5 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks From YouTube

One of the best places to get quality backlinks from is YouTube and in this post, I’ll show you 5 simple but effective ways to do it.

Now if you’re new to backlinking as a whole, let me quickly explain what they are and why they are important to use (especially through YouTube):

What are backlinks?

Think of a point A and B. A is a backlink and B is where that link points to.  Any link (A) that points to your website (B) is considered a backlink.

Examples of backlinks:

  • You link from any social media account to your website.
  • Someone links to your website from any social media page.
  • You comment on someone else’s site and link back to your page.
  • You provide a link in the description of a YouTube video.
  • Someone mentions your website and links to it in their video’s description.
  • Someone sends an email to another person and in the email links to your site.

With every single one of these examples, there’s a a point A or B and it’s either:

  • You creating the backlink.
  • Or someone else creating the backlink.

Why are backlinks important?

  • They can get your website more traffic.
  • They can boost your rankings in Google through SEO.
  • They can have your website make more money.
  • They can get you more subscribers.

My results with making backlinks from YouTube:

I typically make many videos on YouTube for nearly every single post I make and I use my YouTube videos to link back to my website. This has helped it grow the website immensely and has provided me more referral traffic and even better, faster rankings in Google for the blog itself.

  • I typically get 25,000-50,000 views on my YouTube videos monthly.
  • I backlink over 50% of the videos I make to my website.
  • As a result, my website gets extra traffic from YouTube.
  • It also gets more link juice and SEO boosts from Google as a result.

All of these cascading benefits come from utilizing backlinks correctly.

Quality backlinks vs low quality backlinks:

I’m not going to get into too many details here, but there’s many examples of quality and low quality backlinks out there and very often people tend to fixate on the latter thinking that backlinks are all it takes to get the desired results I showed you above (more traffic and money). I’m just going to provide one clear example of this:

Quality backlink: Getting them from YouTube (5 options in this post).

Low quality backlink: Buying spammy links from some garbage service.

Here are the 5 ways to get quality backlinks from YouTube:

ways to get backlinks from youtube 01

  1. Link to your site in the description of your video.
  2. Link to your site in your YouTube channel’s about page.
  3. Link to your site in the YouTube “community” section.
  4. Mention your site in the video (verbal backlink).
  5. Use Instagram stories to link to your YouTube channel.

Some of these options are very easy to implement, but some might be alien to you, so I’ll get into the instructions and details on this (as well as include a video to further help you).

Note: If you’re going to implement any of these steps, you need to have a YouTube channel.

Video tutorial on using these 5 methods and getting YouTube backlinks:

1) Link to your site through the YouTube video description (easy):


  • Make a YouTube video.
  • In the description section, link to your video and make a small mention of it (give people a reason to do it).

Here’s an example of how that looks:

get backlink from youtube option 1

2) Link to your site via your YouTube channel’s about page:


  • Go to your YouTube studio page.
  • Go to your customization option.
  • Go to basic info and add your website URL.
  • Your backlink is now complete.

Here’s how that looks:

get backlink from youtube option 2

3) Use your channel’s community section to link to your site:


  • Go to your public channel page.
  • Click the community bar.
  • Insert a short message and link to your site.

This is a backlink method I’d use when you have a pretty strong subscriber base and loyal following. You can for instance publish a new post on your blog, and inform your YouTube subscribers about it using this option.

For example:

Let’s say you have a channel on mountain bikes and a blog site on it too. On your blog, you posted a new review of a mountain bike you tried. You can head over to YouTube and say something like “Hey folks, just rode this amazing mountain bike called so and so. Check out my review of it here” and that will link back to your blog post of it.

Here’s how that looks:

get backlink from youtube option 3

4) Mention your website verbally in your YouTube video:


All you need to do is literally say something like “Hey Vitaliy here (use your name obviously) from so and so website” and if the website is easy to remember, people will visit it manually.

It’s a great method to get your website more exposure on Google because that’s exactly what people will do: They’ll Google it if they remember your site. It’s one of the reasons why I titled my website HelpingHandAffiliate.com (it’s easy to remember) and as a result, I get people manually looking it up. This gets me more visits.

5) Use Instagram stories to link to your YouTube channel:


  • You can connect your Instagram account with your YouTube page and create stories on Instagram that link to your YouTube videos.
  • From there you can link those YouTube videos back to your website (method 1).

This method is better to use if you already have a decent Instagram following, as well as one on YouTube that will listen to your messages. And this is a recent feature YouTube released in 2020 to expand and connect better with other social media platforms.

Using these 5 backlink methods to make more money:

One of the main reasons I do backlinking through YouTube is to get my website more exposure and promote products to them (Wealthy Affiliate is the main thing).

I for instance create videos on YouTube talking about subjects like affiliate marketing and backlinking those videos to this website so I can promote this program to them.

In your case, whatever blog or website you’re running, you’ll want to make YouTube videos on the same subject and link people to your website where you’re selling whatever it is you’re selling.

Tips for getting more value out of your YouTube backlinks:

The more views your YouTube videos get, the more people will actually see your backlink and visit your site. In order to do that, here’s some examples of the type of stuff you can do:

1) Learn to create awesome YouTube thumbnails. This tutorial will help you get started.

2) Learn to utilize keyword research when making YouTube videos. This will help you rank better on YouTube (and even Google).

3) If you’re reviewing products on YouTube, follow that link to see specific advise I give since a lot of the money I make in my business comes directly from YouTube.

4) Here is a general guide to doing YouTube affiliate marketing if you’re into monetizing from your channel (includes backlinking information too).

I typically review a lot of products on YouTube videos and link directly to them so people can buy them through my affiliate link and I also include another backlink to a blog post where I also write a review on the same product. This gets me double the benefits.

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