Top 9 Car Insurance Affiliate Programs Worth Promoting

You probably already knew that the car insurance niche is a popular subject, but did you also know you can promote some of the top companies in this niche as an affiliate marketer and capitalize on this? It’s true.

In fact, this list of the top 9 car insurance companies already takes the most popular companies in this business and shares with you how to sign up to their affiliate programs.

Here is the beauty of being an affiliate in the car insurance niche:

  1. The companies on this list are already popular brands, so it’s easier to promote since people already know them.
  2. You can find a multitude of ways of promoting these companies including through blogging, as well as YouTube and pay per click.
  3. You can get paid per lead and up to $10, as soon as they go to one of these sites and complete a car insurance quote.
  4. Promoting in this particular evergreen niche can really lead to some good passive affiliate income results.
  5. And if you need help getting started, get my affiliate coaching for this (or any other niche).
  6. You can even earn high ticket affiliate commissions off promoting these companies.

Here’s the list of the 9 car insurance affiliate programs we’ll be looking at:

Top 9 Car Insurance Affiliate Programs Worth Promoting

  1. All State ($10)
  2. Travelers ($5-$10)
  3. Liberty Mutual ($10)
  4. Motor Club of America (Varies)
  5. Geico ($5-$10)
  6. Esurance ($10)
  7. State farm ($5-$10)
  8. Progressive ($5-$10)
  9. USAA ($5-$10)

Just about every single one of these companies has similar goals to meet if you wish to sign up with their affiliate program, so the good news is that if one doesn’t accept you, that you can still find at least 9 others to join and get started with.

And even if by some chance you don’t get the approval, there are still tons of ways to successfully capitalize on the car insurance niche without even having to be an affiliate for them, which I’ll talk about at the end of this article. Let’s get started:

1) All State’s car insurance affiliate program:

all state car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: $10 per lead (who complete a quote).

How to sign up with All State’s affiliate program: Here’s a direct link to All State’s affiliate program page. It is clearly laid out on how to join and what the potential is for promoting their car insurance.

2) Traveler’s car insurance affiliate program:

traveler car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: You can earn by also getting people to get a car quote, and by completing it earn up to $10.

How to sign up with Traveler’s affiliate program: Here is a direct link to Traveler’s affiliate program. It’s easy to sign up, just like with All State and is a good company to consider being a promoter for.

3) Liberty Mutual’s car insurance affiliate program:

liberty mutual car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: $10 per quote completion (leads).

How to sign up with Liberty Mutual’s affiliate program: Here is the link to join Liberty Mutual’s affiliate program, from which you can promote their car insurance and have leads get free quotes.

4) Motor Club of America’s car insurance affiliate program:

motor club of america car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: Motor Club of America is actually very different in terms of opportunity than any other car insurance company on this list, and that is because aside from promoting it as an affiliate, you can also become a partner and also start promoting in it’s MLM opportunity.

Normally, I would not recommend such a program, but MCA has been around for a long time, is huge and is legitimate. You can have multiple options to promote it and you may have an easier time getting approval from it which is why I don’t have a specific commission number to give you here.

How to sign up to MCA’s affiliate program: Here is the main Motor Club of America’s affiliate page. Requirements to sign up do vary with this a bit differently than the others, but you can see all of the possibilities on that page.

Note: For companies 5 through 9:

With the remainder of this list, the companies that are listed require you sign up with third party affiliate networks to join them and there are basically numerous options available to promote one company.

On one hand this is convenient because you have more options to promote the same company, but on the other, I personally find it annoying to have to sign up with different places to promote a name brand. Yet, based on research this is how it works for these companies, and I’ve provided links to see that list of places to sign up with to make it easier for you.

5) Geico’s affiliate car insurance program:

geico car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: Same idea as State Farm (get paid for each lead’s quote complete). Based on my research, it’s also around the same $5-$10.

How to sign up with State Farm’s affiliate program: Geico’s sign up process is very similar to State Farm’s in that multiple affiliate networks are partnered with it.

Here is a list of 10 affiliate partners with Geico. Not all are available, but you can try signing up with them to have a better chance at approval.

6) Esurance’s car insurance affiliate program:

esurance car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: $10 per referral (again that complete a quote).

How to sign up with Esurance’s affiliate program: You can a list of 10 partners with Esurance’s affiliate program here. It’s the same site that provides information on which affiliate networks allow you to promote this company.

7) State Farm’s car insurance affiliate program:

state farm care insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: You get paid for each lead that completes a car insurance quote. From what I’ve seen, it can be $5-$10.

How to sign up with State Farm’s affiliate program: So this is a bit complicated, but their main site doesn’t have a link to it. State Farm however is connected to giant affiliate programs across the world that through joining, allows you to promote this company.

Here is a list of 10 affiliate partners with State Farm you can sign up with, including giant networks like and

I happen to have a plan with State Farm, not just for my car, but also for 2 highly expensive drones I own (yes they insure drones too!).

8) Progressive’s car insurance affiliate program:

progressive car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: Pretty much the same as Geico, State Farm and some of the other main names on this list. Likely a $5-$10 per lead commission, considering you can get approved.

How to sign up with Progressive’s affiliate program: Here’s a Knoji page with a list of affiliate programs for Progressive. You have multiple options.

9) USAA’s car insurance affiliate program:

usaa car insurance affiliate program

Affiliate opportunity: Likely $5-$10 depending on the number of leads you bring in and which affiliate network you sign up with to promote USAA.

How to sign up with USAA’s affiliate program: Here’s a link to see the affiliate networks connected to USAA that you can join. Depending on which one accepts you, determines how much your commission will be per lead.

Looking beyond “just” promoting these car insurance companies:

A good affiliate marketer has to know more than one way to promote these companies and I’d like to share how I would go about doing this if you’re seeking more guidance and help:

  • You can promote car parts if you understand this topic.
  • You can promote tips and guides on fixing cars, changing oil, ect…
  • You can write and create video content on how to save on car insurance (perfect pitch to promote these companies).
  • You can discuss commonly asked questions about car insurance and this provide you with a lot of traffic, to then send to these car insurance companies.

Creating content on these kinds of topics in a popular subject like car insurance can really help boost a blog and YouTube channel with visitors and views to easily promote these companies.

I apologize for not being able to provide more direct links to the affiliate programs for some of these options, but they sadly didn’t really provide me with it. I would recommend sticking to the first 4 if possible.

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