No Degree Success Secrets Review – Is it Really Possible?

Jeff Lerner’s No Degree Success Secrets is a new eBook that I just finished reading and in this review, I’d like to give you my thoughts on i since it just so happens that I have a lot of experience on this from multiple angles:

  1. I have personal experience with what Jeff’s eBook talks about (I make money online and used it to pay for school).
  2. I also have a lot of experience with Jeff Lerner in general and was a member of his program and read his other eBooks too.

Anyway, let’s get to this No Degree Success Secrets review:

Product Info:

no degree success secrets review

  • Name: No Degree Success Secrets.
  • Author: Jeff Lerner.
  • Price: $0.
  • How long is it? 12 pages.
  • What’s it about? Learning how to make money online to pay for school.
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.

Recommended? For a free read sure, but overall this eBook, like Jeff’s other ones I read are really broad and in my opinion just a pitch to get you into what’s known as Entre Institute (where you learn how to succeed online). I’m not a big fan of any of his eBooks, nor that program but more on that later.

What I recommend instead of No Degree Success Secrets:

no degree success secrets alternative

A quick summary of No Degree Success Secrets:

Honestly, the eBook itself is really short (12 pages), but overall here’s the basic summary:

Jeff Lerner explains how over 50% of people who go to college end up in either dead end jobs and/or in huge financial debt. He then talks about how you can succeed in life without a degree and 2 of the options available (that he knows works from his own experiences) are:

  • Real estate.
  • Digital real estate (running an online business) and he recommends this.

This segue’s into Jeff talking about his own history in failure to success and how making an online business helped him overcome nearly $500k in debt to making millions. Then he pitches Entre Institute where you can learn about digital real estate.

Where I agree with No Degree Success Secrets:

Generally speaking, what Jeff talks about in regards to the following things:

  • Student loan debt issues.
  • How (yes) you can don’t need a degree to succeed in life (I’m proof of that).
  • How little jobs pay even if you have a degree.
  • How you don’t need to spend tons of money to succeed in life.
  • And how digital real estate is one of the best ways to succeed in life.

I just can’t deny this is all true to an extent because I personally have lived through this myself. I was about 20 before I got into making my online business and I was also in college at the time. Thanks to running a successful online business, I truly was able to pay for school, even though I did graduate with a bachelors in business (more about me here).

Now the thing is, had I stuck around post graduation and looked for a job related to my degree, I’d argue a few things would happen:

  1. I’d likely be in a dead end job (got a business degree but ended up working for someone else and getting paid little).
  2. Probably wouldn’t be nearly as successful as I am today because of the internet business I run.

So much of what Jeff eludes to in literally the first page of his eBook, I can VERY much relate to. So in a sense, I agree with what he talks about, but this is no way a recommendation for what Jeff pitches afterwards.

Remember, I gave this eBook a 1 out of 5 stars for a reason and this is where we get into the details of why:

Where I disagree with No Degree Success Secrets:

Ok so there’s actually a number of areas where I have disappointments about Jeff’s eBook, his program and the whole general idea:

1) Let’s start with the eBook itself (I didn’t particularly like it).

It’s so broad, generalized and very hyped. The information in it is more “duh” to me than valuable and I personally do not like reading what I consider to be hyped eBooks that try to excite me with the main purpose of getting me to buy something on the back end (which is what this eBook does).

The subject matter is just truism in that you can’t even argue with it, but it’s just poor content in my opinion. This is why I generally agree on the subject, but still don’t like the content of the eBook.

Also, this is Jeff’s 3rd eBook. His other 2 are:

Those 2 eBooks are nearly identical and in many ways, the secondary part of No Degree Success Secrets is very similar to those 2 as well. And I would literally tell you the same things about those 2 eBooks as I would for this one (It’s general truism, but poor content in my opinion).

2) This eBook is about promoting Entre Institute (and I’ve been there already):

This eBook isn’t my first introduction to Jeff Lerner and his program. The other 2 eBooks I mentioned also did the same thing and when I originally read the 1st eBook (The Millionaire Shortcut), I decided to try Entre Institute and let me tell you, I was pretty disappointed.

My full review can be found in this Entre Institute post, but I basically paid $30+ dollars to learn details of 3 different online business models Jeff will teach you if you buy the FULL Entre Institute Package, which are:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Digital agencies (local marketing).
  • Making online courses.

This is the digital real estate Jeff was eluding to in his No Degree Success Secrets eBook and frankly, they are ALL legitimate models. The problem is that the Entre Institute full package is $3,997 and the $30+ I spent got my hype about that full program and a lot of annoying communication I’d just call spam if nothing else.

Long story short: I really feel like my $30+ was wasted and I didn’t see get enough value to justify buying $1,000’s for the full program.

Be aware that if you decide to go the same route and read the eBook, then try Entre Institute, this is also what you’ll be going through as well and I personally just don’t recommend it.

Conclusions (and alternatives):

The eBook to me was just more of the same I saw with his other eBooks: Lots of hype and a pitch to join Entre Institute and you already know what my thoughts are on that program.

However, like I’ve said when I reviewed those other 2 eBooks as well as Entre Institute:

1) Entre Institute might very well be a program that can help you succeed online. The problem (among others) is that it’s very expensive.

2) You don’t need Entre Institute to learn online business success. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate is where I’d recommend you go instead if you want the following things:

  • Awesome training on starting an online business.
  • Awesome tools, support and expert help on it.
  • Lots of examples of success stories that show it works.
  • No crazy expensive costs to get started (You can even test drive Wealthy Affiliate for free). You’ll literally save tons of money.

This just so happens to be THAT program that helped me pay for school when I was in that spot and after seeing the pitch to join Entre Institute’s full program, I knew I wouldn’t need to spend nearly $4,000 on it when Wealthy Affiliate already has this. I’m even going to come right out and say it: Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is FAR better than Entre Institute in every single way, shape and form.

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