Lurn Review. The Good, The Bad And Better Alternatives?

As a whole, there’s an overwhelming amount of positive things to say about the Lurn website, but there are also a few cons I personally think are around and in this review, I want to give you both sides from an objective perspective.

And just as well I want to share an alternative to Lurn in this review as well that I honestly think offers more value for less, but we’ll get to all of that in a bit.

Here’s a video review of Lurn (and everything you need to know):

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If you’d like to know more about Lurn, Wealthy Affiliate and more, no problem. Here is the rest of the review:

Here is some basic info about Lurn:

Who created Lurn?lurn review screenshot

Anik Singal.

How much does Lurn cost?

  1. The site is free.
  2. There’s many free courses and eBooks to get as well (known as Free Digital Entrepreneurship)
  3. But there are programs whose prices range from $7 to $1,000’s depending on the subject, the expert and the program’s value (known as Premium Digital Entrepreneurship/Marketing).

What is Lurn?

It’s a website geared towards online business education. Specifically:

1) Lurn features experts (or teachers) which create courses on the website and share the content in either free eBooks or content and/or more premium level courses and trainings.

There are numerous experts in the Lurn program teaching what works for them in the online business world, in their respective fields, everything from: Email marketing, online course creation, eCommerce, Amazon selling, Pinterest success and a lot more.

2) Then people (students) interested in whatever subject of online business can browse the Lurn website, find the online business subject they want to learn, can opt in to read a free course eBook on the subject and choose then to upgrade to get more out of that or not.

My rating for Lurn: 4 out of 5 stars

Is Lurn a scam?

Absolutely not. This platform isn’t for everyone, but it is legitimate and gives you the knowlegde to create a business online.

Do I recommend it? Yes (but):

Although I do think Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice like I mentioned above, Lurn has become a very valuable source of internet marketing education for people of all levels and I do believe this platform can provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a successful online business of your own.


lurn alternative wealthy affiliate

My history with Lurn explained:

Lurn was created by Anik Singal, and I have read numerous books of his (such as Commission Blueprint) and reviewed multiple programs he has released as well (the Email Startup Incubator program was the most recent).

Just as well, since Lurn is an area with experts other than Anik who provide great content on online business topics, I have also reviewed some of their programs too, the most recent program being Printable Profits, a good program on becoming a mugprenuer.

In truth, this is my second review and look at Lurn:

The first time I reviewed Lurn was here 2 years ago when it was still a fresh program.

Back then, I had more cons to list about it, but I still thought it was a good program and many of those cons I saw back then are no longer an issue and overall, the Lurn program has come a long way.

3 areas where Lurn has made improvements since the last time I reviewed it:

1) When Lurn first came out, I questioned some of their expert’s credibility.

Today, there are many more experts and quality courses available in Lurn. In short, their experts are legit to my knowledge.

2) When I reviewed Lurn for the first time, I felt Anik was pushing most of the other content on the site towards his programs.

Today, I feel like there’s much more balance and options for people to take one or more courses at Lurn, beyond just Anik’s programs.

3) Before, Lurn limited options for courses, and many of them were quite expensive.

Today, there are still expenses courses and programs there, but there are also a lot more choices, and a lot of free content has also been put on the Lurn platform allowing people to get a “taste” of the more Premium Digital Marketing programs Lurn has to offer.

Who is Lurn for?

  • Total beginners to online business would benefit from Lurn.
  • People who know some sort of online business, but want to learn new branches of it.
  • People seeking legitimate options to learn online business materials.
  • People who are ready to pay a lot of money to learn some of the Premium Lurn content.

Who is Lurn not for?

  • People who can’t really afford large sums of money for online business courses.
  • People who are confused on what kind of online business to start (Lurn has many choices, it might confuse people).

Conclusions on Lurn:

It has made a lot of improvements and being able to connect through this platform to real experts in online business who have tested what they teach in the real online business world can provide first time users entering this same world with the confidence to know they are following the right people to succeed in their journey through this world too.

But at the same time, I can say this same exact thing about Wealthy Affiliate too (and much more) which is why I actually recommend it more than Lurn.

Let me explain everything you need to know:

Wealthy Affiliate vs Lurn (7 areas where they are similar):

  1. Both Wealthy Affiliate and Lurn are a platform to learn the same material: Online business education.
  2. Both programs provide access to true experts in different fields of online business (including me).
  3. Both programs have a large amount of students (WA actually has over 2 million, Lurn has 400,000+).
  4. Both programs has a lot of free content you can explore before going into their paid services.
  5. Both programs consistently evolve and add more content/training to their platform (however, Wealthy Affiliate does it at a much faster pace).

6 areas where Wealthy Affiliate is superior to Lurn in my opinion:

1) You potentially save much more money with WA vs Lurn. Here’s why:

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have 3 membership levels, and the highest is Premium Plus.

This level offers you access to everything WA provides, including it’s most premium content, courses, training and tools. The cost of this membership is $99 a month (all included).

With Lurn, you have separate products, a mix of free and premium content, all with prices ranging in different fields, which can cost $1,000’s or more if you want to buy more than one course.

2) You can see Wealthy Affiliate’s best content for 14 days free. Lurn costs money to access it’s best stuff.

WA’s Premium Plus membership, while costing $99 a month, can actually be accessed at a 14 day trial so you can decide if sticking around is what you want to do. Lurn has great content, but let’s be real, it’s best stuff is likely it’s most expensive stuff and again, with WA you save money.

3) You get all the tools you need to build your online business with WA. With Lurn, you likely have to purchase that stuff seperately:

Again, money savings play a big part here.

WA provides people with websites, hosting, security and other major tools an online business requires to operate. In Lurn, I do believe you may have to purchase that stuff outside the Lurn realm to operate it, and this can add extra costs to start up.

4) In WA, you get the best support out there, period.

I know that Lurn has a community and I know their support is good, but frankly, Wealthy Affiliate is better in everyway in this realm. It provides people with access to live chat, a large community and 24-7 help so you can get expedited help anytime you need it.

5) Much more training in WA is available (1,000’s of lessons) vs Lurn (100’s):

Lurn has a lot of content to check out yes, but Wealthy Affiliate has been around longer and just has a lot more authority in the training it provides. There is beginner level training on succeeding at online business in this course made by some of the top experts in the business. I happen to be one of them.

6) Lurn may have a lot of choices on what type of online business to start. In Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a central course beginners can take:

It’s the build your online business in your niche course (called Online Entreprenuer Certification) and you can start there.

It also builds on top of that course and adds in more layers such as YouTube, pay per click ads, social media marketing and much more, many things which Lurn does teach too, but the sequence in WA makes it more comfortable for beginners in my opinion.

I like Lurn, but I love Wealthy Affiliate:

It’s not just because I’ve been there for a long time and that I have gotten results, but because I’ve had more than several cases of seeing what else is out there and while Lurn certainly is in a top tier position, especially with it’s recent evolution, Wealthy Affiliate has also been evolving and at a much faster pace, putting itself ahead of Lurn and any other program out there.

My biased opinion is that for online business, Lurn is good, but Wealthy Affiliate is the best and you can try them for free to test this out if you don’t believe me.



Free Lurn membership


Digital Entreprenuer (Free courses)


Premium Digital Entrprenuer (paid courses)



  • Great online business platform.
  • Numerous branches to online business training provided.
  • A lot of free content available to members.
  • Lurn has a large student community.


  • Some of Lurn's best products are very expensive.
  • Wealthy Affiliate provides a better alternative in just about every area vs Lurn.
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