Growth Cave Review. Does it Actually Work?

Like you, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube from Lucas Lee Tyson and his Growth Cave program and recently decided to explore it further. And in this review, I’ll cover the things I learned (which are actually pretty good).

Let me be completely honest with you about this review of Growth Cave:

Like Lucas, the creator of Growth Cave, I like to be transparent and the first thing I have to say is that:

  1. I didn’t buy it and one of the reasons why is because it’s almost $1,500.
  2. The other reason why is because I know the material you learn from Growth Cave and will explain it based on my experiences with it.
  3. Furthermore, Lucas does a great job in sharing what his program teaches (local marketing) and based on everything I saw in his webinar promoting Growth Cave, while it isn’t anything I haven’t heard or saw in my own experiences, it’s still a good program. So I feel fully confident reviewing it for you.
  4. And finally, while I will say that Growth Cave is legit (I am not a promoter of it), if $1,500 is a bit much, then you may want to try Wealthy Affiliate, which provides (for a lot less) tons of content similar to Growth Cave’s (And a lot of training on affiliate marketing).

I have a lot of success in different fields of making online businesses (affiliate marketing being my primary work), and everything I know comes from the Wealthy Affiliate program (more on that later). With that said, let’s get on with this review of Growth Cave:

A summary and overview of Growth Cave:

growth cave lucas lee tyson screenshot


Lucas Lee Tyson.


  • $1,497.
  • 3 payment option, each for almost $600 available.

Update: It appears Growth Cave has become more of a YouTube training platform and selling a course vs what I originally reviewed it as (local marketing training). I’ll be doing an update in this review when I get the chance.

Update 2: I have been getting and seeing a few controversial comments regarding Growth Cave recently and have changed my original score of this program to pending.

My rating for growth cave: Pending


growth cave to wa classes free trial cta 1

What is Growth Cave?

It’s a 6 module program that helps you become successful at helping local businesses get more leads and to get paid directly by those businesses. In other words, this is a local marketing course.

Who is Lucas Lee Tyson?

Obviously, he’s the creator of Growth Cave. In terms of bio, he talks about it in his webinar and mentions how he was once a struggling local marketer who went through difficult times figuring this business out. His whole purpose with Growth Cave is to help you become successful at this business without going through the hassle of figuring out things like client acquisition, scaling them and growing your own agency.

The idea behind the Growth Cave’s approach to making money explained:

growth cave lucas lee tyson screenshot

1) The first thing taught is to help you identify the niche or niches you like.

Lucas explains how finding this helps you connect with clients with businesses in these niches so for the sake of example, let’s say you enjoy like the subject of cars and mechanical stuff.

2) Then find clients/leads who have businesses in those niches.

Lucas shows off a software program called Client Bolt in which you type in the name of a niche topic you like, then an area of the country and get results of businesses in that region for that subject.

In this case, if you typed in “mechanic” for the niche and “New York City” for the region, Client Bolt would bring up every mechanic business in that area.

Note: Lucas mentions that Client Bolt is $99 a month but by joining his program, you can get 3 months free included with your membership. Do note that you’d then need to pay $99 a month after month 3.

Here is an example of how Client Bolt works (based on the Growth Cave webinar):

how client bolt works growth cave

3) Find 1 or more clients willing to pay you to help them get more online leads.

After getting the list of potential leads/clients from Client Bolt, you would then call them up and try to offer your services to help market their business, so they can get more leads.

This would involve helping them set up Facebook Ads, online sales funnels and so forth to bring in more customers and that training is also given to you in the Growth Cave program so you can become knowledgeable on the marketing (and have something to offer).

Now this is where knowing your niche is important because if you love cars and mechanical stuff involving them, when you speak to the business owner (who owns a mechanic shop for example), it’s easier to connect and improve the chances of them hiring you for the service.

4) Get at least 1 client in 21 days and get paid for it.

Lucas talks about a plan of action to use the Client Bolt program and find at least 1 client in a 21 day period. The money you make from this client will then help you grow your business further in finding more leads (which is the next step).

The amount each client can pay you can be in the $1,000’s, a very legitimate high ticket sale.

5) Get more clients via the same Client Bolt method and then scale to paid ads to get more clients:

Once you have enough money made from the Client Bolt strategy, Lucas talks about a more automated way of getting more leads and scaling your income in this local marketing business and that involves using pay per click networks like Facebook Ads to find business leads there.

This process does involve spending a lot of money, but the Growth Cave formula is designed to help you already have money made from the Client Bolt strategy to invest into this. Here is a screenshot from Growth Cave summarizing this in a way:

how growth cave works screenshot

6) Developing an agency or local marketing business from this formula:

After you get at least 1 or more happy clients that are making money from your services, you can build up long term contracts and more clients in the long run to get a stable income going for you (earning a passive income).

From what I saw, how you get paid is by using the same program Lucas uses to process payments: Stripe.

All of the steps to applying this process are explained in the 6 modules of training in Growth Cave.

Pros (5):

1) In my opinion, Lucas came off very transparent and honest about this line or work. I had some suspicions beforehand, but listening to him talk and comparing it to my experiences, I found a lot of similarities so I have good confidence in this dude.

2) I like his approach to building a local marketing business in a safe way and scaling it slowly to paid ads. In my line of work which is affiliate marketing, the advice I give people is very similar: Start with blogging, grow your business and then use the money to do pay per click ads.

3) Reviews do seem to be pretty positive across the board on Growth Cave based on the research I did (see

4) You do get a Facebook community, support, tools and good training to build your local marketing business with Growth Cave.

5) I found Growth Cave to be a much more positive and transparent program to review, vs the many others out there which team similar stuff, like Modern Millionaires (and many other programs like this). There are good local marketing programs though in this field (like Birthday Marketing Formula).

Cons (3):

1) The nearly $1,500 price is actually not bad for the value, but it’s still too big for this type of training. Wealthy Affiliate has this material in it’s program too, and it’s $49 a month (see below for details).

2) While Lucas does explain this, finding clients initially is very tough, especially in this market since a lot of people are doing similar work that you’ll be doing. While Client Bolt will find you a lot of potential prospects, landing that first client is always tough, but it’s just how this business works (in my experience doing this stuff too, I can tell you that’s how it is too).

3) Because Wealthy Affiliate has this kind of training (and much more), and for a better deal, I do recommend that over Growth Cave, but overall, I have pretty positive views on Lucas’s program.

cta 2 growth cave to wa classes

Conclusions on this review of Growth Cave:

I’ve seen and experienced enough in this same field of marketing as what Lucas talks about to know he’s telling the truth and based on the other things his webinar showed me, I made a confident conclusion that this program is legitimate. Click here to check out Growth Cave.

I am not promoting it, but with the few programs in the online business world that do teach good things, it’s important to let people know what the options are, and I do believe this is one of them.

Update: Because I’ve been seeing more negative Growth Cave reviews lately, this is why my score changed

You’re welcome to look at the Growth Cave reviews below for reference but what I noticed was multiple ones saying the same things and that made me change my original score to “pending”. I always encourage people to leave their comments including the product owner below to address these things fairly, but be sure to draw your own conclusions.

Now I do have to share the Wealthy Affiliate alternative:

Not many people possess successful local marketing businesses like Lucas, and even less people are willing to teach this material honestly (I do think Lucas is one of them). However, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the other rare places where you can find this information. Specifically, most of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches is affiliate marketing, but it also houses many success stories in different online business fields, who create webinar training on whatever that online business field is.

When it comes to local marketing and the type of stuff you learn in Growth Cave, there is one member of Wealthy Affiliate who you’ll also learn this from and his name is Jay, who like Lucas is an expert in this arena:

growth cave to jay webinar classes in wa cta 3

My experiences and run ins with the local marketing business knowledge that I shared with you in this review came from his webinars, which each offer a ton of value.

Mixed together with the training inside the Wealthy Affiliate program, you do also get all of the tools and support to replicate the type of stuff Growth Cave teaches. They do offer different tools, but in the end, you still learn pretty much the same stuff with the same end goal.

Growth Cave or Wealthy Affiliate?

My advise when it comes to reviewing a good program like Growth Cave whose prices a bit high is that if you cannot afford it, don’t risk it, and try Wealthy Affiliate to get this material too. And if you can afford it, then by all means, go with Growth Cave.

Many people who do join this program (Wealthy Affiliate) have the option to try a different online business model other than local marketing, which is what happened to me.

I basically went into Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing and even though I have experimented with local marketing over the years, found to be much more comfortable with the former option and make a passive income with my affiliate business.

Whether you decide to follow what Growth Cave teaches, the similar local marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate, or go into affiliate marketing like me, you will get all of the options, all for $49 a month in the Wealthy Affiliate program and I do biasedly recommend it more.

If you have any questions on Growth Cave, Wealthy Affiliate or the subject of local marketing, affiliate marketing and so forth, let me know below!

17 thoughts on “Growth Cave Review. Does it Actually Work?”

  1. Growth cave isn’t it. I told my Coach I am military he assured me it would be easy and beneficial, that I could use my experience.
    Unfortunately 1 month after signing up I received Orders to deploy out of country. I informed them I’d be unable to continue, and asked for a partial refund. Growth cave pointed out I didn’t qualify for a refund and would NOT be giving my money back, instead they told me to talk to the Online Financial company (Universal Account Servicing, LLC) to adjust my payment. $6,800 in Lucas pockets. you’re better off watching free YouTube videos then using Growth Cave.

    • Sorry to hear Luis. I hope that things get resolved but I published your comment and would love to hear from Growth Cave on this too.

  2. is a scam, do NOT BUY into this Garbage. They talk about YT, but in the ends, it’s all about FB paid ads! Absolute garbage. And, keep in mind the course is $9,800USD! Want a refund? Forget it, they won’t reimburse you!

    • Sorry to hear Leo. I had to erase a portion of your comment (for obvious reasons) but if you want to comment and explain further, you’re welcome to, just please keep it civil.

    • I whole heartedly. agree! They tried to get me for $9800. I got suckered into an hour Zoom call (in which the guy was 10 minutes late) thinking, due to his ads, that i could create a youtube channel using other youtube content, NO, it suddenly became selling online courses. His Youtube Ads are straight up lying to people to suck you into a call. Not Cool!

  3. Hello,
    I just purchased Growth Cave and I’m planning to cancel as it was getting expensive for me, as I’m trying to pay off my Student/auto loans. I rediscovered my Wealthy Affiliate account from a years ago. I just rekindled a passion for Indian food and I wanted to create a Hello Fresh meal kit prep for Indian food and thought Growth Cave would do the trick, but unfortunately did not do it. So, I contacted Growth cave to see if I can cancel and get a refund. So, I hope I get it. I hope they can refund my money.

    • Hi Anshu, since you still have a WA account, you can always log back in (or even make a new one if you want). As for Growth Cave, I know it went through some changes since I last reviewed it, but sorry to hear it wasn’t what you wanted.

  4. Hi John
    I was very tempted to purchase Growth Cave. I am new to all of this. My husband passed away almost 2 yrs ago and I’ve been left with a large amount of debt. I have been working 12 hr shifts for some time and honestly I’m getting tired. I have no retirement and am a few short years away from a time when I should retire. I’m in the medical field now but for many years was an Admin Asst so I’m comfortable using a computer. Just wondering as a senior citizen if this program could provide the income I’m looking for without all the hours. My initial goal would be to make 5k per month. Is it truly feasible to do this in a small depressed coal town? I’m willing to put in the work and sounds like your Affiliate program would be a good place to start. I’m just a bit skeptical and also have no idea how to get started.

    • Hi Brenda, so first I want to say that I am sorry to hear about your husband. But for your main question, I think any legitimate program out there, with the proper application of their training can work, but your mention of having debt is what would sway me from recommending an expensive program like Growth Cave.

      Instead I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you can try it for free and learn the same kind of stuff there too.

      Now I get that you are confused on how to get started and all, but here’s a simple breakdown:

      1) You can try the Wealthy Affiliate program here (again it’s free to check out).

      2) That link will take you to a free webinar I created to help explain how Wealthy Affiliate helps you do local marketing (like Growth Cave teaches). This type of online business does have the potential to help you make good money if you apply it.

      3) That same webinar also shares other types of online businesses you can start with Wealthy Affiliate if local marketing isn’t your thing.

      4) Furthermore, you can contact me inside the program (VitaliyG is the name I use there) if you have any questions. You’ll be able to try the program for 14 days free with this current offer and make your own decision if you want to stick around ($49/month after if you do).

      Either way, start with the program, the local marketing webinar I provide you inside the program (available once you sign up) and it will really help answer most of your questions. And yes you can totally do this even if you live in the middle of nowhere as you are basically doing all of this online.

      If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me here 🙂

  5. In summary, the bulk of his money (99%) is made from selling the course and unless they have many years of marketing experience then a book will deliver what you need. If someone asked to market my business, the first question is show me your success stories. So yes it would be very hard work to land clients at the start because marketing is plagued by scammers. Buy books first not expensive courses.

    • Hi Alan, if you purchased Growth Cave, I’d love to hear your review of it. But even if you can make money promoting the course, the topic of local marketing is still legitimate and having done it myself, I can say for sure that it works.

      On the topic of buying books vs expensive courses, I would slightly disagree. Instead, I’d say to try a high value course for a good deal vs an expensive one, like Wealthy Affiliate (they have great local marketing training). The problem with books (the ones focusing on online business) is that they are often outdated and just can’t encapsulate or fully describe what people need to do, especially in this case.

  6. I bought the Growth Cave course from Lucas the first time I saw his video presentation for $1,500, partly because he guaranteed money back if it didn’t work.

    But he talks so fast in his video trainings I couldn’t understand him. And each short module is full of mostly hype about how great it is and how much money you can make.

    Not just the how-to. Anyway, I spent many hours plowing through his course. Couldn’t get much out of it, so I ended up looking online for a book on how to do Facebook Ads for local businesses.
    and I found one for $20 which was really good. It explained all the stuff Lucas left me confused about.

    I asked Lucas about a refund because his program is unworkable for someone who doesn’t grasp new technology easily form only video. None of his program is in writing, so you can read at your own pace. You are expected to just be able to learn it from his rushed video. Much of which the sound is so bad it’s unintelligible. But Lucas only honors the guarantee if you figure it all out, then invest a ton of money in the software programs he promotes, and then it’s not possible to make any money from the program.

    When I invested my $1,500, I wasn’t expecting to have to pony up another $100 a month or more in other expenses just to learn his course. And since it takes a couple months just to plow through all those crappy videos, it’s past the time to make a charge back claim on your credit card. Lucas offers no satisfaction guarantee, only a guarantee that the program is workable.

    And, of course, it must be workable because Lucas supposedly uses those same methods in his digital marketing agency. Even with the low quality of his copywriting training. My recommendation is to learn all the same stuff from a $20 book you can get off Amazon, by the guy that specializes in digital marketing for HVAC businesses.

    Then, if you have a bunch of money laying around buy Lucas’s course and the software he promotes. The way he described it, I didn’t even realize I was buying a course in Facebook marketing. I bought it because of the product concept.

    • Hi Dwight, really appreciate you sharing that information on your experiences with Growth Cave. I may adjust certain parts of my review if more people share similar experiences to yours. That being said, I want to give my positions on certain things you said:

      1) On one hand, I am not surprised by your experiences as I have heard similar ones from other programs where people mention not being able to keep up with the content and it not providing that necessary stuff but rather hype.

      At the same time though, I do think that how people learn is subjective to them and what you may consider to be too fast to keep up with might be just fine for others. Either way, this can be a matter of opinion so it’s a toss up for me here.

      2) I do agree with you that a lot of great content and eBooks exist on material online for less and the $20 eBook you mentioned might just be one of them. However, in this business, you will need a bit more than an eBook to get going because once you put into action things you learn, even from the best sources, you’ll still have questions on how to proceed in certain circumstances that are new to you, which is where getting in touch with people who have been through that might help your learning curve be faster.

      3) This is where I would suggest checking out the local marketing training in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s usual price is $49/month but you can do a 14 day trial and without any questions asked, leave after if you like (I do recommend sticking around since we do have many tools to help you).

      But that program and it’s local marketing training might be a better fit for your positions and tastes in learning as it’s done by another local marketing expert who doesn’t talk fast, is very clear in how to do things in this business and you can get in touch with him, plus get all the tools needed to succeed. Just as well, the training in Wealthy Affiliate on this subject goes beyond Facebook Ads and how to do local marketing in multiple realms.

  7. Hi, my name is John, and I like the way you did the Growth Cave review! I also thought the way you had replied to the father with the dilemma of what to do about online stuff was on point too!

    I had looked into Wealthy Affiliate some time ago, but never took any action on it to be honest! I had the notion to look into it again, and I think from your review and thoughts on their system I might just do that.

    You had also mentioned that you might offer some assistance too! I am just getting started in the online game, but I have done a lot of poking around and research, I guess you could call it! I have some knowledge in a few different areas, or types of online stuff, but I am still not sure of which direction I would like to go. I was thinking of asking your thoughts on this, if you would not mind a person asking, please reply back if you would?

    Thanks for your time, and for the great review ! My name is John and my email is (removed).

    • Hi John, I sent you an email and removed it here from public view. And honestly, for anyone reading this now who is in the same position, really Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start if you’re just beginning or interested in this business. But either way, let me know if you have further questions here (or via email).

  8. I really want to explore digital marketing and Modern Millionaires caught my attention but the price tag was really high and then I got real skeptical about the finance options and how there were limited spots.

    I ended up putting a non refundable $100 payment down and instantly felt like I was making a mistake. Luckily I haven’t put any more money in it. I’ve just been doing research and I’m sure O would have maybe wasted $5,000.

    I found growth cave and it seems legit. Where as MM focuses on google ads and rankings, Growth cave is Facebook ads. I’m just in need of some direction and someone to be truthful with me and not just after my money. I’m a single hard working dad who just wants to spend more time with my kids and make more money.

    • Hi Jermaine, so you came to the right place because I actually help people out who are in this fork in the road situation and need help with getting online businesses started.

      With that said, here’s a few things you said which make what I’ll suggest in my opinion the best option for you:

      You mentioned being a single dad and wanting to make more to spend time with your kids. It’s totally understandable and in my experience, there’s a few online businesses out there you can look into and I will suggest one place that has all of the options available to you:

      Local marketing (this is covered with Growth Cave and MM).
      Blogging (Great for beginners, but takes time to work).
      YouTube video making and promoting affiliate products.
      Pay per click ads (Better for advanced users).

      My honesty advice is to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, where you will get all of this training and you can try that for free, no sneaky or high upsells like other programs and you can freely decide if this is what you want to do. Any online business requires work, including legitimate ones. Modern Millionaires and Growth Cave rely on using paid ads to work and this is risky, so you’re better off understanding the business and getting started with online business in general, from a financially safer and more beginner friendly start.

      So that’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate will do for you. It’ll help you get started in figuring out niches, then building your site on that and if you do decide to go further in their membership options, you’ll get layer on top of layer of other ways to grow your online business, including the same ways MM and Growth Cave teach, just for a WAY more affordable price that is much more alluring (and great training to top it off).

      So check out the Wealthy Affiliate program here, see what it’s about, and if you join it through that page I linked, I’ll help you in the program (and you can try that for free).


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