123 Affiliate Marketing Review: Is it Legit?

Pat Flynn has a good reputation in the online business world and that already makes this 123 Affiliate Marketing review a positive one (it is legit from what I’ve seen).

However, I do believe based on what I found out that you may find better alternatives in the same area (affiliate marketing) and 2 of the reasons why is because:

  1. 123 Affiliate Marketing isn’t cheap.
  2. And it also deals with something I consistently believe is a bit advanced for beginners which is email marketing.

Now I do admit that I haven’t purchased it, but Pat Flynn is an extremely transparent individual (which is great) and he literally shows you what he teaches in this course, and based on that, plus the fact that I too am an advanced affiliate myself, this is where I’m coming from.

I’ll explain everything in this 123 Affiliate marketing review, but again, it is a legitimate program (just not my top pick). Anyway:

Here is a short summary and review of 123 Affiliate Marketing:

Who created 123 Affiliate Marketing?123 affiliate marketing review

Pat Flynn.

How much does 123 Affiliate Marketing cost?

$599. Some extra tools post purchase like an autoresponder and site may be required (those costs vary).

What does 123 Affiliate Marketing teach?

It’s a 5 module course (20+ lessons) on affiliate marketing.

You learn how to create successful affiliate campaigns by choosing a specific product to promote, how to create a landing page promoting it, a bonus offer to entice people to get it and collect their email lists, as well as traffic strategies to create a successful online sales funnel.

My rating for 123 Affiliate Marketing: 3 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend 123 Affiliate Marketing? I’m 60% yes on this.

If you’re on the fence about 123 Affiliate Marketing but need a reason to get it (and can afford it), I would say do it.

But the reason I’m not 100% behind recommending this program (even though I know it works and is not a scam) is again for a few reasons:

  1. A pretty high price.
  2. An intermediate-advanced way of doing affiliate marketing.
  3. And also because there’s only 23 lessons. For $599 I would honestly hope for more out of that investment.

Now this is my opinion because I help and talk to a lot of people wanting to do affiliate marketing.

And because most of them are total beginners and/or don’t have a lot of money to get into it, there’s just more financially better ways (as well as beginner friendly strategies) to get into this build a long term passive affiliate business out of it, and then move into the intermediate-advanced levels.

In fact, some of those methods I’ll share in this review are still my main income drivers. That being said:


123 affiliate marketing alternative

123 Affiliate Marketing review (a deeper dive):

The first thing I want to say is positive things about Pat Flynn himself. I’ve known about him for years and he is certainly one of the top voices and successes in the online business world.

His main program (Smart Passive Income) helps people in this field and 123 Affiliate Marketing branches into the affiliate marketing side of things.

Another very positive thing to note is that Pat Flynn is very transparent and if you know how I feel about good/bad programs, you’ll know that I am a big fan of transparency and actually seeing what the program is about before I get it and in this case, there’s full transparency for 123 Affiliate Marketing.

You can click on that link above and see for yourself the lessons for yourself.

That being said, this is a review of 123 Affiliate Marketing, so let me do that:

123 Affiliate Marketing’s template for affiliate success is about picking the right product to promote, building landing pages for the offer, collecting email lists and pitching that offer, and then using strategies to increase your affiliate conversions (things like offering bonuses, extra value on top of the purchase and more).

At face value, I can tell you that this all works (and also because I’ve done this myself). However, if you’re a beginner, I would say there is a learning curve to all of this because studying anything, even if it’s 100% proven to work still takes time and effort.

In this particular case, to put to use 123 Affiliate Marketing’s strategies, you will first need to buy the program itself, go through it (this is just obvious stuff so far), but the learning curve aspect will come from applying it, specifically:

  1. Building your landing pages.
  2. Building out your autoresponder followups.
  3. Getting traffic to the offer.
  4. Split testing and learning the process of understanding your audience, how they react to your sales page and making adjustments as they come.

And this is a natural thing that every affiliate has to go through. Rarely will your first online sales funnel be successful quickly (there are exceptions) and it’s important to know this. Even the best training, including the alternative program I recommend like Wealthy Affiliate requires that learning curve (and time) too.

While understanding the process of affiliate marketing can be a “1, 2, 3” approach, putting it into practice is a bit more complicated/difficult (but very profitable if you make it work).

Conclusions: 123 Affiliate Marketing works, but here’s my personal template for success in this.

There’s nothing wrong with what Pat teaches and like I’ve said before, it works. It’s just the investment and the advanced nature of it all that I am not 100% on.

I’ve used numerous affiliate marketing strategies to make a passive income (see my affiliate income reports) and if you’re a beginner to this, I am going to suggest what I consider a better strategy for that:

“My” strategy (what I mean by that is I learned it from Wealthy Affiliate) actually involves building out a niche blog on your unique passion, and getting free traffic to the site, the different offers, making your passive income that way, and then growing email lists.

This strategy is very good if you’re new, and it’s also much less expensive to test, learn and apply. In fact, like I said before, I still use it to this day, even though I run different affiliate marketing promotions across different strategies (including what Pat teaches).

Out of all of them, the niche blog approach is the safest in my personal opinion and the best to get started with for beginners (and those with little money). While there are no guarantees, I can tell you this:

Not only is it more beginner friendly (in my opinion), but:

  • You also get a lot of included tools to save you more money and time in Wealthy Affiliate to do this.
  • You also get tremendous help and expert support (my coaching is part of this) to help you along.
  • It’s free to try and a 10 lesson course you can take (no credit card required). It also has far more training and much more value (for less investment).

See more about Wealthy Affiliate here, but my take on the whole subject is that affiliate marketing success can come through either program.

In my opinion, you’ll just save more money, get more out of it and get more of everything (value, support, tools, and more training that works).

And yes, I do promote the program, but as I always say: If you have any doubts, you can try WA for free and make your own decisions (my coaching is a free bonus).

But speaking objectively, while I like Pat Flynn and know that 123 Affiliate Marketing is legitimate, Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is better in every way still.

123 Affiliate Marketing


123 Affiliate Marketing



  • Pat Flynn is himself very transparent and legitimate.
  • This program is 100% legitimate too.
  • The strategies do work and you can succeed.


  • $599 for 23 lessons is a bit much in my opinion.
  • The material is moderate and above in terms of difficulty (tougher for beginners in my opinion).
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