Passive Profit Pages Review: I Got it so You Don’t Have to

In this Passive Profit Pages review, I want to explain why this is another unfortunate example of buying a program with a lot of hype behind it, only to find out that not only is it missing a ton to actually reach success, but also that much of what it does give you is flat out broken (among other problems).

This is a program meant to help you do affiliate marketing with Clickbank, and because I happen to know affiliate marketing well, I can tell you that this program has so many holes, it’s ridiculous.

So no, it won’t be recommended, but I will show you something far better (not that the bar was set high with Passive Profit Pages to begin with anyway). Never the less, let’s start from the very beginning:

A summary and review of Passive Profit Pages:

passive profit pages review

Who created Passive Profit Pages?

Some guy named Bill (he never shows himself, and that should be a red flag).

How much does Passive Profit Pages cost?

$17 with 3 upsells, none of which I got (thankfully).

What is Passive Profit Pages about? How does it work?

It’s a program that gives you 5 pre made websites to choose from that promote affiliate products from Clickbank. You enter your Clickbank ID, choose one of the 5 websites in different niches and get it pre built for you.

The idea then is to send traffic to this site (via solo ads) and make “big money” and it’s almost entirely hands off.

But as you’ll see shortly, this is a far cry from what you get, and what you do get has tons of holes, all making success highly unlikely in my opinion.

My rating for Passive Profit Pages: 0 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Passive Profit Pages? No!

I could have probably reviewed this program without having to waste $17, because there were already enough red flags to point to, but I decided to it anyway and that actually made me learn even more bad things about this program, making it even less recommended.

This done for you affiliate marketing approach to business rarely works, even with legitimate businesses out there, and if you’re going to succeed in it, I would strongly recommend avoiding programs like this and focusing on legitimate business models that do require work and time (but have truly massive success potential behind it).

Alternatives? Yes.

passive profit pages alternative

Passive Profit Pages review: The red flags I saw before buying it.

When you review so many affiliate marketing programs like this, it becomes quite easy to spot the suspicious ones and let me tell you folks, Passive Profit Pages had a lot of it. Let me summarize what it tells you, and then give you the red flags I saw (on the sales page):

So it’s a single video of a guy named Bill (the creator of the program) telling you about how he had a coffee shop that went out of business and that he was able to start over thanks to some mystery customer to his shop who introduced him to internet marketing.

Fast forward (without much detail), Bill’s making huge money online thanks to Passive Profit Pages and wanting to “help others” is giving away this system for a small price. Oh joy, how lucky are we?

But wait, if you’re like me and you don’t take everything you see and hear at face value (because you’ve been burned before like I have by these programs), you’ll notice a few red flags:

Red Flag 1: All the hype about easy money, little info on what you actually have to do. Beware of this stuff always folks!

Red Flag 2: I found other reviews of Passive Profit Pages and one of them even claimed there’s fake testimonials. I’m not going to confirm this, but based on what I saw inside the program, I can’t see how anyone can make good money with this system the way it’s currently structured (I’ll explain why in my opinion this is the case).

Red Flag 3: The whole “minutes expiring before your position expires in queue” is ridiculous. You can just refresh the page and reset that time. It’s just theatrics.

Here is my Passive Profit Pages video review:

Passive Profit Pages: The red flags I saw after buying it.

The 3 red flags I mentioned above should have been enough to make me run the other way folks, but I decided to get it anyway.

It’s a Clickbank product and if anything goes wrong, they have a great refund policy (and in this case, it’s 60 days which might be the ONLY pro).

First thing to note is that there’s 3 upsells. I also want to note that in the sales page, Bill said buying his program is all you need. Well gee Bill, how do you explain the upsells then? Here’s what I mean:

The sales page hypes up this program without mentioning a single word about “extra offers”. What this makes me think is that this program is ALL I need to make what Bill claims, to actually be true. Yet one upsell after another, at least in my opinion prove this wrong.

passive profit pages upsells

For me, I’m not surprised by this, but you may be, so I’m giving you this warning ahead of time. There ARE upsells.

Passive Profit Pages: What you get when you buy it (members area and product explained).

So now comes the part in this Passive Profit Pages review where I show you exactly what you get, which for me was the BASE $17 program. And here’s what happens:

Once you cross the upsell pages (there’s 3). You will be given a login to enter the members area. Once you’re in, you will get access to the tool:

passive profit pages members area

Now this may seem confusing, so let me clarify how this works:

  1. You have to first become a Clickbank affiliate.
  2. Then you enter your Clickbank affiliate ID in the members area.
  3. Then you choose from one of the 5 “Passive Profit Pages”.
  4. Then you create a website name for it, and choose a domain (you don’t need a site to use this program).
  5. Then your page gets built. This page has articles, links, banners and more.
  6. You then have to send traffic to this page and sell stuff on it to make money (promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate).
  7. There’s a page on the members area where you buy solo ads from Udimi as one of the options.

Sounds so easy right? Well here’s a few holes in Passive Page Profits to note:

1) For starters, these are all pre made websites with identical content. This means if 100 people use this system and all select the same Passive Page Profits site to get built, all 100 people will get the EXACT same website. The only different thing will be their Clickbank affiliate IDs and the name of the site. Content wise, everything is the same.

Why is this a problem? You can’t rank such websites. It’s duplicate content.

2) Secondly, there is a PDF to learn how to get traffic to your site, but guess what? The PDF page is broken (at least for me):

passive profit pages broken links

Here’s another example of a broken link (one of several in the members area). They have a link to get Udimi training (solo ads) and when you click on it, this is what you get (more error pages):

passive profit pages error pages

3) Third, these sites you get are pretty bad (and that’s me being nice).

There’s broken links in many spots, missing pictures, spam links in other places (like the comments), missing context, difficult in fixing stuff yourself and a whole host of other problems I can point to.

Here’s an example of one of the sites I “made” with this program:

passive profit pages sample page screenshot

Even if you can get traffic to this site (and the only way I would say is solo ads or pay per click traffic, but don’t bother wasting your money on that here), then the likelihood of this site selling is SUPER low to say the least because of all the issues I just pointed to. This is my opinion, but I know a ton about conversion rates and this stuff looks difficult for me to convert with.

Conclusions on Passive Profit Pages:

Now to be fair, you CAN edit these sites to how you want them to look and be, but without proper knowledge on what in the world you need to do, you’re just wasting your time.

There is some training to do this on the members area, but it’s very poor in my opinion. Some of it isn’t even out yet and I wouldn’t be too confident that when it does, that it’ll be good (if the low quality stuff I already got was any indication).

No decent education on affiliate marketing means no serious direction on how to optimize such sites to actually be profitable and this is one of the biggest problems with this program. You leave everything to be “done for you” but ironically, it comes with a whole host of problems.

If you didn’t have someone like me, an experienced person point out what the problems are with a program like this, you might be thinking you did something wrong, but trust me, it’s not just that. It’s the fundamental holes in this program that make it VERY tough to make money with it in my opinion.

Going through Passive Profit Pages made me have unfortunate memories of similar hyped up programs I also got under the same affiliate network:

I find a lot of similarities between all of these programs (lots of hype, little reality).

Making money with affiliate marketing takes effort, time and proper training:

People rely too much on done for you systems or looking for easy ways to make money in this business. Folks, if you follow this line of thinking, you’ll come across bad and subsequently run into serious problems, often without even realizing what they are.

Here’s a better way:

wealthy affiliate vs passive profit pages

Thanks for reading this Passive Profit Pages review.

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