The Millionaire Shortcut Review: What You Need to Know

This Millionaire Shortcut review isn’t one I’m happy writing about and here’s why: I got the eBook and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed by it at all. Furthermore, I went further into what this book pitches after you read it and that was even worse in my opinion.

But overall, here’s what I want to cover in Millionaire Shortcut review:

  1. You’re going to get the Millionaire Shortcut summary (what I understood from it).
  2. I’ll explain how it teaches you to become a millionaire.
  3. What the “shortcut” really is (Spoiler: In my opinion it’s a lot of hype).
  4. What actually happens after you get this eBook (it’s really the tip of the iceberg in a bigger sales funnel).
  5. Why I don’t recommend it (and what’s better).

Product info on the The Millionaire Shortcut book:

millionaire shortcut review

  • Name: The Millionaire Shortcut.
  • Creator: Jeff Lerner.
  • How much is it? It’s free (just enter an email).
  • How long is it? 15 pages.
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
  • What does it teach? Making online businesses via copying successful people at it basically.
  • Recommended? I personally say no, but it’s not a scam and it’s free to read so you can do that and make your own judgement.
  • Better alternatives? Oh yes (details below).

The Millionaire Shortcut summary:

It’s only 15 pages long and frankly, not every page has a lot of content on it so it’s a quick read. I do think it’s very hyped, but the general idea is OK. The basics of this eBook are:

1) Jeff Lerner talking about who he is and how struggled to succeed at making money.

2) How he found out about making money online, that it’s one of the best ways to become successful and how he then found mentors to teach him this.

3) He copied them, became a success and now helps others do this too by copying HIM specifically.

4) This then segue’s into the next stage of Jeff’s funnel which is introducing people to Entre Institute, which is the main program he runs where he teaches people these things.

And that’s it. That’s the Millionaire Shortcut summarized.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is the author of the eBook and co creator of Entre Institute. He is basically a successful online businessman who teaches people his ways (he also has a popular YouTube channel). You have probably seen his ads promoting The Millionaire Shortcut eBook and/or 3 other options:

I personally first saw him on YouTube and then MANY times on Facebook Ads.


  • The eBook is free.
  • Digital real estate (making money online with websites and so forth) is a real thing, but depending on who you get advice from determines a lot.


  • Too hyped in my opinion.
  • Content in the eBook is the very vague/broad in my opinion.
  • Millionaire Shortcut is just step 1 to a larger, high ticket sales funnel (Entre Institute).
  • I think Jeff and his Entre Institute is legitimate, but there are options in my opinion.

Where exactly is the “shortcut” in The Millionaire Shortcut? Hype vs reality:

From what I understood, the “shortcut” part is copying people who are successful online (in this case copying Jeff) and because what he teaches people is making money online and the investment and profit from this is huge, it’s basically a shortcut to becoming a millionaire vs doing traditional things.

He’s technically right and I happen to somewhat agree about this. I personally make money online and I can attest to the fact that if you wish to be successful (online business or anything), find people who are good at so and so, do what they do and rake in the results.

However, aside from the SUPER general explanation, there are in my opinion many holes in the messaging of The Millionaire Shortcut. In my opinion, even if you do things right and copy the right people, there is still a lot of time, hard work and effort needed to succeed at because I literally do this same stuff Jeff teaches, I can tell apart hype from reality.

In my opinion, there is much more hype in the Millionaire Shortcut. Once you start doing this business, that’s when you’ll understand the reality (but if you work hard, you can make some serious money and live a great lifestyle as I have personally experienced myself).

What The Millionaire Shortcut takes you to (and why I’m not happy about it):

Again, all that the Millionaire Shortcut really does is excites (or hypes in my opinion) readers to sign up with Entre Institute and if you want to copy Jeff and make money online, that’s where you’ll get the real training.

But before you actually do that, there’s two more things you need to do:

1) First you need to go through the introductory program of Entre Institute.

That is $39 and I personally paid that money to see what’s inside. Altogether, there isn’t really much training, but just more information about making money online, specifically through 3 methods: Online courses, affiliate marketing and local marketing.

These 3 business models are absolutely legitimate (I use 2 of them personally and make money online especially with affiliate marketing), but it’s really just information about how amazing these businesses are (My full Entre Institute review).

To ACTUALLY get started, this is where you need to go to the next stage:

2) The full Entre Institute Digital Course ($3,997):

While I am confident Jeff Lerners digital course is legitimate at teaching these online business models, I am honestly not going to spend this much money on it. One of the main reasons why is because I can literally list a number of recommended programs here which cost way less and teach you this.

And out of that list, I would say the top choice is Wealthy Affiliate (much of the same training, for MUCH LESS). Shortly put:

new millionaire shortcut alternative banner 02

My conclusions on The Millionaire Shortcut:

So my conclusions on this is broken down into 3 parts:

1) First: I didn’t really like reading the eBook.

Maybe it’s because I know how this all works and whenever I read stuff that’s a bit over the top in my opinion, it just ruins it for me.

2) Second, I wasn’t happy with the introductory experience I got at Entre Institute:

I really gave Jeff’s introductory program a shot and I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t. Again, you can read my full review that I linked above, but what I didn’t mention here was that when I joined (spent $39), I got a lot of spam emails, calls and texts. That really pissed me off and I never like it when programs do this.

Furthermore, for paying $39, I would expect some level of quality training and instead, what I got was a lot of video content on making money with 3 business models but how I’d need to upgrade.

If the introductory program was free and not $39, I would have been much more open to giving this a higher score but in my opinion, instead I spent $39 to basically learn how much I could make by spending more on the full program.

3) Third, paying $3,997 is too much in my opinion (and there’s cheaper options):

Again, the business models taught in this program are legitimate and frankly, despite my subjectively bad experience with the Millionaire Shortcut and Entre Institute, I still think both Jeff and his program are legit but just not enough to justify spending money on a high ticket program like this!

  • Do I think that if you buy the $3,997 program and apply it, that you’ll succeed? Yes I do.
  • But are there better alternatives than spending $1,000’s on this? Oh yeah:

The alternatives? Why Wealthy Affiliate is the easy choice:

millionaire shortcut other alternative 05

The bottom line is this:

  1. The Millionaire Shortcut and Entre Institute teaches making money online via 3 methods.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate literally teaches this same material, but it’s free to try (and you actually get real training). There’s also more success stories, more training, more tools and support. It’s a very beginner friendly program.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I personally learned this stuff Jeff teaches, and so I know you don’t need to fork out $3,997 to do this. Now to be fully transparent, I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and there are 2 upgraded memberships, one of which is $49 a month, but I fully endorse that if you are looking to make money online, that you:

  1. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here (I recommend you read it fully).
  2. Make your own independent decision on whether or not to join it.
  3. If you do decide to join, try the free membership (no risk and you can see for yourself what’s up).
  4. Decide later if you wish to upgrade.

As for The Millionaire Shortcut, like I said earlier in this review, if you wish to read it, I actually endorse that since it actually is free. Give it a shot if you want and draw your own conclusions.

But just keep in mind what I said it leads to and then decide if that’s for you. If its not, you at least have one or more good alternatives that teach you the same stuff.

8 thoughts on “The Millionaire Shortcut Review: What You Need to Know”

  1. Thanks for the review.

    As for ads on YouTube, I NEVER watch them. I mute the sound and see how quickly I can click the “SKIP ADS” button if it has one. I think YouTube should have a contest each week, and give away a valuable prize for the person with the quickest time from the appearance of the “SKIP ADS” button to when it is clicked. Then maybe an even more valuable prize for the quickest time in each month, and in each year. The best time for the year should be something really nice, like a new vehicle, or perhaps $1,000,000.

    What do you think? Should YouTube have such a contest?

    • I think a contest for the worst ads would encourage people to make their future ones even worse, making for a bad experience for us hah.

      But as someone who does marketing and makes ads himself, I can appreciate the hustle, but I get your point of view too and I skip 99% of ads I see most of the time too 🙂

  2. Thank you for this valuable review, but I’m still in a confused state. I’ve seen reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and many say its training is outdated with some of it like maybe 8 years old?

    I’d appreciate some clarifications on this please, but I have a rough idea so far of what to do in setting up an online business, and it seems there are many good ones like dropshipping and Amazon FBA and so on.

    But Affiliate Marketing interests me a lot. I’m already thinking of launching my own Email Newsletter and Blog for tips on saving money, budgeting, discounts, avoiding scams and making money offline or online. I want to research and provide plenty of valuable content on these topics but also pitch good courses and training programs and software via Affiliate links.

    So, I know what I want to start but the problem is getting traffic for people to join my Email List. So, to kick start it I’ve thought of making a competition giveaway on Facebook and to go viral via the following way. Ask them to like and comment on the post (not share as it violates Facebook promotion policies), then click on the landing page in the post which takes them through a funnel where they 1st need to submit their first name and email, then the next page will give them 2 surveys (CPA affiliate offers) to choose from to unlock their door to enter the competition, then after they unlock that they are given the chance to double their chances of winning by sharing on their own Facebook, if they do they then will unlock that also or they pass to the next page which will give them the chance to further double their chances If they refer 3 of their friends to the link for the landing page.

    They then get a confirmation via email and will be kept updated and sent daily the numbers of those who have entered so far. The competition will take 10 days as that’s maybe what it needs to build up and go viral, the prizes will be Amazon Gifts cards, 3 winners of £100/$130 gift cards, 3 winners of £50/£65 gift cards, 10 winners of £15/$20 gift cards, then also the remaining contestants get sent vouchers/discounts/coupons to consolidate them.

    I’m wondering if I can keep a little active in lots of Facebook groups before asking them to let me post this in their groups as a way to start off. Getting 100K Email Subscribers is my goal, then give them small valuable content daily whilst sometimes giving them online business opportunities with my affiliate links and even links to my own blog posts at times if they want to read the full article, then use my affiliate links to use the software to set up a small online business.

    If I actually enroll on a specific online business like wealthy affiliate then I offer them bonuses to enroll using my affiliate link, such as my own private Facebook group, coaching, templates, scripts and so on. But I know I need to start with one, but which one? Legendary Marketer? Entre? Wealthy Affiliate? Solo Build it? the list carries on.

    So, I’m a little confused and need some real honest advice.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mo, based on everything you told me, it sounds like you’ve seen bits and pieces of what to do to make money online with various business models and have some stuff set up, but you just don’t have the tools to put it all together now. This is common for people investigating how to succeed in any online business and very often I run into people who are in your situation, have some stuff set up, like a blog, a social media page and have an email list ready to go, but are missing key fundamentals to make it all work.

      My honest suggestion is to start with Wealthy Affiliate. I know you said you heard the training is outdated and it’s actually not. In fact, I’m running this site and others that get rankings, traffic and sales through the existing WA training you heard is “outdated”. It works and it’s not like the script for SEO and online success flips every year. The training in WA today is just as relevant for today’s world of online business, but at the same time, there are constant updates coming out to the program, and in WA, it’s happening across the board so I would absolutely join the program for several reasons:

      -It’s free to to.
      -You can get my coaching (join it here if you want that).
      -You will learn PROPER fundamentals and create an affiliate site/niche site.
      -It does take work and time, but you will learn exactly what to do from the get go.
      -This will also help you become an advanced user overtime and be able to do other methods such as PPC, email marketing and much more.

      Fundamentals are the most important thing for any beginner and in WA, you learn the best ones in my experience. I would also start a new site in the program as a fresh, blank project because a lot of what you’ll learn in WA may seem very different than what you currently have seen in other places. So look at this from a fresh perspective.

      As for the other programs you mentioned:

      Legendary marketer: Overpriced and honestly I think it’s hyped (but legitimate).
      Entre Institute: I didn’t like my experience there and it is expensive but WA teaches you the same materials.
      Solo Build it: Not a bad program, but you get MORE from WA.

      Let me know if you have any followup questions 🙂

  3. A part of me believes that somewhere beyond the keystroke is a way to funnel money into your life. I just don’t know where to start. I’d like to learn. Or just be satisfied with what I already have. I’m at peace, have a comfortable home and eat well. But I feel something I can’t describe. I think the internet can give much more than people realize. And it shouldn’t cost anything but time.

    • Hi Wilma, I’m going to be perfectly honest: It is possible to make this work (I literally do this), but there’s 2 extremes you want to avoid:

      1) The first is the get rich quick promises and people/programs that make you think it works like that.
      2) The second is expecting to make this work without paying anything.

      To make an online business that makes money online, you have to put in something like money for a website and other essentials. The good news is that it’s actually not expensive to do this and I do always recommend people learn this from the Wealthy Affiliate program.

      That might be one of the only good programs where you’ll get realistic education on this business and the tools you need to succeed and it’s possible to get started for free and see if you want to upgrade later.

  4. Thank you so much you have saved me money I always check before doing and of course the reason he is rich is because $39 times thousands of times is a way of getting rich for him. Thank you again.

    • Hi Joanne. The truth is, what Jeff does isn’t a scam and many marketers do it. What really matters is what type of content is delivered and for what price. Although with regards to Entre Institute, I found some value, most of it seemed hyped to me and certainly, the Millionaire Shortcut was a disappointment for me to read. I also don’t believe in spending the $1,000’s on his program to get value out of it when Wealthy Affiliate has info on all of these things anyway.


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