5 Reasons Why Free or Premade Affiliate Sites Are Garbage

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one or more premade affiliate sites set up for you, ready to make you money while you sit back and enjoy the commissions coming in? Well that’s what most people think when they hear about this topic.

However what most people do not understand is that premade affiliate sites are often a very misleading and faulty concept and in my personal experience, 99% of the time you try to make money off this, you will fail. In this article I want to give you 5 reasons why that is the case and what you should be doing instead to creating profitable affiliate sites instead.

Before I do explain this, allow me to contextualize something very important here:

What exactly are premade affiliate sites (free affiliate sites too)?

premade affiliate sites

Premade affiliate sites are simply landing pages (1 page site for instance) or perhaps an entire website with multiple pages that has affiliate promotions on it.

For example:

You buy or get a free premade affiliate site that has outdoor products on it that lead people to Amazon (like tents for example).

You then edit the affiliate links on that site to be yours so you get the commission if the sale comes through. That’s pretty much “all you need to do” in that regard.

The goal with these premade affiliate sites, at least in theory are the following things:

1) If you’re new or clueless on affiliate marketing, premade affiliate sites in THEORY are meant to sound like an easy way to jump start your business by doing it for you.

2) The hard work of setting up a site, growing it on your own and making content (like a blog) is also completed for you.

3) You don’t have to do the “hard work” of figuring out what to promote because again, it’s set up for you.

4) The “mindset” of most people who buy premade affiliate sites is that they are handed the keys to success and they need to do little/nothing to get it because once the site is yours and you insert your affiliate links there, commissions and passive income are right around the corner.

Yet, 99% of the time, none of these will ever happen! Want to know why? Well…

Here’s the 5 reasons why you should avoid premade affiliate sites (at all costs):

1) If you have no clue how to actually promote premade affiliate sites, you are screwed:

If you believe that all it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing is just attaining one of these sites, reinserting your own affiliate links and then boom, you’re in the money, think again.

There’s far more to the success of an affiliate site than just having it and having promotions on it. Let me give you a quick explanation of what else is needed:

First you actually need to know how to get visitors to the site. Don’t know how to do that? Well then your site gets no exposure, no views, no sales.

Second, there are multiple ways to get visitors to the site: Blogging is one of the best for beginners, but so are other methods including YouTube, and in most cases, pay per click affiliate marketing is good too (specifically for 1 page sites), but they all require their own understanding of HOW to do it and if you don’t know where to go, what to do, how to start, then again, you are screwed.

You basically have a “profitable premade affiliate site” but you can’t do anything with it. Thus you have an empty site that can’t get you anything.

2) If you do know how to promote the free or premade affiliate site, you are still wasting your time and energy (99% of the time):

Let’s say you understand how to drive traffic to the website. If that’s truly the case then you will need to actually have an understanding of how online sales funnels work in the first place and that you need to know what type of visitors would love to see your site.

But to fully grasp why this is a bad idea (when you know what to do), you need to understand the next point…

3) Most premade affiliate sites are garbage to begin with (even if they claim to be profitable):

I’ve come across so many programs offering “money making sites” to me only to see that they are made by people who have very little clue about how to actually make them. I see the sales funnels there, the way the affiliate product reviews are written and in my personal experience (having made $100,000s from actually making reviews for affiliate products, see more about me here), the odds this stuff even converts is highly unlikely.

And if it’s a site with many pages, it’s so disorganized, so poorly written (sometimes written by trashy AI programs or low quality writers) that this garbage will never convert into sales.

Furthermore, this leads into the next major thing you need to understand:

4) Most premade affiliate sites are doomed to fail from the start if they are “meant to be” SEO sites:

Unless you buy an actual unique website for a VERY large price from a legitimate source (and in those cases, you’re looking at $10,000+ in an investment), most of the premade affiliate sites you get are often just duplicates (on top of being poor quality to start). Say for instance you buy a make money online program that promises you a great premade affiliate site on a topic like camping.

Cool, you buy the program and get the site. What’s the problem?

The problem is that this site is likely a duplicate and there are dozens, 100s and possibly more people who have the SAME exact site. These types of sites will never, ever rank on Google and get organic traffic so your affiliate ambitions are doomed from the start.

Even if you are aiming to build up the site AFTER you get it, there’s several problems:

First, the site is already a duplicate so it’ll never rise higher, just start a brand new site and forget this.

Second, if you are having to build a new site on top of the old one, what’s the point of the premade affiliate site to start with? It’s just redundant.

5) Premade affiliate sites are often just gateways into bigger, worse scams later on:

When an empty and worthless premade affiliate site is bought and unsurprisingly fails, a lot of people don’t understand that this is because the foundations of it and their lack of understanding how this all works is what led to this, but furthermore the same people/programs who sell you this garbage make you believe that if you “really want to make this site make money”, then you need to buy MORE and this is where they’ll often sell you more worthless crap to build up an already worthless affiliate site and they’ll do things like this:

They’ll promote you solo ad traffic to drive to this article, but the value of that traffic is nearly as bad as the quality of your site to begin with. Yet they’ll make you believe that if you just purchase this extra thing, that you’ll finally make money.

They’ll sell you into further high ticket affiliate marketing garbage to make more money out of you.

In the end, your “journey” to affiliate success that began with hoping for amazing results with a premade affiliate sites turns into a bankruptcy situation down the line.

Why you need to stop having faith in premade affiliate sites (and do this instead):

If I haven’t already been clear enough, premade and free affiliate sites are a waste of your time and money and while I can totally understand if you get caught by these scams the first time, if you read this entire article and are still looking for that “easy” approach to affiliate marketing, trust me when I say you are going to get yourself into serious financial trouble looking to cherry pick and find that next “shiny object”.

When I learned how to truly do affiliate marketing and began seeing success, all these premade sites and promises were revealed to be what they are:

Scams and garbage in most cases and today when I want to make a profitable affiliate site, I do it on my own with fundamental education from programs that taught me the right way to do it.

If this is something you are eager to do, then I highly suggest the Wealthy Affiliate program to learn that. Affiliate marketing is indeed a lucrative business, but only if you put in the proper work and here is what you need to know about them:

free affiliate sites alternative

If you have any questions about premade affiliate sites, let me know below!

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