Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire Review: Overrated

Jeff Lerner has a “new” eBook out called Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire and in this review, I’m going to share everything you need to know.

You see I have a lot of experience on this subject as a whole, and what I mean by that is:

  1. I’ve read Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire.
  2. I’ve read The Millionaire Shortcut (also by Jeff Lerner).
  3. I’ve been a member of Jeff’s Entre Institute program (it was a short stay for reasons I’ll explain).
  4. And finally, I literally practice the stuff Jeff teaches his members (only I learned it from a program I consider to be better).

So all in all, this isn’t just a regular review and summary. I’m also going to share what to expect after because after reading this eBook, there’s much more involved in terms of you getting started with what Jeff shares in that eBook. So let’s begin:

A summary and review of Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire:

confessions of a coffee shop millionaire review

Who wrote Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Jeff Lerner.

How much does Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire cost?

$0. You just need to enter your email to get the eBook.

What does Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire teach you?

The eBook is 15 pages and there’s 3 parts to it:

  1. First, you get Jeff’s personal story about going from $400k debt to being a millionaire.
  2. Second, Jeff talks about making money online and doing what successful people in this sphere do.
  3. And third, Jeff introduces the concept of making money online through 3 proven methods and shares how you can learn it from him and his Entre Institute program.

My rating for Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire: 2 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend this? No.

Having personally gone through Jeff’s sales funnel before and been a member of his program (Entre Institute), I know what to expect and while there are certain good things to point out (which I will later in this review), my opinions are this:

  1. The eBook isn’t really that valuable in my opinion.
  2. Second, the 3 methods Entre Institute teaches you to make money online are legitimate, but it’s just too expensive.
  3. Third, I didn’t really like the annoying stuff I experienced as a member there.
  4. And finally, you can learn about the same methods from other programs and not pay as much

Here is a detailed review of Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire (the most important things to know):

confessions of a coffee shop millionaire banner 1

Further review (if you’d like to know more):

First of all, Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire is nearly identical if not the same thing as The Millionaire Shortcut.

You see before I discovered Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire, Jeff Lerner had (or still has) another eBook called The Millionaire Shortcut and it too is 15 pages long and says the same stuff as this one.

So reading this “new” eBook wasn’t a new experience at all for me. I already knew what to expect and did read it again just to be sure (and yeah, I was right). And I wasn’t exactly impressed by the previous eBook and that’s why this “new” one gets the exact same rating from me.

Note: Jeff also has a third eBook out now called No Degree Success Secrets, which is very similar to both these eBooks.

So honestly, this review can’t really be any more specific than it already is. Anything worth talking about after this has to involve talking about Jeff’s main program and that’s what I want to focus on:

The point of Jeff’s eBook is this:

It’s to introduce you to the ideal of making money online and connecting you with Jeff’s Entre Institute program.

It hypes up the idea of making money online and talks about 3 methods to succeed online, but doesn’t mention what they are (I’ll tell you what they are in a moment).

To find out, you have to join Entre Institute. And guess what? That’s what I did.

Next up is Entre Institute ($39):

Just so you know, I have an entire review of the Entre Institute program here and while I will leave the specific details in that link, here’s the summary of that. There are 2 tiers to this program:

  1. The first one is a 6 step blueprint for $39 which is the one I was in briefly.
  2. The second is an upsell to get the full Entre Institute program which is close to $4,000 (I did not get that).

Now the thing to note is that the 6 step blueprint (the one I got) is where you learn about the 3 methods of making money online and without leaving you wondering, here is what the are:

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Making a local marketing agency.
  3. Making online e-Courses.

Conclusions: Why I left Jeff’s program and don’t really recommend it.

First of all, let me be clear about one thing (the pros):

All 3 of these businesses are legit and Jeff does provides you with FULL training on each of these things in his Entre Institute program (the one that costs $1,000s).

In fact, for me, while I was not exactly satisfied with the “training” I got in the entry to this program, I do have belief in Jeff and his Entre Institute being legitimate.

Never the less, I didn’t stay. And there’s several reasons for this:

  1. First, I didn’t like the original eBook I read (I thought it wasn’t that valuable).
  2. Second, the entry program I entered was a lot of info, but very little training (basically trying to get me to buy the full package).
  3. Third, I got A LOT of annoying emails, texts, calls and that experience really ticked me off to the point that I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with Jeff’s program.

And finally, I already know about making money online with these 3 business models. Let me explain:

  1. For affiliate marketing, I make a passive living doing it (you can see my income reports).
  2. For local marketing, I’ve done it seldomly, but didn’t stick around.
  3. Third, for e-Courses, I’ve made some free materials and eBooks (kind of like what Jeff has) in the past.

And those experiences I have is why I’m telling you that what Jeff talks about (and likely teaches in the full Entre Institute program) is legitimate.

The concept of working from a coffee shop, or your home, or anywhere and making money with a laptop is real, but it takes a lot of work.

And with regards to Jeff and his program, it’s also very expensive and when I learned this material, it was through an alternative source called Wealthy Affiliate that:

  • You could try for free.
  • That also teaches these business models (mostly affiliate marketing).
  • That doesn’t annoy you like the Entre Institute program annoyed me with the texts, calls, emails.
  • Has a ton of members, success stories, tools and better training in my opinion.
  • Includes me being your coach on top of this.
  • And finally, you don’t need to pay tons of money to learn it all.

So the bottom line is that if you want to learn what Jeff teaches, for way less and in my opinion in larger amounts and higher value, the Wealthy Affiliate will give you that.

As for Confessions of a Coffee Shop Millionaire, it’s just a repeat experience for me, and in spite of that, my suggestion remains the same as it did the first time I came around Jeff’s program: It has merit and is likely legitimate, but has it’s cons (including price), and really, Wealthy Affiliate is just better in all regards to learn the same things.

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