Flip The Career Switch Review. What’s Really Going on?

Well it’s happened again folks. I found another high ticket program (in the form of Flip The Career Switch) promoting a mystery program behind it and like the 4 other times I’ve encountered this near exact sales funnel, I decided to write this review to let you about it.

Let me start this review of Flip The Career Switch (FTCS) by being honest with you:

1) I did not buy it and frankly you’ll see why shortly.

2) I discovered this program and 4 others are promoting something highly questionable (an incredibly expensive high ticket program/opportunity).

3) I understand online business in a very experienced way so I know what to look for to determine legitimate and not so legitimate opportunities (you can see my about me page to see what I do to make money online, as well as help people).

4) Because I know this subject well, you will see my personal alternative recommendation vs Flip The Career Switch.

But of course, I first need to explain to you the red flags regarding this program and give you proper context, hence this review, so let’s start this up:

A short summary of Flip The Career Switch (also known as FTCS):

flip the career switch review


A guy named Coach Blair.


As usual, this particular high ticket system has 4 levels ranging from $1,000’s to $20,000+.

And besides the high prices, I’ll be sharing a number of other things that prevent me from ever recommending this program (or as you’ll find out shortly, this isn’t even a program, it’s just an affiliate page for a program).

My rating for Flip The Career Switch: 1 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Flip The Career Switch?

My personal opinion is absolutely not. Like with the other programs just like this one, I found highly suspicious things about it that I will be sharing in this post.

Now I won’t say Flip The Career Switch is a scam, but there are so many questions and if’s that frankly, I don’t know how I could ever feel comfortable recommending it from my experienced point of view on this subject and if you want proof I’m experienced, see my income reports.

I make a full time living online with other programs that teach people to make money in this business, and everything I see with Flip The Career Switch (as well as the other programs doing what it does) is so questionable that I just can’t find any reasons to say yes to it and I’ll get to it later.

I’ll be sharing everything I discovered on this program shortly, but first:

My recommended alternative to Flip The Career Switch:

flip the career switch alternativeOk so let me give you a full review of Flip The Career Switch:

What is it?

Based on my research, it’s not actually a program, but a promotional sales funnel that takes you into another high ticket program (whose name is still a mystery to me).

The man behind Flip The Career Switch (Coach Blair) appears to be an affiliate for this mystery program and promoting it to you through a sales funnel that I’ve seen on 4 separate occasions with other people like Coach Blair who also promote the same mystery program through the same sales funnel (in one way or another).

Once you join through him (Coach Blair), and one of the 4 pricing options ($1,000’s-$20,000+), Coach Blair makes a commission of you.

How you make money with this opportunity?

Well first, you need to pay a huge sum of money to partake in this opportunity.

Once you do, depending on which level you purchase your membership at (4 options), you can then become an affiliate like Coach Blair and begin promoting this program the same way he does (or however you choose to).

For every person who joins through you afterwards, you can then make commissions depending on which level/s they join, and here is the compensation model screenshot:

cost to try flip the career switch

I suspect you’ll get the same exact sales page Coach Blair took you through to send your referrals into, but it’ll be coded with your affiliate link so you get the commissions. This would explain why I’ve seen at least 4 other people/sites promoting this same program the same way.

But understand this: There’s a huge price to join and there’s no guarantees of success no matter how much these sales pages make it seem like it is.

Why I am highly suspect of this opportunity (the main cons):

1) For starters, I still cannot figure out what the main program being promoted behind all of this is!

Let me explain it this way. Whether it be:

  1. Flip The Career Switch or the other sites I’ve found like it:
  2. The Prosperity Warrior.
  3. Checks on Repeat.
  4. Simple System Access.
  5. There’s also a fifth one I will be covering soon that’s like these opportunities too.

All of them are promotional pages for the same mystery high ticket program and none of them ever tell me what it is.

I have looked again and again at every single one of those promotions and I can never find information on this! And here’s the point:

2) Why should I or anyone for that matter feel comfortable investing $1,000’s into programs whose name you don’t even know?

Remember, these names I just listed are NOT the program you buy, but affiliate sites promoting the real program and if I don’t even have a clue as to what this program is, how can I feel comfortable buying it?

If it were a $10 investment, I can understand, but they’re asking for $1,000’s up front! How is this not making your hair stand? It certainly is for me!

3) Any truly legitimate program has to be transparent for me to believe in it. This one isn’t doing that.

All I see on this page (and the same pages of the other 4 sites like it) are people clamoring of how awesome “this” mystery program is, but none of these testimonials actually tell you the name of the program, nor is it mentioned on the Flip The Career Switch sales page (or the sales pages of any of the other promotions like it I mentioned above.

4) Are there really paid testimonials or actors being used?

I’m sure Coach Blair is a legitimate person making money with whatever this program’s promotion really is, but there’s certain videos of people’s testimonials in Flip The Career Switch and the other 4 sites like it who I just don’t trust. I’ve seen these faces on other programs and these days, unless I see the testimonial say the following thing:

“My name is so and so and this specific program got me results”, I have a hard time trusting it. And in this case, none of these testimonials mention the name of the program!

And you have to understand, in my line or work (reviewing these programs), I absolutely look for these clues to determine legitimacy (you should too since they are asking you to spend a lot of money).

5) Assuming there’s a chance this is all legit, here’s another problem:

Why pay $1,000’s on such a program when you can learn legitimate and high quality making money online material from programs that aren’t nearly this expensive?

That’s how I did it and I assure you they are out there, and the best one is Wealthy Affiliate. No need to risk $1,000’s or worse. And overall, I never advise getting involved with any get rich quick scheme program in general.

Conclusions on Flip The Career Switch:

wealthy affiliate vs flip the career switch

Regarding Flip The Career Switch:

If anyone has experience with this program or any of the others I mentioned above, I would love to know if you know the program they all point you to, because that is the one I am most interested in investigating.

Of course there’s a chance this is all legitimate and you can make good money promoting whatever this opportunity is, but I’m not comfortable doing that and don’t think people should ever spend this much on what I would honestly call a gamble (among other questionable things).

I have seen some serious scams in the past, like the MOBE program do this sort of stuff where it had it’s affiliates go out, make their own sites and make it seem like they were offering you their own programs, but they all led back to the MOBE program (which went out of business due to illegal activities).

I’m not saying this is the case here, but the troublesome fact that I cannot find what in the world this mystery program is being promoted gives me not only pause but worry.

Remember, in the end, you don’t actually know what this program is behind Flip The Career Switch, and if you’re comfortable spending $1,000’s on an X program where X is literally unknown, if that makes you comfortable, then I would tread carefully.

Or you can learn to build a legitimate online business from a place like Wealthy Affiliate which is totally transparent and not have to spend a lot doing it (but it’s not a get rich quick scheme).

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