Entre Institute Review. 3 Reasons I Don’t Recommend it

I joined the very basic level of the Entre Institute to see if they offered me enough quality training and value to justify spending more money on their other packages. Long story short, after seeing what I saw, I wasn’t convinced it was worth it and in this review will explain what you should expect from this program if you decide to join it too.

A summary and quick overview of Entre Institute:

entre institute review


Jeff Lerner.


  • $39 for the most basic membership (where I joined).
  • $297 one time for membership to the Elite Entre membership.
  • $3,997 for the entire Entre Digital Course.
  • I have also had comments from members saying the pricing can hit upwards of $10,000’s in costs.

What does it teach?

Entre Institute teaches 3 primary ways to make an online business: Affiliate marketing, making digital courses and also creating and running a digital agency.

The membership I joined basically pitched me a series of training videos showing the money making potential of each of these online businesses and that if I purchased the Entre Digital Course ($3,997), I would learn about all of this.

Later on in the review, I’ll discuss the details of these things.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Entre Institute? No! Here’s why:

I do not think Entre Institute is a scam, but there’s 2 things that rubbed me the wrong way about this program:

First, they email and call you too much once you sign up to try and get you to talk to their “coach”. I disliked this a lot and felt like I was being spammed too much. I think their coach is going to try and also sell you into the $3,997 opportunity (it’s normal in these businesses).

Second, the $39 membership is really just a presell to buy the main Entre Digital Course for $3,997 and I disliked that pretty much what I got in this membership was a lot of hype and talk about the potential of making an online business vs getting what I consider good training content on the subject.

In short, to me, it felt like all roads in the program lead you to $3,997 purchase and while I’m sure there’s good content (likely not a scam) in that course, you just don’t need to spend this much on such material and I’ll show you why shortly (the reasons 3 below will explain this).

Alternatives? Yep!

The good news is since I know about all 3 subjects personally, I can tell you how they work, and perhaps Entre can help you achieve success there, but in my opinion you don’t need to spend money on how much Entre Institute charges for this because there’s cheaper programs that do it already. The following one (Wealthy Affiliate) is an example of that. While I am an affiliate for it, the fact is you can try it risk free and here’s more details:

entre institute alternative wa 03

A video review of Entre Institute:

entre institute cta to hha wa

Full review of my experiences with Entre Institute (also known as Entre Nation):

Before I joined:

1) First it begins with an ad I saw on YouTube from Jeff Lerner pitching me his The Millionaire Shortcut eBook. I got that, read it (it was short) and this introduced me to Entre Institute.

2) I decided to dip my feet into the lowest membership of this program to see if it offered value, because Millionaire Shortcut didn’t really do that. It just hyped the subject of making online businesses and how Jeff’s program can help you succeed there.

Once I joined Entre Institute, here is what happened:

1) For starters, I was pitched the $297 OTO to join their Elite Membership. I declined because I didn’t trust the program enough to do it.

2) Second, I started getting call after call (3), text after text (at least 2) and email after email about me scheduling a coaching session and welcoming me to the program.

Folks, one email is enough. What they did it could be construed as spamming and I literally told the rep that called me (after the second time) to put me on their do not call list (and they still called me after one more time). They were trying to get me to schedule a coaching presentation with the guy who was given to me once I joined. I really regret giving them my number.

And so this all happened right before I even stepped foot into the Entre Institute program and my experience was already off to a bad start.

Inside the Entre Institute program (aka Entre Blueprint) and the training
(If you can call it that):

entre institute members area screenshot

So the $39 program I purchased gave me 6 steps of “training” and in this training I was shown the possibilities of building an online business in 3 different fields:

1) Affiliate marketing:entre institute affiliate millionaire accelerator

You’re given some OK content on what it’s like to sell products for Clickbank and other places as an affiliate and the advantages of running an online business in this field.

You are also given a free eBook on this subject that basically enforces those points and are also shown how you can become an affiliate for Entre Institute as well as the high ticket affiliate commissions you’d get if you started promoting them.

Being that I know tons on this matter (see my affiliate income reports), I can vouch for some of this information, but to be honest, most of in this field was the talk of the potential, not so much getting started or info I could use if I were a total beginner.

Here’s some other courses on affiliate marketing I would recommend over the stuff in Entre Institute (because of the prices):

2) Creating a digital marketing agency:

entre institute agency millionaire accelerator screenshot

As you progress through the 6 steps, this is the next thing taught which is how you can make an online business by going to businesses who need work done for them in the marketing field. You’re shown a list of things you can offer and charge businesses for in marketing work and this can create your own digital marketing agency.

You’re also shown how the Entre Institute offers you the education to get this material to then pitch to business owners so you can make money from it. There are also other programs like this out on there which I’ve reviewed and here are some:

3) Making your own online courses:

entre institute course millionaire accelerator

In this final area of “training” in Entre Institute, you’re shown the money making potential of making your own online courses in any niche you love (here are evergreen niches and here are 5 micro niches for ideas) and then doing things like creating eBooks, courses and so forth, then driving traffic to those offers and making money from that.

Additionally, you also get pitches about the way to make money in this business through traffic generation and learning things from Entre Institute like:

If you go by what these trainings offer, then yeah it’s a lot of potential value and yes, all of these businesses can legitimately make you a lot of money online. But in Entre’s case, in order to get that access to learn them, there’s a pretty big price tag for it all in my opinion. There’s also a Trustpilot review of Entre where you can read and determine on your own if it’s worth it (I would read all the reviews, because the star rating is high, but the reviews are at times very mixed).

And this brings us to the pitch to get Entre Digital Bundle Course:

entre institute pricing

Once you’re done going through the 6 steps, you are taken through a 2 hour webinar by Jeff Lerner who pitches learning the details of all of these types of online businesses and getting help from his team and community to start.

The price? Well it’s $3,997.

And this gives you full access to Entre Institute and all of it’s training. Is it worth it?

Possibly, but I’m not recommending it because I’ve seen and learned this stuff in the Wealthy Affiliate already and it’s only $49 a month. To me, that’s a better deal if you’re in a situation where spending $1,000s is out of your budget.

Questions about Entre Institute:

Is Entre Nation for real?

That depends on what real means to you. Entre Nation is legitimate but I do not recommend it because it is very expensive to get all of it’s benefits and in my opinion there are better alternatives to it anyway.

How do I get a refund from Entre Institute?

Entre Institute has a support email you can contact for refunds but there are rules to when a refund is allowed.

Is Entre nation legit?

In my opinion Entre Nation is legit but at the same time can be extremely expensive for a lot of people. This is why I personally do not recommend it, among other reasons.

Is Entre a pyramid scheme?

No Entre Institute is not a pyramid scheme. However it can get expensive and because I did somewhat try it, I was not happy and did not rate it very high either.

What is Entre blueprint training?

The Entre Blueprint is several different videos detailing different ways to make money online through several online business methods.

Conclusions on Entre Institute (3 reasons I’m not going further or recommending it):

Reason 1 (a lot of hype vs real training, plus high costs):

The first problem here is that while Jeff is great at showing you the potential of this stuff in his 6 steps, vs actually doing something to make it happen (2 big distinguishing differences).

I never really felt like I got much value and training out of the $39 membership and because I’m experienced in this stuff, I don’t let the emotional marketing and hype get to me and Jeff is great at showing you the emotions associated with making money. My advice is not to let this marketing let you decide your purchasing decisions.

Look at ALL programs/opportunities objectively not based on emotions, but the real value given.

Reason 2 (I really disliked all the calls, text and emails I got and I provided proof of that):

entre calls and texts I received

This may not be a problem for you, but for me, whenever I join programs, trust me, I won’t forget that I joined (I literally paid to be there) and I’ll start on my own. Being called up, texted and emailed over and over to start is too pushy for me.

My opinion is that they’re trying to get the coaching call and sales pitch to get you to buy the Entire Digital Course. If I’m wrong on that, correct me below. But if it’s true, I do not like that.

Reason 3 (there are MUCH better alternatives):

why I recommend wealthy affiliate over entre bundle 07

Assuming that the entire course is legit, it’s still too expensive and I gave you several options to consider instead (I am not affiliated with all of them, just Wealthy Affiliate so if you feel I’m being biased, try one of the others).

But my top choice is Wealthy Affiliate because:

A) They are risk free to try (learn about that here) and it’s one of the only programs in the business that does this AND offers value (to me, they offer the most value but you should make that decision on your own).

You learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing. I am literally a full time earning affiliate thanks to their training today.

B) They provide countless hours of training on making your own digital agency in their local marketing courses ($49/month offer) and this is created by a literal man who does it himself.

C) And third, you can absolutely use the online business training in Wealthy Affiliate to build your own courses, make your own eBooks and sell them online through the teachings provided.

In other words, all the stuff that Entre Institute could offer you for $3,997, Wealthy Affiliate does for much less and if you don’t believe me, you can try them for free to see that for yourself.

Based on my experiences at Entre Institute, its a no for me and I’m debating whether to get a refund or not. Until then or perhaps if there’s a future improvement to the program or perhaps the prices go down, I’ll maintain my opinion and position, but I look forward to your thoughts on this review and if you agree or disagree with me.

26 thoughts on “Entre Institute Review. 3 Reasons I Don’t Recommend it”

  1. Thanks for looking into this in such a comprehensive way. I agree that it’s incredibly frustrating to open something that promises you an answer to something (whether this is an e-book, an email or whatever), only to still not have the answer thousands of words later. 

    The question is how long are you prepared to be go on for – how many promises does the article / project/ course have to break before you opt out? Well if you’re really interested you’ll read the next article to find out!

    How many dollars can I take from you before you realize I am just here making promises I can’t keep? I’ve got the answer and it will only cost you a tenth of my normal price to find out. That’s just a hundred dollars – SAVING YOU NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS, NOW! 

    • Yeah I’m familiar with this method of marketing and have seen it from many programs in the past and today Stephen. It’s one thing to pitch something but it’s a completely different one to back it up and sadly it rarely happens that it does.

  2. Hello Vitaliy,

    I have not tried Entre Institute but I have had a little experience with similar sounding companies in the past and I can’t run away fast enough! I can’t stand the pushy upsells, high costs for things you could learn for free on your own and the general snobby attitude of many people who promote these businesses. 

    It is interesting reading the other comments here and seeing you and others discuss that there are actually a lot more upsells to even more expensive levels in the program. 

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have never once been called by someone pushing me to to spend more money. The pricing structure is pretty simple and there aren’t a ton of levels to lure you to spend money. 

    I also really appreciate that the owners of Wealthy Affiliate also interact with members on a regular basis and we don’t have to pay a massive fee to get help or training. 

    Thanks for the review.


    • With regards to Entre, I didn’t get any snobby vibes from the people messaging me, but I did feel a lot of hype and theatrics (because I’ve also heard it in many similar programs before). I do agree that you can learn this stuff for less and that’s ultimately my main point in this review Jessica. I also agree with you about the WA benefits and if people don’t believe, try them for free and see that.

  3. Uh Oh! Jeff Lerner is at it again.

    I’m very careful these days when I comment about other “business opportunities” because the next thing you know you’ll get a Cease And Desist Email in your inbox because the dude didn’t like something you said!

    However, in my opinion, I would say Jeff Lerner has paid his dues! Lerner is an experienced online marketer who has processed over $10,000,000 in revenue through Clickfunnels.

    That’s a HUGE accomplishment. Lerner went from working nearly 100 hours a week running a restaurant which he ultimately had to sell which still left him in debt!

    And to top it all off, his wife left him because of his failures.

    How did he respond? He NEVER GAVE UP, and now is a multi-millionaire, much of which came from affiliate marketing.

    So Lerner knows a thing or two about making money online.

    What I personally have a problem with are the UPSELLS or what some call the OTOs (One Time Offers)

    Let’s take Jeff Lerner’s  Entre Institute as an example: At first glance, $39 for the most basic membership seems to be pretty appealing…

    Hold on. If you want the Elite Entre membership you’ll have to cough up another $297 big ones!

    Wait a minute, it ain’t over yet!

    If you really want the big bucks then you’ll need to get out that Visa, MasterCard, or American Express and pay a whopping $3,997 for the privilege of getting the Entre Digital Course!

    That’s right, almost four thousand dollars before you make one red cent! I have read comments from around the internet that you could literally spend upwards of $8,000 to $10,000 in additional costs!

    These are the types of funnels many big-money marketers promote, which is why they make multiple millions of dollars.

    The psychology behind these funnels is “If these people really want to be successful, they’ll fork over whatever it cost to do so.”

    Personally, I never agreed with this. I’ve heard various online gurus (whose names I won’t mention) say “why ask for $7 when you can ask for $700 – it takes the same effort to do both!”

    Personally, it seems to me that the majority of marketers are motivated PRIMARILY by money.

    Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with money, but many of these funnels just go beyond what is reasonable or necessary. That’s just my opinion.

    I feel that Jeff Lerner and his contemporaries charge way too much for their programs…Period.

    Another great post, Vitaliy.

    Talk soon,


    • Hi Howard, so I agree with most of what you said, but I have my own additional points:

      1) I don’t deny that Jeff is ambitious or successful. In fact, he’s got a lot of that, but that doesn’t mean that this is the only man out there to follow if you are looking to replicate things. I’ve done this for so long and seen a lot of other styles and this one does not vibe with me personally.

      2) There’s many different ways to succeed online and in my opinion the approach Jeff has taken with Entre Institute is not one I’m personally aligned with. There is a feeling that I am paying more and more and getting promises that just aren’t kept. 

      From his eBooks that I read that got me into Entre, to the $39 program, a lot of that journey was massive hype from the start and I never felt like I was given the perceived value at any point, so I refused to pay and go further, and to no surprise after seeing that $3,997 might not even be the final package.

      3) This method of marketing and product selling is completely opposite of what I believe to be the right way to do things, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. This may fit certain people’s views, but I’m not one of them.

      I like to give a lot of substantial value in my content and try to avoid as much hype as possible. That way people know what to expect and aren’t caught off guard. With Entre, I was caught off guard many times and in a bad way and I just can’t recommend the program because of that (among the other reasons I talked about in the review).

  4. Hi Vitaliy 

    The Entre Institute program is super expensive. So you pretty much pay $39 to get harassed by phone and email. I also guess $39 is a good way to lure beginners into their program. If you are not any wiser how on earth would you know that affiliate marketing and the like was or was not that expensive? 10k is insane! 

    I have to agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go! Any online business is going to take time. But as you know the time spent building a quality business online is definitely worth every minute. 


    • $10,000 might not even be the final price. I’ve been researching this program a lot and have seen a lot of people who say they are or were members claiming to be pitched even higher price tags. I can’t think of any reason to buy anything this expensive for affiliate marketing training when you have way cheaper options already delivering results like Wealthy Affiliate does.

  5. Hello. My name is Joe, and honestly, I have seen many ads on the web, and more on Facebook, promoting one or another program, advertising that they will teach you how to become wealthy, how to become one of the millionaires, etc…

    I brushed them all off as being scams, but recently I decided to do some research into them to see if they are legit. I started with Jeff Lerner. I looked up his program, watched a few promotional videos, then did a google search to see if he is a scam. That led me to your Youtube video where you describe your experiences with his program. I am glad I didn’t spend $39 for the beginner stuff just to learn that the real training costs almost $4000.

    I’m currently unemployed, so spending lots of money on anything is out of the question, let alone $4000 to learn how to make 6-7 figures. One thing that I think would be good to put up front, before any money is spent, is what the person buying into the program actually has to do to make this work, and how much time is required to do it. I’m all for working hard, and the 9-5 thing, but when I start working again, how much time do I need to invest in this business? I have 5 children, so my home time is scarce and precious to me.

    I am very interested in learning more about the WA program, and especially appreciate being able to try it at no cost. I would really like to talk with someone on the phone, as I have many questions. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment. So here are several things I’d like to mention regarding your comment/question:

      1) When you are JUST getting started in this business, it requires work and time yes, but specifics on how long vary. I would say about a year is a good time frame to give this since you are building an online business.

      Specifically, what I recommend which is the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches people to do this by creating a passion based website and showing you how to profit from it. Long story short, because you love the topic you blog about, it will rank better on search engines and drive traffic to your site and from there, you will be promoting affiliate products on it. There is a lot more to this process, but that’s explained in the program, but this basic framework should give you a good idea of what you can expect.

      Now that process (creating content, getting visitors, making money) is where it usually takes a few months to start going and it does grow the more you do it, so your business is growing as long as you keep applying the training. In the beginning stages (first few months) is when most people fall of the wagon because they want quick results and you have to understand that because you are building a business, like planting seeds, it takes time to grow. I hope I answered this clearly.

      2) Regarding talking to someone, I don’t do phone calls, but inside the Wealthy Affiliate program, you can get basically very fast if not instant support/help to ask people questions if you get stuck or need a hand moving forward and you can literally try this program for free to test this out for yourself.

      I’m definitely available as well, so if you do join the program, I will contact you and be there to help you along your way.

  6. I will compare between Entre Institute and Wealthy Affiliate. I have no opinion on whether Entre Institute is legit or not. However, the experience I had with Entre Institute is this one:

    As a busy professional (I go to school and I also work full-time), I didn’t appreciate having to go through the 6 or 9 videos (I don’t quite remember anymore) that lasted sometimes 30 min and to reach the last video just to be “invited” to enroll in their institute for just $4000. In the videos, Jeff Lerner was assuring that after watching all the videos we’ll be well versed and ready to start our own online business. This part is not true. I feel they get you hyped with a $39 membership just to tell you at the end of it that, well, if you actually want to have access to their products and courses you need to enroll for $4000. I enrolled in the $39 membership after watching an ad on Youtube. Quite frankly, in the moment Jeff Lerner seemed to me like an honest person, and that’s the reason I decided to enroll. I think the videos where he showed up he looked an authentic guy.

    Regarding the final video, I was extremely upset. There’s no way I could have continued learning with my $39 membership, like they said I was. I had to pay for $4000 enrollment.

    Why didn’t they say it right from the beginning? I adjusted my schedule for more than one week, juggling with school and work to watch their videos. I felt mocked. I will say their institute’s presentation was very tempting, and yes, if I had the $4000 I would have enrolled. The last videos shows how well prepared and equipped they are to assist you in creating your online business. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the required funds, and if I knew from the beginning they were going to request that much I would have looked elsewhere where it would fit with my budget, and I wouldn’t have sacrificed nights of sleep and then get through the day at school/work.

    This experience is what led me to stumble upon this blog and eventually Wealthy Affiliate. The membership is affordable, and quite honestly the platform offers so much support and teaching classes about virtually anything, not just about online business. I have been learning on my own pace; still doing it because of my schedule, so maybe in 1 year I can have a more founded opinion about Wealthy Affiliate. I have not been receiving tons of emails.

    I didn’t mind Entre Institute sending so many emails to me, however, it was clearly generic emails – and that bothered me.

    If people that managed to enroll in Entre Institute are succeeding I’m happy for them. It’s great they found something they can learn and grow from. However, I feel that their videos were misleading as to what you can do with their $39 membership, and no, the final video is not how to build a business plan that will generate revenue within 90 days (like they said), it’s really about enrolling for thousands of dollars for an online business mentoring.

    • Hi Luis, thank you for sharing this experience with Entre and Wealthy Affiliate. I maintain that the latter can offer you way more (for way less). I certainly encourage you to do what you feel is best for your time and money, but you already know my position on this topic and the comparison between these programs. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in WA though 🙂

  7. Well, I haven’t looked into Wealthy affiliate yet. But I will say this much about what I’ve read here on Entre, and my own experiences. The constant spamming at the beginning was annoying.

    Thank God when they teach you how to use the Entresoft software, they teach you how to set the intervals. So I know I won’t be spamming future clients. But, as someone who did “plunk down” the 4k as well, I will say it is money well spent.

    Considering they have completely step by step taught me how to setup my affiliate webpages along with my pixels and trackers, and how to automate things. And now I’m going thru the agency training.

    Believe me, I’m far from a beginner in sales or computers and the IT world. But these people have taught me so much in both areas that I cannot complain about the 4k I spent on their program.

    Hell, the Entresoft software alone is worth that to me, you would need at least 6 different programs to do what it does. Now one thing I do know. If you were to open a brick and mortar business it would cost you WAY more than 4k.

    So if you pay 4k to start a business and you become substantially wealthy from it, then it was worth 10x that $4k. I am only halfway through the course and I feel I have gotten my money’s worth. I will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate as well.

    • Hi Roy, first let me say that I truly appreciate you being very open and honest about your experiences not just with Entre, but your openness to try out Wealthy Affiliate. I also appreciate you sharing your internal experiences with the main Entre program that costs nearly $4,000 and I would love to hear your future thoughts and experiences with the program (I sincerely hope you succeed with it). I always love a good, open and respectful debate and would love to interact with you more on this topic.

      One quick thing I’d like to ask is if there are any further upsells beyond the near $4,000 membership costs after you joined?

      All this being said, I still maintain my position that Wealthy Affiliate is better in every way, shape and form and in context to what you said about what you saw inside the Entre program, let me be specific:

      1) First you mentioned how Entre helped you set up affiliate pages. Are these pages you will be driving traffic to through paid ads, blogging or other methods?

      In Wealthy Affiliate, the beginner training starts by teaching you how to drive free traffic through blogging to your niche site (a niche you love that is) and then expanding the traffic methods into other things, including paid ads, but the paid ad costs are paid for by earning money through the free traffic (this is ideal for people who don’t have much money to start). So based on what I know, I do strongly believe Wealthy Affiliate has more methods of training on affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

      2) You mentioned an Entresoft software. What exactly is it? Is it something that involves promoting Entre Institute and you getting this tool to help you with the reporting and promoting of it?

      With Wealthy Affiliate, the program has MANY tools that in value far exceed the low costs of the program (even though you can test drive the program for free). And on that note, let me comment on that separately (because there’s several tools inside the program whose value reaches $1,000s while costing very little for the WA member).

      3) The value tools of the tools in Wealthy Affiliate are unmatched in my opinion and here’s why:

      There are 3 memberships to the program and each has it’s own ascending benefits of tools that are included with that membership. Here’s what I mean:

      Starter ($0). You get free training, 1 website, 7 day coaching from me and more.

      Premium ($49/month): Full training access in Wealthy Affiliate, and access to other tools that normally cost money separately, here’s what I mean:

      A) 10 free websites (normally $100 a year on other services).
      B) Hosting for 10 websites (normally $100s a year in other places).
      C) SSL for your websites (security), and that’s $50 a month per website domain, which means you save up to $500 a month.
      D) Jaaxy Keyword tool and that’s normally $19 a month but you get it as a premium member.
      E) Access to 100’s of expert webinars ($100’s a year, but free here).
      F) And more.

      Basically as a premium member, you get $1,000’s in value for only $49 a month.

      Then there’s Premium Plus ($99/month). It includes all the above benefits I listed, but now:

      A) You can make up to 25 websites and get hosting for 25 websites too ($500+ in savings every year).
      B) Hosting and SSL for them too ($1,000’s in saving every year).
      C) Expert classes and more (updated daily) and in my opinion that’s $1,000’s in value itself.
      D) And much more.

      My personal opinion is that Premium is the best option for most people to build their online business and that is where I recommend most people upgrade to (if they enjoy Starter).

      4) Finally, I want to talk about the agency training you said you are learning. If you enjoy it and it works for you, once again I only wish you the best with Entre. However, Wealthy Affiliate, like I said earlier in my review above also has that kind of training and we call it local marketing.

      You get access to webinar training in Wealthy Affiliate for local marketing from an existing agency expert (Jay). He offers what is in my opinion priceless content and teachings on how to start, run, manage and grow a successful local marketing agency where you help other businesses appear online.

      5) The support and 1 on 1 help is the best there is.

      I mean that, we have so much help and support that it’s tough to get lost even if you tried. You can join the program and get my personal coaching in WA free for 7 days if you want too (totally up to you).

      Long story short, the value of Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is not just greater than Entre Institute (and for much less too), it is also far higher than any competing program out there.

      I know you’re enjoying Entre, I’m happy for you and I encourage you to continue and see how it works for you, but again I appreciate your open minded view on all of this and if you change your mind and decide to check out Wealthy Affiliate, it would be my pleasure to work with you inside the program to help you achieve your goals.

      • Well, there is other upsells after the $4000 but that’s for people who are already making money and want to re-invest in future training and one on one with top sales people that are making literally millions a year. Entre starts at $4,000 and well, make sure your sitting down right now, goes all the way up to $60,000.

        But I’m not going to share any credentials on here and violate any Entre TOS to get my account terminated after I spent $4K. Hit me up on FB, Whiteboy Roy, and I will actually let you into the 4K I paid for and let you take a look at what I got. As far as the Entresoft software there is tons of videos on YouTube showing what it does.

        • That’s crazy to hear in my opinion Roy and honestly, it makes me less interested in Entre Institute as a result. I don’t believe people need to spend $1,000’s on any program, let alone the $60k you mentioned. I get that it’s for people who are successful, but you can also get expert connections and help from successful members in places like Wealthy Affiliate so ridiculously less ($49/month or $99/month and we have 6 and 7 figure experts who share their content and you can contact them too, but they all came from the same cloth: The Wealthy Affiliate training).

          I appreciate the offer to connect with you to get info on Entre in this regard, but honestly I don’t think I’ll be doing that. Whatever you’re comfortable sharing that doesn’t violate your TOS, I’m all for it, but otherwise, like I said before, I sincerely wish you the best with your venture in Entre and if you consider WA, I would love to hear your thoughts and comparisons.

  8. One important aspect left out is how if you continue with the program and buy everything for about 4k, in 90 days do not have a working business plan, they refund you back your money doubled.

    • Hi Diego, there’s 2 responses I have to that:

      1) I’d like to see that policy of Entre’s.

      2) Even if this is a thing they offer, the problem I personally have is that my experience in Entre, before (when I read Jeff’s eBooks) and during when I took the 6 step program was very low and frankly, I don’t care how much they would offer me, since from the beginning, it was hype after hype for me, only to be met with disappointment. Long story short, they didn’t earn my trust, let alone give me enough value to justify me paying so much to see the “real program”.

  9. Sounds like you all have experience as being an affiliate marketer. Any of you guys interested in becoming an affiliate partner promoting my product called SureShottee? Commissions can be negotiated. It’s a revolutionary Golf tee and It’s in a niche market in the Golf industry that’s exploded due to Covid . Let me know.

  10. I, too, did the Wealthy Affiliate thing as well as the Entre program. I am sorry to say that my experience with both of these programs was TOTALLY OPPOSITE what you reported. I found Wealthy Affiliate to be a highly commercialized program focused on promoting specific “deals” that Wealthy Affiliate was an affiliate marketer for. While the training was offered, I found it to be lower quality, without the direct support I needed to understand the nuances in online direct response marketing. It might be okay for someone interested in scaling an already functioning affiliate program, but for a newbie, it didn’t break down enough to teach the marketing theory necessary to understand the differences between brick-and-mortar business and online business. The focus was on interacting with the affiliate community–not the direct coaching with a proven expert that is the basis of the global Entre program.

    Jeff Lerner and his staff focus differently. They offer detailed, hands-on training consisting of self-guided lessons that teach the mechanics of each concept and skill needed to start an online business from the ground up. Zero prior knowledge is required to be able to succeed. In addition, every student is assigned a coach for each course who follows their progress with weekly virtual training and a phenomenal tech support team that is great at assisting with tech issues in a timely and comprehensive manner. The personal growth training is also wonderful. I am a retired psychotherapist and expert in this field, and even I found engaging in this part of the program helpful in making the shift to my new niche.

    I did not find the texts and emails that I received too numerous or ‘spammy’. Each had a specific purpose and reason, informing me of what I needed to know. Although I typically receive over 1000 emails a day in my business inbox, I never feel reluctant to open one from anyone at Entre and even file them away for future reference.

    I have now completed 5 1/2 weeks of training including creating a business plan, re-planning my life course, and discovering the personality traits that have blocked my progress that other less-intensive programs like Wealthy Affiliate didn’t help me address. I have laid the groundwork for my affiliate business by establishing the virtual assets I needed to have in place, have begun to build & re-build my customer base. After 3+ years of struggling making less than $1000 sales in the entire period, I now have actually got an offer out there working, already bringing in sales!

    The biggest difference I see between Entre and the other programs is that the Entre mission is focused on not only providing information focused on selling you a product, rather, Entre Institute is focused on building independent, successful, well-rounded business owners who live their “Awesome Life”. That is my mission as well and I am proud to be a part of the Entre Nation.

    I am an Entre affiliate but will not be promoting Entre in order to profit by offering my link with the Entre offer in this review. I do this because I am not focused on self-promotion. I wrote this review because I believe in honesty and transparency. I DO recommend the Entre Institute training if you are TRULY wanting to create an online business. It is worth EVERY penny of the required investment!

    • Hi Jeanette, while I completely disagree with most of your points, I respect your point of view so no need to apologize, you believe what you believe, and I’m happy to have a nice discussion.

      So let me give you my responses to several points you made regarding Entre Institute, Wealthy Affiliate and so forth:

      1) I’m very surprised by what you first said about WA being overly “commercialized” program and being an affiliate for many deals. This is just NOT true. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to promote ANYTHING you want, and while they offer their own affiliate program, you are shown exactly how to make money by being an affiliate for numerous networks out there that have 0 affiliation to Wealthy Affiliate itself.

      If you want to be an affiliate for Clickbank, Amazon, Avantlink, Commission Junction, or the numerous affiliate networks out there, Wealthy Affiliate literally teaches you how to go and promote their offers and again, it has no affiliate connection to them. The training can be applied to promoting anything.

      I’m an affiliate for Amazon, Clickbank and Avantlink for instance and every sale I make there, 0 goes to WA.

      2) You mentioned you got “little support” because you were looking for direct response marketing. WA teaches you to create an online business to have leads come to you through blogging, paid ads and more. That way you can absolutely do direct marketing.

      Furthermore, we offer people tons of local marketing training which is perfect for this method you speak of. You help local clients find leads and get paid for it. That’s an example of direct marketing and WA teaches this.

      Additionally, I have no idea why you said you got no support. WA has TONS of it: Private messaging, live chat, forum questions and a plethora of active, helpful members assisting members 24-7. I’ve never seen ANY program offer more support than this, and for so little.

      3) Your comment about WA not being “beginner friendly” is just not true either. The program is absolutely made for beginners and your additional comment about WA not teaching basic marketing theory is also not true. The literal FIRST LESSON of the main training goes over this in detail. When you sign up with WA, this is the first lesson you are given.

      I have no idea which training you were when you were in WA, but this is extensively covered from numerous angles, and from the very beginning, specifically for beginners.

      4) For your comment on coaching and being told to interact with the WA community, firstly, WA does have expert coaching. You get it from Kyle, Carson (the owners) and they literally drop by your profile page in WA, welcome you and offer their help once you join.

      And the community is filled with experts (extra assistance). Further, people who join WA through me at least, also get personal help and coaching. So again, I have no clue what you were talking about when you said there’s no real expert coaching. It’s just not true, you do get excellent help.

      5) About the training you got in Entre Institute (support, set up, fundamentals, ect…) that’s great, but again, you get that ALL in Wealthy Affiliate too. The website set up, the help, the training to do at your own pace, ALL of this is at WA.

      I’m not sure just how much of the WA training you did because every single thing you’re mentioning in your comment about WA not having is just not true. I’m almost starting to think you joined for a few minutes and left without seeing the program for what it is (nothing personal, maybe it’s just not something that vibes with you).

      6) About the spam stuff, we just have to agree to disagree here. When I joined Entre Institute, it was absurd spam calls, texts and emails, all of which were commercial in my opinion and like I said in my review, I told them to put me on a do not call list. Maybe you went further and got good, value emails, but I know the difference between value emails/calls vs commercialized intent contact, and I found the latter experience with Entre Institute. It really ticked me off.

      And again, in WA, if you’re looking for substance emails for growth and help, once again, you get ALL of that there. Yes from time to time deals are offered, but at least you have the option to opt out of emails while still being a member. With Entre Institute, I saw no option to do that.

      7) For the part about you making sales, great, I’m sure that if you apply the Entre Institute training, you’ll get results. But (once again), Wealthy Affiliate teaches this stuff too, for less. I would argue WA has more success stories overall and this is because the training works. If Entre Institute is working for you, cool, do what’s comfortable for you, but I’m just telling you the full context of the WA program and how it really works, because the more you’re telling me about your experiences there, the more I really believe you didn’t really immerse yourself there (again, this is not a personal thing, perhaps it’s all about the preference).

      8) For your point about Entre Institute helping you build a well rounded business, I can see that (Affiliate marketing, courses, and agencies), but honestly, Wealthy Affiliate teaches this exact same stuff too. There’s countless people in the program who have well rounded businesses thanks to WA (including me) and the training in the WA program is designed to give you choices, make a niche business you love and build a legitimate, fully functional online business from multiple angles.

      9) For your last point about not promoting Entre Institute and making what I assume is a little jab at me promoting WA, let’s be completely honest: You left a URL in your comment to a site that’s broken (I would look into that). You also left an email to a company I checked out and found a Facebook page for that is promoting some programs for getting rich quickly and leading to Clickfunnels pages, so please, let’s not kid ourselves here.

      In my case, I have several programs on my website in my recommended page for instance where I recommend programs I have 0 affiliation with. Furthermore, I’m a fan and promoter of WA because you can try it free without any risk and make an independent decision on whether you like it or not.

      With Entre Institute, you pay $30+ to join a program that hypes you up to join a $4,000 program. That’s not my idea of valued training and I still firmly believe WA is better, on all fronts.

      But either way, I look forward to your responses and what you think, but in spite of our disagreements, I still wish you the very best and hope that Entre Institute brings you the success you seek.

      If not, you’re more than welcome to rejoin WA under me and I’d be happy to offer my personal assistance in your journey.

      All the best to you (I sincerely mean that).

      • Hi there! As I’ve just signed up for the Entre Institute, I find the contrasting experiences helpful. Having just started the modules/training and completed my orientation with “Greg” and his assistant Cecille, I’m ambivalent about whether I’ll derive benefit and like the training. To your point, Vitaliy, I couldn’t agree more that the bombardment of duplicate emails, texts and phone calls came across as rude, condescending and self-interested. They ignored the fact that maybe some people don’t want to be bothered on a Sunday morning and blew my phone up with emails/texts/phone calls, starting at 9 am. It was almost like my mother when her anxiety’s running high saying “Cheryl, where are you? Are you going to call me back? I need for you to respond right now.” Also, I’m not too keen about the “breakneck” approach of trying to get you to complete the course really fast, now knowing that they just probably want to get to the ultimate upsell/ask of you plunking down almost $4000. That’s way too much and feels a bit deceptive to me. Furthermore, I didn’t like how the person doing the orientation forced people to turn their screens a certain way and also asked us to all turn our video on. It was a bit much. Everyone has his/her/their preferences, I guess.

        • Hi Cheryl, thanks for sharing your personal experience with Entre Institute as well. I think we share a lot of the same views on our experiences and I will say that it should totally be up to you whether you decide to stick around or not with regards to Entre, but if not, you’re welcome to try the Wealthy Affiliate program and see how your experiences differ there (I honestly think they will).

          Either way, I’d stick around Entre, take your time (don’t be pressured) and make your own independent decision on whether to remain or not. I appreciate you sharing all of this and if there’s any other questions you have about the business models taught in Entre (which I do know a lot about), you’re welcome to ask me anytime 🙂

          • Thanks so much, Vitaliy! I’m definitely beginning to explore the Wealthy Affiliate program and at first blush, the tone and overall vibe feels better to me. I feel like you actually see what you’re getting without a lot of build-up/emotional charge/persuasion. As a person who likes to make her my mind up methodically and deliberately and not be strong armed into any new business venture, it’s nice to feel like I’m not being told I’ll have to do a ton of work and pay out $4000 with the disclaimer that results vary widely and there’s no guarantee of success.

            Also, the testimonials from the Entre Institute program seemed weak. I really appreciate that they’re trying to showcase everyday people in various professions and not have it too polished or canned. Yet, the endorsers/ambassadors for the program didn’t deliver any compelling and concrete information that they’d become successful entrepreneurs. They merely stated, “I’ve found the training program so valuable, Jeff, such a big help, and as a result, am building a website for my trucking (or burger) business.”

            It was like “I’m not going to pay $4000 to learn on my own how to build a website – already have a great one and there’s a lot more to being a successful entrepreneur than having a website. They just weren’t compelling. Recently, I attended another training program intro with numerous testimonials of people from all walks of life stating exactly how much they made in the first three to six months as a result of the training and quantifying how it truly helped their business. Although the training program was pricey, all of it was described upfront and there was no pressure to purchase and become an affiliate. They appeared more professional and transparent. Plus, there was no “forced participation” where you have to listen to 10 other potential customers introduce themselves as we went around the “Zoom”, most of them looking and sounding mildly bored, annoyed and “why am I getting dragged into this on a Sunday evening”?

            Honestly, that’s how the Entre orientation felt to me. Being corralled into having the video on and screen turned a certain way (mine was on correctly from the start) but many people are just not prepared or comfortable having their Zoom video on in every session. It just seemed tone-deaf, especially because we weren’t prepared for it. My lighting wasn’t good and I looked tired as the orientation was in the evening. Sorry that I have so many complaints about Entre but their were a number of misfires from the moment that I started receiving the multiple texts, phone calls and emails, making me feel like they were treating me like a commodity and delinquent/too stupid to remember to follow through.

            I have to say that Jeff is persuasive, articulate and knowledgeable and I’m also impressed that he was once a classical pianist who had to reinvent himself. That takes courage, fortitude, ambition and desire. Yet, his training program needs to be run differently (I can’t imagine we’re the only two people who feel that way). The well-meaning Entre staff need to take a “chill pill” when introducing people to the program (we are grown ups/business professionals and need to be respected as such). Plus, the ask needs to not be so pricey and done upfront. With so many of these – “here’s a program for $39, no wait if you act fast, you can also through in our bonus offer worth $2000, now on sale for a limited one-time offer of $297” floating around today, just some price quoting without all the hype distinguishes a business from the pack nowadays. Consumers are getting smarter and have heard it all. Let’s keep it upfront, fair and simple, right?

          • Yeah I totally agree and it definitely seems like you are someone who does their research and is also someone who is less into theatrical selling and more into genuine, sincere programs and that’s really one of the reasons I’m a big a fan of WA personally.

            Again, my personal opinion is that it can teach you the same stuff and honestly more than Entre can but I’m always a fan of letting people decide this for themselves and Wealthy Affiliate is free to check out so that’s always on the table. But I always encourage everyone to do their research, take their time and see which program/s fit their personality and tastes first.

            If it’s Entre, no problem. If it’s WA or something else, no problem either, just so long as you’re happy with your choice and get the best possible value out of your purchase. I just happen to think WA offers that but if there’s any other questions you have about this program, you’re more than welcome to ask me. Hope you have a great week ahead Cheryl!

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