5 Ways to Promote ClickFunnels as an Affiliate Marketer

For several years, the “hot trend” in the make money online and affiliate marketing world has been to use and promote Clickfunnels and in this post, I’ll show you 5 ways to do it.

It offers good landing page creation services and their affiliate payout can be quite juicy, offering some nice recurring commissions that can really help it’s affiliates become passive income earners.

And if you’re coming to this article wanting to know how to become that, I will be showing you:

ways to promote clickfunnels 03

5 ways to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate marketer:

And here is the preview of the strategies:

  1. Creating blog posts reviewing and targeting keywords related to Clickfunnels (Good for beginner affiliates).
  2. Creating YouTube videos reviewing Clickfunnels and other related keywords (Also good for beginner affiliates).
  3. Creating Pinterest pins to promote Clickfunnels (Good for moderate level affiliates).
  4. Creating ads on Bing Ads to promote Clickfunnels (Good for advanced level affiliates).
  5. Creating ads on YouTube ads to promote Clickfunnels (Also good for advanced level affiliates).

I’ll be diving into the details of each promotional strategy in this article and even giving you plenty of examples to start your promotion of Clickfunnels. But before I do this, let me state some honest things about this article:

I am not a promoter of ClickFunnels and here’s 5 reasons why:

1) Price:

I think it’s very overpriced for starters. $97 or $297 a month is only really good for experienced marketers who can afford to use this.

2) Most people probably can’t even use this service right:

I believe most of the target audience Clickfunnels is promoted to are too new or inexperienced to even use this program correctly, but they see all the promotions of it and think they can easily do that too.

3) It just isn’t a necessary tool for success:

Promoters of Clickfunnels will have you think differently, but I happen to believe Clickfunnels isn’t necessary to succeed at making money online.

4) I don’t like how it’s promoted by certain people:

Most of the people I see successfully promoting Clickfunnels aren’t the most ethical affiliates and typically run schemes to promote their high ticket garbage info programs.

Then through that, they sneak in Clickfunnels promotions on the back end and then when their product fails, they still make money from the recurring commissions of Clickfunnels and claim they are successful. There’s just something wrong with that.

5) I don’t like promoting something I don’t really believe is necessary. 

I say this honestly: I don’t care how much money I could be making promoting Clickfunnels. The customers satisfaction comes first and always. This is core to affiliate marketing success.

I’d rather promote something with a high retention and high success rate of creating valuable businesses like Wealthy Affiliate teaches, which is education on creating real, substantive affiliate businesses, not inflated online sales funnels which is unfortunately how Clickfunnels is often promoted (see how to make good online sales funnels here).

And by the way, I promote Wealthy Affiliate, but I make so much less doing it, and happily so by the way, because I believe you get more value out of it.

Now these are all my opinions and I think Clickfunnels can be a great and legitimate service to market, and if you’re still interested in seeing how to do that, I’ll show you how I would approach that, ethically, so let’s get into that:

Before you start promoting Clickfunnels, have the following ingredients:

You actually have or had a membership with this service and USED it.

This will help you:

  • Create better quality written affiliate reviews on it.
  • Create better quality YouTube video reviews on it.
  • Better quality landing pages that promote Clickfunnels.

What if you don’t have or never have used Clickfunnels?

You can still promote Clickfunnels successfully if you haven’t used it, but that will require more work to compensate for the quality content you’ll need to put out. Read up on my tutorial on promoting affiliate products you don’t own for more details.

Frequently asked questions about being a Clickfunnels affiliate:

Can you promote Clickfunnels without buying it? Yes.

What is the payout to affiliates of Clickfunnels? 3 commission tiers: Badge (20%), Approved (30%) and Qualified (40%).

What is the cookie period for Clickfunnels affiliates? 14 days.

Are there programs available to help you promote Clickfunnels? Yes, here are some:

Have your own questions? Ask below!

4 things you need to do to promote Clickfunnels (successfully):

1) Target a specific niche audience that is perfect for promoting Clickfunnels to:

I’ll save you the time and give you the best niche for this. And here it is:

You need to target people who are interested or know about Clickfunnels and create very high quality video and written content to help them understand it better.

There is a very large niche audience of people out there who are on the fence about getting Clickfunnels and that is your target audience to sell to.

2) Then you need to use one or more of the 5 options I gave you above to reach those people:

You are going to create the following kind of content across one or more of the places I listed above (Blog posts, YouTube, Pinterest, Bing Ads or YouTube Ads) that the target niche in this case is looking for and here are 5 examples to get you started:

The following are great low competition keywords to target for your promotion of Clickfunnels:

  • How to use Clickfunnels for beginners.
  • 10 Clickfunnels success stories.
  • 10 Clickfunnels case studies.
  • A complete Clickfunnels review.
  • Alternatives to Clickfunnels.

These 5 examples are all things people interested in Clickfunnels look up on all the places I listed and when you create good content for these topics, you’re going to get visitors to this content, some of which will buy Clickfunnels from you.

In short, you’re basically going to review Clickfunnels and here is a product review template you can use to do that. If you’re promoting it, then I recommend reading this post on how to write an affiliate product review as it’ll help you shape that review more so to get the sales.

3) Create incentives for people to buy it through you:

  • Mention the 14 day trial people can try at Clickfunnels.
  • Offer bonuses like training guides to help people once they sign up.
  • Things like that really help build confidence for people to buy this product.

4) See how other people are promoting Clickfunnels and which searches at the top.

Find reviews and top viewed videos on Clickfunnels across Google, YouTube and other places and use similar strategies from the sources you find when you market this program yourself. There’s a reason these results are at the top.

This is central idea behind becoming successful at this. Let’s dive into each of the 5 methods, where I’ll provide you with more specific steps to making this all happen:

1) How to promote Clickfunnels through blogging:

how to promote clickfunnels through blogging

This option is great for beginners and it involves getting traffic from Google, and other similar places for those who search up stuff on Clickfunnels.

If you already have some sort of blog site that has articles promoting Clickfunnels or any other make money online promotion, just add your future promotions of Clickfunnels to it.

  1. Start with one of the keywords I gave you.
  2. Create a 2,000 word blog post on the keyword you chose (how to write a quality affiliate review).
  3. Provide awesome and unique quality content on the chosen keyword (make sure it fits the context).
  4. Link your blog post to your Clickfunnels promotion via an affiliate link (where to post affiliate links).
  5. Once done, target the next keyword on the list and repeat the same steps.
  6. Find as many keywords on Clickfunnels as you can find. I only gave you 5 but there are more out there.

What will happen:

The better quality content you will create on the keywords I gave you will provide your blog with free traffic. If you are just starting a regular blog, 5 isn’t going to be enough to cut it.

Note: You will need at least 30-40 blog posts before you see good rankings on Google, so if you are just brand new to this and don’t have a blog, then you may want to move into the second option (YouTube). Before you do, see a more comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing with blogging here to understand all that is required.

2) How to promote Clickfunnels through YouTube:

how to promote clickfunnels through YouTube

If you’re not shy about showing yourself and you don’t have a site, then YouTube would be a great place to promote Clickfunnels through. Even a brand new channel can get many views on the videos you make, so this is another good place to consider starting, especially if you’re a beginner:

  1. Again, start by targeting one of the keywords from above.
  2. Create a YouTube video (ideally about 5-10 minutes) on the chosen keyword.
  3. Provide a great quality video by just speaking well and being authentic.
  4. Provide your Clickfunnels affiliate link in the description of the video (and make sure you say it in the video!).
  5. Once one video is done, move onto the next and the next keyword and so on and so forth.

Read more about doing affiliate marketing on YouTube here if you need more help.

3) How to promote Clickfunnels through Pinterest:

I have a great tutorial on Pinterest affiliate marketing here, but here you’ll basically be making images and videos and then linking them either directly to your Clickfunnels promotion and/or to your blog post or YouTube video promoting Clickfunnels there. Here is an example:

  1. Target one of the keywords above.
  2. Create an image or short 5 second video on Canva and use the keyword in the image/video.
  3. Go to Pinterest, create a pin and link people to your blog/YouTube video where you promote Clickfunnels.
  4. Once done, make more images/videos on Canva.com and put them up on Pinterest.

Here are some more examples of people who promote this program through Pinterest and what they’re doing:

how to promote clickfunnels through pinterest

4) How to promote Clickfunnels through Bing Ads:

how to promote clickfunnels through bing ads

This option basically has you set up ads on Bing and drive traffic to a landing page where you’ll promote Clickfunnels.

One problem I’ve run into personally when using this network is that my ad for Clickfunnels got flagged (twice), and if you run into this problem, you’ll need to call up Bing and explain the situation.

If they clear you, then go forward. If not, move onto one of the other 4 promotions on this list.

With Bing Ads you can literally just make 1 landing page promoting this program and then insert a bunch of keywords to make the ad appear for on the Bing Ads search engine so you can get traffic quickly. Here’s an example:

  1. Create a landing page promoting Clickfunnels.
  2. Create an ad on Bing Ads and target keywords such as the ones above.
  3. Pay little and steer traffic into the landing page.

If you make enough sales on the back end from your promotion and profit from it vs the money you spent on the ad, congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a profitable Clickfunnels affiliate.

And if not, I would suggest you read my guide to using Bing Ads for affiliate marketing and/or start with more beginner friendly marketing like blogging and YouTube.

Note: You may have issues promoting Clickfunnels through Bing and other ad networks because the term itself might get flagged. One way around this is to promote the service type and not use the word “Clickfunnels” in your ad. This is advanced, so don’t do it if you’re not ready for this level of PPC advertising.

5) How to promote Clickfunnels through YouTube Ads:

This last one is pretty much similar to Bing Ads, but you’re leading traffic to your video review of Clickfunnels, and not a landing page. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a video review of Clickfunnels and put it up on YouTube.
  2. Make a YouTube ad for that video and target only keywords related to Clickfunnels.
  3. Drive traffic to the video (And for goodness sake’s, please make sure you tell people to click the link in the description)!

If you make enough sales to get a profit from this, then you are also going to be successful at promoting this program and if not, like I said with Bing Ads, start with something more beginner friendly, or read up on my personal YouTube Ads affiliate tutorial here.

There’s at least one ad I so far have seen on YouTube for this (it might be trademarked so there’s no competitors so keep this in mind):

how to promote clickfunnels on youtube ads

Note: Again, you MAY run into ad disapproval’s when promoting Clickfunnels on PPC networks, including YouTube ads. Use the same approach I listed for Bing Ads here if you wish to promote it.

Other questions about Clickfunnels:

What does Clickfunnels do?

Clickfunnels helps you create several different types of landing pages for different goals including email collecting, promoting affiliate products, getting people into webinars and selling online courses.

How much does Clickfunnels cost per month?

Clickfunnels has 2 plans available. One is $97 and the other is $297 and each one is a monthly charge.

Is Clickfunnels worth the money?

Clickfunnels is legitimate but overpriced in my opinion. If you are aiming to promote this product, then it makes sense to pay for it.

What is the difference between a website and Clickfunnels?

A website is like a foundation where you can build whatever online property you want and Clickfunnels is a service which lets you customized landing page funnels on that website. They are two different elements but connected.

Is WordPress better than Clickfunnels?

WordPress is better for blogging and building SEO sites. Clickfunnels is not so much for SEO or blogging, but better for making sales funnels that get traffic through paid ads in my opinion.

How I know so much about promoting products like Clickfunnels:

Even though I don’t promote it, I’ve gotten substantial training in affiliate marketing and have seen this training work for promoting other products and programs like I said before.

I’ve literally used every single method on this list to promote affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate, and have successfully done so. These methods work very well and I’ve classified them in beginner to moderate to advanced levels.

While I personally will not promote Clickfunnels, the guides I’ve given you here will help you do that. You already know about my position on this program, so I won’t say more in that regard.

But what I will say to finalize this material is that if you are still someone who is new to this, then even using these tutorials may not be enough and you may want to consider getting training first. Here’s why:

  • Core training leads to better chances of success.
  • You may not know it but promoting Clickfunnels or other make money online programs may not even be the niche for you and if it isn’t, trust me, you’ll lose time and patience.

I come from an understanding that to succeed in affiliate marketing requires you apply good training to promote something you love in a niche topic you love, and if you don’t have that, be prepared to fail.

And if I have convinced you enough about this, and you’re perhaps rethinking about promoting Clickfunnels, but still want to be a successful affiliate, then:

I do hope these strategies I gave you opened your eyes to the possibilities of being a Clickfunnels affiliate, but in addition to that, to being a successful affiliate with other promotions too.

Note: Clickfunnels also has a new program out called Funnel Scripts. You can check out my review of it in that link.

Note 2: I also reviewed one of Russell Brunson’s most famous books: Expert Secrets so you can get a review and summary of it there.

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