Is OPM Wealth a Scam? Review Explains What You Need to Know

I had hoped I would be able to give you a better review of OPM Wealth and I say this because at this point in time, based on the things I saw, this program doesn’t really tell you much about how it works, so in order to give you as accurate of a review of it as I can, I had to investigate it a bit, from it’s main website, it’s presentation and other people who market it to give you the info I found.

Currently, I would say there are certain things I am concerned about regarding this program which this review will cover.

3 honest disclaimers before you get into the review of OPM Wealth:

1) I didn’t buy into OPM Wealth.

I did explore a bit of it’s “membership area” before leaving and I left because the value and quality of what I saw was very low. You basically get very little information in terms of how the program works and a lot of secrecy based on the things I saw.

These are questionable things I often tell people to be aware of.

  • Typically, good opportunities are transparent and have nothing to hide.
  • Typically, questionable/bad opportunities hide behind secrecy, lack of transparency and hardly ever explain what they are about.

2) I already make a full time income online and help others do it too:

In fact, you can see my affiliate income reports here. Basically I know about the many different legitimate and illegitimate ways of doing it as well as spotting which companies, programs and opportunities do it one way or the other.

I try to steer people into the legitimate options out there and tell them how this business realistically works. I will be showing you the one that worked for me (and continues to as well as for many others) in this review shortly.

3) I’ve done a lot of research on OPM Wealth:

I’ll be providing sources of information I found on this program in this review, and while I will not say that OPM Wealth is a scam and might even provide good training, teaching and an opportunity, here’s the bottom line:

My research shows me that OPM Wealth is a high ticket program that charges you a huge amount in several tiers, for which they provide you with education on making money online and offline.

Even if this information is high quality, the price justification in my opinion is not and this is another reason why I have to recommended instead of OPM Wealth is a better choice.


opm wealth alternative 1

 A summary and overview of OPM Wealth:

opm wealth review. is it a scam screenshot

What is it?

The abbreviation of OPM Wealth is “Other People’s Money”.

From my research (mainly this OPM Wealth page on Google), this is a high ticket business opportunity that provides people with courses and training on various subjects, ranging from starting an online business, to cryptocurrency trading info, to real estate investing and even such things as health related topics (how to get healthier basically).

However even on that page (as well as anywhere else I tried to find info on), there is very little if any info on what is actually taught in these particular programs.

My suspicion is that at the very least, with their digital marketing and online business courses, you basically learn how to make money online and probably learn to promote OPM Wealth as well, as an affiliate.

They provide a 12 week course to making money with their system too. Since I do affiliate marketing, I know how this works very well, and I’m very cautious about this.


Based off several sources I looked at, you have a 5 tier pricing plan to join OPM Wealth, each named with a different Greek God or Goddess and the prices for each plan start at:

$2,000 (Hermes) and go all the way up to $27,500 (Zeus plan).

What my rating of OPM Wealth is: 2 out of 5 stars.

I personally do not like having to spend a ton of money on programs that don’t actually tell me much about what they teach me (beforehand).

And again, I really didn’t appreciate all the secrecy and lack of transparency that I saw outside and inside of OPM Wealth when I joined. This is a huge deal breaker for me and hard to recommend as a results.

Alternatives to OPM Wealth? Yep:

opm wealth alternative 2

Besides that one which I do promote, I also have recommended programs here as well.

Want to know more about OPM Wealth? Here’s what I experienced:


So let me start by saying that I had heard of this program several months ago. I ran into a program recommendation called Digital Marketing Veteran and upon investigating it, discovered that it pitched OPM Wealth.

Based on the experience I got from researching Digital Marketing Veteran, like OPM Wealth, it was very secretive and basically told me very little about the opportunity to make an incredible income online.

Getting introduced to the OPM Wealth “opportunity”:

opm wealth members area screenshot

This led me to OPM Wealth welcome page which instead of actually explaining what it was, just showed me an image of a guy outside in California talking about making money.

This led me into the OPM Wealth program itself, which is basically just 2 videos which are part of its “phase 1 training”:

1 video has the same guy from the OPM Wealth welcome page talking about watching the videos fully (1 minute +).

The next video is about 30 minutes long and basically goes into talking about making money through high ticket affiliate marketing.

For anyone wondering, high ticket affiliate marketing means you sell products online for a big commission.

Let’s say you make 5 sales of a high ticket program for $500 each. You’d make $2,500 in the process. I have a lot of knowledge and free training on high ticket topics:

The next step of the OPM Wealth funnel “Calling an advisor”:

This is where I strongly suspect they’ll try to start selling you their courses (one of the 5 tiers). They do claim that this advisor is not a sales rep or selling you anything, but frankly, I have a hard time believing this because in my experience, these programs in my opinion operate this way.

Further research on OPM Wealth and what I found:

Because I couldn’t get much information within OPM Wealth, I had to go outside of it to learn what was up. This is where I discovered a few sources:

1) The Google page I linked above that shows a “basics” of how they work.

2) A review of OPM Wealth which is not very positive (talks about a pyramid scheme and high ticket scams). In my view, OPM Wealth is not an MLM.

3) Multiple promotional articles on OPM Wealth and how people are making money with it. But these are promotional articles and thus hard to trust. And I know an affiliate link when I see it, so I know that this means OPM Wealth is offering some sort of affiliate incentive to promote them.

And none of these promotional sources really provided me with any quality information on what I was to get in OPM Wealth, other than the pricing list I saw above and the success stories. But without a “what exactly do I learn” about OPM Wealth, I can’t really trust it.

What I suspect about OPM Wealth:

I’ve seen so many high ticket programs do the exact same thing I’m seeing with OPM Wealth: 

  1. Making big claims about the opportunity and how much you can make.
  2. Secrecy and very little transparency on how it actually works.
  3. Hype and emotional marketing to sell it.
  4. Sales calls which lead to you buying one or more of their high ticket packages.
  5. The opportunity to promote the same program as an affiliate to other people and make high ticket commissions from it.
  6. You do get training to do this, but it ends up being “Get leads to our site through your affiliate link and make big money”.

If this is true about OPM Wealth, then you can make money with it, but I don’t recommend it because:

1) I am not a fan of this type of way of making money (because of the expenses).

2) I’ve found many people get into these types of programs and spend a ton of money but the success rate to be very low because in general, very few people will succeed in affiliate marketing, and spending so much to start is very risky.

Note: Not all high ticket programs are scams, but in my experience, high ticket is often overrated and risky compared to other programs who can teach you good material on this subject, but without all the big costs.

Concluding thoughts on this review of OPM Wealth (and what I recommend instead):

I am absolutely not a fan of any program, especially high ticket one that:

1) Lacks transparency.

2) Is secretive and doesn’t really tell me what I’m getting (I had to look for outside sources to tell me this info).

3) Charges a ton for learning material I know shouldn’t cost that much (as opposed to programs like Wealthy Affiliate where you learn about making money similarly for less). And if you think I’m being biased, see my recommended page for other programs I am not tied to which are also good alternatives in my opinion to OPM Wealth.

It is possible to do this and make high ticket sales, but in my opinion, there are way better sources, the best of which is Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s why:

4 reasons I recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead of OPM Wealth:

1) It’s transparent:

You can get a full unbiased review of Wealthy Affiliate here, but the reason it’s transparent is that what you get and learn from this program is laid out right away:

You learn to build an online business and make money online this way:

You build a blog on a niche you love (your passion) and promote affiliate products within it. You also learn about other digital marketing avenues to grow your online business:

And this is also not a get rich quick scheme folks. I warn people to stay away from them entirely:

In Wealthy Affiliate, you have to take the time to build your legitimate business, but it will be legitimate and will legitimately make you good money if you follow the program.

2) You can try it for free and (no secretive pricing):

Like OPM Wealth, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, but the difference with Wealthy Affiliate is that you actually get real quality training at no risk. Later on, you have 2 membership levels you can upgrade to:

3) Let’s talk about real coaching and help (advisors):

I have my own skepticism on the “advisors” in OPM Wealth, but in Wealthy Affiliate, here’s what you get:

Help from me personally when you join. I’ve made and make money with this program’s teachings and guide new people to the program to doing it too. You have questions? I’ve got answers because I’ve got experience.

4) Quality training, tools, help and support on succeeding (And success stories to boot):

Quality training and the other perks in this program for an affordable price is rare to see in today’s piranha like world of make money online programs. In Wealthy Affiliate, you really do get a great deal with all of this included and value exceeding the price easily.

As for success, you can see the real success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members here. I am one of the top people there.

The bottom line to finish up this review:

opm wealth alternative 3

I confidently say all of the things I say about Wealthy Affiliate because of how it helped me and tons of others succeed. Even if you consider what OPM provides people with inside it’s training as high quality, I can almost surely promise you, Wealthy Affiliate’s training and other benefits are at least the same (and likely far better).

And if you have experiences with OPM Wealth you’d like to share, let me know below.

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