Niche Pursuits Review: One of The Few Blogs I Trust

When it comes to building online businesses, you will rarely see me recommend taking advice from anyone, but Spencer Haws and Niche Pursuits would be on that short list and in this review I’ll explain why.

A short summary and review of Niche Pursuits:

Who created Niche Pursuits?niche pursuits review

Spencer Haws.

What is Niche Pursuits?

It’s a blog that teaches people to create niche websites for the most part and monetize them through several methods. Spencer also runs a podcast for this business.

How much does Niche Pursuits cost to join?

The blog itself is free and you can read countless information on different subjects. You can also elect to sign up to to Spencer’s email list, get free advice and training.

Spencer does have a section of his site where he recommends tools he personally uses and is affiliated with and the prices of those things range from being cheap to very high ticket. You may also get program/training recommendations on his email list too.

Is Niche Pursuits a scam?

No, it’s legit and is actually one of the few blogs I read from time to time to get information and other views on certain subjects. I do have very few people I trust in the online business world and most of them come from Wealthy Affiliate, but Spencer as far as I know isn’t a member there, and yet the advice he gives is very good in my opinion. It’s also on par with these other guys I also trust:

My rating for Niche Pursuits: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? Yes.

There are a few program recommendations that I wouldn’t exactly agree with (and they may be a bit expensive), but for the most part, Spencer and Niche Pursuits can help you build a good online business and if you’re someone wondering if you should take advice from him, I can give you 2 thumbs up that say yes.

My history with Niche Pursuits:

Years ago, I used to run into Spencers blogs very often while doing Google searches. At the time, Niche Pursuits was huge (and looked different than it does now), and a lot of the advice Spencer gave people back then was very much centered around niche marketing.

Niche marketing in my opinion is one of the best types of online businesses you can create, because the focus is on a niche you love and if chosen correctly, I really believe 50% of your success rests on the choice and in regards to Spencer, I liked the advice he gave, as well as insights into niches in general.

I rarely find any source of info out there that truly understands what niches are. Most information is parroted from others who claim to know them, and then end up giving you the usual “health and fitness, or make money online” recommendations (bad ideas if you’re new). In other words, these people also don’t know what niches really are either.

Spencer however does, digs deep and helps people find very cool ideas to start with (see examples). And for me, I also have some cool list of niches I recommend checking out:

Now besides that, Spencer’s site also expands beyond this:

  • There’s interviews with online business experts (podcasts available too).
  • There are case studies on different types of online businesses you can start.
  • There are niche analysis pages, niche case studies and much more.
  • And there is a recommended tools section where he shares his top picks, one of which is Authority Hacker (and I do think that program is very legit, just expensive).

Overall, Spencer delivers a ton of very high quality content that you can literally just browse as much as you like (and again, I highly recommend that you do). Click here to check out Niche Pursuits.

Some areas where I have a different opinion on:

So there’s just 2 things I have a different opinion on regarding approach and what I mean is, if you’re someone reading Spencer’s blog and considering following his advice, there are 2 choices:

  • You can sign up with his email list and follow his tips there.
  • Or you can use the tools and recommended section.

Either one will present more than one option for people and one of the big standout recommendations I saw was Authority Hacker. This particular program offers great training on building niche blogs, but is a bit expensive in my opinion (but in this rare case, justified because it’s very high quality, I just happen to think there’s cheaper options and rarely recommend high ticket programs).

For me, I’m very narrow minded in niche marketing and online business, and that’s because my target audience are beginners to it.

I usually like to steer people to find niches they like, and then refer them to Wealthy Affiliate which gives them great free training to get started with this.

I find beginners tend to have a better chance at success when they follow a very narrow path which is:

  1. Choose a niche you truly like in the Wealthy Affiliate program.
  2. Follow the training, and build a profitable site with that.
  3. Once that happens, the next stage is scaling that site, making another one to diversify your income and/or expanding into advanced marketing like email, PPC and more.

This particular path in my opinion is a bit more “do this” vs “here are your options”. Options are better for people who understand the value of them, and know where to go.

Now obviously, Spencer is just giving good advice here, but if you’re a beginner, again, you can follow his advice and I am certain you’ll do well if you apply it.

For me, I keep it simple and just tell people this: If you want to do niche marketing and/or affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be. Everything else requires more experience and practice before you can become comfortable with that.

Conclusions: Niche Pursuits is very legit and recommended.

I’ve said it numerous times, but Spencer has a great blog, with great content and great advice for people of all levels interested in online business, particularly niche marketing and I would highly suggest reading his blog for different information and see if it vibes with you.

I rarely move away from my own personal understanding of online business, but Spencer’s blog and content has helped me appreciate other sides that I trust and considering how many programs and fake gurus are out there, I can tell you that Niche Pursuits is one of the rare good ones whose advice you can trust.

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