Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Bank on in 2023

Niche hunting is something I really enjoy doing and because I’ve done affiliate marketing for so long, it’s become an unconscious habit and skill of mine. And today’s list of the top 10 affiliate marketing niches is just one in the long line of lists I make from time to time out of habit.

It’s gotten to a point where I literally look for niches in everything that I experience in life which find interesting. And this habit has led me to personally create multiple sites in various niche topics that have made money (I explain the various niche topics I’ve made money as an affiliate marketer in on my about me page here).

And this habit & skill is also how I came up with this following list, specifically in 2023. So if you are looking to succeed at affiliate marketing, here’s what I can tell you about these niches:

  • Every single one of these niches has incredible potential to profit with via affiliate marketing.
  • They all have lots of low competition keyword opportunities to rank for in Google, YouTube and other places, and make money from.
  • And frankly, they are all unusual and that’s how you can really determine if a niche is good. 

So let’s start the list of the top 10 affiliate marketing niches in 2023:

top affiliate marketing niches in 2022

  1. Taking care of chinchillas.
  2. Taking care of parrots.
  3. Dirt bikes.
  4. Emergency supplies.
  5. Video game commentary, play through niches.
  6. Recovery from injuries niche.
  7. Carnivore diet.
  8. Recovering from skin conditions (acne).
  9. Dry suites (for hiking).
  10. Stopping arthritis.

Now let’s examine each one and see their potential in detail:

1) Taking care of chinchillas:

chinchilla care niche

Chinchillas are adorable animals that are kept as pet, but they do require specific type of care. There countless people who own them, raise them and many owners of these pets have 0 clue about how to take care of them.

If I am one an owner of a chinchilla, I love my pet and want it to live well, but I have no clue about how to do that, I’m going to have to educate myself.

And to do that, I’ll be browsing Google and YouTube to get that info (as will many other owners). I’ll look up search terms such as:

  • How long do chinchillas live?
  • How to take care of chinchillas.
  • What the best foods are to feed them.
  • How to train them.
  • Ect…

And if I can find a website (never mind if it is an affiliate page or not) that answers these questions, you can bet that I’ll trust that site to give me advice on what to buy for my chinchilla (which I happily will). 

Now this is where we segway into the affiliate opportunity:

If you happen to be someone who loves, owns or has owned a chinchilla, starting a personal blog on raising them and even creating a YouTube channel on raising chinchillas is going to really be a profitable move for you. You’re welcome to search for blogs and videos on this subject, but I’ll give you one to show the potential:

Here is a simple video search I did on YouTube on the subject of taking care of chinchillas and look at how many views one of these videos got:

chinchilla niche

That’s nearly 400,000 views and I am SHOCKED the person in that video isn’t doing any affiliate marketing, running YouTube ads or even just trying to monetize the YouTube video for some change! He could have made SO much money off this video if he wanted to.

But that’s OK because if this is your chosen niche, then you’re going to make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

How can you bank on the chinchilla niche as an affiliate marketer?

1) First, I do recommend be an owner of one or at least owned a chinchilla in the past. 

2) Next, I would recommend you start a YouTube channel and blog where you cover every single thing you possibly can about caring for them.

3) Then in your blogs and YouTube videos, promote things as an affiliate related to chinchillas: Toys, cages, food, supplements, and anything that helps chinchilla owners improve the health of their pet. 

Your MAIN goal with this niche is to make chinchilla owners and their pets live happy lives and believe me, if you can do that, then your affiliate marketing business in 2023 for this niche will be a VERY profitable one.

Read this success guide to affiliate marketing to see the list of things you should focus on with your YouTube and blog to make this or any niche succeed.

And for a specific guide to blogging and affiliate marketing, click here.

2) Taking care of parrots (specific types too):

parrot care niche

There are MANY types of parrots in this world, millions of which are owned as pets: Macaws, cockatiels, cockatoos, ect…

And just like with the chinchilla niche, so many owners of these pets want to provide the best care for them and help them live well and naturally, to save time on vets, they’ll look for advice online, mainly from sites and YouTube videos of other owners of these animals so they can adsorb their experience.

How you can bank on the parrot niche as an affiliate marketer:

If you own or have owned ANY type of parrot, make an affiliate niche site on them. You can elect to make a niche site solely focusing on one type of parrot breed or parrots in general (if you possess good knowledge and experience on how to take care of them in general).

If you have this knowledge, trust me, you’re going to make a lot of money and unlike the chinchilla niche, I think I don’t need to provide that extra proof of how popular this niche is by showing you videos and blogs on this subject. 

Covering subjects on your channel and site on:

  • How long parrots live (or how long specific types of parrot breeds live).
  • How to teach them to talk.
  • How to teach them to stay on your shoulder or hand.
  • How to teach them tricks.
  • Ect…

Are all topics that are coming automatically to me as being the most popular things parrot owners or those looking to own them would search on Google and YouTube and I would not be surprised if top blogs and YouTube videos in this niche were getting 50,000 views and visits a month from parrot owners (if you’re wondering if this niche is too competitive, it is a common question affiliate marketers ask and that link has the answer).

  • And selling things like bird cages, supplements, trackers, guides to teaching your parrot to speak and so wouldn’t be difficult.
  • The commissions of these products alone would be amazing, especially selling bird cages which are high ticket
  • Making YouTube videos and selling affiliate products like guides to raising parrots would make good money too.

At this point, I’m almost jealous I don’t own a parrot because I’d have a good reason to make an affiliate site for this niche that would make good money…

3) Dirt bikes niche:

dirt bike niche

Dirt bikes are a very interesting niche topic because it is something where you can’t really sell the whole bike itself, BUT you can promote:

  • Parts of it as an affiliate.
  • Promote guides and accessories on how to fix it.
  • Promote safety accessories such as jackets, pants, special shoes, helmets, ect….

This niche like any other on this list REQUIRES that you actually be someone who rides dirt bikes and knows a lot about them.

This is a very serious niche topic in that people who are interested in it will likely not trust or buy from if they don’t know that you are a legit dirt bike rider.

But if you are, and again, start a blog or YouTube channel for dirt bike topics, you are also going to see some awesome profits in 2023 for this niche. Also this is an outdoor topic, and there are many outdoor niches to consider starting an affiliate marketing business off in 2023 (and beyond).

4) Emergency supplies (for that potential disaster):

emergency supplies niche

Even before the events of 2020 took place, the niche of emergency supplies has always been popular and even after bad times end and people have less worries, this niche is still going to be huge.

Cataclysms, uncertain market events, wars, and who knows what else occur all the time and there are people are literally looking to prepare for that. 

Hence the niche topic of being prepared for an emergency, whether it be a virus outbreak, a natural disaster, a zombie outbreak (yes there are niche sites for this too), economic destruction, or something else is always popular.

And I promise you, there’s millions of people who are actively prepping for these things all over the world.

And if you are someone who is prepared for a disaster and/or has been through one and has experience in properly adjusting for them, a niche site on this subject can really be profitable especially during the times when these issues are their peak.

There’s nothing ethically wrong in my opinion with helping people (properly) prepare for emergencies and considering crazy events do happen, it’s better to be prepared than having to fight for supplies at the store or worse, having to deal with empty shelves.

The affiliate opportunities for this niche:

You can promote food supplies, survival supplies, equipment, accessories for keeping the power up, and more.

You can promote these supplies on things like:

There’s SO many potential supplies you can sell in this niche, that it’s ridiculous.

I’ve personally bought up 1 month’s worth of food which has a very long shelf life, just in case and so have many other people, so much so that sites which sell these things are actually delayed in shipping out these supplies and this kind of stuff happens everywhere there are natural disasters or turmoil that is imminent.

I‘m not usually a fan of profiting from turmoil type events, but this is one of those cases where you’re helping people prepare for a very realistic event that could occur.

Most people are totally unprepared for disaster and even though they are rare, when they strike, most people are caught off guard and this can truly lead to bad times happening, something which you can help people avoid with a niche site preparing them for this type of event.

5) Blog posts and videos on video game franchises:

video game blogging niche

Depending on how much into video games you are, this niche may or may not impress you, but trust me, it can be profitable. In order to explain how that is, let me give you context:

There are constantly new video games being released for consoles and computers and some of them have truly become very popular with their own franchises arising and masses of people following them.

2 of these examples are:

  • Resident Evil 3, the remake.
  • And the Last of Us 2. 

They are 2 of the most anticipated games to be released in 2023 and because they both have large followings and popularity, there are YouTube channels and blogs creating content in preparation for this.

The people who run these videos and blogs cover all sorts of topics on these games including fan fiction, fan theories, giving their takes on the latest news, reviewing the games themselves and so on and these videos are getting well above 50,000 views PER VIDEO and the blogs are likely also getting 1,000’s of visits as well.

And this type of stuff happens every single year with regards to video games, which is why if you love these 2 video games, I would seriously recommend you make a blog and YouTube channel talking about these games and various topics that are part of these franchises. You’re going to get a lot of visitors from them.

Where the affiliate opportunity for this niche occurs:

You can definitely promote merchandise pertaining to these games and you can even run display ads on your site/YouTube channel for them. 50,000 views on a YouTube video can make you a few $100 from display ads alone and you combine this with affiliate marketing promotions. That’s just a taste of the opportunity in this niche. 

6) Recovering from injuries:

injury recovery niche

It’s probably impossible to accurately determine how many people get injured from random things, sports or accidents, but when they do, there is always a looming demand to recover as fast as possible.

Many people who get injured look up ways to recover from them, from looking up inflammation reducing supplements to exercises that improve mobility and regeneration. And there’s also a lot of people who cannot afford to go to the doctor, physical therapist, ect…

And a niche site covering how to recover from different types of injuries is a massive opportunity. I personally have experienced many types of injuries, from back pain to knee pain, migraines muscle pulls/tears and so on and each time, I researched how to recover from these things.

Personally, one of the best things I’ve ever done is focused on a particular way of eating to reduce inflammation and improve circulation to speed up healing and I say this because if you have experience in recovering from injuries, you can become someone who helps others with that.

Where the affiliate opportunity arises with this particular niche:

Promoting exercise equipment, guides on flexibility training, regeneration and selling supplements like omega 3 formulas, CBD oil and other similar things that are good at healing people can really be a profitable promotion for you in this niche.

One thing I would strongly suggest is that you don’t only try to sell people products, but to also give them good content and free ways they can reduce their injuries. This is very important because free, and good content that people read will help them trust you more and that will help them feel comfortable in buying from your site.

It’s one of the main things I talk about with regards to writing affiliate product reviews that sell

7) Carnivore diet:

carnivore diet niche

The carnivore diet has been around for a long time, but in my experience, in the past few years at least, has become very popular through people from people like Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and even health coaches talking about it. 

This is actually a diet that has anti inflammatory effects supposedly (which you can tie into the above niche on inflammation by the way) and it’s one that is also said to have great health effects if people stick to it, although with these types of niche sites, be careful in offering medical advice if you’re not qualified (make it clear that is the case!).

The affiliate opportunities:

I would first recommend you be someone who has tried this diet and believes in it before you start promoting stuff in it and I would also speak to a doctor if you’re considering doing this. But be absolutely sure to include a disclaimer about this diet so people know to be careful.

But anyway, a niche site where you talk about YOUR personal experience with the carnivore diet and compare it to other diets as well, presents opportunities such as selling books on this diet and how to do it. 

8) How to get rid of a particular skin condition:

skin condition niche

How many serious or annoying skin conditions can you think of? I can name a couple: Acne, eczema, warts, hives and more. But any niche site you can make on these skin conditions where you help people get rid of them can be profitable.

I remember in the old affiliate marketing days, guides on how to stop these particular conditions were HUGE sellers and because this problem was and continues to exist, that is still going to be the case.

The affiliate opportunities for helping people get rid of skin conditions:

Now I would only suggest you make a niche site and YouTube on clearing a particular skin condition that isn’t super serious. I would never recommend you make a site on stopping skin cancer or other things that truly serious. That sort of stuff requires very serious, medical expertise so focus on skin conditions that are not that serious and have a lot of treatment options.

These treatment options would be your affiliate opportunities. Things like guides to getting rid of “enter skin condition here” and/or supplements that help clear up the skin, to creams that do that and more would be good niche sites and YouTube channel content to create videos on.

You can literally just run through one product review after another on what helps people clear up a certain skin condition and that itself could build up your affiliate business but I do suggest you be someone who has been through the skin condition you are helping people resolve because that WILL help with sales.

9) Dry suites for hiking.

I discovered this micro niche a year ago when I went on a hike through Zion National Park. One of the trails I tried to complete there was called the Narrows, which required I walk through water for several miles and it was unbearably freezing.

However, I did manage to make it far enough and meet a few people who were also doing the trail, but they were FAR more prepared. They wore what are known as dry suites which basically insulate and protect their body from the cold, allowing them to hike these types of trails without any problem. 

I later discovered that I could have rented such a suite for myself for about $50 a day, and if I wanted to buy it, it could cost me as much as $800. I promise you that anyone who travels through these types of trails would easily spend money on these types of products and I am certainly going to be renting one of these suites the next time I go.

Where the affiliate opportunity arises:

If you become an affiliate for Amazon, you’ll be able to promote dry suites for free and since each one costs so much money, a single commission can easily be worth a lot. 

And this niche of dry suites also has other branches such as wet suites and other accessories such as fishing suites people wear, all of which can be tied into a single niche site.

You can write blog articles on how to properly navigate difficult trails which require these sorts of suites and even review them but these things are in demand and the types of products you can sell to hikers and people interested in covering exotic trails like The Narrows.

10) Stopping arthritis:

arthritis niche

This is a niche topic that will likely always be in any sort of top 10 list (because it’s an evergreen niche), and it’s mainly because the problem of arthritis isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately. It affects athletes, elderly people, and anyone who has specific conditions like lyme disease (I suffered from arthritis because of this).

The point being is that there are numerous micro niche audiences who suffer from the main niche problem (topic) which is arthritis and I can tell you from personal experience that this sort of problem can be very profitable for an affiliate marketer, and it’s a problem you need to truly be passionate about helping people clear up, ethically.

Usually problem niches, especially pain related topics are much easier to make affiliate sales from, which often corrupts affiliates into selling overly expensive products to their audience that really doesn’t help solve the problem.

Having personally experienced arthritis in my knees and knowing what helps and doesn’t help combat it, I can tell you that I would be very naive in believing anyone who offered me a solution to this problem when I had it, but I also could have easily been fooled into buying garbage that didn’t help me.

And this is something that mass audiences in this niche are also likely to do, so don’t manipulate them.

You really need to think of this particular audience from a position where you are TRULY seeking to help them and you’re going to want to provide them with inexpensive solutions.

The affiliate marketing opportunities for this niche explained:

I would honestly stay away from any affiliate promotions that are high ticket when it comes to this niche. In this niche, you can really make a lot of low ticket sales that add up and this can bring about both a great income and good feeling in knowing you are truly helping people with a serious condition.

For example:

  • Promoting legitimate books on stopping arthritis. 
  • Selling creams that contain arthritis reducing elements like MSM, DMSO and glucosamine chondroitin.
  • Selling potent omega 3 supplements like fish and krill oil. 
  • Informing people about which foods trigger inflammation and which ones reduce it and help reduce arthritis (omega 3 rich foods are very helpful in reducing arthritis pain).

And since I’m speaking from experience, I know about these products and how well they work so if you are going to be starting an affiliate business via trying to help people with arthritis, mark these products down. Your audience will thank you. 

And I’ll tell you this, since this niche is so popular and the problem is so widespread, there are TONS of topics and products to blog about and review, but you should make it your goal to only sell the best products because again, at it’s core, your job as the affiliate isn’t to sell, it’s to help fix problems (arthritis) and this is what will make you successful.

2 other things that WILL help with selling products in this niche are:

  • If you actually experience or have experienced arthritis and can blog/make YouTube video content on this (relating sells).
  • If you actually used the products and they really helped with your arthritis pain (this is ethical).

Time to unveil a “secret” about these “top 10” affiliate marketing niches:

Very early on in this article, I explained that I came up with these niches because it’s been a habit of mine to find them for year.

Just by reading that last sentence, you may assume that I came up with these 10 affiliate marketing niches randomly and that this kind of negates the whole “top 10” thing.

Well guess what? You’re right.

Now before you claim I deceived you, I’m going to prove that isn’t so, and that’s because the truth is, there is actually no such thing as a universal top 10 list of niches in this world and that’s because:

  • There are actually countless profitable niches out there, WAY beyond 10. 
  • The top ones are actually subjective to YOU because everyone has their own niche or list of niches they’d bank on.

It is entirely possible that you may read this article and find that 1 or even a few niche topics would be perfect for you to start doing affiliate marketing with.

Contrarily, you may also read this list and think NONE of these niches are suitable for you to profit from.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether this niche list is perfect for you or not. The whole point of it was to:

  • Show you how to look for them.
  • And to show you how to do affiliate marketing with them.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve read other blogs about niche topics, that it’s likely most if not all of them covered the most overused ones out there, some of which aren’t even niches (how many blogs talk about that weight loss and dieting as being a niche?).

The truth is, most affiliate marketers don’t really understand or know what niches really are which is why I made such an unorthodox list.

These 10 I gave you are all niches and they are all profitable and if any I gave you here are truly ideal for you, I’m glad that’s the case and I hope in 2023, you’re going to build your own profitable affiliate business out of it.

But if none of the niches on this list resonate with you, this is where I want to offer my help and you can get it by simply commenting below on what topics or interests you have, so I can produce your own top 5 or 10 list of niches that would be perfect for you to begin affiliate marketing with.

So if that is the case, comment away and thanks for reading!

Note: Want to see high ticket niches that are also popular in 2023?

Not all of the ones on this list can make high ticket sales, but recently, I made another list of 10 niches that are all high ticket, that you can research and possibly start your business with. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Bank on in 2023”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    Could You please provide the affiliate platforms from where I could promote products related to arthritis.


    • Hi Vikash, my first thoughts would be these networks:

      1) Clickbank (see if they have an eBook or program about arthritis). You may find some good commission rates for it.

      2) Amazon Associates (see if they sell supplements for arthritis).

      3) Commission Junction. See if there’s any programs related to that stuff.

      4) Vitacost (it’s part of Commission Junction). They also sell supplements, including ones for arthritis.

  2. This is a very interesting post. What other animals would be good niches to target besides parrots and chinchillas? 

    Chinchillas would never have occurred to me. That one was surprising, but so were a few other niches you mentioned. I will be looking at some of them. Very good to know. 

    I’m not into gaming, so I will have to pass on that one, although I know that that is a huge one. 

    The emergency supplies niche probably does really well right now. What about stress? It’s a common issue nowadays. Would that be a good niche?

    • Hi Christine, so for your first question, I can tell you that any none traditional pet will make for a great niche to target. 

      For example: Pot belly pigs, turtles, snakes, mice, ect…

      And regarding stress, yes this is a bit of an open ended niche because there’s so many things which cause it. You can set up a website and basically review stress reduction methods, products and techniques.

      The only drawback I see with this is that because this is such a broad topic, that it can get competitive, which is why a better option would be to target a subject that causes stress and make that your niche choice. 

      I would brainstorm this by thinking about all the specific topics that give you stress and decide which one you are best equipped with dealing with personally, that you can also help others deal with in the same subject.


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