Clickbank vs JVZoo. Where Can You Make More Money?

I have a lot of experiences with both the Clickbank and JVZoo networks, especially as an affiliate. In this post, I want to share my experiences with both of these places and let you know which one is better for you to use and potentially make good money from.

The aquick spark notes about this subject on Clickbank vs JVZoo:

  1. Clickbank is generally easier to start with.
  2. Both networks offer opportunity to make good money for affiliates (high commissions).
  3. I think both networks need to stop letting low quality programs be there.
  4. I honestly advise looking past either network if you’re serious about making money online.

These 4 points will be explained in far more detail as you read this post so they’re given more context.

clickbank vs jvzoo

My experiences with Clickbank:

clickbank opportunity for making money explained

I used this network for many years and made six figures, mostly as an affiliate promoting several different products in different categories.

I also have a little bit of experience in being a partner to a vendor on Clickbank.

Overall, I used to be a full time affiliate for this network until I moved over to promoting outside of it, in places like Amazon Associates, as well as Wealthy Affiliate and Avantlink.

Clickbank has many good things about it, but they do need to clean up their marketplace as it’s often filled with a lot of questionable products and while I can’t speak for all of them, here’s at least 2 I’ve reviewed on this website that I couldn’t recommend (or promote):

But other than this, I have mainly enjoyed my experiences with Clickbank and have more good things than bad to say about it and even the bad ones were easily fixed.

My experiences with JVZoo:

jvzoo money making opportunity explainedI don’t actually promote JVZoo products but because I am involved in reviewing make money online products (which JVZoo is known for having), I have purchased many of them over the years from this network and reviewed them, particularly on my old make money online site.

Overall, the network is pretty good and has opportunity for both affiliates and IM product creators, but their lack of a quality central support and extra red tape in getting approval to promote products, plus there being a lot of questionable internet marketing products never made me want to get too involved with this place.

I have had some experiences where rare products I’ve reviewed that came from JVZoo were really good (I can say the same for Clickbank too by the way).

I do promote a few make money online programs, but none of them have to do with this network. I do often review JVZoo products and if they don’t meet my standards for good quality products, I’ll promote Wealthy Affiliate instead of them.

The 4 main areas where Clickbank is better than JVZoo:

I have a detailed report on Clickbank’s affiliate program here, but overall:

1) It’s more beginner friendly in my opinion to get started here than with JVZoo.

2) It’s easier and faster to generate affiliate links on Clickbank. With JVZoo, you have to get permission from the vendor whose product you wish to promote first.

3) You have more options with Clickbank and what you can promote (more niche promotion options).

4) I think the support of Clickbank is way better and more reliable than JVZoo’s support. With JVZoo, they honestly don’t do much except tell you to contact a vendor if you’re having issues.

They have some negatives but overall, this is one of my favorite affiliate networks to work with (even though I don’t use it much anymore).

The 2 main areas where JVZoo is better than Clickbank:

1) You’ll find way more internet marketing related products on JVZoo than Clickbank. JVZoo is just known to be one of the top hubs for internet marketing products in this industry. Another one in this field is Warrior Plus and vs Clickbank, I would say it’s not as good.

2) Certain internet marketing vendors and affiliates who promote in this niche make a full time living promoting one or the many new products that come out in JVZoo (this happens daily) so if you’re in the internet marketing niche or things related to it, you will have more promotional options here.

In my opinion, Clickbank has more advantages over JVZoo:

I listed 4 main ones for Clickbank and only 2 for JVZoo, but this is my subjective point of view and you’re welcome to tell me your points if you agree or disagree below.

I do not discount that both networks have the potential to make you good money but depending on a few things, you may find one network to be better than the other. For instance:

  • If you’re not into the make money online niche, you’re better off with Clickbank or other networks that aren’t JVZoo.
  • If you are into the make money online niche, you will be able to have more promotional opportunities with JVZoo than Clickbank.

You can also be an affiliate for both networks and promote whatever you think is worthwhile to your audience.

Thinking outside the box (go beyond just Clickbank and JVZoo):

If you’re an affiliate, you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to only these 2 networks.

Yes they have nice commission potentials, but I’ve run across so many people who shouldn’t be involved with either network that see they both pay high commissions, get into them, don’t know how to market any of their products and fail.

For example:

Let’s suppose you love laptops and want to promote them. You really wouldn’t be able to leverage either of these networks because none would offer the ability to promote laptops.

However, if you became an Amazon affiliate or perhaps a Best Buy affiliate (part of the Commission Junction network I believe), you would have that opportunity.

What you should do:

  • Find products you really love to promote (don’t even think about affiliate networks or commissions yet).
  • Find an affiliate network that lets you promote them.
  • Register with that affiliate network and then start promoting those products.

Most people don’t think this far ahead and think that just because places like JVZoo or Clickbank “can” pay you big, doesn’t mean you will actually be able to do this. The people who succeed most with these networks know how to promote and market products and they also have a lot of experiences when they do this.

If you don’t possess this or don’t have any passion or interest in promoting these products other than just making money from them, then you have no business getting involved in this and that’s something very few people will tell you.

How to succeed with Clickbank, JVZoo or any other network out there:

At the end of the day, if you have education in how to properly promote products (ones you love), then the rest becomes easier and that education is not something you’ll be able to find easily, but because you’re smart and are on this website right now, it’s going to be easy.

Here’s why:

To get amazing education on how to promote things online (through things like YouTube, social media and blogging for example), start wtih the Wealthy Affiliate program.

This is where I learned to become a successful promoter across multiple affiliate networks, including Clickbank, Amazon, Avantlink and more and you will also learn this skill correctly!

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