Inbox Inc Review: A Summary of Anik Singal’s New eBook

Anik Singal’s been producing a lot of free eBooks on online business lately and the latest one I got an ad for is Inbox Inc, which I did read through and would like to give you my review, thoughts and summary on in this post.

A short summary and review of Inbox Inc:

inbox inc review

Who wrote Inbox Inc?

Anik Singal.

How much is Inbox Inc?

Free. To get it, you first need to watch a webinar that promotes Email Startup Incubator, one of Anik’s main products teaching email marketing.

What is Inbox Inc all about?

It’s a 15 page eBook that basically shows a 10 step blueprint to making money online through email.

I’ll go over every step shortly.

My Rating for Inbox Inc: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yeah, it’s pretty good.

While this is probably the shortest eBook of Anik’s that I’ve ever read, I actually found it to be pretty good overall.

It’s not exactly an action taking eBook (you can try the Email Startup Incubator for that), but it does give you a pretty good template of what to do in order to succeed at email marketing which is Anik’s bread and butter (at least in terms of what he mainly teaches people).

Alternatives? Some:

inbox inc alternative

Inbox Inc: A detailed review

So as I said earlier, Inbox Inc is a 15 page eBook on the 10 steps to building a profitable online business. While you can honestly read the eBook yourself (as it’s pretty summarized already), I’ll give you an even shorter version (less steps, more condensed):

1) First Anik talks about finding a niche. He doesn’t really give you a lot of examples, but the niche he uses as reference is pretty good in my opinion. He does mention that his program (Email Startup Incubator) has a “Niche Detective” tool.

2) Then Anik talks about picking what to sell to the niche you decide to choose. There’s many options, one of which is affiliate marketing products. You can also elect to promote high ticket affiliate marketing products too as you will be using paid ads to drive visitors to your page later (high ticket products make the process more profitable).

3) Then Anik talks about writing an eBook on the niche you chose, which will be used as a giveaway (to collect your email list).

4) Make a 1 page site giving away the eBook (only if people opt in of course).

5) Once people opt in, you send them to a thank you page, and an instant offer where they can buy whatever you want to sell (at a limited time offer).

6) Then the eBook talks about the importance of autoresponders for email collections.

7) The eBook also talks about traffic generation and talks about general places for that such as pay per click networks including:

So when you put it all together:

  1. You pick a niche and make a 1 page site giving away a free gift.
  2. You send relevant niche traffic (through paid ads) to the site, offer up the free gift for their email.
  3. You get the email, send them to a thank you page (and offer).
  4. You keep in touch with your email list and send them future offers.
  5. You build up an online business rinsing and repeating this.

And that’s basically the summary of Inbox Inc in a nutshell. And if you read other eBooks Anik has produced, including:

The messaging is pretty much the same (build an online business through email).

Do I recommend Anik’s products? If they were cheaper, yes:

Anik is very consistent in what he teaches, and that’s actually a good thing. Also another positive is that he literally operates his online business in the way he preaches it in his eBooks, including Inbox Inc.

I see Anik’s ads all over my Facebook feed when I’m browsing and he’s delivering free eBooks like this over and over, and it’s driving people to the main product Email Startup Incubator. So overall, it’s good to see that there’s an online marketer doing the same things he is telling people to do. If it didn’t work, he would be doing something completely different.

That being said, I do believe his Email Startup Incubator, as well as previous programs he’s made like Inbox Blueprint are quite expensive. In addition to that, paid ads and email marketing are things I consistently suggest beginners avoid in online business (unless they have a lot of money to start).

Anik does also provide a lot of extra value to people in his Lurn program which you can check out, but keep in mind that while there’s numerous free products, eBooks and good value, there are also tons of other products, programs, with different teachers (Successful marketers by the way), all at different price points.

Alternatives to Inbox Inc and why they are important in this case:

I’ve always argued that while Anik has legit points and that Lurn itself is legitimate, that you can get similar and possibly more value in other places, for less, and while there are recommended programs I suggest here, the one I consistently say has the best of everything is Wealthy Affiliate.

As a beginner, that place is perfect for you to start with and they’ll help you with making an online business through niches as well, but they’ll also help you build it up through free traffic and give you the necessary tools to do it.

As for autoresponders, paid ads and so forth, if you’re a beginner, I’d wait to get into that unless you are prepared to risk a lot of money. Paid ads can be very difficult and expensive to figure out, and autoresponders, while legit tools for online businesses, are not easy to convert.

Practice is important to get this business model right, and until you do, this method will cost you money, and there are safer ways to start, such as the methods taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

As for Inbox Inc, yes I do recommend reading it and just in case you’re new to Anik’s ways of doing things, to get it, you first need to watch his webinar and at the end of it, you can likely see it in your own email inbox.

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