How I Help You Succeed With Bing Ads & Affiliate Marketing:

6 thoughts on “How I Help You Succeed With Bing Ads & Affiliate Marketing:”

  1. Hi Vitaliy

    When you offer your 7 days of coaching to get started, is this pre-recorded or how would we go about doing this? (online video chat, phone. etc?)

    • When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will start the training and will get a message from me on the profile you create. From that point, if you have questions, you’ll be able to ask me about them on your profile or mine (inside Wealthy Affiliate) and I will personally address your questions and help you move forward.

    • Hi Siddharth, the Wealthy Affiliate premium training has 20 lessons on Bing Ads, which is literally the same training I followed to get my results and write this guide. You can check it out in the bootcamp section of Wealthy Affiliate, specifically phases 6 and 7, each of which is 10 lessons on this subject alone. And there’s more to come too.

  2. Hi Vitaliy

    I am really interested in being guided to succeed with affiliate marketing but you state that I would have to pick a niche.

    Now everyone says to do a niche that you’re interested in and to be honest I’m really sad and don’t do anything apart from trying and finding a ways to make money online. I’ve been at it years!

    So this worries me. I like the video you did with the drones. This is what caught my eye and gained my interest in you as I am currently looking to try Bing ads promoting Clickbank products (like everyone does. Same old, same old).

    Could you help me get away from the herd and do something like the drone approach as this seems fresh to me.

    Let me know your thoughts before I decide to sign up for the free (look around tour)


    Mark Fulleylove

    • Hi Mark! Let me first say that I commend on you being so open minded about what you’re seeking to accomplish and the fact that you said you want to pull away from the herd and pick a niche you like tells me you’re really open to building an affiliate marketing business based specifically on your niche where the site you have not only sells products you’re promoting, but is HELPING people.

      This is ultimately the goal of an affiliate marketing and I can tell you see this.

      This is why I think Wealthy Affiliate is going to be a perfect fit for you and I recommend you join it here. I know you said you need help with picking a niche and I promise to personally help you do that.

      You can try this program for free and one of the things I’ll do is send you to my personal guide within WA that helps anyone find a niche, even if they think they can’t find one. I’ll also throw in my personal tips and help for 7 days so you can choose which direction to go with without having to risk a penny.

      I hope to see you inside WA and if there’s any followup questions, do let me know.


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