Warrior Plus vs Clickbank – Which is Better For Affiliates?

In my personal opinion, the Clickbank network holds a number of advantages over the Warrior Plus network, but that doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you dump one and focus entirely on the other.

In fact, in my opinion, there’s a strong argument to be made in avoiding either network and focusing on completely different ones if you wish to succeed in affiliate marketing and that’s because of a few things:

  1. Both networks have their pros and cons.
  2. Not every network will have access to the right affiliate products you wish to promote.
  3. The truth is, you should be promoting products which you know about and love and if neither network has it, seek out one or ones that do.

What you need to know about the Warrior Plus and Clickbank affiliate networks:

warrior plus vs clickbank

1) Warrior Plus:

It’s a network which is mainly centered around offering affiliates the opportunity to promote make money online products and services.

2) Clickbank:

It’s a network which is far more diverse in affiliate opportunities. Yes there are also make money online programs you can promote, including:

The main similarities between Warrior Plus and Clickbank:

  1. Both networks have access to promoting a large number of products in the make money online niche.
  2. Both networks offer decent to great commission payouts to affiliates.
  3. Both networks are legitimate in that they do pay affiliates on time.
  4. Both programs unfortunately have a lot of really bad products that ruin their reputation in my opinion.
  5. Both networks are fairly easy to sign up with and get affiliate links from to start promoting their products.

The main differences between Warrior Plus and Clickbank:

  1. Clickbank’s affiliate program easily offers more options of stuff to promote for affiliates.
  2. Clickbank also has more choices in that there are products across many different niches to promote products with.
  3. If you’re a new affiliate, I would recommend you consider Clickbank over Warrior Plus because there’s more options.
  4. Clickbank has a far better customer service (including for affiliates) in my opinion. Warrior Plus is tough to deal with in my experience because they have you contact the vendor directly to work out issues (and I’ve had problems with this in the past).

When you compare both the differences and similarities, Clickbank in my opinion holds numerous advantages over Warrior Plus. And just as well, if you want to know my opinions on JVZoo, I would actually rank it on the same level as Warrior Plus meaning that if you compare Clickbank vs JVZoo, I’d tell you that it has the same advantages as it has over Warrior Plus.

My affiliate marketing experiences with both Warrior Plus and Clickbank:

1) With regards to Warrior Plus:

I have never promoted any product from this network (see my Warrior Plus review for details) and the MAIN reason why is because in my opinion, most of the ones I’ve seen and reviewed are awful and not something I’d ever feel comfortable promoting to people. Yes they pay well, but who cares if the product is low quality and doesn’t serve the customer? This is why I only stick to recommending and sometimes promoting a small number of make money online programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

2) With regards to Clickbank:

I’ve been a much more diverse affiliate with this network. I’ve promoted products in different niches very successfully and even earned certificates for being a top seller for them.

While I love certain aspects of Clickbank (and have a positive history with them for the most part), I’ve moved away from promoting their products as my main source of affiliate income because lately, the niche I’ve focused on most in making money through is the MMO niche and sadly, Clickbank has in my opinion NOT offered enough quality products for me to consider promoting there. I’ve reviewed some questionable programs from this network including:

I don’t feel comfortable promoting these programs no matter how much they offer to pay me per sale. Other affiliates would think differently here but I too often see people promoting products in these regards in shameless and unethical ways I want no part in.

The point is I’m all about quality and if I don’t feel a promotion I’m looking at being an affiliate for has it, I won’t promote it. If you want to see specifics, you’re welcome to read the review links I’ve provided for the above products and draw your own conclusion (I’m just giving you my opinion).

Why you may want to move away from either affiliate network (if you wish to succeed):

Don’t get me wrong, the opportunity to make money with either network is there and there are definitely many affiliates making a good income, but the key to their success in my opinion is this:

They either LOVE the niche topic (likely MMO) or they have a lot of experience in promoting products so they have become good at doing it.

If you’re someone who isn’t specifically into the make money online niche and have other interests in life, I would suggest you avoid the Warrior Plus network.

Regarding Clickbank, yes you have more options and it would be worth considering signing up there more, but there are a lot of niches out there that you can profit from for which Clickbank might not be the best suited network for you. Let me give you an example:

If you love mountain bikes, you’re way better off signing up with programs like Amazon Associates or Avantlink since they will give you access to promoting mountain bikes and similar products.

This is also the case for a PLETHORA of profitable affiliate niches out there and while most of them will not pay as well as Clickbank does, the truth is that the profit of a niche depends in large part to your passion for it and if you don’t have it and choose to promote a product on another network which you have no interest in, you’re very likely to fail in the process whereas promoting products you love, in niches you love results in more traffic, more sales and more success coming your way.

The key to finding your unique niche (and affiliate network):

If you’re seeking to make money as an affiliate, your first mission is to find YOUR niche, then find an affiliate program that allows you to promote products in that niche. The great news is that you don’t need to settle for just 1 network, but I would highly suggest you settle (at least at first) for 1 niche (and again, one that you love).

To make this all work, starting from the niche selection to the point where it’s become a profitable affiliate business for you, there is no better program for teaching this than Wealthy Affiliate, and out of all the programs I’ve seen that teach making money online, that is one of the few that does it right and offers high quality training for students. You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here to see specifically how it helps you do that.

10 thoughts on “Warrior Plus vs Clickbank – Which is Better For Affiliates?”

  1. Thanks for this great information on Click Bank and Warrior Plus. I have tried Click Bank a couple of times but I agree there are not many products on there that I feel 100 percent comfortable promoting.  

    I have never checked out Warrior Plus but I think it sounds like it is at least worth having a look at. I agree that these programs offer high commission rates, but you really have to search to find a product you feel comfortable promoting.  

    I have been using Amazon’s affiliate program for my blog because I am promoting craft supplies, but I would like to start promoting some higher-end products.  

    What other affiliate program would you suggest for higher-end products that may be more legit than the ones offered on Clickbank or Warrior Plus? 

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Ashley, depending on your niche, you can find plenty of high end affiliate networks to work with. Your current site is based on craft supplies, so I don’t know really know how high end you can go with what you can promote other than craft making machines perhaps? If you choose to start a new niche site, you can find plenty of options and here’s a few good affiliate networks to consider.

      For your existing one, the first one that I would consider is Etsy and Commission Junction.

  2. Hi Vitaliy, I really appreciate your comments and opinions on both clickbank & warrior plus. I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing, having used my everyday business website(s) as a platform for learning online skills. 

    During this time I’ve dabbled in and looked at various programs. I agree that an awful lot of rehashed garbage is promoted via warrior plus, the emphasis seems to be make a quick buck & move on. Whereas Clickbank has a large amount of poor products to offer. Neither interests me to be honest. I prefer to offer products or information I can relate too. I think promotion of such items comes across to your potential customer much better if you adhere to this stance. .

    • Hi Alan, this is a great way to look at it and it’s all the more reason why I see a lot of success in your future with affiliate marketing following that principal. If you haven’t already done, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program as they will show you how this is done.

  3. Hi Vitaliy

    Wow your article definitely brings back memories! Moons ago I used to use Clickbank. I do think you have to buy the product you’re trying to promote or at least try and get a copy of it, from the vendor. We all know what quality is! 

    More often than not Clickbank vendors fail to deliver on that front. No one wants to pay $99 for some rehashed eBook. Warrior Plus is pretty limited in what they have to offer unless you love make money online products.

    You’re quite right in that you should sell things you love. It’s much easier to review, you’re on topic, your content reads better. The bonuses are endless. Great read down memory lane for me! 


    • Hi Shelley! So in some cases, I’d recommend buying the Clickbank product if you truly love it, but many times the vendor will give you access to the product for free and other insider things if they know you’re promoting it.

      Other times, you can pretty much deduce what the product is based on the sales page and I have just gathered so much experience in the MMO niche that when I see products on that front in Clickbank and Warrior Plus, I immedietly know what’s up and don’t need to buy them to review it. Of course if I am wrong (which rarely happens), I always issue corrections and encourage people to let me know where I’m wrong. 

      I have written a post on how to review affiliate products if you don’t own them and I recommend checking that out.

  4. I was doing research on wealthy affiliate before I started. I came across your post which also talks about clickbank, I opened an account years ago, I don’t know when it will be close the account if you can answer me please? On the other hand for clickbank do we need to invest a lot of money? and for wealthy affiliate I know it doesn’t require a big budget I’m starting. Waiting for your reply, and thank you very much.

    • I don’t think Clickbank closes accounts unless they suspend them. I still have mine up for future purposes and I would keep yours just in case (it doesn’t cost anything). 

      Regarding investing with Clickbank, it depends on what method of marketing you use to promote the products. Some yes, others no. Most of my Clickbank success came from using paid ads to promote the products there, and if you’re new, don’t do that. 

      It does sound like you are very new, so start with Wealthy Affiliate. They help you learn how to promote products online which includes Clickbank products.

  5. Great post. I am not super interested in either of these options but if I was to venture into one of them I would choose ClickBank. I have tried Warrior Plus in the past and I agree, that the products were shady and didn’t seem to even work in many cases. I never found anything on there I would be proud to promote.


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