10 High Ticket Niches For Affiliate Marketers to Profit Off

I’ve come up with 100’s of different niches in my lifetime doing affiliate marketing and to this day I keep finding new ones that blow my mind. At least half of the 10 niches I’ll show you today will probably do that. They are:

  • High ticket niches, meaning the commission payout is huge.
  • Are awesome for affiliate marketers who know how to promote within these niches.
  • There is tremendous opportunity to build an awesome, passive income stream with these niches.

Here are the 10 high ticket niches for affiliate marketers to munch on:

  1. ATV’s.10 high ticket niches for affiliate marketing
  2. BBQ Grills.
  3. Smart Phones.
  4. Scuba Diving Watches.
  5. Hunting Tools.
  6. Surfing Equipment (surf boards).
  7. Mountain Bikes.
  8. Kayaks.
  9. Skiis.
  10. DSLR cameras.

Now before you jump ahead, make sure to read more details on how to properly promote these high ticket products, and that brings me to:

Getting into each high ticket niche, and seeing the affiliate marketing potential:

Note: I’m going to give you my personal advice on choosing these niches and what to do to succeed in them once I finish this list.

1) ATVs

atv niche

Average price range of products: $400-$10,000.

Affiliate commission potential: Up to $100’s per sale.

Description: ATV’s are off road quad vehicles that are designed to drive through anything. Basically tiny monster trucks that are a lot of fun to handle if you’ve ever tried it. But ATV’s are also a popular sport and hobby that millions of people actively do.

Regarding the affiliate potential, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but you can literally promote ATV’s through places like Amazon and that was based on a first time search. I’m certain with a little more exploration, I could have easily found tons more affiliate programs related to promoting ATV’s.

2) BBQ Grills

bbq niche

Average price range of products: $500-$8,000.

Affiliate commission potential: $100’s if not more.

Description: Many households own a BBQ grill and considering how popular this activity is, there are millions of people actively looking up and researching BBQ grills on Google, YouTube and many other locations.

For many households, price isn’t a problem and they are ready to buy the most high end BBQ grill, which for you signals the potential to make a seriously good high ticket affiliate sale.

3) Smart Phones

smartphone niche

Average price range of products: $300-$1,500.

Affiliate commission potential: $20-$70.

Description: If there is one evergreen niche that’s high ticket, it’s the smart phone one. Whether it be iPhones, Google Pixel Phones or Samsung Phones, the average price range of most phones within these 3 companies is over $1,000 and people buy these products in mass yearly, and that includes people who aren’t exactly rich either.

While you can judge how people can recklessly spend money on stuff like this, if they’re going to buy it, you can make a commission from this and one of the best suggestions I can offer for promoting high ticket smartphones is to do it through the classic YouTube affiliate marketing approach. There are many channels doing this and making good money from it.

4) Scuba diving watches (this one blew my mind)

scuba diving watch niche

Average price range of products: $1,000+

Affiliate commission potential: $50 or more.

Description: When I originally researched the niches on this list, I explored this niche first by looking into scuba diving in general, which itself has many high ticket items. But it wasn’t until I saw how much scuba diving watches cost that my jaw dropped from the potential.

This niche is highly none competitive or saturated and for an affiliate marketer who understands these products (all you need to know about saturation in affiliate marketing), to make a blog or YouTube channel reviewing them would probably mean a lot of money coming in.

This is a big niche people, don’t overlook it.

5) Hunting Tools (cross bows for instance)

hunting niche

Average price range of products: $1,000’s.

Affiliate commission potential: $50 or more as well.

Description: There are many varieties of hunting tools, but the one I looked at were cross bows since I have some experience with these. These things can cost $1,000’s and the niche popularity of this specific product in the niche category that is hunting is HUGE, which means people buy this stuff.

6) Surfing equipment (like surf boards):

surf affiliate niche

Average price range of products: $100-$10,000+.

Affiliate commission potential: Up to $100’s per sale.

Description: I shouldn’t have to explain why the niche subject of surfing is popular, so you should have no problem believing me when I say promoting surf boards through affiliate marketing can be a profitable venture.

The prices for beginner boards range in the $100’s while the more high end ones easily cross $10,000 in price tags (and the affiliate commission for a sale like that is juicy indeed!).

7) Mountain Bikes:

mountain bike niche

Average price range of products: $1,000’s to $20,000 or more.

Affiliate commission for each product: Possibly upwards of $500 and more.

Description: I can never write about niches and NOT include mountain bikes in the subject.

They are mesmerizing to me and that is also from an affiliate marketing standpoint. Considering all the mountain bike affiliate programs out there and the popularity of the sport itself, the level of income a successful affiliate can make selling these products is limitless.

8) Kayaks:

kayak niche

Average price range of products: $100’s to $10,000 or more.

Affiliate commission for each product: $20 to $100’s per sale.

Description: I tried kayaking a few times and each time I did, I always had a different one to get used to. I could quickly tell which ones were more stable in the water (not as rocky and more reliable) and being that affiliate marketing is often on my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if you could sell these things.

You can, if it isn’t already clear and considering the types of kayaks available (sports, group, single kayaks and so forth), and the kinds of money people who do extreme kayaking pay for these things, you can tap into a seriously profitable niche market with these.

9) Skis

ski niche

Average price range of products: $100’s to under a $1,000 usually.

Affiliate commission for each product: $10 to possibly $100 per sale.

Description: This is one of the niches on this list where selling only that product isn’t where I’d stop. Yes selling skis is profitable, but what about the special clothing ski people wear? That’s expensive too as are the accessories for skiers, so consider all of this you decide to start promoting in this niche.

10) DSLR cameras:

dslr camera niche

Average price range of products: $1,000 to $50,000 or more.

Affiliate commission for each product: $100 to $1,000’s per sale.

Description: Despite smartphones and much more portable devices able to take videos and pictures these days, there is still a massive niche market out there of people who buy giant cameras with expensive lenses on them.

One in particular are DSLR cameras which are considered to be top notch in the camera world, and all of this can be sold by you, an affiliate marketer.

Understanding how to turn these niches into profit generating businesses:

If you already know how to take any niche and make money from it, then this part isn’t for you. It’s for beginners who need to know where to start.

The key is to associate one or more of these niches with whether or not you actually live it. If you do, then you should be taking this niche, applying training from a program where I personally coach people with affiliate marketing through and building your business.

And if you’re in a spot where you don’t know or aren’t sure any of these 10 niches are something you can bank with, then it’s not a problem, because there are so many more affiliate niche markets you can explore. I also help you find that so comment below and we’ll get started with it!

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