Wealthy Affiliate Review – Real Talk From a 16 Year Member

This is probably one of the most comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review posts you’ll ever see. I included a video and blog to help you understand just how this program can help you make money online and if you read/watch it all, trust me, it’ll actually jump start your success there (I’m not joking):

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Want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate? Here’s my 16+ year history there and what you need to know:

It’s not easy to find a legitimate Wealthy Affiliate review that you can trust and whose author can tell it to you like it is. However, in my honest opinion, this is that rare review that will and it is updated for 2024.

To say that Wealthy Affiliate is a popular program is an understatement. There’s countless blogs, videos and reviews out there talking about it and depending on whose review you stumble upon, you may either get the impression that:

  • It’s either the best thing out there for making money online.
  • Or a heavily critical/negative review.

So what’s really true? Well it depends on who you ask and the key is knowing the program in and out and being objective about it.

That’s where I come in and here’s my Wealthy Affiliate tale:

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I’m one of it’s oldest and most successful members and while that may make you think this review is going to be biased, it won’t. Here’s why:

While the program works and I have a lot of proof to showcase that (coming up), here’s the bottom line:

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 14 years (now actually 15 since this post was originally written), have done very well for myself have seen COUNTLESS people walk through it’s doors.

To the right people, this program might be the best place to make money online with.

And in fact, there are many success stories in WA (including mine) where that is the case. I’ll be showcasing this all throughout this review.

The success stories are people from all walks of life: Students, single parents, retirees, army members, truck drivers, teachers, stay at home moms/dads, you name it. In fact, here’s one of the success story screenshots I have to share with you:

success stories from wealthy affiliate part 01

Me personally:

  • I make a full time income with this program.
  • I run my own home business and reached a point where WA has helped me make money while I sleep.
  • I have $0 in debt (college, credit cards, ect…) and I live a financially free lifestyle and am happy.

And I can tell you with 100% certainty that is something that WA can also do for you (if you actually apply what I’ll share with you in this review).

But for the wrong people, it could just be a waste of time and money.

There’s lots of different people who come to WA, and everyone has their own subjective views, work ethics and so forth. Controversies aside (which I will address later in this review), what I’ve unfortunately found is that most people who don’t succeed with WA have this happen not because of any shortcomings in the program, but really due to themselves as they simply do not want to work hard, they cherry pick, don’t use the training properly and as a result, they fail (Is it really a surprise?).

My job in this Wealthy Affiliate review is to help you understand 3 main things:

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  1. First, I want to show you everything you need to know about the program.
  2. Second, I want to address the pros, cons, controversies and so forth.
  3. Third (and final), to help you decide if Wealthy Affiliate is right or wrong for you.

The truth is, I am promoting this program, but at the same time, I don’t want you to waste your time and money if it’s not for you. But if it is right for you and you do join, I want you to know exactly what to expect and to do in order to become it’s next success story and in this review, I’ll also show you how I can personally help you do that too.

So if you’re someone who is mildly serious about the Wealthy Affiliate program and making money online for a living, do yourself a favor and:

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Now that video is one part of this whole review. But if you’d like to know even more, this is where part 2 of the review comes into the picture. In this section, I’m going to be going over everything about Wealthy Affiliate (more income reports, more success stories, details on how it all works, controversies, literally everything folks). So let’s begin:

Wealthy Affiliate info:

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  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson.
  • Price: Starter ($0), Premium ($49/month) and Premium Plus ($99/month).
  • What does it teach? Affiliate marketing, blogging and a lot more.
  • Success stories? Tons (more than any other program and I’ll show you proof).
  • Tools, support and help included? Yes.
  • My rating for Wealthy Affiliate: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended? Yes.

The Wealthy Affiliate program works but that’s provided you apply what they teach and work hard. Combining that with the training there can provide limitless success (and there are many success stories which show that, more coming up in fact).


  1. You can try it free.
  2. Beginner friendly step by step training (doesn’t matter if you have 0 experience).
  3. Tons of success stories.
  4. Easy to use tools provided (hosting, keyword tool, ect…).
  5. Helps you make an ethical online business based on your passions.
  6. Excellent 24-7 support and help.
  7. Expert coaching included (I’ll show you how you can get my 1 on 1 help shortly).
  8. WA has been around longer than any other program in the business.
  9. Owners of WA are very ethical dudes (I know them personally).
  10. Great program for learning blogging, affiliate marketing and more.
  11. WA provides members with more benefits than any other program I’ve personally seen.


  1. No get rich quick scheme here (if you’re lazy or looking for shortcuts, forget it).
  2. Results usually take up to a year for most success stories.
  3. Some training may require updates.

I’ll address the individual complaints and rumors below in a separate section of this review, because some aren’t really cons, but misconceptions people have about WA.

Now all of this I just shared basically gives you a 30,000 foot overview of Wealthy Affiliate, but again, I urge you to read this review fully, because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My personal success story with Wealthy Affiliate (a 17 year journey):

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, it was 2007 and it was nearly 3 years into a failed journey of trying to make money online. Without getting into the details, here’s what my bad experiences looked like:

  • I found one get rich quick program after another (and got scammed each time).
  • I was also lazy and trying to find shortcuts many times (that’s totally on me).

And on top of this I was a broke college student not knowing what he wanted to do in life. That combined with all the failure I had trying to succeed online really weighed on me. I had a few sparks of success here and there, but 99% of my efforts didn’t work out.

However, as much failure as I experienced online, to me, working a normal dead end job and absolutely not wanting to live a life like that, I kept believing that there had to be something online that I could find to help me succeed in this business, and eventually my persistence was rewarded: I found Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Now the great news was that I had finally found a program I could trust.
  • The “bad news though was that I still had to start from 0 and build things up.

It took me another 6 months of procrastination, but I finally began doing the training and a few months after that began seeing more consistent results online (this was in 2008). And that leads into the following:

Here is a year by year breakdown of my success with Wealthy Affiliate:

From this point forward, what I want to do is provide you with proof of my success year after year following what I had been applying in Wealthy Affiliate.

Note: What you’ll notice is a fluctuation of profits year after year and I want to share some details on this and what to expect in this business if you have serious intention of making a long term income doing this (which is totally possible) and that is this:

You will have ups and downs in your online business, but one of the things that Wealthy Affiliate is awesome for is helping you establish a recession proof business that can withstand difficult times and you’re going to see that with my personal income reports.

Let me preface this by saying something very important: I actually don’t like doing this sort of “let me show you how much I make” but at the same time, this is a review of Wealthy Affiliate where I have to show proof it works, and thus I have to do this.

But this is in no way meant to be me “showing off”. I am doing well, but I can do better and this is the program that’s helped me get to this point and will help me go further. And yes, you can achieve this too:

2008-2013 income report (I’d earned over $350,000):

wealthy affiliate success proof clickbank diplomas

Just so you know, I only officially began keeping track of my income after 2014, even though I had officially started the WA training in 2008. The reason why I didn’t keep track of my success during these 5 years is because:

1) I wasn’t promoting WA at the time: I was promoting diet products as an affiliate on Clickbank, so I had no reason to do it.

2) And second, I didn’t think I’d ever do this for the long haul. To me, the money I’d been making online for these 5 years was meant to help me pay for school and be a segway into a “normal career” later on in life. At the time, I just didn’t think I’d ever make this a full time career (I’m glad I was wrong about that).

But I do want to provide you with proof and so what I’ve done is attached 2 diplomas I’d received during this period from Clickbank:

Basically these diplomas indicate me as being one of their top affiliates (on 2 occasions) and the minimal threshold to get even one of these diplomas is you have to earn over $100,000 in a year as an affiliate for Clickbank, which I did, twice.

2014 and mostly 2015 income report (About $30,000 earned):

wealthy affiliate income report 03

Most of the income made here is from 2015 and you may be noticing that compared to previous years, there was a steep decline in profits. So what happened?

Well there’s several things that occurred, but they were basically situations that were out of my control that forced me to change up what I was promoting and how I was doing it. Fortunately, the good news was that because I had already had so much experience from my previous success, I already knew what to do to get back on the wagon. The only thing is, it would take me sometime to do that, and you’ll notice in the next year’s report, the climb continued.

2016 income report ($70,000 earned):

wealthy affiliate income report for 2016 and up

2016 ended up being quite a successful year for me. I had began to switch from promoting Clickbank products and products from other programs to promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program.

One of the reasons why I’d switched to doing this was because I already had a lot of packed experiences and success from the prior years to showcase why this program worked and to help others find it too. I can’t deny that their affiliate program also better fit with my goals to make a more consistent, long term income.

2017 income report ($60,000 earned):

2017 wealthy affiliate income report 05

As you may notice, profits went down $10,000 over 2017 and I want to explain why that happened:

  1. Firstly, I decided to focus pretty much entirely on promoting Wealthy Affiliate, so naturally effort in other promotions led to less profits being made.
  2. Second, I had gotten a bit lazy.

Having worked a lot in 2016 to earn those numbers made me very lazy in 2017 and one of the consequences of not working hard is that it affects you in the long run, so for 2017, my sales did lag a bit, and I blame myself entirely for it.

However, $60,000 in one year is still a full time income for many people, so I’d be a fool to complain. If nothing else, this was a wake up call for me to get back on the wagon and work hard (and in the next year I did).

2018 income report ($65,000 earned):

wealthy affiliate 2018 income report 06

2018 brought a bit more in profits, but there were certain situations that occurred which capped my success. Never the less, I continued, reapplying what Wealthy Affiliate taught and continued earning as a result.

One thing to note is that what you’re building in Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business and anything like that will have it’s own up and down periods. Fortunately if a down period happens, the key is to keep doing what worked before, being patient and it will climb back up.

2019 income report ($66,000):

wealthy affiliate income report for 2019 screenshot

2019 may not have seemed like a big year compared to 2018, but like I said, I did wake up and worked harder. One of the things the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches is being consistent (I’ll get to the details of what exactly it teaches very soon), but in this case, consistency involved me blogging much more on a main site I still run to this day that promotes the Wealthy Affiliate program.

By doing this heavily in 2018 and in 2019, I was basically “planting seeds” in the online business and they would really start to flourish much more in the latter half of 2019 and if you analyze the income reports for this year, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

Because I’d already been through this process before more than once, I knew I had to keep my head down, keep working and knew that eventually my hard work would pay off. And that’s what you’ll notice in a moment when I show you the income reports for 2020, despite what ended up happening that year.

2020 income report ($76,000 earned):

wealthy affiliate income report for 2020 screenshot

I don’t need to get into the details of what the world experienced in 2020 (we all know what happened), but ironically enough, my online business grew more during that year than the few years prior. One of the reasons why was because the work I’d been putting in the years before was starting to marinate (seeds were sprouting).

And in all honesty, income wise, I was very fortunate to experience growth in 2020, despite all the stuff going on and in many ways, it was a blessing considering what so many people had to go through during this year.

But to be honest, at the same time, I did face a lot of external negativity because there were a lot of challenges in 2020, not just in the business world many of us had to deal with.

Never the less, I’d taught myself to remain optimistic and push ahead, and to be honest, that’s really the most important thing you need to do anytime there’s a negative influence affecting your life! Optimism and working towards your dreams will really help you get there folks!

2021 income report ($80,000+ earned):

wealthy affiliate income report for 2021 screenshot

In 2021, I had a lot more personal obstacles to overcome, but on the flip side, my online business profits were pretty stable (as you can see). Furthermore, I made an important decision in 2021 to grow secondary sites/blogs and other online projects using the Wealthy Affiliate training to diversify my income.

Without getting into too many details, here are some of the things I began doing:

  1. Started a travel blog that promotes outdoor products via affiliate marketing.
  2. Began doing paid advertising for my promotions.
  3. Began monetizing my YouTube videos more.

These 2 additional projects added a bit of extra income on top of my main report you see here and my estimate for total revenue is about $80,000 for this year, but those extra things I just mentioned are still in their infancy stages.

And in 2022, I plan to focus a lot of time in “watering” those new branches of my online business and adding to it. The goal is to reach consistent six figures yearly and consistently grow my income from that.

New: 2022 income report (Nearly six figures earned!)

wealthy affiliate 2022 income report proof 01

Over 2022, there were 3 main income generators for me:

  1. My promotion of WA. I have posted the income reports right next to this ($90,000+).
  2. My new travel site started generating a decent income after late October 2022 ($3,000+ to the end of the year). It’s basically a secondary income generator I started building a few years ago, but heavily grew it in 2022. I talk about it more below. It does not promote WA and makes it’s money through affiliate products (in the outdoor niche) and display ads from a place called Mediavine.
  3. I also made about $1,000 from being an Amazon affiliate.

Overall I am continuing my growth of promoting WA, but heavily focusing on growing my travel site so it’s earning it’s own full time income this year. Again, the end goal with WA’s training (for me at least) is to generate multiple forms of income. I am also getting into the freelance world in that I am going to be hiring people to grow new websites for me as investments for future stuff. And again, this is thanks to the WA program. And just as well:

Here’s another income report from other Wealthy Affiliate success stories:

success stories from the wealthy affiliate program 02

So now that I’ve shown you years worth of my personal income reports (and other success stories), it’s time that I dive into how the details of how this all works and for that:

Let’s go over the training in Wealthy Affiliate (what to expect):

There are 3 primary training courses in the program:

1) First up, there’s the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OEC):

wealthy affiliate online entreprenuer certification course screenshot 09

The OEC program is a course that helps people create profitable (long term) blogs in any passion they have in life.

Students in this course select a topic they love in life, create a website for that topic (WA supplies you with this), drive visitors to the site and then make money off those visitors via affiliate marketing or other methods taught in the course.

In my experience, the OEC course is perfect for 95% of people who join Wealthy Affiliate (especially beginners), because MOST people have some sort of passion or hobby in life and through the OEC course, you can take that passion and turn it into a REAL online business.

There are 5 levels to the OEC course, with 50 lessons in total. Each lesson is VERY comprehensive and has a lot of awesome information in both written and video form. In addition, every lesson in the OEC course comes with a list of tasks to complete.

The beauty of this is that you’re creating your online business incrementally (piece by piece) and by following the flow and sequence of the training, you’re never lost on what to do next.

Are there success stories of people using the OEC Course? Absolutely:

Here are links to specific success stories of people promoting all sorts of things through the WA program (and not WA itself):

All of these people are members in the WA program using the training to promote different things and if there’s any link I highly recommend checking out, it’s the first one that shows over 70 of them.

2) Second, there’s the Affiliate Bootcamp:

wealthy affiliate bootcamp course screenshot 08

The Affiliate Bootcamp is basically a course that helps you become an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. In many ways, the Affiliate Bootcamp course works the same way as the OEC course does (choosing a topic to make a profitable blog on), but in this case, you are choosing a topic that is related to making money online (or something similar), and learning to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program through the topic.

There are 7 levels to this course (called phases), with 70 lessons total. Like the OEC course, each lesson in the Affiliate Bootcamp course is also very detailed and comprehensive and also has tasks to complete.

People who are not exactly sure about which topic to build an online business with can just start promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program through this course. There is also the option to first create a successful blog site with the OEC course first, and then as a second site, move into creating an Affiliate Bootcamp site.

Are there success stories with people using the Affiliate Bootcamp course? Absolutely:

In fact, there are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate promoters out there and this actually happens to be associated with one of the complaints I’ll address later in this review.

Also I want to point out that the Affiliate Bootcamp training can (and is often used) to promote programs other than Wealthy Affiliate. For example, a lot of WA affiliates also promote things like Legendary Marketer and Clickfunnels (successfully I might add).

I personally choose not to do that, but the fact is, the training is flexible to promote anything whether you choose to promote WA, something else, or a mix of things, the Affiliate Bootcamp gives you that ability.

Side note (and a fun fact): Did you know that Russell Brunson, the creator of Clickfunnels actually got his start in Wealthy Affiliate? It’s true.

Another very important thing to know is that there are many private success stories in Wealthy Affiliate who just work on their business behind the scenes and elect not to share their results, which I also happen to think is totally fine.

3) Third, there’s the local marketing training:

wa local marketing training screenshot 05

Local marketing is a business model where you are basically someone who finds physical businesses that need help marketing that business online and offer your services to them. This can include creating a website for them, handling their marketing so they get more clients and/or fixing their existing site/marketing to help their business get more leads/success from the online world.

For example: You find a local coffee shop and they hire you to make them a website and market it so more people who search up coffee shops in that area find that specific one.

Local marketing is a very lucrative business and there’s actually a lot of high ticket programs outside Wealthy Affiliate which teach it, but they literally cost (at least) over $1,500. In Wealthy Affiliate, you get that same training for way less (I’ll show you momentarily).

There are 10 classes in the Wealthy Affiliate program that teach you local marketing and they are hosted by a very successful local marketing expert called Jay who happens to also be one of the biggest success stories in the WA program as a whole.

Are there success stories with people using the local marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate? Absolutely, but there’s few public ones. Here’s at least one:

I’ve personally done local marketing work thanks to the training here and know a few people who have gone out and started their own companies (local marketing) helping clients and businesses succeed online. Local marketing work can truly produce you a side or serious full time income if you have enough clients and you can charge $100s and even $1,000s for the work you do (per client).

Additionally, here is a link to Wealthy Affiliate’s Trustpilot page where the average rating for the program is nearly 5 out of 5 stars.

Which training program should I get started with in Wealthy Affiliate?

Start with Wealthy Affiliate’s OEC course (it’s free to try). Not only is it the MAIN one in the WA program, but it’s also specifically designed for beginners to guide you to correctly choose which direction to go (Stick with OEC, move to affiliate bootcamp or something else depending on your goals).

Most people who get into Wealthy Affiliate are brand new to all of this and understandably are nervous or unsure about how and if this all works, and so the OEC course is perfectly designed to help you overcome those doubts and little by little, create your online business.

A preview of what happens after you join Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate review banner 2022 new 01

If you decide to join this program, I want to show you what to expect from the moment you sign up:

1) The first thing you’ll be doing in the program is going through a welcome tour that is hosted by one of the creators of the program (Kyle). I’ll talk about him later in this review because it’s also very important you know who you’re learning from.

2) Then you’ll be taken into the main OEC training where you’ll be introduced to the program and will get started with lesson 1. Kyle is the person who runs the 2 main courses in the WA program (OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp).

3) As you go through every lesson step by step, you’ll be building an online business, whether as a niche website in a topic you love, or doing the Affiliate bootcamp.

4) You’ll be creating a website in level 1 of the training. As you continue the training and build up your site, what’s going to happen is that your website will be indexed by Google (placed in the search engine) and overtime attracting visitors by ranking for popular key phrases people search up on Google for the topic your website is based on.

5) As the website grows, more visitors will find your site, and what you’ll be doing then is promoting relevant products to those audiences and the more people who visit your, the more sales you’ll make.

6) You can then scale your site by further growing it using what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, and/or you can build up a secondary site or try one of the other main courses.

7) Slowly but surely, as you do the training, you will be building up success piece of piece and becoming a knowledgeable marketer. The skills you gain from this training can then be replicated again and again, whether on one site, multiple ones or for other marketing purposes to keep growing your overall online business. Click here to begin your Wealthy Affiliate journey.

Another Wealthy Affiliate success case study (a travel blog I run):

This is my travel blog I made using the WA training and what I do is promote outdoor related products on it as well as run ads. Here is a quick explanation of it:

  • It’s a travel blog and in 2022, it received nearly 400,000 visitors (sessions).
  • I started really monetizing this site in October of 2022 and since (a few months), it’s generated nearly $3,000.

Here is the proof:

wealthy affiliate reviews successful site example 01

This website is also making me money daily and this is also growing. In 2022, this website began to really grow in many ways:

  • First the traffic rose (it does fluctuate, but that’s normal for any site in this business).
  • Second, the income is rising and growing because so is the site (it’s a proportional success).
  • Third, I am focusing a lot on this side project in 2023 and growing it.
  • This website applies the WA training and it’s another branch of success added to my online business.
  • Try Wealthy Affiliate risk free here and start making your own success website today!

What to expect as you implement the Wealthy Affiliate training (how much you can earn):

What I want to do in this section of the review is explain a type of “what to expect” as you start doing the Wealthy Affiliate training so you have a preview of your future online business can look when you properly do what this program teaches.

The first thing you need to understand is that whatever training course you decide to do:

1) It’s a step by step process and it takes time to work. And the slower you do it, the better it’ll be because the better quality business you’ll be building.

2) I would honestly advise investing at least 6 months into building your business because (again) it takes time. The first few months are always the hardest, but this is the normal way it usually goes for people. As you do the training, the business builds up and grows. As it grows, so does your success.

3) There is no limit to how far your business can grow or how much money you can make (it varies with everyone). Let me give you an example:

  • Let’s say your website promotes different products, but the biggest one pays you $10 a sale.
  • 1,000 people visit your site daily and 10 people buy the product. Thus you make $100 a day.
  • Each month, your site can earn $5,000 in passive affiliate income (and more).
  • Another way you learn to make money off your site is by placing ads on it. With a site that gets 1,000 visits a day, every month, it can earn about $500 in ad revenue (on top of the $5,000 in affiliate profits).

This can get to a point where your website/business can earn you money while you sleep and do other things in life.

Another beauty of this business model is that you don’t need to own the products you promote. You can also promote anything you like as long as there’s an affiliate program for it.

The 3 membership levels of Wealthy Affiliate explained:

wealthy affiliate membership levels screenshot 031) First up is the Starter Membership ($0 to try):

In the WA Starter Membership, you can basically get your feet wet with what this program has to offer and in fact, you actually get a lot:

  • First up, you get a 5 step business set up tool (you pick your interest and get a starter website for it)
  • Next you get 8 comprehensive lessons to help you get your feet wet with this business.
  • 30 free searches using the WA keyword tool (marketing research).
  • 7 days coaching from me (more details on that later).

2) Second is the Premium Membership ($49 a month):

The Premium membership is considered the best deal in the entire Wealthy Affiliate program because it basically gives you FULL access to ALL of the main training modules I listed above. In short:

  • You get access to all 50 lessons in the OEC course.
  • You get access to all 70 lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp course.
  • You get access to ALL the local marketing training lessons.
  • You get 1 free domain.
  • You get free hosting for up to 5 websites.
  • You get unlimited access to the live chat, help and WA community.
  • You get unlimited help and coaching from me (again, details are coming up).

In short, if you want to get the FULL educational benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program, Premium is where it’s at.

3) Third is the Premium Plus Membership ($99 a month):

The last membership in the WA program is obviously the one with the most benefits. The short way to explain the Premium Plus membership is that it’s every single benefit in the Premium program PLUS:

  • You get 2 free domains.
  • You can host up to 10 websites.
  • Expert classes from the top members of the Wealthy Affiliate program (I’m one of those experts). In each expert class, the person hosting it is a top 1% success story in Wealthy Affiliate that share their personal methods for success.

Additionally, members here also get access to more tools such as hosting for up to 25 websites (as opposed to 10 in Premium).

How do you decide which membership level to start with?

I constantly tell anyone who doubts this to start with the Starter Membership in Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because it’s literally risk free.

Not only does this membership give you a great inside look into the program, but you also get a lot out of that such as:

  • Great beginner training.
  • A website that you will create with Wealthy Affiliate’s help.
  • A great tour of the Wealthy Affiliate to help you become more comfortable there.

And all of this will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not to upgrade. If you see this isn’t something you want to stick around for, that’s no problem as you can leave anytime without a single obligation.

And if you want to stick around, you can upgrade to premium, continue your training, continue growing your business and success.

What a lot of people do is: They start with the Starter Membership, upgrade to Premium, and when they have enough success and want to learn more, they upgrade to Premium Plus and go from there.

There is also an option to downgrade your membership, but this is only possible if you’re a Premium Plus member, and want to go down to regular Premium. You can’t be a Premium member and go down to Starter.

5 key elements that make Wealthy Affiliate a unique program for success:

What I want to do right now in this portion of the review is talk about what exactly makes Wealthy Affiliate a unique program, at least compared to what else is out there. I happen to have a number of recommended programs on this website but none in my opinion come close to what WA has to offer.

Besides the pros I listed above which summarize the main advantages, there’s 5 unique things this program has that others do not.

I’ve personally reviewed, tried and been a part of many make money online programs over the years, while also being a Wealthy Affiliate member at the same time. This was done for review purposes, but also at times because I wanted to see if there was something better out there and to date, in my opinion there isn’t.

But getting to the point, here are the 5 main advantages the WA program has over the competition:

  1. The community is one of a kind for getting help/support.
  2. You are provided with just about every tool you need (it’s part of your membership).
  3. The owners of the program have a very good reputation for success and ethics.
  4. In terms of value for price, I don’t think any other program beats WA.
  5. You get expert coaching from me, if you join through me (included in your membership).

If these points are enough to convince you about the uniqueness of the Wealthy Affiliate program, then feel free to skip ahead to the next section of this review, but like I’ve said earlier, I do encourage you to read everything in this post, and what I want to do right now is prove every point I just listed (if you have any doubts, you’re going to want to read this part carefully).

1) The WA community is the best for getting help and support:

wealthy affiliate live chat screenshot 07

While the courses and training in the WA program are where you’ll want to focus most of your time and energy on, the truth is everyone will reach a point where they’ll have questions, will need help and so forth.

For this, support and help is pivotal and in the WA program, you have several ways to get it:

  • You have a 24-7 live chat (usually fastest for answering your questions but it can be dead sometimes).
  • You have a personal “Ask a question” feature in which you post your question and get answers fast.
  • You have a professional and fast response tech support for your sites called “Site Support”.
  • You have a very warm and welcoming WA community that communicates, welcomes you and helps you from the moment you join the program.

I’ve rarely seen good support from outside programs, but in WA, even the good ones do not compare to the overwhelming access to help you get there.

If and when you have questions, you can absolutely count on WA’s community to give you the right answers to help you progress forward, whether from it’s live chat or one of the other support options available there.

2) You’re provided with pretty much all the tools and ingredients you need to succeed:

Every single online business has a list of necessary ingredients it needs to thrive. Here’s just some of those ingredients:

  • Website builder.
  • Hosting.
  • Keyword tool.
  • Support/help.
  • Great training.

Wealthy Affiliate supplies you with this stuff (and the quality of everything is very high). Here’s a short summary of what you get:

  • Website builder: Very easy to use and helps you set up a new site in minutes.
  • Keyword tool: It’s called Jaaxy and it helps cut down research time.
  • Support/help: Community, site support, expert help and my coaching.
  • Great training: Over 120 core lessons (plus 1,000’s more).
  • SSL security for every website: This costs people $50/month per website but to Wealthy Affiliate members, it’s free.
  • Hosting: Hosting in WA is excellent (it helps your websites load very quickly which helps with rankings). Here’s proof:

wealthy affiliate hosting screenshot 01

The only thing you will need to buy extra (on top of whatever membership you join at) is a domain name (website name) which is only $14.99 a year. Everything else is included as part of your membership and a lot of the set up is easy (such as making a website).

Now the thing about the value here is that compared to other programs, those other things I just listed are usually sold as separate upsells in other programs, so on top of your membership that you pay for other places, they hit you with extra costs and sometimes those extra costs can cost more than your actual membership in the program (I’m not kidding).

Good programs usually keep this to a minimum, while the plethora of bad programs out there sneak those upsells on your and end up profiting from it, while you pay 10x what you originally thought you were going to pay.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t engage in such nonsense and gives you everything you need from the start (aside from buying the domain name).

3) Let’s talk about the creators of the program for a moment (Kyle and Carson):

kyle and carson from wealthy affiliate 04

Both guys are super successful marketers and the creators of the WA program. Kyle mostly focuses on providing members with the training and Carson mainly focuses on the tech side of the program.

But both are VERY active in the community helping people. In my case, I’ve known them since the moment I joined in 2007 and I have to say that my experiences with them have been nothing but positive.

Kyle for instance has helped me out a great deal over the many years I’ve been there and even when I wasn’t promoting the WA program like I am now. Carson has also been there for me many times and has helped me improve my website speeds and quality.

Both of them are very nice, calm, understanding, professional and helpful with every member that I’ve seen and from the moment you join the Wealthy Affiliate program, they will welcome you once you set up your profile there. You can then communicate with them and ask them questions.

What makes these guys different than other programs? Well unfortunately a majority of the owners in most programs I’ve seen simply forget you when you join (basically leave you dry) or aren’t very helpful when you ask questions. Here, you aren’t forgotten and the help is always there from the community and the owners of the program. I’ve personally met these guys several times and I am very blessed to know them.

4) No program has more value for the price than Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion:

When you consider the value of the community, the courses, the tools you get, and more, there’s really no other program out there that compares to WA in my opinion and to come to this conclusion, you would have to see what else is out there like I have. I’ve literally explored countless programs to realize this (over and over again). And that’s one of the main reasons WA has been around longer than any other out there.

5) You get expert coaching from me (all included when you join Wealthy Affiliate):

vitaliy coaching inside wealthy affiliate 01

On top of everything I just listed, an additional benefit you get from joining the Wealthy Affiliate program (from this page you’re on) is that you get me as your referrer and coach. I do promote Wealthy Affiliate and I do make a commission if you join through me, but:

  • There are no extra costs for my coaching (you get it included).
  • You also get that 1 on 1 attention from one of WA’s top members (myself).
  • My referrals get priority help.
  • I have a 100% response rate.
  • I’ve helped countless WA members with their online businesses.

How it works:

Once you join WA through me, I’ll leave you a special welcome message. Once you respond to it, the coaching is activated.

Now I have to mention this: As much as I’d love for you to join under me…

vitaliy proof of help in wealthy affiliate

1) That’s totally your choice. If you want me to be your coach, join here.

2) I’m also someone who is nice, but keeps it real with everyone. I’m happy to help you, but if you’re not willing to do the work and apply what WA teaches or what I recommend, then let’s not waste each other’s time.

I’ve worked with and have helped countless people over the years in the Wealthy Affiliate program and like the community, I’m there to answer your questions and help you progress.

The perk here however is that by joining through me:

  • You get me as your coach (a top expert’s perspective).
  • And my referrals always get priority 1 on 1 support.
  • As you can see, I have a 100% response rating from WA.

When you start the training in WA, it’s normal to have doubts and questions, but the fact is, when you have someone’s expert help (who has been through this like I have), it’s kind of like having a GPS helping you move forward to your inevitable success.

If you do join Wealthy Affiliate through me, absolutely use my coaching and ask me questions. I love working with people who have ambition and want to make this work. Here’s some extra proof for you:

vitaliy wealthy affiliate coaching proof 04

And if you have any doubts about that, feel free to try Wealthy Affiliate risk free and see it for yourself and/or ask me a question below and you’ll see I’m real πŸ™‚

Now let’s address the most common Wealthy Affiliate complaints out there:

the most common complaints about wealthy affiliate 01

It’s that time in the review folks. As much as I praise this program, I can’t deny that there’s people who think differently, complain about it, call it a scam and so forth.

In order to address whether these accusations are real or not, I’m going to list the most common complaints I’ve seen and give you my take on them. There are some Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there which in my opinion have merit with their criticisms such as:

There are certain similar complaints and questions raised in both those reviews as well as what I see from opposing views, and it comes down to the following claims:

1) The Wealthy Affiliate training is outdated.

Claim: Much of the main WA training is from 2015 and it’s now 2022, so it has to be crazy outdated right?

Truth: In terms of the date, yes, but there’s 2 counterpoints to this:

First, that same training still works and I operate my main blogs based on it, including the one I showed you above where I got over 100,000 visitors. The thing people do not understand is that SEO and blogging doesn’t magically rearrange every year and what worked years before can still be the most updated thing there is.

Second, the training videos and content IS being updated in the program, but what you see is that the tips, strategies and advice is still pretty much the same. That’s because it’s always been this way folks.

Long story short, the WA training is still as 100% applicable today as it was when it was released years ago (even though it is being updated with new videos).

2) People do not believe all the WA people’s success:

Claims: I see people make complaints that they don’t believe all the success in WA is true and that most people who say it are just promoting it.

Truth: Folks, I’ve shown you screenshots of the success stories (you decide what to do believe). These are people who publicly (within WA) share what they’re getting. I also know a lot of private folks who have had success with this program that don’t talk about it publicly.

3) You can only make money from Wealthy Affiliate by promoting it:

Claims: There’s several claims to address here including…

Wealthy Affiliate reviews are everywhere and in these reviews, the people just promote the program and often bad mouth other programs to piggyback off them. Certain people claim that WA’s training teaches this. Other people also claim that no one makes money in WA unless they promote the program, thus it’s a pyramid scheme.

Truth: There’s a lot of inaccurate claims out there that require someone experienced like myself to clarify them. So here we go:

1) First, on the subject of Wealthy Affiliate reviews being VERY common to stumble upon, that’s true. Lots of people promote this program to make money.

2) Second, on the subject of Wealthy Affiliate reviewers bad mouthing programs to push Wealthy Affiliate, there’s lots of missing context:

Wealthy Affiliate does NOT teach people to bad mouth programs. They literally have a lesson in the Affiliate Bootcamp called “Don’t leave money on the table” where they talk about promoting other programs that are good.

Next, there’s WA members I know who use the bootcamp training to promote other programs (Legendary Marketer is a popular one even though I personally do not like it).

Finally there’s lots of bad programs on the internet and I have some reviews on this site exposing them. When they’re bad, you gotta call them out, lest they scam people. When they’re good, I recommend them (see my recommended programs here, and I don’t even promote many of these). That’s me speaking on my behalf.

Another important point is that many people who make the “you just badmouth other programs to push Wealthy Affiliate” rarely, if ever can point out where I’m actually wrong on my reviews (they basically have no facts behind their accusations) and when I ask them specifics such as “where am I wrong on so and so review”, what usually happens is that they vanish and never respond to me.

Now that’s me speaking on my personal behalf with regards to this. There are other sides to this. What do I mean? Well:

There are unethical people who pervert the WA training and write lies to benefit themselves. WA does not teach unethical business practices. It’s unethical people who do this and end up giving the program a bad name. I’ve seen certain people make ridiculous “get rich quick” claims about WA to get referrals in when it’s not true. People like that have never lasted long in the business by lying.

I’ve had many debates/arguments with people who have accused me of this stuff. I’ve always returned with my own points and to this day, I have never had anyone who complained about me follow up on my responses, and that’s because they have no arguments. They just hear some stuff about WA from someone else and think they know what’s up.

3) Third, on the subject of people only being able to make money in WA by promoting it, this is not true.

I’ve shared many success stories in this very review alone where people are making online businesses in various niches not related to promoting Wealthy Affiliate (and are making a full time income with that). I personally know several friends who are WA members that have multiple sites, most of which don’t even promote WA that make them a good six figure income.

4) You can’t make money with the Starter Membership:

Claim: The $0 Starter membership is impossible to make money with.

Truth: This is 99% true. Unless you’re very experienced, you will not be able to make money with the Starter Membership. This is an entry membership into WA to help you get started with the program and take initial steps to build your online business.

As a beginner, if you want to fully experience the training, then the Premium program in Wealthy Affiliate is where I recommend you get it. Starter is meant to help you see the WA program and it’s benefits and then decide if you wish to go further. Few programs give people such flexibility and choice, but WA is one of them.

5) Bad SEO training:

Claim: WA doesn’t teach backlinking, good SEO, blah blah blah.

Truth: Good SEO training is subjective and for me, I’ve tried different approaches to it other than what WA has taught me. What I noticed, especially in 2021 is that the sites I followed “mainstream SEO” advice on didn’t do very well and I was even hit with a few Google updates. I also believe long term, many of the sites making these claims won’t last in the long run.

If 2021 taught me anything, it’s that the approach Wealthy Affiliate teaches for SEO, which shortly put is: Stop manufacturing SEO by trying to play it. Instead produce good content on topics you love and everything else falls into place (rankings, backlinks, traffic and success). That formula has always been my pillar for SEO success.

6) Let’s talk about who Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for:

is wealthy affiliate the right program for you 05

This last thing isn’t a specific complaint, but a generalization and it’s something that needs serious addressing. A lot of people who are not a good fit for WA join it and I want you to make sure that you’re NOT wasting your time if you do.

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • You’re not flexible in learning something new.
  • You’re not ready to work hard on your business.
  • You’re not someone who follows specific steps and applies them.
  • You lack ethics and don’t care about how you make money online.

And finally, what I want to share is some specific details about the kinds of members in these categories I’ve run into over the years (prepare to be shocked):

1) I’ve seen members join this program after having one bad experience after another elsewhere that literally didn’t want to learn anything in WA because it wasn’t the same as the other programs (that didn’t work for them).

2) I’ve seen members who joined WA wanting to make money online quick start spamming promotions, get warnings to stop, not stop and get banned, then act surprised that they did when they clearly violated the rules of conduct there.

3) I’ve seen members join WA, claim they were scammed by them, only to find out that they were literally scammed by an entirely different program and think it was WA when it wasn’t!

In fact, I had one referral who joined under me claim because of WA, they lost $600. Well that was impossible since there’s no charge in WA for that amount. Turns out they got scammed by a different program, thought it was WA and I tried to help her get her money back. They didn’t listen to my advice and I eventually couldn’t help them further. After countless messages back n forth, I said my peace and left it at that.

4) I’ve also seen members request a refund for being a FREE member. Let that one sink in folks.

5) I’ve also seen members join WA tell they “did all the training” in a week or month and when I looked at their site, turns out not only did they lie to me, but they engaged in bad ways of marketing their website that would ultimately lead to failure. I can tell these things very quickly and when someone is doing the work and when they aren’t.

6) Another (rare) thing I have seen from members is that they are surprised that billing is recurring (month to month).

7) I’ve also had situations where members went Premium and then wanted to go back down to Starter (a free member) be surprised they couldn’t keep their Premium benefits as a Starter member (free hosting, 10 websites, unlimited help, full access to the training, ect…).

Firstly, you cannot downgrade from Premium to Starter (You can downgrade from Premium Plus to Premium though). Some people have done this by accident and I can understand that, but I have also come across members who have tried to downgrade on purpose to game the WA system (that’s not cool).

I have many more cases that fit into the above categories I could tell you about, but I’m sharing these TRUE stories because many of the people in these categories are also the same people who go outside of Wealthy Affiliate complaining about it and saying things that aren’t true.

Like I said in the beginning of this review, MOST people I’ve run into who do not succeed with this program have this issue because of their own personal faults and not following the training.

I have to say it: Personal responsibility is a BIG part of your success online and that’s just the truth. If you join this program, I don’t want you to waste time and start over and as long as you follow the training, apply it and ask me questions, I’m very confident you’ll get results with Wealthy Affiliate.

Other questions about Wealthy Affiliate you often see online:

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

Yes Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate and I have been there for over a decade. You can even try them for free if you have some doubts.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

There are 2 owners of the Wealthy Affiliate program: Kyle and Carson.

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

Yes you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free through the Starter Membership. However there are 2 upgraded memberships after: Premium and Premium Plus that cost monthly ($49/month or $99/month).

Conclusions on this Wealthy Affiliate review:

By this point in the review, I hope I have explained everything I promised you and by this point in time:

  • You should already know what Wealthy Affiliate is.
  • You should already know it’s pros and cons and how it works.
  • What to expect from WA once you do join and how to proceed to succeed at it.
  • How long it takes to succeed and what to expect as your business grows.
  • You know which membership is the right one for you to start with.
  • You should already know the complaints out there and now know whether they’re legitimate or not.
  • And finally, you already know if this program is right for you or wrong for you to join.

And even if you still have some doubts, I encourage you to still try the program’s Starter Membership and decide for yourself afterwards if this is right for you or not as this option presents 0 risk.

wealthy affiliate review 2022 last banner 03The last things I want to say…

Let me conclude by saying that if you read this entire review so far, then in my personal opinion, you are perfectly fit for this program and already have one of the main qualifications to be it’s next success story: Patience and not rushing.

I didn’t write this super long Wealthy Affiliate review to bore you. I did it to share with you everything I know, have seen and experienced from Wealthy Affiliate. Because of this program, my life truly did change for the better and if you join, I want you to follow in the footsteps of myself and all the other success stories so you can become a success story yourself.

This program provides you with everything you need to do that and the only thing left is for you to apply yourself and the training to get to that point. As for me, I would be very happy to work with you inside the Wealthy Affiliate program and assist you with my coaching as you’re on this journey.

Know that you’re not alone, that you have everything you need, including the necessary help and expert guidance to become a success and that even if you’re not sure that you can do this, just remember one thing:

Everyone in WA started as a beginner, including me and we all got to this point because we applied the training. By following in our footsteps and applying what I’ve shared in this review, I’m confident that you are already on the right path and success really is on it’s way to you.

Thanks for reading and if you have ANY questions, let me know below!

178 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Real Talk From a 16 Year Member”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thank you for providing an objective look at Wealthy Associates. Honesty is a hard thing to come by on the web these days.

    Based on your review and what I found when I got my free starter membership, I quickly moved on to become a premium member. As a newbie in this area, the support from yiu and the WA community has been very wonderful and the amount of training provided is frankly astounding!

    I’m not entirely sure where this will take me but I’m excited to keep working at it and see!

  2. Hi my name is Jon and the experience here so far at WA has been top notch. Definitely worth every penny. Out of all the programs out there I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get into affiliate marketing.

  3. Hi V!
    My journey with WA is just beginning but I already feel so much better about it than with anything else I’ve tried. The support I’ve already received in just the short time I’ve been here has been amazing. So, I already know that if I get stuck anywhere, I’m going to have all the help I’ll need to work through it. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and I’m so excited to just enjoy the ride along the way!

  4. I have been seeing Wealthy Affiliate all over the internet since I started dabbling into marketing nearly 20 years ago! But it wasn’t until I read Vitaliy’s extremely thorough review that I decided to give it a go, and I am so glad I did! I also couldn’t have signed up under a better person. He immediately messaged me welcoming me into the community and is always there to answer questions and check up on me in general to see how my progress is going.

    The community at Wealthy Affiliate is unlike anything I have ever seen before in the affiliate marketing space and I recommend to all to give it a try. And if you do, be sure to sign up through Vitaliy’s link! He us truly knowledgeable and inspirational.

    On top of that, Kyle, the actual founder, is regularly chatting with all of us, which is absolutely unheard of in other programs. Its really amazing! What are you waiting for?!

  5. I found Vitaliy and Wealthy Affiliate while participating the the $7 course. I finished the 15 day training and in order to move forward I was going to need to invest quite a bit of money. I really like that Wealthy Affiliate lets you join for free without even having to provide a credit card number. So far I have completed the first 2 sections of the train program and it is going well. Everyone is so nice and willing to help. I am looking forward to starting the different training options.

  6. In researching an online business opportunity, I came across Wealthy Affiliate through a review Vitaliy did on a company I was researching. In the review, the subject company was compared to Wealthy Affiliate and it soon became crystal clear to me that I should redirect my focus towards Wealthy Affiliate. That’s exactly what I did and I feel that I’ve made the best decision. I have subsequently signed up for the Premium Membership in Wealthy Affiliate and I must say the wealth of information available there is truly amazing. The tools, resources, the super supportive community, the training, they all come together so well. And the most amazing thing is knowing that I’m not alone in this online journey; that help is always available whenever I need it. That is priceless. I feel that I’ve come to the right place.

  7. I have only been with the program for two weeks and created my first practice website. The point here is I BUILT a website and it is live online it was for my son who is a Jeep enthusiast so the thought is to promote Jeep products and other off-roading products there as I get it built out and then connect his Instagram with 15000 followers.

    I am a software engineer and with two other Engineers decided we were going to start teaching salesforce certifications to Two year college students and help them find jobs after obtaining certificates. So we spent well over 3000.00 on ENTRE and though the material is good we have not built anything after 4 months and they just want more money for upgrades etc They were supposed to teach us the hustle but the fact is members are their hassle, so when I found this site I was excited and especially the community that is here to help. after two days as a free member, I realized the value of the site and went premium. I am looking forward to the coaching and guidance from Vitaliy because I know I can be successful here just need some guidance.

    This site is worth its weight in gold you just have to apply yourself in digging, al;lk the get rich overnight schemes are a complete fallacy, I have always known that no matter what vertical you choose you HAVE to be willing to work, and this site is a breath of fresh air in that they do not hesitate to tell you this!!!! It is hard to trust a process when you know the people behind it are full of sh%$$##@ LOL This site from what I can see from the short time being here is the real deal and I look forward to building our business here with the help of the training and guidance of its members.

  8. What’s the top earner with WA make and how many hours a day is required working on it? Would you recommend quitting a daily job and dive in for those who have savings to focus solely only on the training?

    • Hi Daniel, WA is a program where people can share or keep their income reports private. There’s many people who make a full time income doing this but in terms of sharing the details of that, it’s often personal. As for how many hours, there is no answer to that as it is a business, not a job so it really depends on how much real effort you put into it but of course I can’t make any guarantees.

      And finally no, I would not recommend you quit your daily job to do this because you don’t know how things will end up being. Only make that kind of decision if your online business reaches a point where you can have it replace your main income source.

  9. I just recently joined Wealthy Affiliate after a long search for something that was actually legit & where I felt like I could grow from it. After seeing the vast amount of training available in their program, I quickly upgraded to the Premium membership. There is endless possibilites of where this training can take you. I just started & have already learned so much. There is also a huge support system. You don’t sign up & then you are completely on your own to fend for yourself & hope you can figure it out. There is a live chat, support from ambassadors, etc there for offer help or just to bounce ideas off of. I highly recommended Wealthy Affiliate!

  10. Just a note to say thanks!

    I have joined WA and have found it really useful so far , although I’m still very early in my affiliate marketing journey.

    I have already upgraded to premium in WA as it’s very clear that training on offer is top-class and your mentoring / support is going to be invaluable.

  11. I have been a member for a couple of months now, and I think the instructional program is the best help for setting up a website. I’m excited to see what all I can learn and achieve with Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, everyone should at least take a free test drive and see for yourself.

  12. I had been searching for a way to generate income online. I had to sift through several schemes before I stumbled upon WA. I loved the fact that you were able to try the program for free and you had instant and continuous access to the founders. The training is excellent and the community is so encouraging. I feel as though anyone who gives this program their honest effort can be successful. I am so excited to see how far I can go with WA. Than you for making me feel right at home!

  13. I absolutely loved reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate! As someone who’s been interested in affiliate marketing for a while, I was thrilled to come across an honest and informative review that gave me a real insight into what the platform is all about.

    What really stood out to me was how you shared both the positives and the negatives of Wealthy Affiliate, providing a well-rounded overview of the platform. It was refreshing to read a review that wasn’t just blindly praising the product, but rather taking a critical look at its strengths and weaknesses.

    I have actually already signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say the wealth of information in there is just mind-blowing. The tools, resources, the community, the training, all of them comes together so well. Just make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by trying to dig into every little tool or resource right away.

    I always like how the main courses are step by step and I am not afraid of missing out. Going slowly but surely is the way for me to go with this platform. And the most amazing thing is that help is always around the corner whenever I need it. So that’s priceless.

    I appreciate you Vitaliy for taking the time to provide such an informative, honest, transparent and practical review of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope anybody who comes here get the enormous value in this and join us in Wealthy Affiliate.
    You will be more than welcome

  14. Hey there everyone! This is honestly the best thing I’ve come across in terms of affiliate marketing programs. I ran into Vitaliy’s video on YouTube reviewing another program called Modern Millionaire (you may have seen the ads). I watched all the way through, and then as he began talking about Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to check it out myself.

    Nothing at all like what I expected. Turns out, you can try it for free! They let you get in on the action before you decide whether you want to upgrade or not, which is great because a lot of other programs will only let you get a glimpse after you pay them hundreds of dollars. Not the case here.

    They give you all of the tools and resources you could possibly need to succeed. The community of people there is amazing. Everyone, even the founders, are always there for you and ready to help with any questions you may have. It’s truly a great experience so far. I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve already learned so much! If this is something you think you might be interested in, definitely check it out for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed.

    • Thanks Ivan. The founders of WA (Kyle and Carson) alongside the other community members (myself included) are always there to help (people can see that for themselves too).

  15. It’s very rare to find a program that delivers truthfully. I can say through my experience of being a member that Wealthy Affiliate is a great investment. You will have access to many highly successful individuals that go above and beyond to help you develop your business. Wealthy Affiliate is very easy to navigate and the training is clear and informative. If you have any doubts but want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I say go for it!

  16. Hey Vitaliy, just wanted to check in on your blog here and give you a shout out and public thank you for referring me to WA. I literally google searched one day free training on digital real estate and his video from his website popped up. Once I watched his quick introduction video of himself and basically everything, I was looking for to get training I was hooked once I headed over to WA and created an account. Every day the training is getting me closer and closer to the work at home passive income life I desire. I recommend WA for anyone willing to learn how to be successful in the online affiliate marking and virtual real estate business.

    Thanks again Vitaliy!


  17. These guys are the real deal. I love the authenticity and how willing and eager they are to help you every step of the way. There’s really no way to fail with this program. Only thing that’ll stop you is YOU. Not only do you have guys like Vitaliy but you have an ENTIRE community of people who are just like you that has your back if you ever need help with anything along your journey. Stop searching and join today, this is your calling! Definitely would recommend getting the premium/premium + membership, I mean it’s just loads upon loads upon LOADS of informational content you’re not going to find anywhere else and reasonbly priced. The money you’ll spend with this program is the same money you’ll spend on your favorite hobby or food or anything that you’ll consume but won’t be worth the information and resources you’ll get with Wealthy Affiliate. Remember you clicked here for a reason, you want a change, you want to make more passive income, you want financial freedom and this is the program to help you achieve that.

  18. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is the best step I have taken in regards to becoming financially free. I haven’t got too far in the course however I see the potential that this offers. Vitality is right Wealthy affiliate is the right place to be to reach your goals. The community is welcoming and always ready to help and steer you in the right direction. Also the actual course isnt difficult or require prior knowledge its easy to follow and understand. 100% recommend.

  19. I almost started a handful of programs I saw on Instagram being promoted by young mothers, like myself. I ended up researching reviews of their companies and happened upon this page. I started WA and quickly (let’s say 5-10 cumulative hours into learning in a few weeks) had my first page, upgraded to premium and even purchased my own domain. This is a trusted platform with seemingly limitless support from real people learning and growing together. Vitaliy has been a great partner along the way. He has been responsive, supportive and encouraging and he’s one of a million resources for exactly that. I strongly encourage you to just do it and really apply yourself. You will get out of it what you put into it. My experience has been a delight and I can’t wait for what’s in store for me thanks to the training and support I have through Vitaliy and WA.

  20. Coming from a person with no affiliate marketing experience and minimum confidence to start this journey, Wealthy Affiliate definitely helped me overcome those initial thoughts. For me, starting an online business was intimidating, people have been doing this for years and who am I, right! I am in my second week of training with WA and I am hooked, ready to learn more.

    The training has the perfect amount of reading and videos, to keep me engaged. Too many videos make the message seem really pitched and arrogant. I feel I can connect with Kyle and his passion for teaching. This experience is a new journey for me, the associates of Wealthy Affiliate are very supportive and helpful. After signing up, my first day was filled with welcomes. Vitaliy is very informative and I was excited getting started, and I still feel the same, motivated and ready to continue learning under WA guidance.

    Thanks for all you do.

  21. Your review of Wealthy Affiliate was so informative. Even though I have already bought in, I was still able to learn new things from your review. I agree, this is not a get rich quick program. However, the training courses are so simple and perfectly laid out. I felt like my own personal teacher was walking me through step by step. I really feel like I gained valuable knowledge that will support me as a move through this journey.

    I hope that I can have as much success as you have had!

  22. I have had a great start with wealthy affiliate and Vitaliy. I went through the free training and liked the platform and community associated with the company. its not a get rich quick scheme they are here to help you build a business from the ground up. Vitaliy is there to help you along the way and answer any questions you may have. I am looking forward to learning and building this new business along with wealthy affiliate and Vitaliy.


  23. So I’ve been a member of WA for 5 days now. The training is great and it’s motivating to know that there is a tried and true way of making money online. The steps keep me accountable and confident that I’m learning the skills needed to succeed.

    I”m excited about my journey through affiliate marketing.

  24. I am glad to have found Wealthy Affiliate through the YouTube video here from Vitaliy explaining about the program. I signed up for the Free Starter membership and not long after I upgraded to the premium level of the program, and excited about the training. I am still going through the training and looking forward to building an online business. So far, I feel good about the WA program.

  25. I joined WA Premium just over a week ago and I have to say the experience is just great thus far. It’s funny because a lot of what is mentioned here is what I have seen in my own looking into affiliate programs and the like.

    I’m the type to Google and research anything I am considering, and so affiliate programs were no different with me. I was on the verge with a different program, already going into it knowing that it would be focused on selling itself and that would be where you would stand to earn any money, if you did at all. My goal was (and is) to learn the skill set so I could venture out into whatever realm or category I wanted, and if that included promoting the program itself because I really liked it, so be it.

    But I was not looking forward to what I knew would be a constant barrage of upsell pressure leading into the thousands of dollars in costs (without that even being disclosed to me – I learned this looking into it on my own), and that the foundation of the program would really be me making money (hopefully) on those same pressures being put onto others I land in my sales funnel, and it just didn’t sit well with me.

    It’s obvious when the structure of a program is “use our tried and tested methods”, “done for you”, and “make money quick” – so while there is likely *some* knowledge that can be gleamed from this in a strictly fundamental way, you will invest more and more time and money into the program itself for access to the withheld next bit of information, and this is done by design, so they always have you on the line asking them for more but not really knowing how to do anything they did in automating it for you until you’ve spent $10k (no joke). You pay them a lot of money, then they make you get your own outside platforms (“these are the tools any business owner would need”) for things like hosting, auto-mailing platforms, paid automated funnel platforms, etc., which you also pay for, but they conveniently force you to use certain ones saying “everyone needs to be on the same page,” but they are linking you to them, so they are making money off you by affiliating for those platforms as well. It’s a black hole.

    Not with WA. You start with a free membership, see what it’s about, are told what the levels are in membership in advance (which are simple – two monthly membership levels and domain registration if you create your own site), and can stop any time without having forked over a large amount of money. And all those additional tools are built into the membership, not add-ons. It’s all very straight forward.

    Then there is the community. Within my first 30 minutes looking around I was met with a ton of positive introductions from people at all skill levels from novice to expert, and you can watch the interactions in the live chats between others and see firsthand the obvious eagerness of the community as a whole to be a help to each other. I see people get multiple answers to questions they have from people of varying perspectives and experiences, which is a good thing!

    I’ve had interactions with one of the owners, Kyle, since day one, and see him in the live chats every time I am logged on. I went into the program from this exact review knowing that I would be working with Vitaliy. He hits me up often just to check in and see if I have any questions, and has already offered advice on some early ideas I had that I just wanted to bounce off of him and see what he thought. You can plug away at your own pace with answers *literally* right there if and when you have questions. He definitely doesn’t disappear on you.

    I’m still working on the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training which focuses on the basics of digital marketing as a whole up to running a site focusing on whatever you want it to be about which you build through the training, and learning how to monetize it. At this point I already know I will move right into the Affiliate Bootcamp next which focuses on affiliating for WA itself, and I’m willing to do that because of how positive the experience has been, and my goal is to cast a wide net, slowly but surely.

    Anyway, thanks, Vitaliy! I guess this turned into a review of the review. lol


  26. Hi Vitaliy, I had joined Wealthy Affilian approximately 10 or more years ago. At that time I was working 2 jobs and caring for a household of people. I realized very quickly that I wasn’t giving the program the proper amount of time and usually in an exhaustive state, I would not do well. I am now semi-retired and so ready to jump back in with plenty of time to devote.

    I did have 2 issues: 1. Finding my niche. I was all over the map. 2. Keywords. So very happy to have found you for my second foray into W.A. I’m sure working with you I will eventually be a success.

    • Hi Linda of course no problem! I’ve helped many with these exact issues before and can definitely help you do the same πŸ™‚

  27. I read your entire review and very much enjoyed the the way it was written with the honesty behind it. Can you please reach out to me personally? I have a question that I would like to take offline. Thank you so much!

  28. Hi Vitaliy,

    After many years of going back and forth over which program I was going to purchase and even looking at WA several times, I joined under you.
    I even had several failed online websites and other runs a offline business, one of which is still going and is semi-successful.

    Ok, enough about me, let’s get to the review. I started at the starter level and built my website. During that time, I was contacted repeatedly by many top line people including Carson and Kyle. Everyone has offered assistance and want to get updates on my progress.

    You Vitaiy. Have checked in on me quite often and also offer your assistance very regularly. I love the support. The community is great and the courses are exceptional.

    I encourage anyone reading this review, who has the intestinal fortitude to take the time, flow the course and listen to your mentors, to join under Vitaliy. You will not get rich in a day, month or year, but you will build a solid foundation. For a strong financial future by following these fine folks.

    Thank you Vitaliy for your support.


  29. Hey just wanted to let you know that since i have started which was recently there has been nothing but great people reaching out to me, Kyle, Vitaliy checking in is great. I love how united everything feels here. To anyone reading, I would definitely recommend WA. Thank you for being so supportive.

  30. Hello VItaliy,

    I came across your blog quite by accident. I have been searching for a legitimate work from home job for a couple of months. Another company reached out to me and I watched the Webinar they offered. I was caught a little off guard by what they had to offer. I thought it was a fairly good idea but I would have had to pay a monthly fee along with they would get some of my commissions. I started researching the company and came across your review. I LOVED YOUR REVIEW! You seemed very honest and I felt I could relate to you. I loved the idea of finding a niche if my liking.

    Within two days of trying the free trial, I was hooked, I was inspired. I finally felt like this is something I can do. I am currently still working on building my website, but I feel very positive and excited about what possibilities lie ahead.

    That being said, it’s time for me to get to work! Thank you for not only doing a great review, but also personally being there to help and answer my questions!


    • Thanks Breanne! I believe you and I both love outdoor subjects so the one you chose is close to your heart and the program will definitely provide you with the tools and training to help that become a business!

  31. I’m fairly new with wealthy affiliate an am very pleased with the support from Vitaliy and others within the WA community. The education and training I’ve taken so far has been easy to follow and understand. I’m excited to be a part of growing my website with wealthy affiliate.

  32. In the short time I have been with WA I feel that I am learning every day more about having an online business! I decided to join after seeing a youtube video from Vitaliy. I felt he was honest and straight to the point about how to get started in this business venture. Looking forward to learning as much as I can to reach and surpass my goals! Thanks Vitaliy!

  33. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for the informative review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve just joined WA and I’m already really excited for the journey. I’m so impressed with the level of support, resources and friendly people! It’s incredible value and I’m so glad to have joined.

  34. Thanks for this real review of the program Vitaliy! It’s refreshing having such a transparent viewpoint on such a controversial way to make money online. Totally possible – but definitely not a get rich quick scheme and I think you laid that out perfectly!

  35. I have been a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate for over a week now. Honestly, it’s such a great atmosphere and I highly recommend seeing for yourself. There is so much training material, videos, and online chats with other successful members to help build your own online business. I was researching another affiliate marketing business which would have cost over $1000 just to get my foot in the door when I found this Wealthy Affiliate review. Wealthy affiliate has training available for free, and I didn’t have to pay anything to get me foot in the door. I’ve had such a positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I can work on the training and building my business at my own pace and ask questions from other successful members just like Vitaliy in live chat or via personal message.

  36. Loved reading your review and thinking about trying out WA. You say to stick with it for a good six months. How many hours do you say you should spend working on it each day? Just wondering since I am a stay at home mom and don’t have much time other than naps and when she’s sleeping at night. Thanks!

    • Hi Abbey it really depends on your comfort and free time. If you’re working on a niche site you love, then even working for 2 hours will feel like it happens quick because you’re having fun. At the end of the day, even incrementally building your site is good and it’s not like you have to do an X amount every single day. So as long as you’re progressing and growing your site, even if it’s by a little everyday, that is already a good way to go.

  37. Vitaliy, I found your YouTube video to be the most helpful of everything I’ve seen in this space. I appreciated the non-pushy way you let us know about Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that its free to start as a test drive. I literally was deciding on whether I was going to spend thousands of dollars to learn digital real estate from a famous guru, but something told me to keep looking. I found your video and then WA. I’m still a newbie since its only been about a week, but I am definitely enjoying the training and am starting to feel like I can handle it. Its definitely a lot of work, but I’m seeing progress.

  38. I am very excited to be a part of WA! Just getting started here and I am appreciative for all the help and support that is available. Thank you!

  39. I’m new to WA, but the company has proven to me that it’s not only legitimate, but offers the people, the training and support that the others don’t. What attracted me to WA was a video from Vitaly while I was poking around in Clickbank. After watching the video, I immediately went to the WA site and joined for free. After about working halfway through level one, I joined the premium level. I got stuck doing the custom menus, but got through level one successfully. I’m now working on level two and having fun. Thank you Vitaly.

  40. Vitaliy,

    I am a beginner but so far I love this. Everyone is so helpful and being able to ask questions and all members can reply giving advice of what they have done to get to their goal. I’m looking forward to getting started!

  41. I found this blog while trying to search and search and search and then research for ways to make an extra income that didn’t involve Networking Marketing or selling at all. Everything I found that I thought would pan out was slammed hard by “ex-promotors” online and on YouTube, or I’d sign up for a “free class” to learn more, and NO ONE would mention what they did, just that they made money. I’d do some digging and discovered that you had to “sell things” but couldn’t say that. Shady!

    I don’t know anything about building websites, blogging, or affiliate marketing, but Wealthy Affiliate is very easy to use and follow and a big community to help you out and answer your questions. I have just started my journey, and it’s taking me some time (I work full-time hours right now), but the beautiful thing is you can learn and build at your own pace.

    You sign up for FREE, which is actually free, for as long as you wish. With everything else, if you want to learn more or get more help you can choose to pay a subscription, but it’s YOUR CHOICE. No one pressures you into buying a membership. I know this won’t be overnight, but I’m hoping that I can buckle down and get things going. I am hoping this will be the thing that helps me bring in that extra income, and I feel good right now knowing that I’m not pushing anything to people promising they’ll lose weight!

    • Hi Shar I love your comment for a number of reasons and the main ones are:

      1) You are not looking for shiny objects or get rich quick nonsense promises. You are looking to build a legitimate business and not promote shady offers. For this, Wealthy Affiliate is ideal since they’ll help you do that.

      2) You are not rushing and know this takes time. This is another major point to note and as long as you follow the training, it will grow your business.

      I look forward to talking to you further in WA and helping you on this path.

  42. I wanted to share with everyone who may find site and read my comment, that I am SO grateful to have stumbled across Vitaliy’s site after searching for a reliable review on another online business program for which I was prepared to spend thousands MORE than I’ve already spent looking into similar programs over the past 10 years or more.

    Thankfully, I did a search for reviews of that program and that is where I then found Vitaliy’s page and was directed to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community. Since then, I have been increasingly amazed by the incredible resources and training available, most of which is free or at a minimal cost compared to what I’ve paid for those other programs.

    I DEFINITELY advise anyone to thoroughly check out Vitaliy’s site, and click on the link to direct you to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community where you have not only Vitaliy’s resources and ongoing support, but you also will have contact with, and assistance from, thousands of others who are also a part of the WA community. I promise you that if you do, you’ll be very grateful that you did!

    • Thanks for your Wealthy Affiliate review Kevin! It’s been awesome speaking/working with you there and I look forward to continuing that and seeing your success grow.

  43. Thanks for pointing me to Wealthy Affiliate and sharing so much information with us! I’m really enjoying the support I’m receiving so far from the community, and I’m happy I signed up. It really was a no-brainer to sign up since it was free, but I’ve since upgraded to the premium so I can benefit from the extra support. Thanks again!

  44. I stumbled on Vitaliy’s website, and I am so glad I did. I reviewed all of his information and decided to check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. This platform is absolutely amazing.

    The support from the community, as well as Vitaliy has been so refreshing. I have been through numerous programs and platforms that promise great customer service and making a ton of money. However, with the other programs, I have not made a dime. Also, the customer service was horrible and it would take days for them to get back to me regarding my concern or question. This is definitely not the case at Wealthy Affiliate. I was so impressed that I decided to become part of the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi there Vickie, thanks so much for dropping in and sharing this! I know we have been in touch within Wealthy Affiliate but I’m really glad you are getting what you were always looking for in this program and I look forward to working with you further and helping you along πŸ™‚

  45. Hi Vitaliy 

    You are certainly a seasoned author with some staggering and equally impressive results. I think for a lot of people starting online, the hype, the bait and the enormous possibilities lead many down a rabbit hole. Making money online does take time, effort and dedication. As you know when you reach a certain stage, your persistence delivers an extraordinary degree of fruitfulness!

    Wealthy Affiliate does offer excellent training that I personally think their resources are timeless. Yes the technical elements like anything changes over time but the bones of WA are solid. People will easily relate to your story. As an added bonus they can also apply your personal techniques and benefit further from the support you offer. Vitaliy you are a profound role model, excellent review.

    Take Care 


  46. Hi, when first getting started, peoples funds are limited. Isn’t there some good places to advertise for free that gets good results to help people to build up some funds to start paid advertising? I would think that advertising and getting results good results is the main key for success.

    Thank you

    • Hi Joel, so here’s a few responses to your questions:

      1) Wealthy Affiliate’s main training actually does teach how to make money from free traffic methods before moving into paid ones. Their reasoning for this is also the same as what you stated, about how people don’t have a lot when they start and so this approach helps them slowly work into this.

      2) Regarding advertising in general, there are numerous methods, but when broken down are divided into free and paid. Out of the many free methods out there, what WA teaches are the ones which do work well (Google search, YouTube, social media) and the paid methods involve PPC networks such as Google and Facebook Ads.

  47. Hi Vitaliy, thank you for writing this inspiring article. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, what you’ve told me through your post is something I’m looking forward to achieving! I did join Wealthy Affiliate back in 2017 but sadly I didn’t start my journey back then. But, better late than not doing it at all, right?

    • Yeah I agree. But in my case, I had a 6 month “procrastination” period when I began before following the main training.

  48. Hi, Vitaliy!

    I am interested in starting an affiliate marketing business online as a part-time activity along with my full-time career in an other profession. I did try in the past to promote products on Clickbank, create a funnel or two on Systeme.io, etc, but I did all this based on YouTube videos, without a serious learning foundation, and almost blindly.

    I have never completed a single sell! I then gave up. I was now contemplating the “Affiliate Marketing Boss” program with that thousand dollars membership fee. Through research, I found your review of that course and then your comments on “Wealthy Affiliate” course. I then read your promotional and review of this course on its entirety. It seems to be a fair program.

    I watched your presentation video and you seem to be a legit and honest individual. I am not worried of losing some small membership fee that I have to pay for this course, but I am not interested in wasting time in something that would not be practical and real-life applicable.

    I see that this course promotes the idea of creating a website as a product promotional principle. I am interested in the idea, of course. Do you know if this course will also assist the student with creating selling funnels? I tried that in the past and I somehow I got stuck.

    Even if on my day job I use computers permanently, I have to mention that I am not “technology sophisticated”. Thank you for reading my message. Based on the reply, I will decide if this program is for me or not. Either way, somehow I will start one way of the other. I just want to choose the support of an organization that might just be one of the best.



    • Hi Max thanks for your questions. So there’s a few things I want to mention that hopefully address all your questions/concerns and if there’s any followups, feel free to let me know. Anyway:

      1) So yes Wealthy Affiliate does teach how to make promotional funnels but more importantly, it teaches a much bigger fundamental which is creating niche websites on your passion. Through that training, you will be making content that has informational and promotional content and that in turn is how you will be creating funnels.

      2) If you are just getting started, it’s way better to follow this specific method of creating niche based websites and content because it’s more familiar (the niche topic that is) and that makes you naturally create better written funnels that make it easier to convince your readers to buy your promotions.

      3) One thing that I want to stress is how it’s important to focus on the niche when you’re first getting started vs focusing on promoting a single product. A lot of people I run into make product selling their top priority which often comes down to promoting whatever pays them the most. The fundamental problem with this way of thinking is that it deviates away from chasing the niche passion and that ultimately negatively affects your funnel.

      4) Once you have the experience and success with the niche site, that skill carries over to making 1 page websites, ads and then promoting other types of products inside and outside your niche. One of the reasons I’ve become a very flexible affiliate marketer is because I followed the niche principal first and then carried it over to promoting other products.

      5) It’s totally OK if you’re not tech savvy. If I’m being honest, neither am I to this day, but the program is designed to overcome that.

      6) The good news in ALL of this is that you can try the program risk free and decide this on your own and I honestly encourage that. You can do that here if you want and get my help included once you’re in. Obviously I benefit if you upgrade in the program with me as your referrer, but I’ve always prioritized the experience of my referrals above all else, meaning while I encourage you to try the free membership, it is totally your decision if you wish to stick around and upgrade. If not, no biggy as like I said in this review, this program is not for everyone.

      7) But I can tell you that it’s not a waste of time and if you follow the training and apply it, you will be building a real affiliate business (and much more).

  49. Hi Vitaliy, if we join WA through you and start with the free membership (which according to you comes with a 7 day coaching from you), would we get the unlimited coaching from you if we upgrade to a Premium or Premium Plus membership or do we only get unlimited coaching from you if join straight as Premium or Premium Plus members? I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nic, so yes if you join Premium or Premium Plus, as long as you remain a member, you will get unlimited coaching from me. However, you are welcome to try Wealthy Affiliate for free and get my coaching included in that membership for 7 days. I recommend people do this who are unsure so they can see how it is and make a comfortable/informed decision on whether to stick around πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for replying back so quickly Vitaliy. I should have refreshed my page much earlier. I honestly thought you would take a few hours to reply back so I went ahead and did other stuff. Imagine my surprise when I saw you replied in 4 minutes! Thank you very much again πŸ™‚

        • No problem! To be honest, my response time varies, but I was editing a post here when your comment popped up. If you have anymore questions, fire away anytime! I usually respond fastest within Wealthy Affiliate.

  50. As you stated no business is successful overnight, and failure is 100% guaranteed for those who give up too soon. I myself, skimmed through the WA training kinda at the beginning, but I’m still trying to ‘find my way’ and figure things out. (6 years for me and still hanging in there waiting for my 1st break with one of my niches).

    • I think there are 2 issues you are lagging with your success (based on what you said):

      1) First you said you skimmed through the training, but even though this was in the past, I am wondering if this is continuing to happen.

      2) Second, you mentioned niches* as plural. This tells me you haven’t settled on one niche you love and/or you are trying to build up several niche websites at once, a big mistake because it stops you from focusing your growth and work on 1 site.

      I have a special article in Wealthy Affiliate helping people isolate a single niche to build up with and when that is picked out, you should do the Wealthy Affiliate training them. When combined with a niche you love, you’re going to find your progress and understanding skyrockets. Keep me posted on this!

  51. I am just getting started myself and I have found that this is a great place to learn. I have investigated other programs and their costs are astronomical and their training seems to be nothing more than hours of videos.

    While I did gain some knowledge just by the research, I have learned more here in the last week or so and I am only just now getting ready to complete Level 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

    This is a great place to get you started and there is an abundance of support and excellent training.

  52. Hey Vitaliy, I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance. I was looking for a way to make money online for months. Everything I tried failed. Nothing worked as gurus promised. I nearly gave up on the whole idea of online business. all of a sudden when I was searching to learn how to detect scams from legit programs and I ended up in one of your blogs. You could tell from blog’s content that it meant to help people not to steer them in a way to take their money. It was insightful and honest without any bias. For the first time I felt I can trust someone’s advise in this matter. So when I saw you suggested Wealthy Affiliate program to start an affiliate marketing business, I jumped on it right away and it was everything you said it would be.

    First of all I didn’t need to pay anything. I could launch my affiliate business with WA’s level 1 training and tools without paying a dime and that says it all about their work.

    Secondly there is always a teacher ready to help 24/7. At first I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t a paid student and you actually responded to all of my questions and helped me in every step of the way.

    I was so happy with level 1 of the training that I decided to become a premium member. I have so much hope for my affiliate business and can not wait to post my success story here. Thank you so much, you’re the best Vitaliy!

  53. Thanks for the post it is very informative and encouraging to see. I guess you nailed it, procrastination will kill the dream. Can’t be lazy expecting your business to take off without the effort. That’s been my problem in the past. Along with getting distracted with every program on the internet. 

    • It’s a hard but important lesson I learned, but it was important to get to where I am today Terry. But if you understand this early on, you will be on the express path to reaching your goals with Wealthy Affiliate πŸ™‚

  54. I found Wealthy Affiliate through one of your blogs while searching about making an online income, and after reading your thoughts it dawned to me that it is doable, and I quickly signed up to become a student. As of now, I am trying to understand the concept of affiliate marketing and currently on level 2 of the training. Looking forward to see my first online sale and I will surely post it here. Thanks Vitaliy and more power.

    • Hi Maurice, glad my blog helped you decide on joining the program! Level 1 of the training in WA gets into fundamentals, while level 2 (where you are on right now) gets into specifics on driving traffic to your niche website. I know you’re going to enjoy that level of training and it only gets better as the training in WA progresses πŸ™‚

  55. Thank you, Vitaliy! Through your review of Wealthy Affiliate I believe I have finally found what I’ve been looking for! After being on-board for a couple of weeks, its clear that this is the one for me! I am loving the WA’s training. I’m making progress every day and starting too see great potential. The friendly support is refreshing and its super inexpensive to join! Its a great deal! Thanks again for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


    • You’re very welcome Lucinda and it’s great to hear you’re not just enjoying the program but also making good progress!

  56. Hi Vitaliy,

    Realistically how long from a complete beginner to actually starting to earn something from this do you think it takes?

    • Everyone’s progress varies James. I would give it about a year for most. It depends A LOT on how you apply the training and while that sounds simple enough, I run into a lot of people who simply do not follow the training as outlined.

      They don’t pick niches, they don’t work hard, they cherry pick the training and ALL of these inhibit results. I’m more than happy to help you if you join to make sure you are on the right path, but of course in the end, you will need to decide if you wish to apply what WA teaches.

  57. I came across the Wealthy Affiliate program and was intrigued at the prospect of taking the program for a free test drive, it was very beginner friendly, but was robust enough for someone who has had some experience building a website. This program is more than building a website, it’s about using your passion, and creating a very successful online business around that passion. It’s about becoming an authority and building trust. WA has a step-by-step training (doesn’t matter if you have 0 experience) and was able to demonstrate tons of success stories.

    My journey has only just begun, but Vitaliy has been there answering ALL my questions and helping me stay on track (along with an entire community of others who have been there and gone through the training) as well as the founders of WA Kyle and Carson.

    Looking forward to a very successful journey!

    • Really appreciate your WA story Mike! I’m happy to be helping you on your journey and as you can see, the community and the owners themselves also participate a big way in that as well and this goes for all members!

  58. I signed up for the trial Premium membership about a week ago and have been really impressed by this community. Yes, there is a monthly Premium membership fee – which I intend to continue paying. Compared to some of the other platforms for learning about affiliate marketing, this one is very reasonable! There is so much education provided and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. In addition, the Wealthy Affiliates community is comprised of people at all levels of earnings, and ALL have been very welcoming and willing to share their words of wisdom and encouragement!

  59. I’m so glad I found this article when looking for ways to build my own travel website! It has been so extremely helpful and you have been so encouraging. I have been at it for about a month now and I have learned SO much and had fun in the process! I would recommend WA all day to someone looking to do the same.

    • No problem Shelbi, I too am building my own travel blog through the WA training and it’s doing well and growing (I shared my info on that above).

  60. I am a Wealthy Affiliate participant. I read your article to see how you explained the value of the program. This article touches all the major parts of the program in detail, offers testimonials, outlines your own journey in an honest way and offers a realistic look at whether or not the program is right for the reader.  

    I appreciate the fact that your first con about the program is that it is not as get rich quick scheme.  I have found that applying the lessons takes work. People who read your article need to realize how special the WA program is, but that they will have to work, as they would learning anything new, to move ahead.  

    I read the comments. The comment about outdated material (and how it’s not) showed that you are honest about this review. You answered an expressed concern very well. I wish I had seen this years ago when I was looking for a program.

  61. I signed up once before but left as the training is out of date!

    How can training videos from 2015 be relevant to 2022?

    Google are constanlty moving the goalposts and making SEO much harder and the training should reflect that and be more hands on and up to date. Not just sit back and collect $ from people who’ve probably committed money that they can’t really afford chasing shiny objects

    • Hi Hannah that’s a fair question but the thing is, I already addressed it in my review above (in the section about the most common WA complaints you may hear out there). The short story there is a few things:

      1) The training is updated and works for 2022 and beyond (I used one of my nature sites for proof which got over 100k visitors organically for reference). I also have THIS website that has many 1st page rankings (and is growing) using the same exact training.

      2) Second there are some elements which are outdated BUT are being updated.

      3) Third, Google’s approach to SEO has not really shifted in the greater scheme of things over the past 10 years. The main goal continues to be to deliver the best content and make it easier for people to find that. They have added a lot of elements to make this happen but have also simultaneously been combating people who try to manufacture content and game the system.

      The goal posts are not really moved all that much and a lot of people think that a Google update just “changes SEO around entirely” which is NOT the case. I’ve been consistently ranking content on Google (well) for years using the WA principals taught. I would strongly considering giving WA another shot and to hang in there since SEO has always been (and will be) a process that takes time.

      And if you’re not into SEO, do note that WA teaches way more stuff on online business (paid ads, YouTube and way more). I’ve stuck around there for years because I continue to get results across the board (as do many others). If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t be there.

  62. Hi Vitaliy!

    Thank you for sharing this helpful information about WA and your experiences which are eye opening. I totally agree with you on that it is impossible to make money when you have $0. The truth of the matter is you can never start a business with $0. A business needs to be nurtured for it to grow and the only thing that nurtures it is money and skill investment. I was one of those who had high hopes of making money with a $0 membership and the funny part is that I was still new to the online business world and had no relevant skills. With the premium membership, I got a chance to acquire the relevant skills via training and community support that will make my online business successful. What I like about WA is that it’s user friendly and you don’t have to be a web developer in order to run a successful website. WA is easy to use and has all necessary tools for creating a website.

    • Hi Nothile, thanks for sharing that experience. I do want to clarify regarding the impossible to make money part. I think what you’re referring to in my review is the FAQ part where people ask about the Starter Membership and making money with it. In general the answer is no because the starter membership helps you set up fundamentals but you need to build on top of that and let the business grow (rank on Google, get traffic and so forth) to begin making money and for that secondary thing to happen, Premium is highly recommended as you get the tools and training to reach that level (and save money in the process since tools do cost a lot of money in other places but are included to Premium members).

  63. Hi Vitaliy,

    Finding this whole world of online business has driven me to a point where I can’t hold off wanting to investigate this career pathway any longer, all I see on the internet these days are loads of people succeeding in online business, working from home, and so on.

    Finding this review has been a blessing and this helps settle any doubts I have about WA. The only questions I have are:

    1: does this work from any country, or do I have to be in the USA as I do not live in the USA.
    2: Is this something you would recommend for a younger person like myself at the age of 16 or should I hold off another couple of years.

    • Hi Jaxon thanks for the questions and I am very impressed at how seriously you are looking into this at such a young age! This is an awesome ambition and character to develop so early that I am certain will really help propel you further in life. That being said, for your questions:

      1) This works in most countries. Affiliate programs (and online business overall) is really something you can do anywhere where people use the internet, which is pretty much most of the world.

      2) For the question about your age, most affiliate programs won’t accept people under 18 (or 21 in some cases), BUT one thing you can do is give the free Wealthy Affiliate program a shot and just enjoy the free benefits for now just to develop an overall sense of what’s required and then get into it more seriously once you become 18.

      If you have any more questions until that happens, you’re welcome to ask me here or in WA πŸ™‚

  64. Hi Vitaly,

    I’m very happy I found your site and review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’d been playing around checking out lots of other information affiliate marketing without much success on my own. I’m new to the whole thing and need a little more structure in getting started and setting up my site. I’m almost through Level 1 and it has been great so far. I’m further along in the process in a couple weeks than I was in months of trying to figure it out myself. I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking to start their on-line business journey.

  65. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have been researching about affiliate marketing for months and I’ve been hesitant due to the fact that most programs gave vague explanation on what to expect.

    So far your detailed, no holds barred, honest blog made me come to a conclusion that WA offers better guidance. I accidentally came across your blog, when I was researching another company about affiliate marketing (but it sounded like an MLM TO ME).

    I am a stay at home mom, worried about our finances. I have nothing but time and passion to change my life for my family sustainably and for the long haul. I wanted to ask, can I earn commissions and be a successful affiliate even without social media followers or presence like FB or IG or do I have to be an influencer? That’s what’s holding me back.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Dovie thanks for your question and here’s the direct answer:

      No you do not need a social media following on any of these networks (or to be an influencer). In fact, I am none of these things and I would even say my social media presence is very small if noticeable (if anything, it’s more personal than business oriented). What you need to succeed at this (affiliate marketing in this case) is:

      A passion for a topic (which you say you have) and in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate’s help to turn it into the business you want. You’ll be able to set up a website with their help and get traffic to it, then make the sales and this can be done even if you have 0 exposure online. In fact, social media and influencing has very little if anything to do with success in this field. There are other branches of online business where it CAN help, but if you’re not into that, just know you don’t need that to succeed.

      I’d be happy to help you within the Wealthy Affiliate program and for now, I would recommend you just test them for free to get comfortable with how it looks, feels and works there. If there’s anymore questions, ask away πŸ™‚

  66. I have been streaming courses on the Internet for over five years now and plateaued on the interest shown on my courses. While searching for some answers I was lucky enough to hit upon Vitaliy’s blog. I was convinced to give the Wealthy Affiliate program a try and so far have not been disappointed.

    As a matter of fact, I have become a Premium member. I’m excited about my journey thus far! Great people, great support!


    • Hi Graham, really appreciate you sharing this! I know we’re in touch about your courses and direction, but it’s great that you’re enjoying WA and following their advice to help you further along your existing and future business!

  67. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a week ago and I have learned more in the last week than all my research in the past 5 years. Kyle breaks things down in very easy to understand ways and makes it not as stressful. I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone serious about learning affiliate marketing.

  68. Hi Vitaly,

    I like your review. It is understandable and was the reason why I decided to join the WA program less than a month ago. I enjoyed different platforms and paid for programs in the past, and they did not give the promised support. So far, WA at least answers all my questions. Thank you!

    • Hi Maria, yeah in WA support is one of the top reasons this program rocks and unfortunately something that is not common (at least to the level WA offers) in other programs. Aside from that you will have all the training and tools (as well as help) to guide you along the right path to your online business goals!

  69. Great article!

    I must say I’m blown away at what’s inside WA. Having spent thousands of dollars on programs that try to do what WA does but just don’t do it as well, it kind of angers me that I didn’t find WA sooner. But I guess WA doesn’t run ads with Lamborghini’s all over social media like the rest of them.

    ACTUALLY I found WA because I realized the method of paid traffic I was being taught was getting my accounts banned so I went down a rabbit hole trying to find out how can I run compliant ads. That’s when the algorithm showed me Vitaliy’s content and I thought “THIS IS WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR!”.

    Everything from the step by step lessons to the keyword tool is top notch. And because I’m a fan of business and marketing, I’m impressed and excited by WA.

    I could say a lot more but I’ll save it for my own blog!

    • Hi Rodney, thank you for joining WA and it sucks to hear your old accounts (for paid ads) were suspended. This happens often (and I’ve had it happen too). In WA (as you already know) we will help you diversify the way you build your online business, so while you may be able to reinstate your account and run ads in the future, Wealthy Affiliate will also help you build other forms of traffic and income so you don’t have to rely on ads in the long run.

  70. Hi Vitaliy,

    I also sat through the Email Incubator presentation for two whole hours with nothing to show for it. I am from South Africa and with our exchange rate being what it is, I definitely can not pay $997 no matter how good it is.

    Then I went searching to see if I could at least buy the book that I didn’t get for free and found your review and all the information on Wealthy Affiliate. I am really impressed with the whole concept and would like to give it a try. Problem again is that $49, in our currency, is quite a lot of money. What I want to ask you is, how long approximately will it take to earn enough to at least cover the membership fee? That is if I kick off with the Starter Membership, move on to Premium and do everything that I am supposed to do and do it right. Is it even remotely possible to predict?

    I am close to retirement and I am not really comfortable with my pension. So I definitely need something like this to work for me at last. Been through all the scams and the promises and will really appreciate an honest reply.


    • Hi Fanie, in most cases, 6-12 months is a good predictor of results (sometimes it happens sooner). At the very least, if you are interested, give the Starter program a try and see how you like it. We do offer a first month premium deal if you take it, but of course, do what you feel is best for you. Know that the key in all of this is passion, but either way, if you have any questions when you’re inside, ask me there (I will contact you directly inside).

  71. Vitaliy

    Well I am not sure what I did the middle of last month I came across this site and was checking it out and I think I gave them my e mail and got a password to log in. Then I said I will look at some reviews first to see if this is real or not. Then I came across this page and read the whole thing and then contacted you on here and after you answered my few questions I clicked on the link in this review and signed up. My user name is (removed by admin for privacy).


  72. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thank you for writing this review that is from this year. I have read many other reviews from other people about this and other sites that are 3 or 4 years old and am not sure if they are good any more. One thing is I came upon this site a little over a month ago and was checking it out and said I think that I will see if I can find some reviews of this site to see if it is real or an other scam.

    I found some reviews and they all said the same thing that the training was out of date and no good any more. That led me to think that this was a scam and when I would see some one talk about this site I would just move on and see if I could find something better.

    One of the things in the review I did not like is that in the free program you can not make any money. What I am looking for is some thing where I can sign up and make a little money like let’s say $500 and then join the paid program. My goal is to find something where I am bringing in $2500 a month and I would we very happy. If I were to make more that would be great.

    Something happened when I saw your link and decided to click on it and it took me to a review you did a few years ago and started to read it then saw a link to this current review and read it.


    • Hi Brent, thank you for your comment and I just want to say that many WA reviews from my experience are pretty updated, but I wanted to make sure my particular one was truly for this year (and moving ahead to future years). Now that being said, I’d like to comment on what you said, specifically regarding the free membership and making money there:

      While I understand your point of view (I have seen others say this too if I’m being honest), you have to understand that you are building a real online business and with ANY online business, there are at least a few fundamental expenses required to start (there’s just no other way around it). Let me give you a few examples:

      1) If you want to create a blog website, you need to buy a domain and hosting and SSL (at bare minimum). In most places this can cost you about $500+ a year (domain might be free, but good hosting and SSL security is not).

      2) If you want to create a YouTube business, you can certainly use your camera, but you need a decent phone ($500 maybe) or camera equipment and a good mic to film yourself. That can be several $100s.

      3) Most programs out there which teach similar content to Wealthy Affiliate cost $1,000s to learn from (and they also have even higher expenses on the back end).

      4) The Starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate is honestly a great deal for many reasons: You can test drive it without risk, you can get a free sample site to test the waters and you see if this is really something you want to invest in for the future and if you do, it’s only $49/month for the full training package (full training, full hosting, full SSL, keyword tool and more, all of which equal to $1,000’s in savings every year). If you ask me, that deal is incredible for building a serious online business where other places would charge you 100x more.

      5) One other thing to note is that starting a business is not a get rich quick scheme and many people make the mistake of thinking that. It typically takes about 6 months for most sites to make money if they are using the free traffic method and if you want FASTER results, you need to run paid ads, which is extremely risky, expensive and dangerous for your wallet if you’re not experienced.

      6) Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of operating costs to run their stuff (the hosting, the sites, everything) and again the deal that’s there in my opinion is the best.

      7) Also when there is a lot of stuff offered free, people start abusing that (it happens a lot). This is why even the best programs that offer some sort of trial or low cost entry to test drive their program have limits on that.

      You can technically go off on your own if you want, start a blog or YouTube channel and see how it grows and maybe succeed, but without good guidance, it may likely take you about a year if not longer to get results. Very often, trying to cherry pick and take the shortcuts, especially in expenses leads people down a longer road to success and in Wealthy Affiliate, the value of what you get for the super low costs is an incredible deal (I say this as someone whose seen what else is out there and nothing comes close to the value per price in WA).

      While I recommend you do the Starter Membership and see how you like and possibly upgrade if you want, you should ONLY do this if you are prepared and ready to invest the time and effort into doing so. Like I said in my review above (the section of who Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for), you should not get into this business if you are not ready to put in the work (and spend some money on it too, but in this case, it’s really not a lot).

      • Vitaliy,

        Thank you for getting back to me. I am very new to this and I understand the basics of affiliate marketing, not sure how to make money online but I have few more questions:

        1) The 20 classes in the free program what do I learn in them?
        2) Are these classes also in the paid program?
        3) If I follow all the training I get in this program can I expect to be earning around $2000 by the end of summer.

        Thanks Brent

        • Hi Brent, no problem, here are the answers to your questions:

          1) The 20 lessons in the program are as follows:

          10 lessons on finding your niche, building your first site, learning about keywords and more.
          10 lessons on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, establishing your niche (related to making money online) and learning similar stuff.

          2) Yes, the 10 lessons are each part of the main training and are considered level 1. If you decide to upgrade, all the levels are available (over 120 lessons + 100s more on other topics and businesses, plus much more).

          3) I cannot make you any guarantees of income estimates or timelines Brent. This is not a salary job where you enter and get paid an X amount from the start. It all depends on how you apply the training, how hard you work and how much time you give it.

          I CAN guarantee you that you will have the following things though:

          A) Excellent, proven to work training (I’ve used it to get to where I am and so have many others).
          B) Most if not all the tools you need (website, hosting, and other things like a keyword tool).
          C) And amazing support/help if you ever get stuck or have questions.

          Hope this helps!

          • Vitaliy,

            Thanks so much for your help. I signed up Monday and am going through the training and have done the first 2 lessons and everything looks good so far. I think I am going to do all 20 lessons and if every thing looks good after that then I will upgrade to get the rest of the training.


          • Hi Brent that’s awesome! I’m not sure if you signed up under me (I would have seen it). What username did you go by? Either way, I know you’ll enjoy Wealthy Affiliate and it will be great to work with you.


  73. Hello there!

    Just wanted to share that I randomly came across your review and I am so glad that I did! This is the first online business building experience I have tried that has truly broken the steps on how to succeed and also provides the tools on how to do it.

    Through this program, I have accomplished more in less time than I ever thought possible. I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in 6 months to a year from now. Thanks so much for your support! It is deeply appreciated!

    • Hi Scott, yep Wealthy Affiliate can help you build a business in both topics and I’ll give you a preview of how this can look:

      1) For muscle cars, you can set up a site that basically talks about that topic, shares gear and accessories you can also promote to build up custom muscle cars (even do YouTube video. There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there which would make it possible to promote such gear.

      2) For the second option, I would build up the site on questions, common topics related to prophecies and breaking down (explaining) popular topics and showing what they’re all about.

      Both niche sites can also be monetized via ads and there’s a lot you can write about in each example. I would however recommend you start with one site for the time being and the one to choose would be the one you love most and also know most about.

      Let me know if you have any further questions πŸ™‚

  74. Hello Vitaliy
    Thank you immensely for this detailed review. I joined after reading one of your posts, and became a member of WA for a while and left due to personal circumstances. However I am ready to come back and just like you said, the training at WA is second to none. My come back niche ideas are centered around women’s health focusing on pregnancy or menstruation (most likely). Are these ideas you think I can work with? I can’t wait to start my training again, just need help with narrowing down my niche ideas. Thanks again for the great review.

    • Hi Karen, yeah those are great topics you can build an online business with, specifically a blog informing people on the things you listed to help them make better decisions. You can monetize such blogs with ads and affiliate marketing (or even personal consulting).

      Women’s health in general might be a bit broad though, so the other subjects you listed would be a better thing to focus on (I would focus on one niche). For example:

      How to get rid of cellulite.
      How to have younger looking skin (for women).

      Just some niche ideas to consider since they are in the same sphere.

    • Hi Monica, absolutely! We have a lot of stay at home parents who create businesses through the WA program. The beauty of such a business is that you can totally do this at your own pace and set your own hours. There is a ton of flexibility in this (but hard work is required). Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  75. Hello,

    My niche would be centered around the Bible and Christianity. I have ongoing content sitting and waiting to be used. I also desire to share personal books, merch, and other items around the web that I endorse. Could I benefit from the training here, though my content is genuinely free and for God, yet I want to monetize my ability to reach like-minded individuals through my blogging?

    • Hi, yes I believe you would and let me explain why: I do from time to time encounter people with similar niche ideas (some related to religion, some similar) and in your circumstance, you can make a site and blog about Christianity and discuss different topics, questions and themes for it (which would give you a lot of content to make which is great). For monetization, you can promote affiliate products if you want, but for these types of niches, 2 options to consider (you can use both) would be:

      Donations (if you have good content, people will donate).
      You can sign up with ad programs that will pay you for every click/visitor.

      If you have anymore questions, do let me know πŸ™‚

  76. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m so glad I found your Wealthy Affiliate review when I was looking for a home business with all the training that doesn’t cost a fortune. I have tried a few others and they teach you nothing which makes you feel stupid and totally useless.

    I have only been with WA just over a week and the amount of support and offers of help if I need it has been unbelievable and everyone is so friendly. I can’t believe after all this time of searching I have finally found the team to help me and you have been wonderful also Vitaliy with all your help so far. Anyone thinking about joining WA, do it as it is incredible!

    • Thanks Susan! I do remember how surprised you were when you join at how well we communicate and help people (which should be the norm for most programs, yet sadly isn’t). Glad to have you with us in WA πŸ™‚

  77. Hi Vitaliy I’d just like to say that I found Wealthy Affiliate through a video I saw of you (above) and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did as it really is what it says on the tin you get all the help you could ever want and more the community is incredible. Its full of people with an insane amount of knowledge and they are all more than happy to help at the drop of a hat I entered through the help of Vitaliy and he also has been making sure I’m ok and checking in on me. I wasn’t sure weather to trust the site at first as I just assumed it was like everything else you see on the internet although I’m so glad I did now thank you so much Vitaliy!

  78. Thank you for such an in-depth review. I’ve just listened to Lurn’s webinar to join the email incubator and was looking for reviews when I happened to find you. After reading your informative post in regards to both WA and Lurn, I’ve decided to go with the WA as it makes sense to try before you buy.

    One question I wanted to ask is how many hours do you need to put in per day to really make a go of this? I also have a website already which is based on health, healing and personal development. Can this be expanded on using WA? Thanks again ?

    • Hi Karen, so the hours of work you put in vary and it’s so much the quantity of the hours, but the quality of the work you do. Me personally, I work several hours a day, but choose for myself when I want to do this since it’s a full time thing for me. In the beginning, you will need to work on this and build up your business little by little as the training recommends, but as it grows, you can choose how much less or more you wish to work. I’d say maybe a few hours a week is a good start and if you do the main training in WA (OEC course), it’ll help you choose a niche you love.

      This takes me to your second question on your website idea. All of the subjects you listed can be turned into a profitable website, but it’s much better to narrow down your topic when you first begin. For example:

      Health is a bit broad, but how to look younger for women is specific.
      Healing is a bit broad, but how to get rid of knee pain is specific.
      Personal development is a bit broad, but how to improve dating life for women is specific.

      The more specific the niche topic, the more profitable it can be and inside the WA training, you will be shown exactly how to do this. You’ll also have my personal help along the way if you have any questions πŸ™‚

  79. I have enjoyed ready your awesome review about Wealthy Affiliate. I was looking for online courses to get a better understanding of affiliate marketing after getting burned by so-called similar companies with no success but only took my money. I am not the type of person to give up but work hard to achieve success, so I believe Wealthy Affiliate is better suited for me. Thanks for writing this review.

  80. I have been a wealthy affiliate member for four months, and it all started when I saw one of your videos on YouTube. I’m here to testify and at the same time thank you for making me discover a program that is actually changing my life for the better. I hope one day I will be able to make as much as you do, but for now I’m focusing on learning from the experts on the platform. It’s a great community full of this positive energy and members who are willing and very happy to help at any time. Thanks for everything.

  81. Hi Vitaliy! This is the most honest Wealthy Affiliate review I have ever read. You are on the point here and it explains the Wealthy Affiliate functionality very transparently. I have just started my WA journey. I never thought it was going to be “get rich fast” and I still don’t. But I can already starting to see it’s potential to be “get rich slowly and with hard work”, exactly what I expected and what you are saying here. Thank you for honest and inspiring review!

  82. There is no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate has great value and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for help getting started. Plenty of support from the people that already are members and from the owners of WA. Nothing can bring you instant success but if you do the work and follow along with the program there is no reason one should fail.

  83. Great information on Wealthy Affiliate. I have actually been with them since around 2016.  Not near as long as you, and I am by no means rich yet.  But I am slowly climbing up the ladder and my website does more traffic everyday.  So I am getting there. It is definitely a job, like any other. You have to work at it, put in the time or you won’t get anything in return. Great review!

  84. Dear Vitaliy,

    I can honestly say that I am addicted to WA, I know I love the platform since there are so many helpful here.

    I love WA better than any other Social Media Platform too, I spend more time here than anywhere else.

    WA is Free to try, who can pass that up?

    I can’t believe it but I laughed when you wrote that people ask for a Refund when it is a $0 Free Starter Membership Account. 

    Overall, it seems like I learned more in WA than I ever did when I was in Private College studying for my Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree.

    I have to say that WA is a great platform to post training after 3 months since there is No Dislike Button there, it is Set Up as Like Buttons only throughout.

    Thanks for a very thorough invested review on Wealthy Affiliate. I became a WA Premium Member after Day 1, but can you please tell me if the WA Black Friday Sale is year after year the same price or it is on different dates each year? I seem to miss out on locking in on that one especially.


    • Hi Angel, so the Black Friday offer is always something that happens for 6 days every year. For those reading, it’s basically a yearly membership to WA’s Premium or Premium Plus membership that is significantly cheaper than the regular price.

      It begins a day after Thanksgiving (US) and lasts for 4-5 days after. The price of it varies but it’s typically a great deal for the Premium and Premium Plus memberships and the thing is, anyone who signs up to it is grandfathered into the pricing so even if there is a price raise the next year, people who signed up the previous one still pay the same (lifetime).

      In 2021, they had their best deal yet and I’m sorry to hear you missed it, but at the same time, I can tell you that there will be another in 2022 to look out.

      Glad you liked my comment about people wanting a refund for the free membership. It’s actually shocking how many times I’ve seen this happen.


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