How to Find Niche Products to Promote Step by Step

One of the most common issues striving affiliate marketers get stuck on is how to find niche products to promote and I have a step by step tutorial to help you solve this today.

Being that I’ve promoted products in at least a dozen different niche markets over the years and have made sales across the board in these niches, I’ve found a good, ideal way to get this right. Let me start by saying this:

The truth is, a good affiliate marketer should be able to promote:

  • Just about anything (ethical ideally) to any niche audience.
  • At a price point/s where they can get a great commission for the sale.
  • And sell a product or program that also has the buyer in mind and helping them solve a problem.

But finding niche products to promote that fit into all 3 of these categories is rather tough, and I’ve come to understand that there is a central way to make sure all 3 of these things actually get accomplished. And here is a preview:

How to find niche products to promote step by step (5):

how to find niche products to promote 01

  1. List out one or more niches you know a lot about.
  2. Narrow down your list to 1 niche that you know most about.
  3. Create a list of relevant products for your chosen niche.
  4. Filter out each product and focus on ones that pay you the most.
  5. Find affiliate networks that have those products to promote.

In a moment what I’ll do is give you a specific niche, and the products I would be promoting in it to help you use it as reference.

In the end, these steps really boil down to understanding one major point and that is:

“Promote products to a niche you know a ton about”

That’s really all there is to this.

Beyond that though, you do need to understand how to drive traffic to landing pages, create online sales funnels, and I’ll provide you with some tutorials for this in today’s tutorial, but for the most part, this article is going to focus on how to find niche products to promote, and here is a video to supplement the topic:

Now let’s get into the 5 steps and a more comprehensive look at this subject:

1) Create a list of one or more niches you know a lot about:

Any good promotion of a niche product relies on your knowledge of that niche and being able to sell to that audience, and the best place to start is to actually know that niche. In my case, here is a short list I made:

  • How to reduce lower back problems.
  • Boxing gloves.
  • Survival gear for the outdoors.
  • Outdoor niches in general.

I know some or a lot of info on each of the niches above, so this is the list I made.

At this stage of the tutorial, I’m not even thinking about products to promote. They are going to be there, because these niches are popular. All I’m really worried about is “Do I know enough about the niche?” and if the answer is yes, then you can proceed to the next step:

2) Narrow down the niche list to just 1 choice:

And that is going to the niche you know most about. Out of that list, I’m going to choose this one:

How to reduce lower back problems.

I chose this niche for a few personal reasons:

  • I suffered from this problem for 2 years, so I have experience.
  • I tried different products and methods to solve it (also experience and a good brainstorm of products I can promote later).

With these 2 things, I can confidently promote products to the same niche audience by connecting with them in that I also know their pain and problem and know how to solve it (with the products I’ll promote to them).

For starters, focus on just 1 niche because trying to replicate this across several will be very time consuming for beginners.

3) Now is when you create the list of relevant products to promote to the niche:

how to find niche products to promote through youtube

The more you know about the niche, the more products you’ll be able to find to promote to them.

This is why the first 2 steps are so important to have more options at your disposal.

In my case, I have come up with the following options:

  1. Hyperrice Venom (for lower back pain). $174
  2. Hyperrice hypervolt. $519
  3. Penetrix Therapy Cream. $18.95
  4. Aspercreme. $9.98
  5. Acupressure mat. $39.97
  6. Icyhot lidocane patches. $9.98
  7. Pso Rite. $39.99

I can also brainstorm further by Googling and YouTubing “Lower Back Pain products” and find which videos pitch products and find even more ideas that way (see right).

It only took me a few minutes, but I found at least 7 different products I could promote. Some of them are also high ticket products.

Note: Each of these products are popular and can be classified as micro niche products.

Besides off the top of my head, here are other very simple ways to find dozens of other products to promote to in the niche:

  • Do a YouTube search for something like “lower back pain products” or whatever your niche is.
  • Do a Google search for the same exact thing and you’ll find tons of sites and blogs with this info.
  • Go on Amazon, Wal Mart, or whatever other major eCommerce website, type in lower back pain and you’ll find countless products in the niche to promote.

4) Filter out the products you found and focus (for now) on the most expensive ones:

The more expensive the product I wish to promote, the more I can get paid in commissions for it and when it comes to my list above, 2 clear options standout:

  • The Hyperrice Venom. $5
  • And the Hyperrice Hypervolt. $25

I added the potential commission breakdown for each product and the Hypervolt is the clear winner here. I’m going to focus my first product promotion on that.

5) Find affiliate networks where you can promote the product or products from:

I’m going to keep this simple and say that Amazon Associates has this product and I can promote it from there. I’d sign up with them (here’s how to get approved for affiliate networks without a website), get the product link. Here is an example:

how to find niche products to promote with amazon

In addition, you’ll also notice that there’s other products on this screenshot above. I can use those as further ways to find even more products to promote and get an even bigger list going.

And that’s really all there is to this. I would also make sure I don’t discount the other products I listed above, because I can also promote them later on. And these 5 steps can be applied to promote products in any niche.

3 additional steps required to successfully promote your niche products:

From this point, the next stage is to actually promote these products successfully and this is where I’ll cover some brief tips and offer some extra resources to help you get started:

1) Create a landing page or YouTube video promoting the product:

Having a product to promote is honestly easy. Promoting it is not. And you have a few options I’m going to provide resources on:

1) Promote the product on a blog by writing an affiliate product review.

2) Promote the product with a YouTube video review.

2) Use one or more traffic generation techniques to funnel the niche traffic to your promotion:

1) For blogs you need to do keyword research on the product so that it gets traffic. And the blogs case, this is where you’ll want to get as many product reviews on the blog to grow it and have it get traffic.

So that list I made above? I’ll make product reviews for all 7 of the products I found to promote and go even further to cover subjects on stopping lower back pain too. By the way, here is a product review template you can also use to help you with this.

The more content I can get out on my blog on lower back pain, the more niche traffic interested in lower back pain solutions I’ll get.

2) For YouTube videos, honestly the video review is enough to get traffic to it. So just by making the video review, you already have this down.

3) There is a third option which is pay per click ads and in that case, I’d stick to promote the high ticket products like the Hyperrice Hypervolt I showed you above. I’d make an ad and link it directly to the Hypervolt review page.

3) Scale these technique across one or more products to make more money:

1) For blogs, like I said before, the more content I write and the more products I review, the more traffic my blog will get and the more successful promotions I can get under my belt (sales). See copywriting tips I use here to make this possible.

2) For YouTube videos, scaling would mean making even more YouTube videos on the subject or lower back pain relief and reviewing more products in video format.

3) For pay per click ads, this is where I’d only promote the high ticket products and keep things conservative because you do pay the traffic.

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