  • He goes for the same 18-64 age range.
  • He targets people in only 1 area of the U.S where people like to camp: Yellowstone National Park.
  • He targets people who like various camping pages on Facebook.
  • He makes an ad showing Yellowstone Park and people camping there, and linking to his site from the ad.

With these 4 settings, Facebook Ads predicts his ad will reach 50,000 people, far less than the first person. But this is actually going to lead to far better results and you’ll see why shortly.

Both people run their ads, and this is what is likely to happen:

  • Person 1 has 10,000 people click his ad, spends $1,000 on his ad and makes under $10 ($990 loss).
  • Person 2 however gets 200 clicks, spends $50 on the ads and makes $500 ($450 profit).

Why did person 2 with less clicks make more money?

It’s because he went for a far more specific route in his targeting. He targeted people who are interested in CAMPING in YELLOWSTONE, and he made an ad and image on the ad that literally showed people camping there.

How much more specific do you need to get? And this is why he succeeded. And this rule is ALWAYS the case in ANY field of online marketing. It doesn’t matter if it’s:

Blogging or using other networks like Bing Ads, or YouTube Ads, or even Pinterest Ads. Going for a targeted audience ALWAYS results in a far more targeted and specific traffic coming to your site, and that results in more success. This is why person 2 succeeded, while person 1 did not.

This is an important lesson you are going to have to keep in mind when you make your own Facebook Ads. And now I’ll dive into the basics of how to do that:

The step by step guide to making a profitable Facebook Ad:

  1. Identify what you’re selling (and create a landing page reviewing it).
  2. Identify the best audience for the product.
  3. Create an image for your Facebook Ad.
  4. Head over to Facebook Ads and make the ad (be as specific as possible).
  5. Publish the ad, and monitor how many clicks it gets vs sales.

This is a very basic 5 step process to making money through Facebook Ads, and I will make a video and more detailed tutorial on the process, but for now, know that:

  • This tutorial keeps in mind everything I said about being specific.
  • And again, it will give you a good overarching view of how it’s supposed to be done.

1) Identify what you’re selling on Facebook Ads (make a page that sells the product):

Whatever you are selling, whether it be an affiliate offer, drop shipping product or personal product/service, it’s important to understand WHAT that product actually is.

This is because the more you define it, the more specific you’ll be able to make your ad to get the right audience to SEE that ad and this means, it’ll be easier to make money through it.

As an example, let’s say I am seeking to promote an affiliate product like an expensive massage tool called Hyperrice Hypervolt. It’s a massage tool whose picture you can see on the right. It pays me $30 per sale.

Using the first tip, I need to know a few things about this product:

It’s used for massaging, aches, pains, muscle recovery and better circulation. These keywords are going to be important in finding a specific audience for it.

Next: Ensure you actually have a website that sells that product! 

In my case, I’ll likely create a written affiliate review of the Hyperrice Hypervolt and make that the page I steer people into from the Facebook Ad.

2) Identify the best audience (s) who would want to buy that product:

how to find a buyer audience on facebook ads

I have several thoughts on who would best benefit from this product:

  • Wrestlers. I know they suffer from a lot of injuries.
  • Runners. They get leg pains all the time.
  • Marathon runners. Same thing as runners.
  • MMA enthusiasts.
  • Gym goers in general.

We’re going to keep it to 5 groups, because remember, your product will likely be able to suite more than just 1 group of people.

For the purposes of keeping this simple, I’m going to target marathon runners as my target audience.

I’m also going to target the following things (If Facebook Ads has this, and they should):

  • Male (I’ll make another ad for women later).
  • 18-65.
  • Interested in marathons, running.
  • Interested in a specific marathon coming up in a specific place in the United States.

Why not target the general marathon runner in the United States?

One of the reasons why I do all of this is because the lesser my reach of people, the LESS I will pay for each click.

In this case, I looked up upcoming marathons in 2021 and saw a town come up in Florida (Spring Hill). And so I’ll target that event coming up and people interested in running a marathon. Facebook Ads will make sure only those people see it.

I can easily replicate the ad and make more ads for different locations and genders if I want, and by doing this, I can end up paying far less in total (several times less!).

3) Create an image (or video) for your Facebook Ad:

This is where you’ll need to be creative. Beginners should stick to images and veterans can go for videos.

Since you’re likely a beginner reading this, what you’re going to want to do is make a very simple but understandable image that combines together your target audience and the product you want to sell them. This will be the ad your audience sees.

In this case, I’ll make an ad showing a marathon runner, and an image of my product. I’ll also use a simple wording like:

“Attention Spring Hill Marathoners! This Tool Will Help Your Body Recover 5X Faster!”

I will personally recommend you use for making images. I use this place all the time, for my thumbnails on YouTube and for my featured images on my blog. See this image for reference (I made it on Canva):

facebook ad example that will get you clicks

Notice a few things about this image:

  • You see a man in the picture.
  • He’s clearly a runner (relevant to marathon runners).
  • You see he’s tired and possibly injured (possibly because of running).
  • The text says “Spring Hill Runners”, therefore people running that marathon will know it’s for them specifically.

Once the image is ready, I’ll save it to upload to Facebook Ads for when it asks for it.

Note: Facebook Ads is VERY strict on text in an image and you may have to adjust your ad and the size of the text in it, but typically the type of image you see above should work.

For people seeking to promote make money online products on Facebook Ads, read this:

If you’re trying to promote any sort of make money online opportunity, using Facebook Ads can be difficult and that’s because your ads could be flagged and disapproved (It happened to me many times).

But there is a solution and the short workaround is that you have to target specific niche audiences that are indirectly interested in this type of stuff. For example:

  • Retirees who want to make extra money.
  • People in certain positions (like trucking) who want to make more money.
  • People in colleges who want to pay for tuition.
  • Ect…

Here is an example of some niche audiences I’ve targeted on Facebook Ads to promote make money online offers (like Wealthy Affiliate):

my facebook ads account example 04

I’ll produce another tutorial in the future centered around this subject (and others) so stay tuned. But for now, let’s continue with the main subject:

4) Go to Facebook Ads and make the ad:

This is where you’re going to want to get specific, creative and do some detective work. I’ll be providing you with a video tutorial on setting up a Facebook Ad soon.

Basically, think of yourself as Sherlock Holms here and ask yourself how you can tell Facebook Ads to only show your ad to marathon runners in a specific location.

Here’s what I came up with:

facebook ads example

Notice how it says “People Reached” is 330-955. This may seem like a little, but it’s actually perfect! As a reference, I always tell people that if their potential reach is under 1,000, that’s AWESOME and it means you’ll spend VERY little on the ad.

The less you spend on the ad for every click, means more for your profit margin.

I’m also going to spend very little on this ad ($5 a day which is awesome). And even if the ad doesn’t work out in the span of a few days, I will only lose $5-$15, which is so much better than losing $100’s or $1,000’s that most people do on Facebook Ads because they aren’t careful about their targeting!

5) Publish the ad, monitor how it’s doing and test (here’s how):

Since my affiliate product pays me $30 per sale, my goal is to make sure the amount I pay for the Facebook ad doesn’t exceed that.

Any amount I overspend on the ad that surpasses $30 is automatically a loss, so I’ll want to make sure I make a sale before I pay $30, which would make it a profitable ad.

To do this, I actually have to sit back and examine how the ad does over a period of a few days. Luckily because it’s so specific and I pay so little, I won’t have to worry about it getting out of control.

But the point is that you will want to take the amount you can earn from the product and let that be your break even point for your Facebook Ad spend.


If it doesn’t produce a profit, you will have to re examine your sales funnel and see where the issue is.

And if it does make a profit, then well done! The next thing you’ll want to do is make is replicate the ad and do the following things:

  • Make duplicate ads but target women (and make a relevant image for them).
  • Make duplicate ads but target different locations for marathon events, for both men and women.

What you’re doing here is properly scaling your profits because you see one ad works, so you use it as a reference for other ads. Be careful here though because you will still want to monitor how other ads do.

Just because one ad succeeds, doesn’t mean that following the same format will make it happen for another, so you’ll want to examine each ad for profit/loss results.

Questions regarding Facebook Ads, affiliate marketing and more:

Can I use Facebook Ads for affiliate marketing?

Yes you can use it for affiliate marketing but very often you need to structure your ads and sales funnels to avoid Facebook Ads disapproving or banning your account.

Can I earn money from Facebook Ads?

Yes but if you are an experience internet marketer and understand how to make good ads that target very specific demographics and lead them down sales funnels that have a high probability of making sales.

Conclusions (and future updates):

I will be adding case studies to this guide and providing video tutorials on the process, but if you’d like to learn more and don’t want to wait, I suggest one of two things:

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  1. Hello, read your articles and they are very helpful. I want to ask you one thing. Are Facebook ads good to bring traffic to your product reviewing websites, or are Google ads better? What are the best-paid ways to get traffic to such websites?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sumit, great question, and here’s my position:

      1) If you want to send paid traffic to a SPECIFIC product review page, then Google Ads is better for this. You can literally just target the product keywords and also get low CPC costs for it.

      2) If you want to promote a specific product on Facebook Ads, find a niche audience perfect for it, then send it to a page talking about the product but TIE the product to the niche audience’s needs.

      3) For the best paid options, it’s honestly mixed man. You have to decide what you’re promoting and if it’s better to promote it directly through keywords, like on Google Ads, or find a niche audience that would love it, and then like I said before, target that niche audience. You can even use multiple PPC networks for affiliate marketing to promote 1 product, but promote it different ways based on the network you use.

      For product reviews like I suggested for Google Ads, you can make a nearly identical adgroup on Google Ads and even Bing Ads.


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