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More on my bio and how I help you succeed at making money online:

Hey thanks for checking out this page! My name is Vitaliy and as I said in the video above, I am a full time online marketer who has been making a passive income from this business for many, many years.

Here is a quick report about some of the most recent stats of mine, before I show I show you others:

In short, this is what I help you do on this website (HelpingHandAffiliate.com) and over the many years since I started doing this full time, I have helped countless people start and begin doing this too (even complete beginners).

Before I get into the details of HOW I do this, let me just explain to you…

A short summary of my long history with affiliate marketing (and more proof of my success):

-A few years prior to discovering affiliate marketing (about 2004 to 2005), I experimented with different ways of making money online, such as doing:

  • Paid online surveys.
  • Writing articles.
  • Creating my own info eBooks.
  • And basically trying to earn a side income while I was in college.
  • Get rich quick programs and if you have ever tried one of these, you probably already know how these things end…

Basically every single one of those attempts failed miserably (and I lost a lot of time and money in the process). And this went on for nearly 3 years and I can tell you that these experiences, while at the time were quite depressing, I see them now as blessings and here’s why:

It was through these failures, that someone I was in communication with at the time offered me a helping hand (his name is Doug) and he advised I start looking into a method of making money called the Bum Marketing Method, which actually turned out to be another word for affiliate marketing and that’s how I first discovered this business.

It took me a few months to understand and start successfully applying this model, and it did slowly lead me to making a side income, all from home, while sitting at my desktop computer (laptops and smartphones weren’t really around then).

The breakthrough that took me from making a side income to a full time income online: Wealthy Affiliate.

I found Wealthy Affiliate a few months after I discovered and began seeing success with The Bum Marketing Method.

It’s creator was actually promoting that program to me (as one of it’s affiliates by the way), and because I had already experienced success with it, I knew I could trust his recommendation and signed up with the program.

It just so happens that the creator of the Bum Marketing Method himself (Travis Sago) became a successful affiliate marketer thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program and naturally by joining it, I would go through the same training he did.

It was this program that really helped me breakthrough not just to the next level, but several levels higher in the affiliate marketing world. What they taught (and continue to teach) is how to truly make this business become a long term passive income for anyone.

What started as a side income when I joined WA, where good days would have me make close to $200, turned into days where I would hit $1,000’s and even more. 

From 2009 to about the end of 2013, I was making a six figure income in this business:

I used the training I received from this program and got involved with major affiliate networks like Clickbank and was also renowned as being a top affiliate for them:

clickbank affiliate success diplomas

But then a big hit took place in 2013 and I lost everything. Here’s what went down:

Complacency and laziness consumed me and the results I was getting from making big money with Clickbank began to die down because the hot markets I was making the money through were starting to cool down and eventually dry out.

But instead of taking the profits I had made and reinvesting them into other affiliate projects and continuing to work hard, I instead sat around, did nothing, and little by little, bills, living expenses, and life drained whatever profits I had made, until I eventually was back to $0. And this dragged on for nearly a year…

It was at this point, that I went back to the training at Wealthy Affiliate (I had to start fresh again).

Because of the lesson I took from making six figure profits to eventually going back down to $0, I vowed never to make the same mistake of only relying on hot markets that had expiration dates to make money with affiliate marketing. 

This time around, when I went back to the Wealthy Affiliate training, I truly committed to doing it the way it was taught, which was showing how to do affiliate marketing and make a long term income from it, by targeting evergreen niche markets that had no expiration date and in succeeding through them, I could create a long term, passive income.

It took me about a year to get back on the successful affiliate bandwagon, but in 2014, I returned.

WA helped me restore my affiliate marketing business and while I had to shift just about everything to get back to success (new website, new projects, new promotions, a whole new effort basically), that ended up carrying me over all the way to today. In other words, from 2014, to 2019 (and onward), I began to make a truly passive income from home.

Here are my income reports from 2014 to 2020 (they are updated yearly):

2019 affiliate income report

Before I show you these reports, let me first say that the profits I was making prior to 2014, involved me selling weight loss products from Clickbank. After my downfall, and redoing the WA training, I decided to shift things around and began promoting the WA program itself, which offered me recurring commissions, something I felt was very important (and it is) to make a stable income.

So the following reports you are about to see, a large majority of them are as a result of me promoting the WA program (Just keeping it honest):

  • For 2014 I earned about $10,000.
  • For 2015, I earned about $30,000.
  • For 2016, I earned about $40,000.
  • For 2017, I earned about $60,000.
  • For 2018, I made about $70,000.
  • For 2019, I had the screenshot of it to the right.
  • For 2020, I’m going to hit about $80,000.
  • For 2021, I’m going strong and only moving up.

I will include a separate page where I will be listing all of my collected income reports for further proof, that will also be updated for anyone to see, but this is a brief overview of the success I had following my Clickbank downfall.

Update: The affiliate income reports page is up!

The mission of this website is to help you get the same success (without the slip ups I had).

There’s no better way I can say is than that. I help you succeed in this business by offering you free advice, coaching and mentoring. 

In my experience, the best people to learn any subject from are not just those who are successful, but those who have FAILED and succeeded after failing, because it’s those people who know which affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid and what to do correctly.

That’s me when it comes to affiliate marketing. At this point in this about page, you now know about my history in this business and the things I had to go through to see success. Because I have seen and experienced so much when it comes to this, I can help anyone (I have and continue to) go from being a total beginner at affiliate marketing to a pro.

HelpingHandAffiliate.com is designed to help YOU avoid those mistakes myself and SO many make when they get into this business and to basically guide you in the right direction to experience the massive success affiliate marketing can bring, if it’s done right and this is what I help you do…

And if you listen to my advice and take action, this is what affiliate marketing can do for you:

In short, it can make your life better. This is something I have experienced and continue to do so because I put in the work to make this business work for me. 

For me personally, here are the benefits I enjoy from doing affiliate marketing:

1) I live debt free thanks to it (College has been paid for, credit cards are paid for, ect…).

2) It has helped me pay for school and despite graduating with a BA, I do affiliate marketing full time. 

3) I get to work from my own home (it’s a small studio apartment, but still) and never have to rely on a boss or a higher up whatsoever. 

4) My bills are all paid for. 

5) I have been fortunate enough to climb the ranks of this world and meet some truly amazing people in the process, and here is a picture of myself with 3 other very successful individuals in this business, ALL of which I met through Wealthy Affiliate:

the wealthy affiliates

  • From left to right, you have Jay Niell, one of my closest affiliates and friends.
  • Next you have Kyle, who is one of the co-owners of the Wealthy Affiliate program, someone who has helped me along this journey more than I can tell you.
  • Then you have handsome old me. 

Next we have Carson, the second co-owner of the Wealthy Affiliate program, another honest and ethical individual who I am proud to call a friend and am lucky to know. And then we have my buddy Richard, who helps me from time to time with websites (he’s not in this business but he does road trips with me.

I also build other websites that make money with and without affliate marketing:

I currently have a few niche websites I run and build, some of which are growing and also make me money. Here are some examples:

1) The Nature Seeker is my personal blog I run which makes about $4,000+ every month through ads on Mediavine (it does some affiliate marketing).

2) I also created a new site on Emergency Prep For Beginners that focuses on helping people prepare for different types of disasters.

My point in showing you all of this is that there’s many different types of sites you can create and monetize on different topics and they could also fit your passions as well which is the case for those 2 sites with regards to what I’m interested in.

A quick mention about the Wealthy Affiliate guys:

I’ve met A LOT of people in this business and sadly, I cannot say that they are all good people. I’ve made my own mistakes in this business, but I’ve also run into scammers, and many unethical people left and right who try to screw over others to make commissions. 

It was the guys in the Wealthy Affiliate program who showed me this wasn’t how it should be done, and through their actions and selfless help that they offered me and continue to offer their members, I am not only happy to say that there are ethical people out there like these, but I am truly proud to call them my friends and recommend their system to anyone starting in the affiliate marketing world.

These dudes taught me the ethical way to build a business that truly helps people and that information is carried through within this site, through the advice I give you.

One more mention of the benefits of being an affiliate marketer:

I personally enjoy traveling and can freely do so without having to “check” with anyone basically. Here’s some of the most recent places I have visited, which were paid for by my affiliate marketing business:

For just 2019 alone, in February, I had traveled much of the western coast of the United States and here’s just one of the many spots I visited:

the affiliate marketing traveler

That’s a picture I took in Oregon. You should be able to see me on the bottom right of the picture and if you can and are wondering how I got that shot, the answer is via a drone I bought, something that affiliate marketing helped pay for too.

And in late 2019, I took this amazing trip to Canada, where I also saw so many amazing places, one of which was this one called Lake Louise:

AM traveler photo

The ability for me to travel freely like this and know in the back of my mind that my affiliate marketing business is there in the background, working for me is something I hope you get to experience one day and with my help, and that is something I will help you accomplish. It is my goal.

You are more than welcome to ask me anything about this business, whether it be on this page or any other on this site and I encourage you to do so, because HelpingHandAffiliate.com is designed for just that.

Here is to your future success in the affiliate marketing world! 


Creator of HelpingHandAffiliate.com

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Vitaliy, I’m happy to leave my comments on joining the Wealthy Affiliate program. The program is set up in short segments, which makes it easier for someone new, like myself, to learn and understand the content.
    Sometimes I don’t exactly understand the lesson being presented, so I have to go back and watch the video again.
    Having tried online marketing a couple of times in the past, I must say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best program in how it’s set out for new learners.
    There are so many people offering their help and assistance when there’s a problem or a question, it’s amazing.

  2. Hi Vitaliy. Names Joey. I’m considering getting into Wealthy Affiliate to get started into affiliate marketing but I wanted to talk to you about it first just to get some questions answered. Please consider getting on a call with me as soon as you can. I have an orientation call for Jeff Lerner’s Entre program and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna ask em to refund my money. After reading what you had to say about it I’m almost certain that what they have isn’t for me (plus they pissed me off since as soon as I paid the $40 they immediately sent me an upsell for even more “important” nonsense and it just feels scummy.) I want to know more one on one about Wealthy Affiliate and get a personal hands-on opinion on whether or not it’s for me from someone who’s gone through the program and has had a personal conversation with me about it. If you’re willing to take the time I’d very much appreciate it. Thank you ?

    • Hey Joey, thanks for messaging me here. Sorry to hear about the thing you experienced. As for contacting you, I don’t do phone calls but I’ve sent you an email so if you have any private questions, you can ask me there.

  3. I am Pakistani and I am a very poor man, I have 5 children and parents. I have no means of earning. Guide me how to earn money from which website? I can use Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and typing on a computer. I’m so tired of searching for jobs online. Please guide me.

    I have been using computer for 10 years. Please tell me some good online earning website. I shall be very thank full to you .

    • Hi, what I help people do is learn online business and that’s something that is not an ordinary job, nor is it a salary based job. For gigs, I would say there are a few options to consider:

      Mechanical Turk for Amazon.
      Freelancer for writing.
      Fiverr.com and going gigs like making logos for websites and eBook covers.

      This may be something to consider.

    • Hi Mary, Samcart is mainly for people who understand paid ads and have their own product to sell (like a course). If you have none of these things and are very new, I would recommend a program like Wealthy Affiliate instead.

  4. Hi Vitaliy,

    I just want to say thank you for having this website available for us to benefit from. I found some money making site on Facebook and I was looking up reviews when your site came up. I read your review, followed your link and took your advice to check out Wealthy Affiliate. It has only been a couple weeks now and already i have a site that is online. I hopefully will have it completed in the next couple months.

    It is very impressive how helpful everyone is. If there is something I am unsure about I just ask a question on the live chat and someone answers me right away. This is a large community of very nice people. Thank you for continuing to check in on me Vitaliy to see how I’m doing. You have been a huge help so far! Have a great day!

    Dave C

    • That’s how we roll at WA Siobhan! It’s also one of the reasons I made this site to show that you can get real help with affiliate marketing without ridiculous strings attached.

  5. Hello Vitaliy!

    My name is Beth and I am so glad to have found you because I have wasted so much money and time trying to figure out how to make residual money online.

    I was even signed up with Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago and dropped out for some (stupid) reason.

    Anyway, right now I’m gathering (from you) the best way to get started is to be an affiliate for WA, right? Can I do that with their free membership just until I can get some money rolling in to help pay for their premium service? Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Beth, the first thing I recommend you do is rejoin Wealthy Affiliate, since you can check out a portion of the program for free.

      Now in terms of making money with the free membership, I will say it is definitely possible, but unlikely if you are a beginner. My advice is to commit to the training in WA for at least 6-12 months and do their premium program if you are ready for that.

      Trying to make money with the free membership will take longer because the training, while great is also not fully provided unless you go premium and that is where other important details are also shared.

      It’s not like WA is leaving out the good things to get people into premium. What is going on is that WA gives you a great look and test drive of the platform so you can see what to expect if you move forward, and even the free membership gives a lot more than any other membership program I’ve tried that deals with affiliate marketing training.

      And finally, on your question if promoting WA is the best way to go, it isn’t. I personally do it because I love and know a ton about affiliate marketing, so for me, the natural niche to go with to make affiliate marketing business is WA.

      Your goal if you would try again to make this work, would be to use the WA training to help you find that ideal niche topic you love and then to commit to the training for about a year if possible. I can’t sugar coat this business and have to be upfront with what to expect. I do think the WA costs and deal is the best there is in the affiliate marketing world, but this has to be your decision.

      You can try to rejoin Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s also possible you can sign up as a new member, under me, so I’ll be able to personally help you there if you do. If not, you can contact me here in HelpingHandAffiliate.com if you have questions.


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