Passive Income Geek Review: Is it Truly Legit?

Let me spare you the wait time: Yes it’s legit and in this Passive Income Geek review, I’ll explain why that is and why I do recommend getting it (among other options that I think are equally as good if not better).

Let me start this review of Passive Income Geek with the following:

This is a bad way to start off a review, but hey honesty is important and here goes: I didn’t buy the program. Now you may be wondering how in the world can I review this program if I didn’t get it.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should take this review seriously:

1) This program teaches the same methods of making money online, and in the same format as my top choice in this business: Wealthy Affiliate.

2) I say this because the Passive Income Geek website literally lays this out on their sales page (and this is right up my alley).

3) I know this works from first hand experience, since I actually do this for a living (see my about me page).

4) And finally, I’m not promoting Passive Income Geek, but I am recommending it so if you choose to join it, I make $0 from that.

Now if you’re still here, let’s get on with this review:

A short summary and review of Passive Income Geek:

Who created Passive Income Geek?passive income geek review

Morten Storgaard.

How much does Passive Income Geek cost?

$299 for a 1 year membership, then $99 every year afterwards. Minor purchases like getting a domain name afterwards are likely to be needed.

What does Passive Income Geek teach?

How to make niche websites rank on Google, get traffic and make money from it through very popular methods including affiliate marketing, display ads and other methods.

Other topics are also included about YouTube, selling websites and more. Basically, you will be building a legitimate online business through Morten’s program.

This type of stuff is extremely familiar to me because I do it too on one or more websites.

My rating for Passive Income Geek: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Passive Income Geek? Yes.

In fact, it’s a big yes because the template laid out by Morten is almost identical to the one I used in Wealthy Affiliate (and still use) to build a passive income online in my own life.

Alternatives? Yes:

passive income geek alternative

Passive Income Geek (a deep dive review):

To start, let me say this: Because I make an income online through the same methods taught in this program, it’s always refreshing to see other programs teach this stuff too (and as of right now, there’s not many, but this is one of them).

You see, I run across a lot of programs that I review which rinse and repeat what I consider to be bad ways of making money online, especially for beginners.

Things like using solo ads, as well as pay per click ads, or even email marketing are all overused, under explained and under contextualized forms of making a passive income which few people can actually pull off when they’re getting started.

And the method taught in this program (as you’ll find out shortly), is very geared towards beginners and gives them a good ladder to walk up to reach making a full time income online, and again, I say this from my own experiences having used this template for years.

So let’s get to it:

How does Passive Income Geek help you make money online?

From the get go, the first step is this:passive income geek inside look screenshot

1) Niche hunting.

Morten helps you find a niche topic to start your business through and though I haven’t seen the full walk through of it, there is enough explanation of it on the sales page of Passive Income Geek to give me enough context to say it works.

In fact, every beginner who is serious about online business needs to start with picking their niche. For reference, see the following articles I’ve personally written up on niches:

2) Website creation:

Morten helps you find a nice domain name and set up your website.

3) Content creation, SEO, and traffic generation:

When you create niche content for a website, you are able to get that content to appear on Google’s 1st page (through proper SEO optimization of course) and this is the next step in the process of what Morten teaches you. He will help you create good content, target keywords, optimize it to help it rank well and get your website traffic.

4) Monetizing the website and making a passive income:

There are numerous options available and Morten correctly (in my opinion) identifies which methods you should focus on to build your passive income. Even before I read this part of the program, I could tell that if Morten was legit, he’d suggest that people focus on 2 things:

  • Display ads.
  • Affiliate marketing.

These 2 methods are tried and tested and make my websites money (as well as for countless others) and this is exactly what Passive Income Geek teaches you to do.

With display ads you are likely going to learn about Google Adsense and possibly Mediavine which can make your website quite a bit of change every month.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll be a promoter of other affiliate networks products making commissions off each sale.

5) Selling your website (your choice):

One of the things I noticed is that Morten shows off some of his websites he sold for a good amount of change, indicating to me that there is likely training on you doing that with your website.

Some people choose to sell their websites even if they are already making money and there is a lot of money to be made from this, which is why it’s also a legitimate way to run your online business. Some people sell their websites and move onto making a new one afterwards.

And in addition to this training, you are also getting access to Morten, the Passive Income Geek community and more to help you along with the process. This basically encapsulates what you’ll be seeing, experiencing and doing in the program.

All of the training in Passive Income Geek is provided in video format with many hours of tutorials/training.

Conclusions about Passive Income Geek:

All things considered, this is a highly recommended program based on what I’ve seen, read and cross referenced with what I know about this stuff.

I’m confidently recommending this program because again, the methods you’re taught in this program align almost identically with what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Passive Income Geek vs Wealthy Affiliate (4 reasons I lean more towards WA):

Despite being very similar programs in terms of their training, there are numerous things I would say give Wealthy Affiliate the edge over Passive Income Geek and here are some of them:

1) Making a niche website in WA is easier (and faster). You get a nice website builder and can even get 1 site free.

2) You’re able to try Wealthy Affiliate free and basically get a good start to this business whereas with Passive Income Geek, the minimum to start is $299 a year.

3) You do get access to a larger and in my opinion more active community (2 million members are inside Wealthy Affiliate).

4) I’d say you get more training and all around more stuff in the WA program overall.

But like I said earlier, I am recommending Passive Income Geek overall so if you came to this review wondering if it’s a scam, it is NOT. It is very legitimate and I strongly believe in it’s creator, and the training to help you make money online.

That being said, I just think you are able to get more in the same realm from Wealthy Affiliate, and for less and that’s just my opinion. Both options are good, so you can decide for yourself which is better and if you have questions, let me know!

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