How to Start High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

If you’re interested in how to start high ticket affiliate marketing, I have provided a detailed guide here to show you how to do it.

As someone who has made a lot of high ticket sales as an affiliate marketer, I have a lot of experience in the proper ways to promote expensive products and make commissions from that in the process.

At the same time, a lot of my success has also come from making a lot of mistake in this field of the affiliate marketing world this particular branch of that business is one that in my experience is misunderstood and leads to a lot of people doing it incorrectly. So before I show you the steps I use for this, let me start with this:

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

what is high ticket affiliate marketing 03

High ticket affiliate marketing is simply another way of saying you promote expensive things and make big commissions if you sell them.

In the affiliate marketing world, there are 3 classifications of the kinds of commissions you make as an affiliate:

  1. Low ticket (Usually you’ll make a few dollars or even less than that).
  2. Medium ticket (Usually $30 commissions or more are classified as medium).
  3. High ticket (I’d say any commission you earn that’s over $100 is considered high ticket).

Now the thing about high ticket affiliate marketing is that it can go far beyond $100 for each commission.

There’s actually promotions out there that can pay you $1,000 or more for each sale you make and it ultimately depends on:

  • What high ticket product you promote.
  • How expensive that promotion is.
  • And what the affiliate commission rate for that promotion is.

I have included an example of my most even high ticket affiliate sales I’ve made for one specific company and have color coded the classes of affiliate commissions from low to high ticket.


How to start high ticket affiliate marketing (summary of how I do it):

how to start high ticket affiliate marketing 02

  1. Create a list of the high ticket products you know a lot about.
  2. Filter which high ticket products on your list are most popular.
  3. Begin by making a review of one of the products on the filtered list.
  4. Sign up and get approved by an affiliate network that lets you promote it.
  5. Get the affiliate link for the product.
  6. Create a high quality review of the high ticket product via a blog review or YouTube video review (better for beginners).
  7. Consider making pay per click ads for the high ticket product in order to get more sales (better for advanced affiliates).
  8. Once you make 1 review, go back to your list and create more reviews of other high ticket products.

My video summarizing how to do high ticket affiliate marketing:

high ticket affiliate marketing cta 1

My results promoting high ticket affiliate offers ($50,000+):

How to do High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

There are 2 particular niches where I actively promote high ticket items:

1) About $500 made from promoting expensive drones.

One of my affiliate websites promotes these and the prices of these drones can range from $300 and go up to $1,500 or more.

For these promotions, I’ll make anywhere from $30 to $100 in affiliate commissions. I haven’t really gotten too involved with this niche topic, but I have been able to sell close to 10 thus far, and make a couple of $100 in overall commissions. 

2) About $52,000+ made from promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s high ticket membership. 

One of my most focused promotions in affiliate marketing is promoting the program called Wealthy Affiliate. Is it the program where I spend the most time creating online sales funnels, ads and blog posts, all of which promote this program and it is also the same program I learned all of this stuff from.

Now I’ve been doing this for years and with this program, there are numerous price points:

  • First, there is the free membership, the one I promote the most. 
  • Next is the $49 a month premium membership, for which I get paid $23+ recurring monthly.
  • Next is a Premium Plus membership for $99, for which I get paid $49 a month recurring for.
  • Then there’s a yearly membership for Premium which pays me $175 recurring yearly.
  • Then there’s the yearly membership for Premium Plus which I get paid $495 per year for.
  • And finally, there is the Black Friday yearly membership that I promote which pays me $130-$497, also recurring yearly.

The $49 a month membership is where I made the majority of my affiliate sales (Around $400,000). 

But the yearly sales also happen to people are part of this program and every year, I’ll make about 50 or so yearly sales at $175 each, giving me around $9,000 in commissions. In fact, today when I wrote this article, a new $175 sale came in, the first of 2020:

high ticket affiliate sale made

But there’s also the Black Friday, $130 commissions which gets me around 30 sales every year and that equates to about another $5,000 in high ticket commissions every year. 

And don’t forget, there’s recurring sales, so I also make additional sales from people who signed up the year before and renewed their membership, but that’s a whole other commission breakdown. Let’s just stick to the sales reports, not the recurring sales:

More proof of my high ticket affiliate sales:

high ticket affiliate marketing proof

And in 2020, despite the recession that occurred, I still did very well for the Black Friday event (lots of high ticket sales):

2020 high ticket sales report

I’ve been working on this for years and this is why I’ve been able to make $52,000+ in the process. This is a figure that also is being added to every year.

3) An affiliate coaching program ($198 made so far).

There is a coaching program I started promoting in 2019, but not too seriously because I keep my promotions centered around Wealthy Affiliate, where by the way if you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing, you should try it out. I’m offering my affiliate coaching with a membership there so if you enjoy my content and want to learn from someone whose experienced at affiliate marketing, I’d try it out.

But anyway, this particular coaching program is one I pay for personally because I use the services to further my own education in affiliate marketing.

It involves getting 1 on 1 help from a very experienced affiliate marketer who has more success than me. Here is his affiliate coaching program if you’re interested. If it is too expensive for you, I recommend my personal coaching instead as you’ll also get good training through me. 

The point of these reports is to show you that what I do to make sales in this branch of affiliate marketing works and I’ll be showing you exactly how I do it shortly.

affiliate marketing high ticket cta 2But before I get into the step-by-step process I use to do high ticket affiliate marketing, let me explain a few very important things about this branch of the business:

The pros of doing high ticket affiliate marketing:

  • Getting paid a lot for each sale is certainly the biggest pro.
  • Making 1 high ticket sale can equate to making dozens of 100’s of low or medium ticket sales.
  • You can potentially make more in your online business with high ticket sales.

The cons of doing high ticket affiliate marketing:

  • Because they cost a lot for the consumer, you’ll likely make less sales overall.
  • Most people don’t really have a lot of money to spend on expensive products.
  • It’s generally harder for the affiliate to make a high ticket sale because of the price.
  • Many high ticket affiliate marketing programs and opportunities are scams. I’m about to explain why:

A warning about promoting high ticket courses (why I don’t do it):

There’s a branch of high ticket affiliate marketing I don’t engage in and that is selling info products such as make money online courses. I consider it very unethical ways of doing affiliate marketing

These particular products offer what some perceive to be the best high ticket promotional opportunities that can pay you $1,000’s for every sale you make. 

However, if you look beyond the opportunity, and see the reputation they have, you may also decide not to engage in this branch of affiliate marketing.

Now you may be wondering if the Wealthy Affiliate course I mentioned earlier falls into this category. It doesn’t and that this is because people can be monthly members, at an affordable price and the value of their membership extends beyond just the course. They also get tons of help, coaching, tools and much more, all of which raises the value of the program beyond it’s low price to begin with.

With regards to the “classic” high ticket course schemes, those are the types I stay away from.

Questions about doing high ticket affiliate marketing:

How do you become a high affiliate marketer?

In order to become a high ticket affiliate marketer, you first need to sign up with one or more networks which have expensive products to promote and then decide if you want to promote that.

What are high ticket offers?

High ticket offers are basically any products or services that are in the 3 digit or higher price range. So a product that costs $500 would be a high ticket offer.

What is the highest paying affiliate program?

Technically, Clickbank offers the highest paying affiliate program but you can also find tons of promotional opportunities in other networks that pay less but cost more for the consumer, thus giving you higher earnings per sale.

The best high ticket affiliate programs to start promoting with:

The beauty is that there’s a lot of affiliate programs on the internet which sell very expensive products and services you can promote and make high ticket commissions from. I’ll say the following places offer great opportunities:

1) Amazon Associates:

There are countless high ticket products you can promote when you sign up with Amazon Associates and in fact, some of my drone promotions are from there. While the commission rate is low, as long as you promote a very expensive item, that low commission can still equal to big commissions on the back end.

2) Commission Junction:

This is also a great program that is right up there with Amazon Associates and with Commission Junction, you can also get access to tons of high ticket items to promote there too.

3) Wealthy Affiliate:

I suggest this program as the best one to promote if you’re thinking of selling make money online/affiliate marketing training. Like I showed you above, my results with the Wealthy Affiliate program are good and I make a majority of my high ticket commissions there. Learn more here.

4) A good article on other high ticket programs out there:

I found this blog post on high ticket affiliate marketing programs that I would classify as good (none of the sleazy kind) and their list is also one to consider.

5) Individual affiliate programs for whatever product you want to promote:

If you are aiming to promote a high ticket product, you’ll probably stumble upon more than one affiliate network that allows you to do it and all you really have to do is a simple Google search. I’ve actually done lists on the following types of high ticket niches (and affiliate networks associated to them):

All of these are high ticket niches with names of affiliate networks that are specific to them and only sell those types of products. All I had to do to find these was a Google search and come up with my own list of the programs I liked out of it.

And also, these 7 affiliate networks generally also provide good options to sell stuff, including high ticket items.

Here is what is truly important about choosing a high ticket affiliate program:

  • Begin by picking just one legitimate affiliate program.
  • Then find at least one high ticket item on that affiliate program to promote (for starters).

5 keys to successfully selling high ticket items as an affiliate marketer:

The short story here is that I’ll be reviewing the high ticket items I want to promote, but before I pick them out and show you the step by step approach to doing it, here’s what I make sure is present:

1) Promote products you know a lot about.

And this especially applies to high ticket items. Anyone who is looking to buy something expensive that finds your review of it, is going to have a lot of questions about that product. If you know a lot about it, you can answer those questions in your review to gain trust.

Ask me anything about the Wealthy Affiliate promotion I do and I guarantee you 99% of the time, I’ll have a quick answer for you and that’s because I’ve been promoting this program for years and I know just about everything about it.

And if I am selling you a membership into it, the only way you’d join it is if you knew it would get you results, which is why in my reviews of this program, I’ll always show my stats and success stories as PROOF. 

2) Owning the high ticket item you wish to sell helps a lot.

When I did a tutorial on how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube, this was one of the guidelines I specified as being very important. However, in the high ticket world, you’ll very often find people who promote the product that don’t actually own it.

Now I will say, just like I did in that YouTube tutorial, it is best if you own the product you’re promoting because if a person sees that you actually own that product, it will make them more comfortable in buying it, especially if it is already very expensive.

The fact that you show the person you have the product adds huge trust so know how to promote products on YouTube.

And what if you don’t own the product? Well there’s a couple of options:

3) Share your personal story about the product. 

A big reason why the affiliate product reviews I make sell is that I share my personal story about that product and how it’s impacted me. Anyone willing to spend a lot of money on a high ticket product wants to know not just the specs of the product they are looking to buy, but how they impact the person who already bought it.

Personal stories in reviews create that extra trust you need to make the sale. Talk about the following things:

  • How long you’ve had the product.
  • Why you chose to buy it.
  • The results you’ve had after using it.
  • Proof of the results (maybe it’s a weight loss product, show your before and after pic or maybe it’s an expensive camera, show the images it produces).

4) Definitely share/screenshot success stories and positive reviews.

You don’t just want to share your own personal positive review, but how others are happy with it too. Your personal experiences bears a lot of positive weight on making the sale, but the extra positive reviews, add even more trust to that.

5) Bullet point the pros (keep the cons to a minimum).

Any high ticket item you promote will already be a tough sell because of the price it costs, so giving people quick and positive reasons to get it, such as pros in bullet point form is going to get that confidence level up. 

How to get into high ticket affiliate marketing (details of the 8 steps I follow):

At this point in the tutorial, you should already have a ton of knowledge about high ticket affiliate marketing:

  • You should already know what it is.
  • You should already know about the various affiliate networks you can join to promote high ticket items.
  • You should already know the pros and cons of promoting expensive products.
  • You should already be familiar with the 5 key points I listed above to use when you start promoting your first product. 

And now with all this background information already etched in your mind, it’s time to start the step by step tutorial:

1) Compile a list of high ticket items you own or know a lot about:

I am pretty certain that you already own a number of items that you like, which cost a lot. List them out. This starting point is great because it combines the first 2 key points from above together (promoting products you know a lot about and products that you own). Let me give you my example:

Here is a list of high ticket items I own that I made a list from:

  • An Osmo Pocket camera ($350). Commission potential: $30.
  • An Osmo Action camera ($350).  Commission potential: $30.
  • 5 drones ($399, $1,500, $1,500, $1,000 and $700). Commission potential: $30, $150, $150, $100 and $70.
  • A Samsung S10+ phone ($799). Commission potential: $50$70.
  • Hypervolt hyperrice (It’s a massage tool and it’s $400). $45$50.
  • A foot massager from Sharper Image ($450). $45$50.
  • A back massager ($300). $30.

2) Filter out your high ticket list and see which products are popular:

The popular products are the ones you will want to target because they will get you the traffic you need to turn it into sales.

In my case, just about every product I listed is still popular and there’s plenty of ways to check if the list you made has popular products. Here’s a few:

  • Look at the reviews of the product on Amazon. If it has over 1,000 reviews, odds are it’s popular.
  • Use keyword tools to see what the search volume for the high ticket product is. I use tools like Jaaxy, which by the way you also get free access to as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

3) Pick one high ticket item out of your list to start promoting:


This is the one you’ll start with to get used to the method.

All of those items I listed, I have a lot of experience using and can write up a pretty good review on or even make a YouTube video review. And that’s the end goal here. 

You’ll want to also make your own list and see which item/s you feel you are most comfortable writing a review on.

For me, I’ll choose the Hypervolt Hyperrice (right):

It’s commission potential is about $40 a sale, and you can make the argument that it’s not high ticket, but I feel very confident in making a review of this product that can sell pretty well and if I can make a good volume of sales, then those $40 commissions will add up very quickly.

4) Sign up with an affiliate network where you can promote the chosen product:

And on that network, find that high ticket item you want to start promoting.

In my case (and yours most likely), Amazon Associates will have that item you already own, but through the Amazon Associates program, you’ll be able to promote it.

5) Get the affiliate link of the product you’re promoting:

Now I have a video about just that with regards to Amazon Associates. Here it is:

In this case, I am using a boxing glove example, but it can be substituted for just about any product you wish to choose, and in my case it’ll be the Hypervolt Hyperrice.

Once you get your affiliate link. Save it. 

6) Create a high quality review of the product you decided to promote (beginner strategies):

There’s 2 good ways to make reviews, especially if you’re just getting started:

Option 1: YouTube.

You’ll make a video/s about the product and let the algorithm do it’s work to help that video get views (tips on how to increase that coming up). You can learn more about how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube here.

Option 2: Creating a blog review.

Blogs will involve having to write a long review post about the product, share pictures, write about your experiences and so on. If you like writing and are shy about making videos, this may be a better option for you. Just as well, you can see how to do affiliate marketing with a blog here.

7) Promoting the product through pay per click (advanced strategy):

This is an optional step in the promotion of high ticket affiliate items, but it’s still an option I want you to consider, even though it’s advanced.

Pay per click is basically a form of online advertising, where you go to one of several networks out there and basically create an ad for the high ticket product you’re promoting and link that ad, either to your YouTube video review and/or to your blog review of the product.

The benefit of using this option is that you can get a lot of people who are interested in the product to see your review quickly and in masses, thus allowing you make commissions for that product faster.

I’ve used pay per click networks like Bing Ads to make lots of affiliate sales. and while there are other networks I recommend using, Bing Ads in my opinion is one of the best PPC networks for affiliate marketers to use.

But the downside is that if your review isn’t that good and doesn’t make sales, you’ll lose money, and I explain the general idea behind successfully doing affiliate marketing with pay per click here.

8) Once the first review is set up, create more reviews:

Your first review is a good template to work from. You will find that the more you reviews you make of high ticket products you’re promoting, the easier it’ll get. You may also find that as you get better, you will sometimes return back to older reviews and update them too.

As I said before, practicing selling high ticket items through the strategy above may be something you’re shy about at first, but I promise you that if you stay consistent at making these reviews, the way I laid it out, you’ll be making more of them, with more confidence and better quality overtime.

Plus you can always remake/redo/improve upon an existing review of a high ticket product you already have with future experience anyway.

But the other big point here is that the more reviews you make, will equal to the more exposure and sales you can make.

Now another cool tip I mention is that you should also consider reviewing products that you aren’t promoting, but there is a brilliant strategy that makes this worthwhile and it is explained in this article on writing affiliate product reviews.

It is the section about the golden groups, and #3 is the one you’ll want to read about for this.

cta 3 high ticket salesWill my high ticket reviews actually make sales? Thing to expect:

Now it is very common to not see all the reviews you’ll make succeed and this still happens to me frequently, but through consistency, eventually some of the videos and blog reviews I set up get a lot of views and sales and that is why you’ll want to also stay consistent with your reviews.

Also do not make ONLY high ticket affiliate marketing your goal. The better way to approach this topic is to actually focus on building a niche business on a topic you like which has multiple products you can promote, including high ticket ones. It’s better to focus on it from that angle because it makes the process easier.

How to learn high ticket affiliate marketing and apply these steps correctly:

Above all else, success with high ticket affiliate marketing comes from working hard on your business and growing that through fundamental knowledge on the actual affiliate marketing business and if you’re serious about that, then give the Wealthy Affiliate program a try as they will show you how to do this the right way as they did for me.

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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if this program is relevant to what I aiming to do. I want to sell tickets to an virtual event – a virtual summit with 24 expert over a 3 or 4 day cycle. I want to make it possible for people who I respect to earn money from ticket sales as ambassadors. In this way they would be affiliates for my project rather than me being affiliates for others. Does the Wealthy Affiliate system offer this service? Or, do you have other recommendations?

    • Hi Renee, what I think you’re talking about here is making your own affiliate program for this particular event. While WA doesn’t teach this particular method, it does teach multiple online business skills to help you market this type of event, or anything for that matter online. You would also be able to communicate with the 2 million other members there and I’m pretty sure one or more of them would know about making your own affiliate program as WA does have a diverse range of people who do online business.

  2. I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate but wasn’t able to stay at the $49 level. I have a limited budget, am a Vietnam Era Veteran with a service connected disability.

    I’m also a senior of the Boomer generation which gives me a digital disability which I’m working on to correct esp in connecting the dots. I would’ve liked to have continued with WA.

    I guess I’m still a member at the free level. I esp like your honesty and upfront transparency. Any free advice is welcomed.

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment. So I have a few things I want to mention regarding advice, how to proceed, Wealthy Affiliate and so forth:

      1) Firstly, I truly appreciate your services to this country and value a Veteran. Thank you.

      2) I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to stay within Wealthy Affiliate, but I would highly recommend you return when you have a chance and continue your training.

      3) I understand your age and the fact that you had to move into the online world to learn affiliate marketing came with a steep learning curve, but the training there is designed for people of all levels, so if you do come back, just follow the main training lessons and don’t make common affiliate marketing mistakes people do like rushing.

      4) Every single bit of content I share on this website and the knowledge I give people has come from a combination of the Wealthy Affiliate training as well as my own experiences with using it. So if you enjoy my content, and like what I say, then this is exactly what you’d learn from the program too. You just have to go through the same training, but understand it in your own way to really get it.

  3. Such a thorough article! I especially jotted down some notes on where to go for affiliate marketing products, besides Amazon. 

    I do agree, promoting high ticket items, though you may not get as many sales, your overall profit would be higher. I like, also, that you were humble enough to recognize that you are not, YET, a high ticket coach! 

    Although with this article, might I suggest you don’t ‘sell yourself short’? 

    • Hi Leona, I appreciate the feedback on how much you enjoyed this article and my resume in affiliate marketing

      But despite that, I need to clarify that I never considered myself a high ticket coach, not because I didn’t feel qualified, but because I generally do not like the high ticket coaching environment to begin with.

      Because I’ve seen so many cases of under qualified “coaches” selling beyond reasonably priced systems to people who don’t know better, I’ve come to really dislike having any association with that.

      And because my skills and success came from Wealthy Affiliate, a company which provided me with coaching and never charged me anything near what these scammers are charging, I always felt it was right for me to help other people go through the same, correct path to affiliate marketing success, which is why I often do expose the high ticket coaches, their systems and then tell people about Wealthy Affiliate.

      I do believe there is a case to be made to pay good money for coaches, but only when it’s truly done by someone who is really an expert and spends real 1 on 1 time with you. 

      I happen to pay someone who fits this criteria every month to help me improve my affiliate business and because I’ve seen such improvement in my business thanks to this person (he is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and teaches many of his things there), I have also promoted his coaching program to others, and the price is still well within reason compared to the stereotypical high ticket coaches that I don’t trust.

  4. Hi, Vitaliy,

    High ticket products make sense but they’re not for all people. As you said, they have several disadvantages. You can make good money, but it can be hard to make sales. When people have to spend a considerable amount of money, they tend to think about it more carefully. 

    My niche is in travel. I’ve been thinking of opening another site and I might promote a high ticket product or service instead. Besides drones and making money online, what niches do you recommend within this category?

    Thank you for explaining high ticket affiliate marketing in detail. 

    • I happen to run a travel/nature site as well Enrique and this is something I’ve thought about as well, so I’ll tell you that in regards to it, there’s many things you can sell:

      High end cameras people can use on their travels to take great pictures.

      Action cameras are great too.

      If your travel site involves some sort of adventure traveling, then promote high ticket gear like tents, expensive clothing and more. 

      For example, I wrote on an article on the top affiliate marketing niches in 2020 to look at, and one of them involved selling dry suites. I recommend you check that out and it should provide more ideas. That article will also provide some other high ticket niche ideas for you that aren’t part of the drone or make money online subjects.


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