Can Ivan Mana Really Help You Succeed Online?

Ivan Mana might be one of the very few people outside my circle of trusted affiliate marketers who I would recommend to get advice from and in this post, I’m going to explain why I have a lot of confidence in this guy to help you succeed online.

To start, let me share my experiences with Ivan Mana:

Just yesterday, I got a video recommendation from YouTube and it happened to be a video by Ivan. In it, he walks people through the process of setting up a Google Ads campaign from scratch and doing affiliate marketing on it.

While I do know how to use Google Ads, they recently had a massive change up in how they operate and it’s made it much more difficult to use in my opinion (and that includes YouTube ads as well), so I was interested in seeing what Ivan could show me and perhaps I could learn something new. And so I clicked on the video.

And I have to say that I was quickly impressed by the content he delivered:

  • He was straight to the point about how to set up a Google Ads campaign.
  • He walked you through the process step by step and it was beginner friendly.
  • A lot of what he recommended in the setup mimics what I would personally recommend people do when they make their own ads.

Needless to say, once I saw this video, my initial view of Ivan was very positive, but I wanted to see more:

And this brought me to his website, which is Once on it, I began exploring the sort of content he created, how he markets himself and what else he has to offer.

Here’s a quick summation of Ivan Mana and what he offers people:

ivan mana review screenshot

1) For starters, he offers beginners a free 55 page guide on affiliate marketing.

This is free to get and I will be reviewing it soon.

2) Additionally, there is a lot of blog content as well as YouTube video content on his site.

A lot of the content covers subjects mainly related to doing pay per click affiliate marketing on networks such as:

And I have some personal experiences with each of these networks. I’ve actually done quite well on the last 2 (Bing and Google), but like I said earlier, some things have changed around so I have to readjust, but we’re talking six figure ranges for me personally.

And I say this because as I was checking out Ivan’s content, again, just like with the Google Ads tutorial video he has, a lot of his other content was very similar to the stuff that I would recommend if I were talking to someone about this.

3) Premium content through courses:

ivan mana courses screenshot

This is where Ivan sells you the good stuff, which is basically his courses on the same materials. From my count, there’s 7 courses and here’s the short layout:

The most expensive is his Affiliate Marketing Mastery course for $1997 in which he teaches you affiliate marketing on Clickbank and in general. It’s recommended for beginners.

Then there’s also the other 6 courses whose prices range from $100-$200 which cover the subject of pay per click networks and making money as an affiliate on them. You can learn more about Ivan Mana’s courses here.

The great news is that these courses are fully accessible once you buy them, meaning you don’t have to wait until a certain period to open up the next lesson.

If you’re just a beginner, the $1997 course is where I’d start (and if you can afford it) and if you need more proofing, just check out Ivan’s free content and draw your own conclusions.

What I like about Ivan Mana (Pros):

  1. He gets to the point quickly in his tutorials.
  2. A lot of his content is not just familiar to me, but it’s how I operate too.
  3. He offers incredible free content on a level I have rarely seen.
  4. I think he might be one of the top 5 marketers outside my circle who I would recommend (Others include Adam Enfroy, people like Greg Kononenko, as well as Miles Beckler), but I would say Ivan’s content is better based on what I’ve seen.

Some cons:

While I have to say I have full trust in Ivan, his content and the ability to help you make money online, the potentially big issues I see are:

  1. The high price of his beginner course ($1,997).
  2. The other courses having their own price tags that might be confusing for people to choose (I would say they are more intermediate level stuff).

This doesn’t negate the fact that he delivers amazing content and if applied, I do believe there is a good chance of success. However, the investment part might be a bit much for people.

Conclusions and potential alternatives:

At the very least I do recommend people opt in to his email newsletter and develop their own opinion of Ivan before making a purchasing decision. But if you are tight on money and are looking to get into affiliate marketing, I have my own alternatives to share with you:

1) First is my free affiliate coaching course here in which you learn the 4 steps I apply in my online business (no paid ads necessary) to run a profitable blog in any niche. I am actually like Ivan in that we do the same thing and our knowledge base is very similar (I just do more blogging and he seems to do a lot more paid ads and YouTube, which I also do by the way).

2) Second (and the more important course) is Wealthy Affiliate. I have used that course’s training to develop my own online business and much of what I saw from Ivan reflects pretty much the same type of material you get in Wealthy Affiliate.

The thing about Wealthy Affiliate though is that it’s free to try and it’s all included premium courses are only $49 a month, so that might be more affordable for some. You also get a lot of necessary tools included with a membership there.

Now I typically do recommend Wealthy Affiliate in pretty much all of my content, and I happen to think it’s the best place for affiliate marketing (and online business), but I have to give credit where it’s due:

Ivan Mana in my personal opinion is not just good, but he’s legit and I have a 100% trust in his courses, so if you are on the fence and Wealthy Affiliate isn’t where you want to start, I would tell you to get one of Ivan Mana’s courses as long as you can afford it and understand that this is an investment with no guarantees.

Ivan is legit and you can move forward knowing that. If you have any personal feedback about Ivan that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Can Ivan Mana Really Help You Succeed Online?”

  1. You are really a very smart and reliable person. Really Ivan is a great guy, I watched many of his videos, and I learned a lot from him just as I learned a lot from you too.

    I can say that I have learned only invaluable things from you and him regarding affiliate marketing and pay per click, I have not found better content than yours on the web. I remember reading a post on his blog discussing sales funnels and it was very similar to what I read from you.

    I really intend to buy his services, especially after you praised him, but they are not cheap. I was hoping that if you also had paid services to help me choose profitable products to promote, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them.

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the kind words. Regarding what you said, finding profitable products to promote is easy but that’s just 1 part of the process. The key is to find products you actually like in niches you love, and then properly promote them through various options like pay per click, blogging and so forth.

      If you are tight on money, I would never tell you to get into paid ads. Start with blogging (and YouTube too) and build up your income from that on a niche topic you love and invest the profits into pay per click when you understand sales funnels and can make sales with them.

      You don’t need to use paid ads exclusively (and it should be done later on in my opinion). I do recommend you start with Wealthy Affiliate if you are completely new and need help (if you haven’t already done so), because it’s cheaper there and you can get a wide range of education on making money online to help you later pay for PPC and Ivan’s courses too.


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