Commission Blaster Review: Is it a Scam? What a Joke!

It didn’t take me long after buying the Commission Blaster program to figure out what it was about and frankly, I don’t think it’s a scam, but it’s a joke in my opinion and this review is going to break down why that is.

To start, I have a ton of experience in what this program is supposed to help you do (make money through affiliate marketing), and to supposedly make that process easy. The problem however is that I also know how this business really works and what I saw in this program gives me 0 confidence that it will do that for you (it might be possible, but in my opinion, there’s way smarter ways to do this, which I’ll explain later).

There’s a lot to unpack, but I certainly will not be recommending this program at all (And you will see a better alternative). But let’s put off the rant for a moment and focus on the program:

A summary and review of Commission Blaster:

Who created Commission Blaster?commission blaster review

Vivek G and Chris X.

How much does Commission Blaster cost?

Normally $27 (off a supposed $997 original price) and $12 if you try to exit the sales page, which is what I got it for (and even $12 is too much for a program like this in my opinion).

And once you buy it, prepare for mass upsells ladies and gentlemen:

  • Commission Blaster Unlimited $29
  • Commssion Blaster 300X edition: $39
  • Commission Blaster Autopilot: $39
  • Commission Blaster Done For You: $197
  • Commission Blaster Resell Right: $197
  • Commission Blaster Mega Bundle: $97 one time

What does Commission Blaster teach you?

It doesn’t really teach you much other than how to use the actual software which is basically:

  1. You pick a niche (half of the options aren’t even niches).
  2. You select a Clickbank product to promote in that “niche” and enter your affiliate link in.
  3. You choose a wording for the “ad” you get associated with the niche.
  4. You then select an image for the ad.
  5. You then get to share the “ad” on up to 30 different social media sites and places.

The problem (among many others) is that you don’t really have much training on how to do that and might just end up having to spam the affiliate link you get across these networks (bad idea in my opinion).

My rating for Commission Blaster: 0 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend Commission Blaster? No.

What I saw on the sales page of Commission Blaster and what I got out of the software are 2 very different stories folks. The only “pro” in my opinion is you can make a simple ad with your affiliate URL on it, but aside from that, I see no other positive about this program or it’s software.

In fact, I could just as easily create nice looking images (like on and insert my affiliate URL into that and just share this across the numerous networks out there, and that would also require I be smart about it and only show it to a targeted audience, not just go around spamming it, which is always a bad idea for sales (and getting blocked online).

Overall, I have no reasons to recommend this program based on what I saw.

Perhaps the upsells of this program have some merit (I didn’t bother checking them, but they sounded hyped as well), but because I saw and experienced nearly 0 value in the base program itself, I do not wish to lose anymore money on this program, because I just don’t trust it.

Alternatives? Yes!

commission blaster alternative

Let’s dive into this Commission Blaster review and get to the details:

Part 1: To start, let’s examine what you see on the sales page of this program.

My subjective view is that you see claims of how this software is easy to use and can help you get your affiliate promotion out to tons of people across “little known” or “secret” places.

In hindsight, most of them that I saw are either mainstream (like Twitter and Facebook) and the others are things I had no idea existed but doubt they get a lot of traffic. But let me pause the rant again and move on:

Part 2: Post buy.

Once I purchased this program for $12 (again, I think that’s overpriced for Commission Blaster), I went through page after page of upsells and downsells. It was ridiculously annoying and the above pricing I shared is the initial price listing. If you choose to skip the upsell, a downsell page appears for it.

So 6 upsells, 2 pages for each had me going through 12 pages in total before I even got to the registration page to enter Commission Blaster.

Part 3: Signing up and first impressions of Commission Blaster.

So you get to a members page with several recommendations on how to start, including tutorial videos on how to use this.

The most “important” is the Commission Blaster program itself, which you have to click on within the members area, and enter a sign up with. I did and it took me to the actual program itself, the “jewel” of this program if you will:

Part 4: A members look at Commission Blaster.

commission blaster members area

Prior to using this, you have to enter your Clickbank account name. But anyway, there’s 5 parts to this set up and for me it took under a minute to set up.

While that sounds impressive for the program, bear in mind that there’s holes in this entire formula in my opinion based on what I know about this business, so this isn’t a compliment by any means. Anyway, here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose your niche.

You pick from 9 “niches” and most of them aren’t even niches. For example: Health, pets, done for you are so broad that you can’t even call them niches. The one I chose is build muscle, the closest thing to a niche on this list.

Step 2: Enter your website URL.

Here you basically select from a product list based on the niche you chose. In my case, since I chose build muscle, I got Clickbank products in that category listed for me. I think it was 7. I chose one and then moved onto the next step.

Step 3: Choose content.commission blaster example

In this step, you basically select from 2 “questions and answers” that act as call to action text you will get. So for example:

“Want to build serious muscle? Get the best blueprint for that here”.

Then you select an image that matches the niche you chose. In my case, it was several pictures of dudes flexing. You can also upload your own image if you want.

Step 4: Preview and Edit.

Here is the final part before you can promote this link. You basically check if there’s anything you want to edit/update or change.

If it’s fine, you move onto the next step.

Step 5: The next step is Save and Get Traffic.

This is where my opinion of this program being a joke solidified folks. Basically you get to choose from 1-30 different social media network pages and sites to share your affiliate link on.

I didn’t see anything about “viral traffic” other than the potential of there being such a thing. For example, just because Twitter has millions of users (one of the 30 options), doesn’t mean you can get access to ALL of them with the click of a button. It’s all potential, not reality.

Furthermore, you have to sign up with each network first (understandable), but then you have to share the link, whether individually with each person in each network, or via a following (which most people do NOT have).

So how do you intelligently share your link across these places?

Well unless you’re experienced in this, the only “real” choice you have is spamming it across these places to people you find. Good luck making sales that way!

Hint: You’re likely to get banned from multiple networks doing this, let alone making sales in my opinion.

This was just a ridiculous realization I had, even though I had some suspicions when I bought Commission Blaster that it would be like this.

The impression that this software is somehow going to get you “viral traffic” with the click of a button is very different when you see how the program actually works and I feel very misled on this.

Here is a Commission Blaster review video:

Conclusions about Commission Blaster:

I’m going to say it again: I think this program is a joke folks and it also comes from Warrior Plus, a site I am highly critical of as well.

In any case, I have no confidence in Commission Blaster based on what I have seen. This program oversells in it’s sales page claims and highly undersells (that’s a understatement) in what you get from the base product and if you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing and making money online, it is my personal opinion that this strategy is not very effective to say the least.

Making money online via affiliate marketing is not some hack, trick or “simple formula”. If you want to succeed, you have to start looking at this from a “building a REAL business” perspective, which is what I had do to ultimately overcome the shiny object nonsense that’s out there, and follow what works, work hard and keep at this to succeed.

How to succeed at affiliate marketing:

If this is something you’re prepared to do, the good news is that making money online legitimately, through affiliate is absolutely possible and because I do it, I can tell you that it works.

You don’t have to spam people, sell garbage and resort to shady tactics to do it. You can sell honestly, help people and enjoy this business and do affiliate marketing legitimately.

If this is something you want to really do, then see Wealthy Affiliate as it’s the very best program in my opinion that helps you accomplish everything I just shared and more.

As for Commission Blaster, I’m going to look to get a refund for this immediately. This program was highly underwhelming.

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