Commission Blueprint Review. A Summary of Anik Singal’s Book

For awhile now, I’ve been seeing Anik Singal advertise his new eBook called Commission Blueprint (mainly on YouTube and Facebook) and frustratingly could not access it. However, that changed recently, I finally did check it out and in this review will cover a summary of it and more.

To understand how to get access to the Commission Blueprint eBook, you:

  1. First have to sign up to watch Anik’s free webinar that promotes his 5 step course called Email Startup Incubator.
  2. You are told you’ll get the eBook after you watch the webinar.
  3. In my case, I had to go through this process several times and only got the eBook hours after the webinar ended.

While this was frustrating (and I have seen some people on Facebook make this comment too), I did eventually get it (finally) so the offer is legitimate, and with that said, let me get into it:

Here’s some quick information about Commission Blueprint (aka The 5 Step System):

Who wrote Commission Blueprint?commission blueprint review

Anik Singal.

Who is Anik Singal?

He’s an online entrepreneur who mainly creates success online through email marketing and a majority of his training including the material in this eBook is on that subject.

How much is Commission Blueprint?


How long is Commission Blueprint?

54 pages.

Do I recommend Commission Blueprint?

It’s actually a pretty good read if you are new to online marketing, email marketing and this is your first time hearing about Anik Singal.

And if it isn’t, then the material here isn’t all that different from the webinar you have to watch to get his eBook in the first place which is called the 5 step system.

Do I recommend Commission Blueprint?

  • For a first time read yes.
  • If you’ve watched Anik’s webinar on the 5 Step System, not really since it’s a basic repeat.

But overall it does try to convince you to get the Email Startup Incubator program which is quite expensive ($1,500) and honestly unnecessary since email marketing in my personal experience is advanced for beginner online marketers and takes a lot of practice to make it work.

Beginners should start with things like blogging and doing affiliate marketing on that and then build an email marketing list off the blog and one of the best places to learn that is from Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll cost you way less.

Here is a summary of Commission Blueprint:

On the ads that promote this eBook, Anik holds up this eBook and talks about over 100k companies willing to pay you to promote their products.

He then talks about making money promoting products without owning them and without having to use a website either.

Overall, the truth behind all of these claims is actually true (somewhat in parts) as Anik is actually talking about affiliate marketing, which is my main business model (my website’s name is modeled after it).

The short story of affiliate marketing explained (in context to Commission Blueprint):

But there indeed countless companies on the internet which offer affiliate programs and pay you good to incredible commissions to sell their products. The 100,000k number is pretty true, but most of the little companies are part of bigger and even enormous affiliate networks and here’s some examples:

Some of these places house 10,000+ and even millions of products you can promote and I have a “bit” of experience with all of these networks.

Back to the Commission Blueprint summary:

Besides the affiliate opportunity, Anik explains his background in marketing, talking about how he had huge businesses on Google Ads and Facebook Ads before being banned from them, supposedly for ridiculous reasons (I can tell you this happens a lot, and has to me as well).

FYI, Anik also had a similar book I read a long time ago called the Circle of Profit which talks about this subject too.

But what he talks about is protecting and thriving against such things with an email list and specifically:

Finding popular, high selling affiliate offers and promoting them through the 5 step system via emails.

The 5 step system is explained in my review of Email Startup Incubator, but overall it’s the process of getting people’s emails and marketing one product after another to them so you can keep making money off the list even if you lose access to other places of traffic generation (pay per click ads, blogging and so forth).

Here’s an example:

If you collect 1,000 emails and send one out promoting an offer which pays $50 and out of those 1,000 emails, 20 people buy it, you can earn $1,000.

I know from experience these types of numbers so this is why I used this example. You can also promote other products to your list later on as well and make recurring commissions from it.

Anik also does mention the importance of getting trust from email subscribers and not just marketing to them but also delivering free valuable content to get that trust.

He does also mention that this approach to online business is the best as it is your list you are marketing to and no other third party company can sweep the rug out from under you with a ban or something similar.

And finally, he does pitch his Email Startup Incubator program to help people with this 5 step process, the cost for which is $997 (other expenses possible).

My conclusions on the Commission Blueprint:

Anik isn’t wrong about email marketing, but I do disagree with him that it’s “easy” and the “best way to succeed online”. More context is necessary in my opinion and so let me explain that through my own perspective having done email marketing (and still doing it):

Email marketing isn’t cheap. If you go through Anik’s program (or similar programs like Lurn, which is what this is all part of), it is $997 and other expenses are likely such as buying an autoresponder.

Second, you have to drive traffic to a one page site to collect the email and this may cost more money. Without practice on how to convert people, even with the best training possible, you will still need to learn how to do all of this.

Third, email marketing like I said earlier is really an advanced step in online business and while yes it is a great hedge against possible failure in online business, to get to the point where you have that huge email list to make crazy money from takes a lot of time, a lot of money and work experience in building up the email list and selling to it.

A good alternative to Commission Blueprint and Email Startup Incubator:

Like I said earlier, if you’re a beginner, it’s tougher to get into email marketing and affiliate marketing than most people make it seem, but what a better approach would be in my experience is building up a blog, free traffic, making money as an affiliate through the blog and then building up your email list that way.

This progression is much more wallet friendly and while it takes time, your investment initially is very cheap and it’s much better if you have uncertainties or lack of experience.

In my personal view, Wealthy Affiliate is the best program to teach such a progression and in all honesty, most of what I do today for my online business actually revolves around this:

  • Mostly affiliate marketing through blogging and YouTube.
  • I do a bit of email marketing from time to time and yes, a lot of what Anik says about it is true, but it’s better to focus on this down the line.

This progress in my opinion is a lot better for you if you’re new and if you’re not, I honestly think Anik’s program is just not necessary to learn a subject like email marketing (you can also learn it from Wealthy Affiliate for way less anyway).

Commission Blueprint


Anik's Commission Blueprint eBook



  • Good introduction to email marketing the way Anik does it.


  • Pretty much the same material as his first eBook I read on this subject.
  • I'm not exactly too keen on recommending Email Startup Incubator.
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