5 Evergreen Niches to Make Passive Income With

If you know how to find an evergreen niche and properly market to it, you can make a serious passive income from it for as long as you need to and in this article, I’m going to show you 5 examples of what they look like to start that process.

Evergreen niches explained (what they are):

They are popular niche subjects that hold consistent popularity and no matter what season, year or period it is, they will always be popular.

Evergreen niches vs regular niches:

Regular niche markets are more likely to fluctuate, meaning they can:

  • Go up and down in popularity.
  • Drop out of style quickly or overtime.

Evergreen niche markets typically do not have this problem. They are more likely to:

  • Remain popular year round.
  • Go up and down too, but remain popular even when they’re down.
  • Never drop out of style.

An example of a regular niche vs an evergreen niche:

Regular niche topic: Making money online for Christmas (it’s seasonal).

Evergreen niche topic: Getting an ex back (eternally popular).

Here are 5 evergreen niches you can make passive income with:

evergreen niches to make a passive income with 01

  1. Lower back pain relief.
  2. Getting an ex back.
  3. Stopping insomnia/improving sleep.
  4. Improving your vision.
  5. Baldness solutions for women.

Think about these 5 examples I just gave you and consider the things I said earlier about what makes an evergreen niche “green”.

These 5 examples fit perfectly into that description and I don’t think I need to further explain why that is the case.

Now I do also want to say that there are far more of these examples and you should ideally pick out a niche (especially if it’s evergreen) that you know a ton about.

I can help you do that with my affiliate coaching offer here, and also through the Wealthy Affiliate program which teaches people to create online businesses in evergreen niches.

Now let me show you examples of how to take these 5 niches and turn them into passive income streams!

Evergreen niche 1: Lower back pain relief

how to reduce lower back pain evergreen niche 05

Income potential: $10,000+ monthly.

Description: My estimate of how much search traffic looks for solutions to lower back pain is in the millions and here are a few ways to take this subject and make a passive income out of it:

5 ways to make a passive income with this evergreen niche:

1) Create a blog on lower back pain and promote affiliate products there.

2) Create a blog, but sell your own product or eBook on stopping back pain. Target evergreen keywords on this blog related to the niche.

Note: Also consider running Mediavine ads on your blog since lower back pain is a huge niche that can easily get your site so much traffic to get approved by Mediavine. That’s an easy $5,000+ monthly.

3) Create a product, like an eBook on Clickbank on stopping lower back pain and let affiliates promote it for you (no need to have your own blog in this case).

4) Start a YouTube channel and create videos helping people solve lower back pain issues. Monetize the videos through YouTube monetization, but also consider promoting affiliate products in your YouTube videos to make more.

5) Start an email marketing campaign through pay per click networks for people wanting to stop back pain, collect their emails and sell them products or promote affiliate products on the back end.

2) Evergreen niche 2: Getting an ex back

get an ex back evergreen niche 02

Income potential: $10,000+ monthly too.

Description: Targeting niches that involve pain and the need to solve a problem quickly is usually a good sign it’s profitable and when you add into it the fact that this niche is evergreen and has those other qualities, you’ve really got a profitable passive income generator on your hands!

Such is the case with getting an ex back, something that millions of people have happen to them year round and want solutions for.

4 ways to make a passive income with this evergreen niche:

1) Start a blog on getting an ex back (stick to a specific gender). Promote affiliate products there. I recommend promoting a Clickbank product called “The Magic of Making up”. It focuses solely on this niche topic.

2) Again, start a blog, but just write and sell your own eBook on this subject (you can even write a hardcover book but it’d be annoying, so I’d stick to an eBook approach).

3) Do what the Magic of Making up did. In other words, write your own eBook and put it up on Clickbank. Cut out the need to start a YouTube channel or make a blog. Let the affiliates promoting this product do all of that for you.

4) Create a YouTube channel on getting the ex back. I promise you that it’ll get tons of views overtime! And those views offer plenty of monetization opportunities that I don’t really need to get into details on (you should already know some of them).

Evergreen niche 3: Stopping insomnia/improving sleep

how to stop insomnia evergreen niche 04

Income potential: $5,000+ monthly.

Description: Based on some really quick keyword research I did, over 200,000 people look up solutions to insomnia and in general, fixing sleep problems. That makes it an evergreen niche in my book and an opportunity to make a serious passive income fixing it for people.

5 ways to make a passive income with this evergreen niche:

1) Blog about it. Review sleep aid products. Promote sleep aid eBooks (Clickbank has them and you can make good commissions).

2) Make your own eBook and let your blog promote it.

3) Make your own eBook, but again, put it up on Clickbank as a vendor, and let the affiliates handle the marketing.

4) Again, a YouTube channel promoting affiliate products (or your own) on sleep solutions is a good option too.

5) Use Pinterest to show images of people with sleep problems and lead people to a page offering a solution (promotion).

I wouldn’t go the email list route because this typically is a problem people want the solution for now, so taking them through a series or emails when they want a solution NOW isn’t helpful. Give them the solution right away.

Evergreen niche 4: Improving your vision

how to improve vision evergreen niche 02

Income potential: $5,000 a monthly.


Eye issues are widespread across the world and many people want to avoid surgeries, contacts, or glasses.

A lot of people look for solutions to fixing their eye problems naturally and there happen to be quite a few options (special diets, eye drops, exercises).

5 ways to make a passive income with this evergreen niche:

Honestly, if you take the 5 options above for solving insomnia, and replace that keyword with improving your vision, the advice stays the same.

In fact, if you look at the advice I’ve given throughout this post, it’s really the same thing, just with a few minor differences and approaches here and there.

This is one of the good things about an online business and niche marketing: Many of the methods are identical.

Evergreen niche 5: Baldness solutions for women

losing hair evergreen niche 01

Income potential: $10,000+ monthly.

Description: If there is one niche that needs a seriously NOW solution, it’s this one.

Hair loss for men is also a seriously profitable evergreen niche, but for women? It’s an even bigger niche with an even bigger demand.

5 ways to make a passive income with this evergreen niche:

1) Blog about ways to stop baldness for women (or thinning hair). Review hair loss products, shampoos and so forth too.

2) Make your own eBook on stopping hair loss for women and put it up on Clickbank.

3) Start a pay per click campaign and funnel women who want to solve this problem a landing page that sells a specific hair loss solution eBook or product (easy traffic).

More questions on the evergreen niche topic:

Where can I find evergreen niches?

One of the best ways to find evergreen niches is by taking existing popular topics like health and fitness and breaking them down into more specific niches. They will already be evergreen because they are based of existing popular subjects.

What are evergreen items?

Evergreen items are simply products that are always popular and selling year round. Some examples would include camping tents, batteries, health supplements, joint pain products and much more.

What are the best evergreen niches?

Some of the best evergreen niches would be camping, getting rid of joint pain, losing belly fat and preparing for emergencies.

Is travel an evergreen niche?

Somewhat. Travel isn’t really a niche because it’s broad, but any specific form of travel would be an evergreen niche like van life travel, solo female travel and vacation destinations.

What is an evergreen business?

It’s a business whose focus is to sell products or services in evergreen niche markets.

Getting more evergreen niche ideas and profiting from them:

As I said above, these 5 evergreen niches are just a small sample of the possibilities out there and I could list for you many more options like them, but as I said earlier and will say again:

It is best to find your ideal evergreen niche that you love and if you are someone who doesn’t own a product, a website or online business and wants to start one making passive income with an evergreen niche, I can help you:

Again, you can check out how I do that on my coaching page here. What this will do is take you into a program called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you a blueprint to setup that evergreen niche and utilize the different options I showed you examples of above to make that a successful online business.

Setting up an online business targeting an evergreen niche and making a passive income with it is very possible, but it takes time, hard work and a good blueprint. This is something I can help you do with the resources I just shared.

If you have any questions about evergreen niches or have your own ideas you want to run by me, let me know below!

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