Hi folks, this page is designed to offer even more transparency on my website, myself, how I make money online and answer critiques, questions, among other things. The following video and the content underneath it do just that:

Further references and information:

Here are important references and answers to common questions:

I base my reviews and content on 3 things:

(1) Evidence, (2) facts, and (3) my experiences on the subject related to the content/reviews I write.

I do my very best to provide the most accurate content/reviews on this website based on the evidence I find.

But if there is any review I make which has errors or mistakes, feel free to contact me at Vitaliy@helpinghandaffiliate.com and I’d be more than happy to make an update based on those facts. Furthermore, here are other important references:

1) FTC article which basically talks about the right to review articles.

2) Another FTC article on this subject.

Besides contacting me on my email, you can also post questions on this website if you have them 🙂