The Modern Millionaires Review. Is it a Scam?

I’m taking a second run at reviewing The Modern Millionaires. The first time was long ago when they used a different name for the same program. And back then, I said it probably wasn’t a scam, but the quality of the content, for the ridiculous price charged for it was too much.

But since that review, a few things changed:

1) First, the name of the program is now called The Modern Millionaires (It used to be Millionaire Middleman). This is a bit suspect.

2) There is also more transparency on their website as to what they actually teach people (and I like that).

The point is, enough things changed to warrant a fresh review of the “new” program and that’s what I’m going to be doing in this post.

3 honest disclaimers about this review of The Modern Millionaires:

1) I didn’t buy The Modern Millionaires:

The price is just too much and if any of you are returning readers of mine, you know I never suggest buying high ticket info products.

2) I am very knowledgeable on what Modern Millionaires teaches (local marketing):

And the short answer to that is creating an agency and doing local marketing work. Now this is something I seldom do for work, since my main line of income is affiliate marketing through:

The skills and results I have in these fields are all thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program which was ultimately what I suggested people try when I first reviewed Modern Millionaires (back when it was still called Millionaire Middleman).

I prefer this type of work over local marketing because it carries more freedom and I don’t have to communicate with annoying clients 24-7.

But never the less, my skills in those fields carry over to the local marketing world and from time to time, I do some work and consulting in that area for friends who need help running their local businesses.

3) Ultimately, my original thesis of this program carries over to today’s updated review of it which is:

Even if what Modern Millionaire teaches is the real deal (I heard a number of complaints but that’s a two sided argument), Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing webinar training will still teach you the same type of stuff (and a lot more info outside that agency/local marketing realm), but you won’t be spending the $1,000’s to learn it.

A summary and overview of Modern Millionaires:

modern millionaires review


Abdul and Chance.


Several $1,000 for the course, and more to spend on paid ads after (not part of the course, but the practice of it).

What is it?

An online marketing program teaching people how to build online agencies helping local businesses market themselves better. You can earn $1,000’s per client and even make money passively with each client you acquire and do good work for.

What does this program teach? A quick review and look at Modern Millionaires:

There are 4 modules of training and the following content is covered:

  • How to find clients who need their businesses to get online leads.
  • How to acquire the client and make the deal to get paid.
  • How to scale the clients you get to build your work into an agency.
  • How to turn this work into a passive income.
  • Millionaire Middleman also talked about Google Ads marketing too (might be here as well).
  • How to do Facebook Ads and other type of paid ads marketing for the client (and to get the clients yourself).
  • And more.

My rating for Modern Millionaires: 2.5 out of 5 stars

There’s 2 strong arguments against this program.

  • 1 is the price.
  • 2 is the fact that there’s programs like Wealthy Affiliate offering training on similar material (and more) for way less. And like I said before, you can check it out for free right now.

There are also a number of complaints I’ve seen on Modern Millionaires, but I take these things with a grain of salt unless I see serious evidence (draw your own conclusions with independent research is what I recommend) so I’m making the first 2 points of why I’m not recommending this program the main reasons for it.

How money is made by following what Modern Millionaire teaches:

Let me paint a picture for you: There is a lot of opportunity and money to be made by businesses who want to market themselves online and if you possess the knowledge to help the businesses do this, they can pay you a lot for servicing them in this regard, and furthermore can recommend you to more businesses, so you can scale your earnings.

For example:

A business that does the following things can see a tremendous rise in clientele, business and success:

  • Create a business website.
  • Use Facebook Ads for traffic.
  • Use Google Ads for traffic.
  • Create citations for better organic rankings.
  • Create Google listings.
  • And set up an online sales funnel on their site so incoming traffic can turn into profitable leads.

All of these are truly profitable options out there, but the problem in today’s world is that:

  • Very few businesses actually know how to do any of this stuff.
  • The price to hire “experts” is expensive ($1,000’s).
  • Most “experts” suck at this (even though they say they’re good).

And so businesses end up overspending on these things and rarely get the results they want. In short, it’s hard to find a legitimate expert who can do what they want for them.

Supposedly though, the training in Modern Millionaire helps you become that legitimate expert and properly find the clients who need this work, make the connection with them, sign an agreement to do the work, do it and get paid in the process.

If you become an expert at this, here is how much you can potentially earn:

Suppose I find a client who wants to use Facebook Ads to market their business and get leads. I can work out a deal where they pay for the ads I set up for them and pay me $500 a month for the service fee. This ends up making me $500 every month passively.

Then multiply this by 5 leads, and the income can grow to $2,500 a month or more depending on the budget the client is willing to spend.

And this can go further and further, to the point that I can create my own agency, and hire people to get me more clients to do this type of work for (including other type of services outside of Facebook Ads).

Pros (of Modern Millionaires):

  • In theory at least, this subject (local marketing) is totally legitimate.
  • I have personal experience with this topic and know it’s monetary potential.
  • The training (at least on the outside of this program) seems legitimate to me.


  • It costs too much to learn this.
  • I have heard more than a few complaints on this program (they’re not hard to find).
  • The fact their program’s name changed is a little suspicious.
  • Agency and local marketing work isn’t for everyone and there’s many more ways to succeed online namely setting up your own blogging website, affiliate marketing business and more. I didn’t see any of that other stuff taught in Modern Millionaires, but all of this stuff (including local marketing) can be found in Wealthy Affiliate so you get more out of that program.

Conclusions on this review of the Modern Millionaires:

The negative reviews I saw on this program weren’t really what stopped me from recommending it. It was always the price of it being too high and the fact that this type of training is readily available in Wealthy Affiliate too, for much less.

I will say that reviews matter a lot, but it’s the legitimate ones that truly count and while the ones I found on Modern Millionaires may be real, the more important thing is that Wealthy Affiliate’s reviews are plentiful and overwhelmingly positive.

And also, another potential program you can consider that is like Modern Millionaire is Growth Cave (it’s not bad at all, but I like Wealthy Affiliate more).

A preview of the same type of training material found in Wealthy Affiliate as you’ll find in Modern Millionaires:

The first thing to note is that Wealthy Affiliate’s main training is on making money online with affiliate marketing.

However, there are other trainings available in Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium level membership and that is where you get the same type of material as offered in The Modern Millionaires, namely:

  • Local marketing training.
  • Getting clients with businesses to hire you to do online marketing for them.
  • Learning the necessary skills to bring to a potential client to make them hire you.
  • And much more.

Enter Jay, the main expert in Wealthy Affiliate on this subject:

Jay is one of my original affiliate coaches and he pretty much knows all there is to know about making money online in any field.

jay niell local marketing agency expert

But in the context of this article (Modern Millionaires):

Jay runs his own local agency firm and possesses the skills, experience, case studies and teaching talent to share what you need to do in order to make the whole agency/local marketing business work for you.

Jay creates weekly webinars in Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership and thus far has made over 400 webinars in the past few years (with new ones coming out every Friday).

  • Each webinar is 1 hour long and teaches different facets of online marketing.
  • For local marketing subjects, here is a small sample of the existing webinars Jay has made:

jay local marketing webinar list

Access to all of Jay’s webinars and the awesome content in Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is only $49 a month. You can also try them for free. My advice is this:

1) If you’re just poking around the world of affiliate marketing and local marketing and just want to see what it’s about, just try the regular membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

2) If you want the good stuff meaning all the training, and all of Jay’s awesome content on the same kind of stuff Modern Millionaires teaches, then premium is the way to go.

There is also a Premium Plus membership available as well, but you can get risk free access to Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing courses (hosted by Jay, the expert) right now.

Either way, I promise you that you’ll save a lot of money while getting awesome training on whatever subject you’re looking to explore to make money with, be it local marketing, pay per click or affiliate marketing.

2 thoughts on “The Modern Millionaires Review. Is it a Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the insight, their presentation sounds good but obviously is not as simple as they would have you to believe. I am somewhat familiar with this marketing and there is plenty of potential but that can only be done with a very well organized method in which the client is willing to pay as well. I still have much more to learn along the way, and probably should look at WA again soon.

    Thanks much

    • Oh the method they teach works Donald and you also learn it in WA through the local marketing courses. You just save way more in doing it this way.


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