Vertex Lead System Review. Is it Really That Good?

In this review of Vertex Lead System, I’m going to explain exactly what it is, how it’s supposed to help you make money (alongside another program) and everything else that you need to know.

On whether or not it’s a scam, I will say no, but I’m not really going to be recommending it either.

3 things I have to solo adisclose about this review of Vertex Lead System:

  1. I didn’t buy it.
  2. But I did study it because what’s inside it is publicly available.
  3. From my experienced point of view, I’m not really the biggest fan of Vertex Lead System and don’t really think it’s as good of a lead magnet as it’s made out to be (I’ll explain how it works).

A summary and overview of Vertex Lead System (VLS):

vertex lead system review


Jason Joyner.


$250, $500, or $1,000.

My rating for Vertex Lead System: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

It’s not a bad option to make money from, but I’m going to explain the risks and things you need to know before using VLS.


vertex lead system alternative

What is Vertex Lead System?

Vertex Lead System is a specialized landing page that helps people promote a make money online program called Easy1Up.

I’ve reviewed the Easy1Up program and other programs tied to it like Amplified Profits (as well as 1090 Method which is also related) and it’s basically a 5 level high ticket info program that teaches people to make money online. Each level has it’s own list of trainings available.

You can also promote the Easy1Up program and make high ticket commissions, which is where Vertex Lead System comes into the picture:

VLS is customizable and lets people input their names, picture and other things and then promote that landing page so people can see it, sign up with it and become members of the Easy1Up program.

In order to access VLS, you first have to be a member of Easy1Up, specifically one of it’s top 3 member levels:

  • $250 which is the Vertex membership.
  • $500 which is the Vertex Pro membership.
  • $1,000 which is the Vertex Pro Connect.

Once you become a member of one of these levels, you can use VLS to then promote them same 3 levels to other people.

vertex lead system pricing

Specifics on what Vertex Lead System provides it’s users:

Besides a customizable landing page (on the outer end) that supposedly utilizes great copywriting tactics, and a good sales funnel overall, you also get tools on the inside of VLS. Things like:

1) Access to solo ads. This allows you to buy traffic to send to your customizable VLS landing page and possibly get leads to sign up. Although if you read this article on solo ads, you’ll see why I don’t use them.

2) Reporting tools so you can see how many people visited your VLS landing page and signed up.

3) Call recordings so you can call up different people (possible leads), then send them to the same VLS landing page.

4) Pre made email messages that you can send to leads who sign up through your VLS landing page.

5) And more.

In short, for anyone who is a struggling affiliate of Easy1Up, Vertex Lead System is basically a tool to help you promote it like I said earlier.


  • VLS is basically a done for you landing page.
  • I do think Easy1Up has decent training overall.
  • The reporting tools of VLS aren’t bad.
  • You can use the “lure” of getting access to VLS to promote Easy1Up (sort of as a bonus if people join through you).


  • A done for you landing page isn’t a guarantee of success.
  • I don’t like solo ads and think they are a waste of money to buy.
  • It’s tough to sell any money making program without good skills.
  • I think the price of Easy1Up is generally too high (high ticket opportunities).
  • Programs like Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion offer all of the training you need to succeed in this business for less so I prefer recommending that program over Easy1Up, let alone VLS.

vls alternative

Conclusions: The 4 biggest reasons I don’t recommend Vertex Lead Systems or Easy1Up.

1) I’m not a fan of most done for you landing pages, funnels or systems.

They can give people the impression that they can be lazy and just send people through these done for you funnels and make money. It’s usually not the case in my experience because in order to sell online (which I know about very well), you need to be unique.

Sending countless people through essentially the same landing page removes that uniqueness and in my opinion can affect sales rates. See my review of Funnel Scripts which is basically the same kind of system (but more customizable).

2) If you want to sell Easy1Up, you need to be authentic and unique.

While I do not promote this program, I can understand people who are already in it and want to make high ticket commissions, but to do that, you need to bring something to potential leads that no one else is bringing.

For example, I promote Wealthy Affiliate and again, I think it’s the best program for anyone with a desire to succeed online and this is a program which has many affiliates. Tons of these people are all out on the internet making reviews, landing pages, sales funnels and so forth promoting it.

I happen to be one of the top affiliates (consistently) for Wealthy Affiliate because I bring something very few affiliates do: My own unique experience, and offer to help people succeed in Wealthy Affiliate if they join. This is why I get results.

In fact, the training in Wealthy Affiliate stresses the importance of offering your own unique voice and value to bring to leads you wish to sell to. If you’re going to successfully promote Easy1Up, it’s going to take more than a nice looking sales page to do it.

3) Forget about buying leads from solo ads, you need much more targeted traffic to make VLS work:

One of the insider videos I saw on this program showed that people can buy solo ads and I am 100% against that. If you really believe in VLS, and Easy1Up, you should be promoting it through things like this:

  • Blogging about making money online (and giving your readers very high quality content).
  • Making YouTube videos on this.
  • Not being one of those annoying marketers who sends people to overplayed email capture pages that say “See my step by step system for making six figures” or something like that when it isn’t true.

Again, I stress that authenticity part. It’s a big player in your success online and again, this is what Wealthy Affiliate taught me and teaches it’s members. If you follow that guideline and apply it, you will succeed.

If you don’t and just copy what every other failed marketer is doing, you won’t. And this is why I’m not a fan of using landing pages like VLS.

I’m sure they work, but they’ll work best for people who bring in good lead traffic and presell it correctly. In fact, for a marketer like me, I believe in making your own landing pages that reflect your own unique voice. That always sells better in my experience.

4) If you’re not even a member of VLS or Easy1Up, I suggest Wealthy Affiliate and here’s why:

While I am neutral on Easy1Up, their prices compared to Wealthy Affiliate at least, are just too high and so are most other programs out there.

You just can’t beat what Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s members which is a very affordable way to learn how to make money online, and much more content, training, support and tools to do it.

See just how much less Wealthy Affiliate costs and just how much more it offers you.

Furthermore, another huge part of your success online is sticking to niches you know a lot about (this helps you channel your unique voice and helps you promote stuff easier). When you’re someone who isn’t into the make money online niche, but trying to make money promoting make money online products, you are going to have a harder time in it.

See these 10 niche market examples for references on what you can be making profitable and passive affiliate incomes from out there and know that you don’t need to always go into the “make money online” niche to succeed (It’s often a trap actually).

So overall, my point in this review was to kind of separate the hype of Vertex Lead System from a more reality based overview. I’m sure it works, but don’t get caught into thinking that using it will make the success process simple. I’ve made that type of mistake before with other programs like VLS out there.

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