My Affiliate Marketing Income Reports

Hey folks, so on this page, I will be disclosing a majority of my personal affiliate marketing income reports that I have accrued over the years.

Here is a quick intro about my affiliate marketing income reports:

The purpose of this page is not to “show off” or brag, but to be:

  • Transparent about my personal results in this business so you can see that these reports are real.
  • And more importantly to show you how you can do the same thing too.

Now even though I started affiliate marketing around 2006 or so (my overall history explained here), I didn’t really start recording my income in this business until mid 2014, so while I do have checks certificates to show you prior to 2014, the main reports that you will be seeing are from 2014 and up. 

I will also be summarizing the ways I was and am earning money, so you have an idea of what I was/am doing to make this a reality for yourself. More detailed reports will be provided in separate case studies I will be adding to this site in the future.

This is also a page that will consistently update year after year and this point in time, I happily admit that affiliate marketing is my full time business, and again, this is something I help YOU accomplish as well on, and through ethical approaches.

So let’s get started:

Firstly, from 2007 to about 2008, I earned about $10,000.

As I said before, the screenshots of my income reports will officially begin in mid 2014 (further below), but I want to disclose that when I first began seeing results with this business, it was in mid 2007 and for the most part, I was making money writing articles on these blog websites:

  • Hubpages.comvitaliy gershfeld ezinearticles page

And similar places, which back in the day, were referred to as article directories.

The majority of my $10,000 earned between 2007 and 2008 was thanks to and where I was writing simple articles on ways to lose weight and promoting products from a network called Clickbank.

The articles I would write would link back to some sort of landing page where the weight loss product was being promoted.

Now I do not have screenshots of this period of income reports, but what I CAN show you is one of my highest viewed articles that I wrote on (right):

Now as you can see, the articles I wrote on that site received over 700,000 views, which I hope makes the $10,000 more believable and you are more than welcome to check out my Ezine author page here.

Afterwards, until 2013, I had earned about $300,000+

Here I have some extra proof to show you the six figure results I am claiming now (before we get to the recorded income reports). There were a few years:

affiliate income reports for clickbank

Then if you read my bio, you’ll know that ALL of these profits I earned gradually ended and I literally went broke in early 2013. I basically made a lot of mistakes.

This experienced forced me to restart my efforts, but in a completely new niche market and so I decided to shift things and began promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program in 2013, only to see my efforts start to show in mid 2014.

And that brings us to the promised income reports:

2015 affiliate income report

The majority of the income I was earning throughout this period was from affiliate program #1 (promoting Wealthy Affiliate). It was mainly through a blogging website that I still run today.

And this continued and grew in 2016:

2016 affiliate income report

And in the following year, more growth occurred:

2017 affiliate income report

Now there are 2 reasons my income grew for the same promotion:

1) I continued to grow my other blog website and raised the traffic I was getting there, which naturally led to more people buying the offers. The traffic I was getting (and am to this day) is organic.

2) I began entering the PPC world, where I would create ads to drive extra traffic to the same blog website. While I had to pay for this, it did produce extra profits, and added about 20% more traffic and profits to the site. While this traffic was not organic, it didn’t change that the people who went to my site were still buyers, and this is why I was able to grow the overall site even more.

The following year, things slowed down…

2018 affiliate income report

One of the reasons things slowed down was that I began to become complacent (again). Because I had seen my main website grow and earn more year after year, I felt I could leave it alone and things would just progress the same way. I was wrong.

While my main blog site continued to get traffic and make money, I didn’t really grow it as much as I did in the years prior and this naturally led to less traffic coming to the site after awhile, which naturally led to less profits.

It is a blessing that the Wealthy Affiliate program provides recurring commissions because had it not, I would have probably lost my business in 2018. It was thanks to the recurring commissions that I stayed afloat. 

However much like the situation which occurred in 2013, where I lost everything, this 2018 experience awakened me again and I started putting in the same and even more effort into my website than ever before, growing the content, growing the site, and after a few months, things stabilized:

vitaliy 2019 affiliate income report

In the above report, the numbers rose because I got my act together and returned to growing my blog website. It suffered a few setbacks in 2019, but none the less, it still shows growth in the long run.

Now while you may notice that if you look at my earlier income reports, of the 6 figure incomes especially, and the ones from 2014 and up, it may seem like the six figure results are what you should focus on. 

I would argue differently.

The lessons I took from that six figure experience show me that passive and stable income is where the true success in affiliate marketing lies and this is why I am happy I chose a different road after the 2013 incident.

The same blog that started earning me in 2013 is still earning me money today and will continue to do so. The only difference now is that I am much wiser and am growing other sites and getting into new networks for more profits and new projects. 

And this concludes my affiliate income reports and again, they will be updated year after year. If you have any questions about these reports, please let me know.

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