Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 (No Holds Barred)

Wealthy Affiliate has been the single biggest reason I have found success in the affiliate marketing world and continue to get it and this review will show you why. Now if you’re reading this, you’re either someone who doesn’t or does know what this program is.

If you’ve never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, the short answer is that it’s the best program to learn how to become a success in affiliate marketing as well as online business as a whole since goes beyond that too (and I’ll show you proof of what this program did for me shortly in this review).

Now if you already HAVE heard of this program, whatever it is you have seen or heard, no matter if it’s from other reviews, my review is going to be very unique with 100% honesty and a truly no holds barred look at the program.

Here is a summary of what you’re about to learn from this Wealthy Affiliate (WA) review:

And it’s very straight forward:wealthy affiliate review join page

1) The summary of how WA works.

2) My proof of success with WA (income reports).

3) Proof of success from WA members.

4) How WA works to make you successful at affiliate marketing.

5) The membership levels of WA explained (Starter, Premium and Premium Plus).

6) The pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate.

7) The best way to get started with WA (risk free).

8) How to get my coaching with your membership in WA.

9) Frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate (FAQ).

10) A comments section so you can see what people are asking and saying about Wealthy Affiliate.

The quick disclaimer about this Wealthy Affiliate review (before we dive in):

While I attribute nearly all of my affiliate marketing success to it (more on that below), the truth is:

wealthy affiliate vitaliy

It’s not for everyone and if you join, I want to see you get results from it like I and so many have (success stories are also below), because neither you nor I want to waste time.

And while everyone’s dream in joining this program is to make money online, be a successful affiliate marketer, and have financial freedom, the truth is, not everyone will (and there’s reasons for that which have nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate):

I’ve seen countless people walk through the doors of Wealthy Affiliate over the 15 years I’ve been a member there and I know:

  • Which people are going to be successful.
  • Which people aren’t going to be successful.
  • How to help people reach success with Wealthy Affiliate, regardless of which side you’re on.

Because I’ve been on both sides of that experience, if you see this program is for you and join, I recommend you to do it through me right here, because you’ll get me as your personal coach.

And it’s also because I’m one of the biggest success stories in Wealthy Affiliate and I want to make sure you get results, because if you don’t, I don’t get the credit or the commission, so let’s get that out of the way.

And now that we have:

I have something very important to ask of you:

Please do me two simple favors as you read this review of Wealthy Affiliate:

1) All I ask is that you read it fully. Even if you are 100% convinced this program is for you, I want you to fully get into it on the best path to success inside it. Just taking a few extra minutes to read this review will really help with that (trust me).

2) I do have a frequently asked questions section in this review (FAQ) but if any of your questions aren’t addressed there, I do encourage you to ask me your question/s below. Please don’t be shy, I’m more than happy to answer!

The summary of Wealthy Affiliate (the quick review):

What Wealthy Affiliate is:wealthy affiliate testimonial

It’s primarily a training program on affiliate marketing and in my opinion the best one out there (I’ve seen the competition, they don’t compare and rarely come close). I will be explaining what the training inside Wealthy Affiliate contains shortly.

The support of Wealthy Affiliate (Why there’s nothing like it):

This program also contains hands down the best support system I’ve ever seen for members. You get tons of help (besides from myself), including from the actual community, forums, live chat and more.


Kyle and Carson.

How long I’ve been a member:

About 15 years and that’s not a typo, I’m actually one of it’s oldest and experienced members.

What Wealthy Affiliate helped me accomplish in life:

  • Paying for school (No student loans or debt).
  • Being debt free in general.
  • Living by my own rules.
  • Being my own boss.
  • Being able to travel so much more.
  • Getting more out of life.
  • And more.

This is all possible for you as well, whatever your financial goals are, through this program.

My results from Wealthy Affiliate:

Over $1.4 million. My affiliate income reports display this publicly and that’s thanks to using the Wealthy Affiliate training.

There are success stories right?

Absolutely. In a moment I’ll show you “some” of the many there.

What Wealthy Affiliate teaches you:

You will learn how to create a real passive income through affiliate marketing. This is what I have personally reached and I know the freedom that comes with that, which is what I want you to reach as well (this review will show you how).

How far you take the affiliate business Wealthy Affiliate helps you create is up to you and there is NO limit to how far it can go.

Do I recommend it?

If you accept that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich quick scheme, take the time to do their training and actually do it honestly, then yes, this program is for you.

Join here for free and get my coaching included (details below if you’d like to know more).

A quick look my 2020 income reports (Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate):

my wealthy affiliate success story

As I said earlier, I publicly display most of my affiliate income reports here.

A quick look at “some” of the many success stories of Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate success stories screenshot

How Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to reach this same kind of success:

There are 2 primary training programs within Wealthy Affiliate that teach you how to do affiliate marketing:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It’s called OEC (all new members should start with this one).
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (Teaches members to promote Wealthy Affiliate, but you should start with OEC).

Here is a preview of the course:

wealthy affiliate online entreprenuer certification course

Both courses teach the same fundamental principals of succeeding with affiliate marketing and they are these 4 steps:

  1. To first choose a topic you really love, which is called a niche.
  2. To then make a website for this niche (you are given 1 free website as a member of Wealthy Affiliate).
  3. To then create content on the niche (and this process brings traffic to your website).
  4. And then to sell affiliate products to the niche audience on the website.

For example:

  1. Joe loves scuba diving.
  2. Joe makes a website that helps people get into the hobby of scuba diving.
  3. Joe writes content on his website that attracts 10,000 scuba diving enthusiasts to it (his traffic)
  4. Joe signs up with scuba diving affiliate programs, gets links, puts them into his content.

And because he follows these 4 steps, this is the result:

  1. Each time a visitor comes to Joe’s site and buys a product he promotes as an affiliate, he gets a commission.
  2. Joe average $5,000 a month through his scuba site as a results.
  3. Joe makes a full time income selling scuba affiliate products and loves his online business and you can apply that same system to ANY niche you love.

There are countless opportunities, niches and affiliate programs you can make money from in this business but the place to start is with a niche passion you love, and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do this.

Note: People do get stuck on what niches to pick often, so as a bonus:

One of my coaching features is to help you with that (details below).

Results members of Wealthy Affiliate are having by following the training:

wealthy affiliate member results screenshot

Wealthy Affiliate’s membership levels (Starter, Premium and Premium Plus):

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is that even if you have a single ounce of doubt about it, you can actually try it for free to decide that, and it begins with the:

Starter Membership (free and here’s what you get):

  • You can join Wealthy Affiliate, literally, for free without a credit card (if you don’t believe me, here’s proof).
  • You will get access to 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (remember, start here).
  • You also get 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.
  • You get tasks with each lesson, so you’re really building your affiliate business while you’re learning.
  • Access to 100’s of other free lessons within Wealthy Affiliate (side lessons, not related to the main training).
  • 1 free website (we do encourage people to upgrade to their own domain and you can get it in Wealthy Affiliate).
  • 7 days of live chat and messaging available to communicate with other members.
  • Bonus: 7 days of free affiliate coaching with me.

Premium Membership ($49 a month and here’s what you get):

  • Access to all the (50) lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.
  • Access to all the (70) lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.
  • Access to ALL the training and lessons in Wealthy Affiliate (literally 1,000’s and growing).
  • Up to 10 free websites.
  • Free hosting, free security, free support and other free tools for your 10 websites.
  • Access to all of Wealthy Affiliate’s webinar series (Over 300).
  • Unlimited access to all the support features of WA (live chat, forum interaction, and more).
  • Unlimited access to myself, which means you get coaching from me so long as you are a premium member.

Premium Plus ($99 a month and here’s what you get):

  • Access to all premium benefits above.
  • Hosting for up to 50 websites (the best hosting service in WA).
  • Access to WA’s top success stories and their “classes”.
  • 200+ credits provided for using within the WA system.
  • Classes is an exclusive area of the Premium Plus membership where the top experts (including me) share their best strategies for making money online (inside and outside of affiliate marketing).
  • And much more.

Premium Plus without a doubt offers the most out of all 3 memberships and is basically the top tier part of WA that offer the best this program has to offer. It is basically for people who want to get the most out of the program, on top of the already awesome training and support.

Which membership level of Wealthy Affiliate is best for me? The answer:

Starter ($0) is great for: which wealthy affiliate membership level to choose

  • Anyone who just wants to take a “test drive” of Wealthy Affiliate to see how awesome it is.
  • Anyone who just wants to “test the waters” of affiliate marketing.

Basically, if you have any doubts or are unsure, start with the Starter Membership (there is no risk).

Premium ($49/month) is great for:

  • Anyone who wants to get the full educational benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate training.
  • Anyone who wants to get serious results (I followed the training here to get my results).
  • Anyone who is ready to invest time into the program.

Basically premium is for anyone ready to create a serious affiliate marketing business that makes them money.

Premium Plus ($99/month) is great for:

  • Anyone who wants to get the MOST out of the WA program (best benefits).
  • Anyone who is serious about immersing themselves fully with the WA program.
  • Anyone who wants to get exclusive training from the top members on what they’re doing to make serious money online.
  • Anyone who wants access to the most websites options, tools, support and basically the best of the best in the entire program.

Basically Premium Plus is for anyone who is truly seeking to get the MOST out of the WA program. In addition to all the training benefits, you also get a ton of other bonuses, tools, support and more, all described here.

The pros of Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate:

  • Very beginner friendly training (even if you’re completely new).
  • Extremely awesome support and help system. We help each other succeed in WA.
  • More free value from the Starter Membership than any competing program out there.
  • Free website.
  • Coaching and help from me added (join here).
  • Many success stories.
  • 2 million members inside program.
  • More educational value on affiliate marketing than anywhere else.
  • WA has been around since 2005 and has only improved over the years.
  • And much more.

The cons of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Not for people looking to make a “quick buck”. This takes time.
  • Not for people who are lazy and unprepared to work.
  • Not for people who try to “skip” and rush the training.

wealthy affiliate pros and cons

The best way to get started with Wealthy Affiliate:

1) Join here and start with the free membership. Even if my review convinces you to go with premium, I still want you to see all the free value before you upgrade.

2) Follow the welcome tour you get once you join. It’ll get you started.

3) Start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (the welcome tour takes you there). Do all the lessons and take in all of the value.

4) Interact with me and the community (I’ll contact you after you join).

5) Only join premium if you love the Wealthy Affiliate program and want to go further.

You can do all of this risk free and if it’s not for you, then you at least know, without ever having to spend a penny. And if it is for you, I do recommend you then upgrade to premium.

Bonus: How you get my coaching with your Wealthy Affiliate membership:

If you join Wealthy Affiliate through ANY of the links on THIS page, you will have my coaching included with your membership:

Benefits of my coaching:

1) You get access to one of the top success members of this program.

2) You get access to a top experienced member who can guide you and help you if you get stuck.

3) You can interact with me on my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

4) You can also post questions on the Wealthy Affiliate profile you make and anytime you ask a question there, I’m notified.

5) I’m a positive guy and I will help you out, but I’m also real, meaning I’ll tell it like it is if I have to.

6) I respond to every single question/inquiry my referrals ask (100% response rates).

7) Anytime you ask questions within Wealthy Affiliate, I get a notification that you asked it, and will respond to it (if the community hasn’t already answered it).

vitaliy wealthy affiliate expert coaching

23 frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate (FAQ):

1) How long does it take to get results? The average is a few months to a year.

2) Does Wealthy Affiliate teach YouTube affiliate marketing? Yes.

3) Does Wealthy Affiliate teach you to make eCommerce websites? Yes.

4) Does Wealthy Affiliate teach drop shipping? No.

5) Can I downgrade my premium membership to a starter? No.

6) What happens after 7 days if I don’t upgrade to premium? You still have unlimited access to your free training and site, but you won’t be able to chat after 7 days (or get my coaching). This prevents abuse.

7) I have a website outside of Wealthy Affiliate, can I move it to WA? Yes, we have tools and support to help you do that and moving your site/s to Wealthy Affiliate saves you a lot of money.

8) I started a website before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, can I use it’s training for it? Yes you can, but most of the time, I’d recommend you start a new one with the WA training.

9) How beginner friendly is Wealthy Affiliate? Very. Of course everyone has their own learning curves, but even if you are completely new or even computer illiterate, follow the training and you will become experienced, that’s why it’s there.

10) I’m stuck on picking a niche, can you help me? Absolutely. I personally help people inside WA do this.

11) Should I started with the OEC course or Affiliate bootcamp? Start with OEC and it will help you decide (As will I if you have questions).

12) Does Wealthy Affiliate offer refunds? Yes as long as it’s within a realistic time frame.

13) If I go premium, am I charged every month? Yes and it’s $49, every month.

14) What’s the best way for me to start? Join here, and just follow the tips afterwards.

15) Does Wealthy Affiliate teach paid ads like PPC? Yes!

16) I’m not good at blogging, will Wealthy Affiliate help me with this? Yes absolutely and if you choose a niche you like, it will be much easier than you think.

17) Is it easy to become successful at affiliate marketing? If you do the training right, then it definitely helps in that regard, but it does take time.

18) Is success in Wealthy Affiliate guaranteed? No, because it really depends a lot on you and how you do the work. Better quality, time and action spent on the training = better results.

19) I’m nervous about starting, what do you recommend? Just join for free, see how it works and then decide from the inside. The great news is that the starter membership is perfect for any doubt you might have.

20) How fast do you help me with your coaching? It varies, but I respond as promptly as possible and my response rate is 100%.

21) How many members does Wealthy Affiliate have? 2.4 million (and growing).

22) Does Wealthy Affiliate only teach people to make money by promoting them? Absolutely not. They teach you to make money in any niche you love and you can make money as an affiliate without promoting them.

23) Can I downgrade my Premium Plus membership back down to Premium? Yes.

More Wealthy Affiliate success stories:

wealthy affiliate success stories 2

A final word on this Wealthy Affiliate review:

If you’ve read up until this point of the review, then I really appreciate you taking that time and I can also tell that you’re probably the ideal person to join Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not just because the information and value this program holds is beneficial.

But it’s also because you read everything and understand that this stuff takes time and that through applying the training and putting in effort is how you get the results.

It would be my pleasure to personally help you see the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate and help you get results with it.

And if you are still doubtful or don’t think it’s for you, then at the very least, give the starter membership a shot and then see if it’s for you.

Comment below if you have questions about Wealthy Affiliate:

20 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 (No Holds Barred)”

  1. Hi, Vitaliy! I am very grateful to have found your blog about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I don’t regret joining and upgrading into a premium member on the same day. Being an inexperienced person without a website and online business, I love the training that is really easy to follow and understand.

    I am enjoying every lesson which is strategically presented plus the supporting community who offers help anytime I have questions. WA is indeed a wonderful online community who motivates and inspires one another to succeed in their online businesses or in affiliate marketing.


    • Hi Ruth, no problem! As you have said, the training in WA is very strategically organized to make it easier for beginners to start and build an awesome business. I’m really glad you decided to try this program out and are very happy with it.

  2. Hello Vitaliy.

    I consider myself fortunate to have found your post on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a week into the premium membership and it’s been the most uplifting week of 2020 for me.

    I’ve created two websites which I believed to be a difficult thing at first (turned out to be super easy) and I’ve learned so much in so little time. I’ve also developed a healthy work ethic because I understand my success is my responsibility.

    The community here is awesome. Kyle and Carson actually engaged with me on the platform and through email, and they actually replied my me. Not a lot of founders do that.

    And special thanks to you Vitaliy for your support. Wealthy Affiliate is a gem!

    • Hi Dami, it’s my pleasure and I really appreciate you sharing that. I’m glad you mentioned the whole responsibility part because that is a huge part of the success. It’s no coincidence I mentioned in the cons above how Wealthy Affiliate is not for people who are lazy or unprepared to work and the fact that you understand this already makes you the perfect member of WA to get the results they teach you to get from affiliate marketing.

      And as for the owners, I’m fortunate to know them both personally and can totally confirm that they are awesome dudes who really care about their members. Even when I didn’t have anything when I began here, both of them would always respond to me and this really made me feel appreciated and happy to be a member there (still).

  3. Though I am just a beginner to affiliate marketing, I am no spring chicken. So I’ve seen a lot.

    To date, I am impressed with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a clear, step by step approach that I think I needed to make sense of a business that can be confusing and daunting, but also exciting! Plus, the support has been stellar. Anytime I’ve needed help, I have gotten it.

    • Hi Henry, most people I speak to who have experienced affiliate marketing but no success typically share the same experiences you mentioned about things being confusing.

      While Wealthy Affiliate clarifies this whole business in a way that’s easy to understand and start, we do also keep it real and let people know it takes work. I certainly point that out in my review of this program.

      I am glad though that you see how valuable this program is, not just through it’s teaching but that support you mentioned. That is such a major pro that no other program in this field even comes close to.

  4. Vitaliy, I am glad that I joined Wealth Affiliate, I don’t regret my decision. I know that in life everyone has to work to earn a living.

    Well for those that want to just sit and see commission come into there accounts, just as promised by one other people promoting different services out there, then WA isn’t for you because you will have to work to earn that affiliate commission.

    But to those willing to learn and earn too, just join us at WA, and you will also be able to tell you success story to others with time.

    • Justine hi! Thanks so much for this comment and the main thesis of it which is that it requires hard work. I just want to say that the other programs which claim that hard work isn’t necessary are lying because I know this business from many angles (taught to me inside WA) and I’ve seen how every program that makes claims of making easy money with affiliate marketing is lying, it’s not true.

      And programs like that typically leave people without money and losing time having to restart, which is why a program like this one gets you started the right way, with the right mindset and the realistic training to succeed and I’m really glad you see that, it’s a pleasure to have you be a part of the WA community!

  5. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a week ago, with the help of Vitaliy, and the WA platform, I have all I need to get started and build my own website. I have been scammed before and was very weary in the beginning about all these massive success stories, however it is all so true and definitely worth getting signed up.

    Not only can one succeed through this in terms of building a business, one also becomes part of such a supportive and helping community that is the WA family. I look forward to my journey ahead with WA.

  6. It has been nearly a week since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that it is one of the best things I have done. The training explains everything step-by-step and it is also enjoyable. I really enjoy creating articles and posts. The fact that the community is so nice and everyone is ready to help each other is what makes this program one of the best.

    • Hi Fatima, I’ve been around many programs like WA and I honestly think it is the best, and it’s really great to have you there too!

  7. I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) recently and I’m so glad I did. I’ve actually been in affiliate marketing for a few years now, but on a part-time basis. I’ve made some money but had been wanting to ramp things up a bit more and just happened to run across Vitaliy’s site and WA. After checking out all the WA training and resources, I see it has everything needed to take me to a whole new level and help me achieve my internet business goals.

    The WA community is very supportive and encouraging. It’s great to be a part of this community and I look forward to being able to help others the way that Vitaliy and so many others do.

    Thank you Vitaliy for all you do to help other people achieve their goals in this business!

  8. Hello Vitaliy,

    I’m writing this post just to say how wonderful and helpful it has been since joining the community here in WA. I have joined other affiliate training programs and without a doubt, this has been the best by far.

    All the other programs I had joined to start were ok in their prices. WA is completely free to join and no CC to begin with. Most of the others give you a basic run down and then want you to pay more and more as you continue in order to get the tools and the perks needed to succeed.

    Well, not here at WA, the only price you need to pay in order to get everything you could possibly need to succeed in the business is a month to month price of $49. This is unheard of any other program of this caliber and trusts me it’s well worth it and then much much more.

    I’m very satisfied with my coach (you) and this program. The help that you receive here is like none other and its actual real help and guidance. Joining this program has been the best choice I have ever made in my entire life.

    • Hi Whitney, I’ve also tried many different programs, before and after joining WA and each time that I do, I appreciate this program even more because of the many things you also said it has that others do not, most notable is the value and the great deal it delivers it for. It’s great that you’re part of this community and see that 🙂

  9. I’ve signed up to WA before, right at the very beginning of my affiliate marketing journey. I didnt really take WA seriously though. Not until I saw your YouTube video on bing ads and read your website, and realized how great the content was on your website (and obviously saw your coaching).

    I decided to sign up for it as I thought its a free sign up and have nothing to lose. Then I decided to actually pay for premium and actually think its good!

    There’s great training videos on there and coaching from you is amazing too. You’ve been super patient with me and have answered all the questions that I asked. So for that, I’m really grateful and thank you. Love the coaching/mentor system in WA cause sometimes it just helps having a mentor there to help you get through things you don’t know about.

    If anyone is starting off with affiliate marketing – definitely use WA, it is a great starting point.

  10. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am grateful for your thorough review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am enjoying the lessons they offer. I have my website up and running. I am not a blogger but I am learning the skill.

    I love how they offer step-by-step procedures and support from the community is invaluable. Indeed they are a “Pay It Forward” Family.

    I decided to leave starter package and joined Premium because I believe, if u did it, I too can!

    To those who are reading this and are not members yet, I want to assure you that He offers the personal coaching he talks about in this review.

    Vitaliy, thank you for this inspiring review. Thank you for including motivating success stories, your income reports and frequently asked questions sections.

    I look forward to learning more from you.



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