My Review of Jeff Lerner – Is He Really Legit?

I have a bit of experience (and history) with Jeff Lerner and in this post, I’d like to give you my thoughts on the guy and whether or not he’s legit or a scammer and without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it:

Some people will call him a fraud, others will say he’s awesome. I’m just going to be giving you what I see and being objective about it:

First, here’s 5 quick things to know about my thoughts on Jeff Lerner:

jeff lerner review 01

1) I don’t think he’s a scammer or a fraud (I would need to see some real evidence of that). He basically teaches people to make money online (via things like affiliate marketing, and starting online businesses in other areas under the term digital real estate).

2) However, I’m not exactly a “happy customer” with what I’ve experienced from his products/services (more on that below).

3) I already make money online in many of the methods he teaches people so I can lend an experienced view on this stuff. In short, I can tell if what he teaches is total nonsense or actually legitimate.

4) Altogether, I have YET to see any product/service from Jeff Lerner that I can confidently recommend and while I am keeping an open mind in case that ever changes, I believe there are FAR better options out there.

5) Long story short, Jeff Lerner has a main program known as Entre Institute and I do believe it works, but it’s super expensive and the same methods taught there, you can learn in places like Wealthy Affiliate, which teach it for way less (also more on this later).

But with all this said, I’d like to actually dive in to the details and give you evidence so you can understand all of this. Let me start with some positives:


  1. Jeff really is successful in online business. He’s actually a real person who you can look up.
  2. I do think some of Jeff’s YouTube videos have value (and they’re free to try).
  3. He seems like a decent guy to me.
  4. Jeff currently has (by my count) 3 free eBooks he provides people who want to learn about succeeding in business.
  5. He has run other businesses (or still does) so he has a lot of experience.


  1. In my opinion, a lot of Jeff’s marketing is very cheesy and hyped (acting, big houses, ect… just doesn’t vibe with me).
  2. The same 3 eBooks I mentioned in the pros, in my opinion are very low quality reads (I read them all).
  3. Jeff has a main program called Entre Institute. I tried one of the options and wasn’t happy with it.
  4. Jeff’s Entre Institute’s full price is $3,997 and I personally think that is too expensive and there’s better alternatives.
  5. When I joined his program, I was ticked off because I was contacted a lot by his team (I felt like I was being spam called, emailed and more). I absolutely detest that kind of marketing. It feels pushy, desperate and annoying.

Reviews of Jeff Lerner (what others are saying):

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In my personal experience, it’s tough to find legitimate and objective reviews of Jeff Lerner. From what I’ve seen, most of the reviews out there are on either side. For example:

The negative reviews: If you go to certain videos, sites and forums, you’ll see a number of people saying he’s a scammer and fraud.

The problem with those reviews is that that’s all they say for the most part. I’ve rarely ever seen anyone back up claims like that, which is why unless there’s proof, you can’t take them seriously. There are however exceptions in my opinion like this YouTube video on Jeff Lerner, but the point is, it’s easy to throw labels at people, but if you’re going to believe anyone, you need to ask for proof.

For more positive ones: If you go to review pages of Jeff Lerner like this, you’ll get reviews which in my opinion aren’t all that amazing. They basically paraphrase who Jeff is, his program, claims and don’t really offer any serious insights as to whether or not it’s legitimate. I could just as easily head over to a Wikipedia page on Jeff Lerner, paraphrase what I see there, and call it a “review”.

In short, it’s not easy to get accurate info out there on the guy. So if anyone’s review is to be believed, I think it needs one or more factors:

  • First you need a person who has tried his stuff to share their opinion.
  • Second, you need someone who is actually experienced in the same subject so they can let you know if it’s bogus or not.
  • There’s some Trustpilot ones here.

I personally think I have both these factors in place. And let me show you why:

Details on my history with Jeff Lerner:

jeff lerner team contacting me proof 01

From the beginning:

My first introduction to Jeff Lerner came from seeing a YouTube Ad where he pitched a free eBook called The Millionaire Shortcut. I read it quickly and frankly did not like it. It was very hyped, generalized and lacked what I consider high quality info.

The thesis is: Copy success stories in digital real estate to succeed at digital real estate.

However, this eBook pitched his Entre Institute program and I joined it for an introductory price of $39 (I have a detailed review of it linked below). Some materials inside this program were OK (nothing spectacular), but overall, there were several issues:

  1. First, there wasn’t really much if any training (too much mindset talk).
  2. Second (and I’ll say it again), I detested the annoying calls and texts.
  3. Third, my $39 membership was really just a lot of prep video teaching about potentially making money online.
  4. Fourth, the “full” methods that would be taught would be taught if I purchased the $3,997 program.
  5. Fifth, there are 3 methods Jeff teaches, all of which I have intermediate-extensive experience with and in short, you don’t need to pay so much to learn it (it’s affiliate marketing, creating e-Courses and digital agencies).

what happened when I joined jeff lerners program 07And finally, with the fact that I didn’t feel like I got nearly enough value at any point in the funnel, I certainly wasn’t going to spend big money on Entre.

There is a bit to explore in the program (the $39 one I tried), but in my opinion, there was too much talk on potential and mindset that it’s just annoying to someone like me who has seen this type of stuff from other high ticket programs out there.

I want to actually see training, a real to do list where I’m building something, not being hyped up for it only to learn I need to pay more to start that seriously.

I don’t let hype determine my purchasing decisions in the make money online sphere and in my opinion, I witnessed too much of that here.

Future experiences with Jeff Lerner’s stuff. Did it get any better? The general answer is no (here’s why):

1) First, I decided to leave Entre for the above reasons.

2) I was still contacted at least once more by his staff after I told them to stop doing it.

3) Jeff released a “new eBook” later on called Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire and unless I’m blind, I literally see no difference between that and Millionaire Shortcut (it’s basically the same content with no new value added). That just seemed cheap to me. What’s the point of having 2 eBooks if the content is basically the same?

4) Jeff released another new eBook and this time it’s actually unique. It’s called No Degree Success Secrets, which I also read and to be honest, it too wasn’t that high quality either.

5) I had one case of a member of Entre Institute comment on my review of it and tell me I’m wrong. I gave a response to her question point by point and they never responded back to me. You are welcome to check out that “debate” in the link and draw your own conclusions.

My personal conclusions and opinions on Jeff Lerner:

Again, I think Jeff is legit. He did indeed make a lot of money online, he is a real person and perhaps the main program he sells to people works very well (I wouldn’t be surprised), but:

1) My goodness is it TOO EXPENSIVE. Also one of the links I left above to another site giving a review on Jeff Lerner mentioned other price points in Entre that may even be bigger. I personally don’t know anything about that, I’m just pointing out what I saw there.

2) And the PRE SELL to the program can use MASSIVE improvements folks! Here’s what I mean:

  • I wish Jeff was less about the hype and more substantive in his teachings (and it was available in more places).
  • Without a doubt, PLEASE stop with the annoying contacting for people who join Entre Institute.
  • I’d love it if Jeff could release some decent eBooks on succeeding online that aren’t short/low quality.

Other questions about Jeff Lerner:

How did Jeff Lerner make his money?

Jeff Lerner is an online businessman and has made a lot of his money from different methods such as affiliate marketing and also teaching people how to succeed via his Entre Institute program.

Is Jeff Lerner’s course legit?

I do believe Jeff Lerner’s course is legitimate but the prices to access the top tiers of it are too much in my opinion and this is one of the reasons I do not recommend the program.

How much does Jeff Lerner program cost?

I purchased Jeff Lerner’s program for $39, then had a near $4,000 upsell to buy. I have also been told and have seen other people and sources say there are even further, more expensive costs later.

Alternatives: You can succeed with what Jeff teaches, but from way better places in my opinion!

Need specific examples of what I consider good quality stuff? Oh I’ve got plenty:

  1. Firstly, Lurn and Anik Singal offer a lot of value in free eBooks they give out (Inbox Inc is one of many examples).
  2. Ivan Mana. He’s awesome and does what I would say is very substantive training on making money online.
  3. Most of all, I trust in the people who created Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) because they too offer even more than anyone above put together in free, quality info that people can try. I promote this but you can see their value at no risk because they’re free to try.

Why I recommend the last option (Wealthy Affiliate) most:

  • The program will teach you the same things Jeff would in his Entre program.
  • Again, it’s free to test drive and super cheap if you decide to go to the next level.
  • There’s much more this program has to offer (success stories, best support, tools and more), and you can find more in this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

jeff lerner alternative wealthy affiliate 09

Altogether, I do wish Jeff the best as he does strike me as a decent person, but until I see the value and prices of his stuff vastly improve, I’m going to maintain my current opinion. For me, the experiences with him and his stuff have just not been good so far.

If there is anything I was incorrect about, you’re welcome to debate/correct me below. I’m always open to updating my views on people and their programs, including Jeff’s.

2 thoughts on “My Review of Jeff Lerner – Is He Really Legit?”

  1. I’m glad your breaking it down cause I’m injured back left leg I don’t need to be be scammed for the little i have by guys like Jeff leaner Grant Cardone or anyone else selling common knowledge you can research yourself or here kudos my good man! God bless!

    • No problem. I’m sure everyone has value to offer in this world, but building a business is tough and a process. This is something you need to know before you get involved with any opportunity (and also do research on the program and person making it just in case).


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