5 Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks For a Blog

At one point in time, backlinks used to be everything you needed to create to get fast rankings and SEO success, but today, this is not the case because there is a huge difference between making high quality and low quality backlinks, and in this post, I’ll be showing you 5 of the best ways to make the high quality ones for a blog.

The fact of the matter is that most people have no clue about what backlinks are, let alone what their true purpose is and most importantly how to distinguish what good and bad ones are and most of the time, they are scammed and incorrectly led to build and buy the bad ones, which inevitably destroys their blog and website.

This is a mistake I have personally made in the past and had to spend a lot of time and money fixing and it’s a mistake I don’t want you to make. So let me give you a few important things you need to understand about this subject:

What are backlinks?

They are any link that points back to your website. It can be from an external source like YouTube, another website, a social media site, another blog, ect…

And it can also be a link from within your site that points to another page or blog on your site too.

What is the true purpose of a backlink?

Ultimately, it’s to get traffic back to your website and to build a backlink profile that search engines like and give you more SEO points for. The more arenas you correctly place a backlink in back to your website, the more traffic will come to your blog and the “link juice” it gets from that will help it’s rankings grow.

Backlinks are not the end all, be all!

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the only thing you need to get 1st page rankings on the SERPS is backlinks. This is what led millions of blogs and sites to get penalized by search engines in the first place. They figured they could just buy backlinks from any source and the more they had, the more they’d rank high on Google and other places.

This worked for a short amount of time before it died out, but this rumor and myth still continues to plague the SEO and blogging world and it’s a rumor you know to know is DEAD. Do not rely on backlinks entirely to build your blog or website, or you will find out the hard way that this does not work.

What is the difference between a low quality and high quality backlink?

Quality backlinks are made with effort and produce organic results where people WANT to click the backlink to visit your site.

Low quality backlinks are basically you spamming your links everywhere and buying backlinks that do the same thing which no one wants to click and views as spam.

And the 5 options you’re about to read are fully within the quality backlinks criteria.

Here are the 5 ways to create high quality backlinks for a blog:

how to create high quality backlinks for your blog 01

  1. YouTube description backlinks.
  2. High quality content.
  3. Pinterest.
  4. Internal links.
  5. Social media comments on websites.

If you know already know the details of each method, then you need to get to work and start using them on get more backlinks to your blog (if you aren’t already).

But if you’re unfamiliar with why each of these methods is considered a high quality backlink, read on:

1) YouTube description backlinks:

how to create a backlink from youtube to your blog 01

One of my 2 favorite ways of creating high quality backlinks is through the YouTube videos I make. Each time I do, I will ALWAYS place some sort of backlink to my site, or my blog, especially this one (HelpingHandAffiliate.com).

Each time I publish a new video and the backlink to my blog becomes public, it is itself considered a +1 on the SEO chart and already is a good thing to have.

One thing that is also very important is that you make use of that link, by getting people to actually see it and click it.

This gives the backlink more value and link juice back to your blog and there are 2 ways to do this:

1) Tell people to click on the link in your description to get more information.

2) Make sure the link is easy to see in the description by placing it within the first 2 lines of text (then they don’t have to click the down arrow to see it).

Note: Here is a list of 5 ways to make backlinks in YouTube.

2) High quality content (your best investment for quality backlinks):

how to create backlinks from quality content 09

Ultimately, your blog’s content is what will be the main determining factor in it’s SERP results. The higher quality content you create on your blog is like a snowball effect when it comes to backlinks and this is because the better quality content you create on the blog, the more:

1) It will stimulate people to SHARE your content (a backlink made by them!).

2) All of this produces ORGANIC backlinking from other people and Google and other search engines see this as a sign of valuable content on your blog that people love to read and organically share, and this makes them rank your site higher.

If you understand this well, then your next question should be “How do I write high quality content?” and the answer is to blog about your passion.

Find a niche you love and blog about it. Here’s some sources to help you:

All of these posts offers a wide variety of niches to consider making a profitable blog with but all of them share 1 common trait: Helping you figure out what YOUR unique niche is. The ability to find and pick a passionate niche makes the process of writing high quality content easy.

You can also read this blog and probably see that blogging, affiliate marketing and making money online are my passions and as you read this content, you may probably feel that I’m talking to you directly. It’s easy for me to do this because I love this subject, thereby making it easy to express myself through this blog’s content.

Ultimately, I want you to understand that high quality content is what will open all of the necessary doors to your blog’s success, including getting people to make backlinks to it.

3) Pinterest (great for quality backlinks):

how to create backlinks from pinterest to your blog 05

Pinterest is almost like a “best kept secret to backlinks” if you understand how valuable it is for this purpose.

Pinterest is a social media network where people post videos and images (sort of like Instagram) and if you can keyword target your images and videos (pins) in a way that people love the look of it, they will “pin it” or “share it” on their Pinterest account.

And each person who pins or shares your images and videos is like a backlink in of itself.

I mainly use Pinterest to create backlinks to my nature website called TheNatureSeeker.com and one of the ways I am able to successfully pull this off is by creating beautiful imagery and videos that people are floored by.

I also use these 5 SEO practices on Pinterest to do this successfully.

By the way, through that link I just gave you to the nature blog, I provided another backlink to the nature blog.

The better images and videos I create, the more it “stimulates them” to want to share it and pin it and this backlink strategy is what drives at least 50% of traffic to my website and helps it rank better.

Here is an example:

pinterest backlink example

This video pin I made on Pinterest has 51 saves, meaning 51 different Pinterest users saved it to their Pinterest boards, and that means anyone who visits one of those other 51 accounts can see and click on my pin to visit my site. It’s like having 51 ORGANIC backlinks.

You will also notice 5 “hearts” above the photos section of the pin above. This means 5 people left basically likes on the pin which their followers can see too. It’s not exactly a backlink, but it indirectly serves as one too.

So yes, use Pinterest to make high quality backlinks. It works wonders.

4) Internal links (a key to quality SEO results):

how to create a backlink from internal links 04

People neglect the fact that backlinks can also (and should) be within their site too.

All throughout this website and nearly every single blog post I create, you will find tons and tons of internal links spread across each post and page.

What internal links are, is simply links within my own website and blog that point to other pages and posts on my blog (internally sharing my content within my site basically).

This method of backlinking does NOT build up your backlink profile, but it does build up your SEO results and Google does love sites and blogs that do this. It is one of the most powerful SEO strategies you can invest time in and it’s easy to make them.

Here is a post on Bing Ads affiliate marketing, where I must have at least 20-30 different internal links it.

Use this particular blog post as an example of how I internally backlink with my website (or use any other blog post I have on the site for more reference).

5) Social media comments on websites:

how to create a backlink from social media comments to your blog

With this method, what you do is:

  1. Research websites that are in the same niche market as your blog.
  2. Make a list of the ones which have a social comments section (like Facebook comments).
  3. Post a high quality comment and provide a backlink to your blog in it.

This is a very cool strategy one of my affiliate coaches Jay taught me long ago.

It basically helps you create high quality, relevant backlinks manually and it doesn’t risk you having your social media account banned.

A lot of people mistakenly make backlinks on social media directly by going into places like Facebook, finding pages and people, and spamming their website or blog URL, only to get it disapproved and their username banned from the channel.

This method goes around that approach and keeps the operation spam free. But of course, that is determined by how you use this approach.

I’ll typically offer value in my comment to make people want to click on the link (this gives it more juice).

What will happen to your blog if you start implementing these 5 backlink strategies:

You’re going to basically boost the process of SEO and help the site get better, faster rankings. You will also get more traffic from the backlinks themselves and this will help your site be profitable while the SEO process goes on to make that blog rank high (it typically takes months for that to happen on it’s own without backlinks).

I want to stress that a profitable blog does not come from backlinks once again, but from the content that is written on it. All of the success the blog has stems from this. Consider backlinks as one of major the ingredients to your blog’s SEO success. It’s important, but on it’s own, it’s not going to be the difference maker, so make sure to make your content the top priority and build backlinks on the side.

What I typically do to make this process work is this:

  • I’ll focus in making a high quality blog post with internal links.
  • Then once it’s published, I’ll do one or more of the backlink strategies I listed above.

This way I combine the most important elements together.

Why blogging is one of the best ways to monetize online:

Organic traffic is the most profitable type of traffic your blog can get and the backlink strategies I showed you in this post can truly make that possible. With the free traffic your blog gets, comes many opportunities:

This is one of the many reasons why blogging isn’t dead and why you can make it work for yourself and if you are struggling in this realm, I can help you:

I provide coaching and consulting on topics such as:

If you are seeking to build a profitable blog, see how my coaching works here. What I do is, I provide people with access to a platform known as Wealthy Affiliate which teaches this, alongside my coaching to help you build this.

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