My Warrior Plus Review – 4 Reasons I’m Not a Big Fan

In this Warrior Plus review, I want to share some important reasons why I, an affiliate marketing expert am not a big fan of this site and 4 reasons why.

Depending on who you hear it from, some consider Warrior Plus to be a goldmine for making money online through promoting MMO products, while others (most notably customers in my experience) call it a scam. So where exactly is the truth in all this?

Well there’s several truths in my opinion and I’m going to give you my objective take on the site, the whole subject of if Warrior Plus is a scam and try to keep it as polite as possible, even though my opinion of the Warrior Plus site aren’t all that positive (believe me, there’s a lot I want to say).

Quick info on Warrior Plus:

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What exactly is Warrior Plus?

It’s a website that basically helps people who are product owners of make money online products host them there and allows affiliates to promote those products.

In short, Warrior Plus is kind of like Clickbank or any other affiliate network you see out there, but a big standout of it vs others is that it’s mostly centered around make money online products.

Is Warrior Plus a scam?

The site itself is not a scam. It offers legitimate opportunities for people who create make money online programs/courses to host them there and also is a “good” option for affiliates to find those products and promote them. There are numerous people and famous affiliate marketers who have made good money through Warrior Plus, including Jono Armstrong of the Ministry of Freedom program.

How much does it cost to sign up with Warrior Plus?

It’s free to become a member.

My personal history with Warrior Plus summarized:

The long and short of it is that when I did a lot of reviews for make money online products, a lot of them came from Warrior Plus. I did purchase many of them and in MOST cases, they were absolutely awful. In some cases, I would even call some of the products I purchased there scams.

However, products on the network and the network itself are 2 different things, and my direct experiences with Warrior Plus were basically me quitting in trying to get refunds/complaints handled because they were basically useless (it’s one of my complaints). Therefore:

My rating for Warrior Plus: 1 out of 5 stars

To fully explain why I give Warrior Plus a low rating, I have to get into the details of the 5 reasons why and so:

Here are my 4 reasons for not being a fan of Warrior Plus:

1) I have seen/bought way too many poor quality MMO programs there:

In my honest opinion, I think there are TOO many bad programs on the Warrior Plus network that in some cases you could argue could be scams.

Personally, I do not see what Warrior Plus does about these programs. I assume they have some sort of filter or qualification in place, but the sheer number of bad programs I’ve seen and have others mention coming out of Warrior Plus used to be shocking and now it’s just the norm. In short, most of the top affiliates I personally know and trust want nothing to do with Warrior Plus or the programs there.

2) Yes you can make money as an affiliate/vendor in Warrior Plus, but is it worth it?

To me it isn’t. A lot of people LOVE to brag about Warrior Plus being an awesome place for making money online and show off their stats, but I have personally seen a lot of these same people and others just spam these offers and use clever copywriting tactics to mask the true value of the promotion they are pushing to make it seem like the garbage being pushed is gold.

I have personally run into this a lot myself, where I will see an amazing sales copy for a program out of Warrior Plus being pushed bragging about so and so program being:

  • Revolutionary.
  • Easy to use and make money online with.
  • Done for you affiliate marketing programs.
  • Extremely beginner friendly and push button.
  • The easy hack to make so and so everyday.
  • Copy and paste type wording to make it sound like it’s a get rich quick scheme.

Then, after buying the said program/s, I would notice the following:

The sales copy and the actual members area and what is taught could not be further apart and the actual value of the program is close to $0 if not that and to get the REAL value, you need to buy upsells.

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3) Upsell schemes are where a lot of the people make their money:

In short, I have found a lot of people use Warrior Plus (both affiliates and product owners) to push extremely low quality and even scam programs and through their upsell schemes promote other garbage to make themselves money that frankly doesn’t serve the customer.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at the Trustpilot score for Warrior Plus and you will notice a eerily similar complaint. Here’s a screenshot to save you the time:

As someone who understands what ethical affiliate marketing looks like, I refuse to participate in this cycle just to make money online.

Note: I am perfectly aware Warrior Plus isn’t the only platform which has this problem. Tons of other popular affiliate networks like JVZoo, Clickbank and many others have this issue. I’ll get to them in another post, but trust me, I didn’t forget about that!

4) Warrior Plus’s customer service/help is very poor in my opinion:

If you have a problem with a program/product you purchased from Warrior Plus, you’d think you can come straight to them and figure things out right? Wrong.

In my experience, when you have an issue with the program you bought and seek a refund, guess you have to contact? The product owner. At least that’s what Warrior Plus’s customer support told me. And this is even prevalent on their own support page:

warrior plus support screenshot is it a scam

What “may be” an improvement is that Warrior Plus might take action against a vendor who has many complaints, but this is a far cry from real support in my opinion. For example, if I have issues with a product I buy on Amazon, guess who I contact? Amazon. And furthermore, I get the refund without issues.

With Warrior Plus, you may as well flip a coin and hope you get a good vendor who doesn’t give you problems (which I have had before). And my only solution to get the refund was to contact my credit card company and dispute it there directly.

My personal conclusions and opinions on Warrior Plus:

best alternative to warrior plus 03In my opinion, Warrior Plus attracts some of the worst make money online schemers I have ever seen, and in my opinion, it’s not because they want to but it’s because they make it so easy for them to do that.

There’s a BIG reason why many people, at least in my circles and TONS of people who have purchased products from Warrior Plus are not happy and because this cycle continues, I would not be surprised if Warrior Plus ultimately suffers in the end (their reputation certainly has so far).

I honestly want to see them succeed, but the way they are doing things now and have been for years is not helping their reputation grow and once again, if you are someone seeking to do business through Warrior Plus, you CAN make money through them, but in my opinion you have to be VERY careful about which products you choose to promote (if you are ethical that is).

And if you do have a valuable make money online product you wish to host, then perhaps Warrior Plus can suite your business needs, but that’s often subjective as many people think that about their products, when in reality they are awful.

Now if you are someone who seeks to make money online through things like blogging or in niches that have nothing to do with the make money online one, I don’t recommend Warrior Plus for this and recommend other/better programs to teach you how that’s done. And the one I recommend most is Wealthy Affiliate for that.

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