How to Make Money With 1 Page Sites. A $500,000 Case Study

The best and honestly only way to make good money online with 1 page websites is through running paid ads to the page itself and bringing in tons of traffic through it and on the page, promoting your product or affiliate promotion.

how to make money online with a one page website

A perfect example of how much a 1 page website can make with this strategy:

  1. Imagine having a single page that promotes, say an affiliate offer that pays you $100 a sale.
  2. Then imagine setting up a paid ad and getting a 1,000 visitors from the ad to that offer every single day.
  3. And each day you make 10 sales out of those 1,000 visitors which makes you $1,000, out of which you spend $100 on ads.
  4. That means every single day, you’re making a $900 profit, $27,000 a month and $328,500 every year from it.
  5. That is an example of how the 1 page strategy works.

And this is not a theory.

It’s something that very few online marketers and affiliates can actually do correctly and I happen to be one of them. I’ve made over $500,000 in sales via this kind of example, more than once and in this article, I’ll be giving you a blueprint (and video) of how the process works.

It’s a very exciting (but very risky) way of making money and I dare say is the quickest approach to making money online as an affiliate (or product owner).

My personal case studies of 1 page websites making me the $500,000

1) I set up a one page site promoting a Clickbank diet program:

I targeted a specific micro niche for this project and basically funneled an ad from Bing Ads to this 1 page and over a 2 year course got about 250,000 clicks on it, and earned about $200,000 from that (video proof below).

But for this funnel, I had 2 ad accounts, one was shut down, and it got over 100,000 clicks, but the other is still up and here are the click stats:

one page website traffic stats

2) I had another similar instance of finding a popular women’s fitness/diet product.

I made a 1 page site reviewing that and also promoting the same exact Clickbank product. I got about 50,000 clicks on my Bing Ad I set up and earned about $30,000 from this 1 page site.

3) I currently have multiple 1 page websites running and traffic funneling to them from places like:

Bing Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads and I’m even starting to test Facebook ads for this strategy (but that one has yet to work).

Very few of them are working for me, but here’s a screenshot of the successful ones:

one page websites making me money examples

Revenue wise, I’ve made over $500,000 with these sites (I don’t disclose them all). Spending wise, I’ve probably spent about $50,000 or so on the ads I’ve made for these 1 page websites so the profit is over $400,000.

A very important warning about this 1 page money making strategy:

Before I get into the details, I want to warn you against getting the impression that this is easy to do, because this formula while easy to understand and even easy to execute, has a very LOW chance of success, because of the unpredictable nature of how the pay per click world of making money works (paid ads).

I’ve been able to successfully pull it off this 1 page strategy on less than 10 occasions (I don’t know the exact number), but I’ve also failed many more times over trying to replicate it and this is something you won’t hear the other marketers talk about, but it’s true.

No matter how advanced you are, the success rate of this stuff working is still rare, but the rare cases where it does is where you can make a ton of money like I did.

So if you are reading this now thinking that you can make a passive income from making 1 page websites over and over and using this strategy to retire, I want to stop you right now from making a huge mistake, because this mindset will destroy your business.

It almost did that for me because I relied too much on it and eventually I decided a safer and better way to grow my affiliate business and see long term stability was to move into blogging like I do here and growing a business on YouTube.

Diversifying and better yet focusing on safer routes of making money (as an affiliate too) in this business is imperative and I actually have coaching on that.

It’s where you should start if you are a beginner and it’s exactly where I started to get my affiliate income results as well as where I still am, and again, it’s all because it’s safer and more profitable to it this way in the long run.

How to make money with 1 page sites, the video explanation of how it works:

Digging deeper: Understanding how to make money off 1 page websites (correctly):

If you’re going to use this 1 page strategy and succeed at making money with it, you have to understand certain core principals that increase the odds of it working. While as a whole, succeeding with this is rare, it’s even more rare when you don’t understand what I’m about to tell you.

But understanding the principals I’m about to lay out, you will have a better chance of making this formula work and here they are:

3 core principals to making 1 page websites actually make money:

Here they are summarized (and explained below):

  1. Target popular evergreen and micro niche topics and/or very popular products.
  2. Make your 1 page website simple and short.
  3. Set up the ad correctly on one or more pay per click networks to only get the targeted niche traffic.

1) Start by picking either a specific, yet popular niche topic or popular/specific product.

Every 1 page website I’ve ever made good or some profit from has occurred because I followed this principal. Now some people may misunderstand this principal and end up picking niches subjects like:

  • Health and fitness.
  • Workouts.
  • Computers.

And other similar broad subjects they think are niches, but they’re not. They are extremely open ended subjects and I would never advise you make 1 page websites targeting these sorts of things. You’re basically guaranteeing failure. When I say specific niche subjects, I’m talking about things like this:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Specific niches with problem topics like healing foot pain.
  • Anti aging products for women.

With these subjects, you can see how much more specified, yet still popular the niche is. I don’t think I have to convince you why these 3 topics are popular. You should already know that.

And as for specific products, if you make 1 page websites targeting them, make sure those products are popular. After that, they are already niche defined so there’s no need for me go further with that example.

Starting at this point is the most important because it guarantees that when you make ads, you will get traffic to these pages, because the topics are popular.

2) Make your 1 page website simple and short.

People get bored very quickly when they land on a website, including a 1 page site for that matter, so you need to catch their attention quickly, keep it and convince them to buy whatever it is you’re selling or promoting.

But you have to do that without coming off sleazy. There’s a good way to do that and I’ll give you a few examples using the niches above:

For specific niches, if we take something like:

Affiliate marketing.

I’ll probably make a 1 page site with a video or text on it saying I’m successful, show my stats, explain how I can help beginners and then ask them to sign up to my email list or get into a program I’m promoting.

Foot pain.

For this 1 page site, let’s say I’m writing instead of making a video. In the text, I’ll say I have/had foot pain, know how it feels, and then segway into explaining how so and so product that I am promoting helped me cure it. I’ll give the bullet points of the product, explain the pros and cons, show off the positive reviews and then end it there. It shouldn’t take people longer than a few minutes to read the review.

Anti aging products for women.

Here I can go several ways. I can do a top 5 or top 10 list of products that help women see clearer, younger skin and make each product an affiliate promotion.

Note: I do not recommend you make eCommerce pages for your one page site. It gives people too many choices and tough decisions. Make a top 10 list and steer people where you want them to go and buy to make the sale.

I can create an opt in form and tell women that if they sign up, I’ll show them “5 products in their kitchen they didn’t know could turn back the clock 10 years”. And once they sign up, I’ll give them the info and sell an affiliate promotion via email.

Notice how quickly I get to the point with each example. You don’t have much time to get people to buy with 1 page websites (or in general actually), and considering that you’re spending money on this, you’ve gotta make every bit of content you write (or make videos with) count.

Now as for niche products (not niche topics like the 3 above), it’s a little bit of a different story:

And the story is:

Get to the review of the product you’re making the ad on quickly, get to the point and sell it or sell something better.

  • Don’t collect a list (email marketing).
  • Don’t do a top 5 or 10 list.
  • Just get to the review, let people know if it’s good or not, and sell it or sell something better in that review, period.

Most of the money I’ve made from 1 page websites has come from doing this and specifically targeting VERY popular products that were hitting the market and people were swarming the internet to find out more.

I simply took that popularity, wrote up short and concise product reviews for the said product and promoted it and/or promoted an affiliate product that paid me more and that I considered better, and in the review convinced people to buy the other product I was promoting instead.

Note: You can also create a YouTube video and put it on the 1 page site, and use that as a selling point.

First, see this guide to making product review videos on YouTube. You’ll basically embed it on your 1 page site and use that as the selling point if you prefer video reviews over written product reviews.

Now regarding which way to go with your 1 page websites and what to do, after I explain these 3 core principals, I’ll give you examples of how you can use the 1 page website formula for different circumstances (affiliate marketing, local marketing, lead generation, ect…) and where it’s better to use one or another.

3) Set up your ad on one or more paid ad networks (correctly).

The ads you make and funnel to your one page are what bring in the traffic. What determines if that traffic buys from your page or opts into your email is how well aligned the target audience for the ad and on your page is.

So if you’re making an ad about affiliate marketing, your one page website damn well better be talking about affiliate marketing.

Now you are not required to know how to set up ads for every single ad network out there and I would encourage that if you try this strategy to start with one that is pretty simple like Bing Ads. And if you do videos for your one page websites, then Bing and YouTube ads are a great start.

As for the other networks, I wouldn’t try to get into them until you master at least one, and you may find that one ad network might be more than enough to bring in the kind of traffic you need to make good money off that one page site.

You also have to understand that each ad network has it’s own rules and different mindsets of the people who see it. So a person who sees the same exact ad on YouTube and Bing Ads may have a completely different perspective of it. And this is why I say the world of pay per click is very chaotic and difficult to get right, but it’s still got that potential.

I have tutorials on each of these networks I labeled above to start with and how to set up ads there, and these tutorials will help you correctly get the right niche traffic to the one page site, whether it be a niche audience interested in a topic or a niche audience interested in the specific product you are promoting on the one page site.

5 situations where using one page websites to make money online works:

1) Affiliate marketing.

Honestly, if you use the same principal of targeting specific niches and products like I said above and sell affiliate marketing products through it, then doing it through one page websites is a good strategy, but make sure you read this article on pay per click via affiliate marketing so you do it right.

2) Selling your own products.

Selling your own products is really not that different than selling an affiliate product, because the rules of one page websites are still the same. You want to target a specific niche group here who would perfectly be suited for your product and then sell it on the one page site.

You can also target very popular products that are in the same niche as the one you’re selling and set up ads reviewing those popular products, and on the one page site pitching your product.

And honestly, everything I just said about selling your own products once again applies to selling affiliate products you’re promoting.

3) Local marketing (promoting your business/promoting other people’s businesses via client work).

If you run your own business and wish to market it people who are locally in the area, you can also use the one page website formula and the thing you’d be targeting is the niche group that would be interested in your business but specifically in the geographic area your business is in.

For example, if you run an accounting service, you can target people who look up keywords on taxes or questions about it and use those keywords in the ad you make for people in your area. They’ll then see your ad, the service you offer and you can bring in leads to your business that way through the one page site.

And if you are someone who understands this, then you can do client work where you find businesses who need this kind of service and sell your services to them for a high price. In other words, you’ll come to that accounting business and say you can set up one page sites for them to bring in more leads if they pay you.

4) Collecting email lists.

I would only recommend you use the one page approach with email lists only in situations where you’re targeting niches, not products. Ideally, in my experience if you target problem niches like with the anti aging example, you can probably collect a pretty big email list.

You can also collect the email list and then send people to the offer page or a webinar, which is something many people do these days.

And that encapsulates the whole subject of making money with one page websites!

Obviously, there are more details and if you get into this business, it will certainly not be an easy set up for your first time. Again, I have to warn you about the dangers of running one page websites and how rarely these formulas work out.

Getting the traffic from ads is actually the easiest part, but the niche selection and how you set up your page to sell whatever product/promotion you’re doing is the really hard part. Again, remember the thing I said about aligning your ad, the niche group you’re targeting in the ad to align with whatever one page site you’re sending them to. The more aligned it is, the better the odds of success.

Once again, do not rely on this method to make you a stable income.

It is very often a gamble. I’ve on many occasions applied the same principals and made sure everything was aligned, but it didn’t work.

And this is not because my formula is wrong, but again, because the nature of paid ads in general (and one page websites) is very difficult to get right. You have to keep experimenting with them until one of those ads you make and one of those one page sites you create aligns and starts making the profit. Then you can leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.

But getting to that point can often be very time and money consuming and if you can’t go into this knowing that, then don’t both engaging with one page websites in general or pay per click for that matter.

If you’re new and are looking to start something like affiliate marketing, don’t start here.

Start with my affiliate coaching page and get a good blog/YouTube video channel rolling or get complete training from a program that teaches you all of this stuff, including pay per click, which is Wealthy Affiliate.

While pay per click ads have brought me in more than $500,000, blogging and YouTube has brought me the other $500,000+ I’ve made in this business and it’s overtaken the PPC/one page site profits.

I highly recommend the progression of your journey in online business start with blogging and YouTube, and slowly move into pay per click later on.

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