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I’m going to make this short (How I can help you succeed at affiliate marketing):

I know this business very well and help people succeed at it, no matter what level you are (especially if you’re a beginner).

This is through a very special offer going on right now where you can get 7 days of free coaching from me, and a few other awesome bonuses!

Here’s everything you need to know about my free 7 day coaching:

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24 thoughts on “How to Get 7 Days of Free Affiliate Marketing Coaching From me.”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate has very useful tools and a great group of people that offer guidance all the time. It’s truly a blessing to be part of this program. Thank you Vitally for your care and concerns by checking in with me.

        • Hi Samantha. Try to log in like you normally would, but in that particular part of the site, use the “forgot password” option and you should be enter in the email you used to join Wealthy Affiliate originally. They will send you a reset password link to your email that will allow you to rejoin.

          Let me know if this resolves your problem and if you need further help 🙂

  2. Wealthy Affiliate has great training and has got me going in a direction I never even knew I could go or that even existed. Vitaliy has made regular contact and wants to make sure I am getting all the help I need. Thanks Vitaliy.

  3. Hi Vitaliy, I’m a beginner in affiliate marketing and have recently launched a website based on the survival niche. I’ve been going for about 3 months, writing articles and reviews with links using the amazon associates platform.

    My question to you is will this ever succeed? because I’m beginning to lose motivation and starting to wonder if my efforts will be fruitless. I’m currently unemployed and hoping to get some insight from you about continuing this venture or not.


    • Hi Mario, so I looked at your site and here’s a few things I can say:

      First, the good:

      1) The survival niche is huge so you have an excellent topic you selected here. It can be very profitable.
      2) You clearly have some good website design experience so you can be a natural at this.
      3) Is the content on the site something you wrote or paid someone to write? Because if it’s yours, then you have great potential.

      Now for some things I noticed (could be improved):

      1) I noticed you have duplicate content on for many of your articles. This is not good for SEO and you need to keep content unique to one site (and only there).
      2) Your keyword titles could use improvement and you can probably change some of your titles to match certain relevant, profitable keywords to rank better.
      3) You don’t internally link a lot throughout your site (this is major).
      4) Not seeing results in 3 months time is normal since the site is still in the Google Sandbox (it takes about 6 months to get results).


      Yes I think you have potential and personally, I would suggest the following:

      1) I would highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership for you since you’re so far ahead in this. If you join in the link under me, you can get my personal help included.

      2) I know this is going to not going to sound good, but I would recommend you start a new site and this is because your articles are on too and similar content across multiple sites can hurt your rankings (and I think this is one of the reasons why you’re not getting the traffic you want, other than the Google Sandbox).

      3) I think you would actually be able to build a much faster, better performing site through the WA training and set things up much faster. I’d be happy to help you along the way with keyword suggestions, but the point is, with the training there, you’d be making an SEO friendly website and using your existing knowledge in content creation to make content faster/better and get results.

      I really think you have great potential in this and this is not a business I would give up on. I have had similar situations in the past where I started a new site and it ran much faster and did better because of my prior knowledge, but either way, let me know if you have any questions.

  4. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing, need help to get started. Just wondering how much I have to invest in tools, systems and advertising cost to get started.

    • Hi Jen, through the option here, you can start for free, and if you wish to go further, you would only pay for your WA membership ($49 a month), a domain ($13.99 a year) and other things would be included, so not a lot. You can later on do advanced things like ads, but this should only come once you site makes money.

  5. You are in great hands with Vitaliy and the rest of the staff at WA. I would not say I was computer illiterate, but pretty close to it. The training is top notch and carefully walks you through each step. Don’t be afraid to re-watch or ask questions. This has been a great first month so far!

  6. Hi are you the one that gives a course on Wealthy Affiliate, and if so, I would like to take the course. If I could is there a initial start-up fee on it, or is it free to join?

    • Hi Johnny, I assist people in WA as a coach if they join through this page and you can try them for free and get the 10 lessons they offer on making an online business.

  7. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am a relatively new member of Wealthy Affiliate, a wonderful place to be, you can learn all you need to be doing for success.

    No empty promises and it needs you to do the work.

    There are people at different stages of the program, who are always helpful.

    We all have a common goal; to succeed in online marketing.

    Thanks for your offer to newbies, it is worth exploring!

    The Bolads

  8. Vitaliy has been there whenever I needed him and responds quickly. You really wont need him much though as the training is well laid out and you progress at your own schedule. Perfect fit.

  9. I cannot say enough about how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is. I have been in WA for about a month now, and because of a few delays with my working hours, I haven’t spent as much time working on it as I wanted.

    However, I now have a live, functioning website, and I have written and posted 7 articles to it already. My site and post scores with AIOSEO are all over 70%. My site score is at 92%, which is a tad higher than the 70% they recommend trying to hit.

    Some of my lingo may sound complicated to you, but just 1 month ago, this was all brand new to me. I have only finished 2 of 5 levels, and I have already learned more about affiliate marketing than I have in about 20 years. This is, and will continue to be, the best decision I have ever made. Thank You so much VG.

    • Thank you so much Glenn! Really awesome to hear about the high scores your site is getting on the SEO scale. Just keep in mind that what you’re talking about (the All in One SEO score option) is relative and you should ideally be following the WA training to get the right SEO results (which I assume you are!).

  10. I’m new to all this and I was wondering if you can show me on how to get started? What do I need? Do I need a blog site, or a website to do affiliate PPC advertisements?

    • Hi Alex, as I explained in my video above, I help people get started with affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate program. By joining that program and going through their training, you’ll get the proper startup to doing affiliate marketing by first starting a niche blog site and then working your way into more advanced things like PPC.

      If you’d like to try it for free and get my help, try the course above and you will be taken through the first startup steps.


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