The 1090 Method Review. Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

There’s a website I actively research for new online money making opportunities and lately, it’s been pushing programs by Michael Mansell, in this case his 1090 Method. I became intrigued, researched it and want to give you my review and take on it here.

And by take, I’m going to be breaking down:

  • What it is.
  • How it works.
  • Alternatives.
  • And my personal opinion of it.

Now I didn’t buy 1090 Method because:

1) I’m not convinced it’s for me. The whole Forex and MLM combo (on top of other stuff in 1090 Method) is not my cup of tea (and I’ll explain what it’s all about).

2) As an affiliate marketer who has studied previous programs made by the same creator this program, I have mixed views, and honestly, 1090 Method made me less inclined to get involved with Michael’s stuff. I’m basically skeptical and I’ll explain why.

If there’s any part of this review where you feel I’m unqualified to do it, let me say this:

  1. I make a full time income with affiliate marketing.
  2. Michaels programs for the most part also deal with affiliate marketing and MLM related material, and I know a lot about both businesses and recommend what I consider better options.

A summary and overview of 1090 Method:

1090 method review


Michael Mansell.


  1. The Forex Trading membership: $134.99 a month.
  2. You “Now Site” affiliate page: $19 a month.
  3. AMP (Amplified Profits): $0 to start.
  4. There is also a traffic generator service which is $0 to start (upgrades available).

My rating for 1090 Method: 2 out of 5 stars.

1090 method alternative 1

What is 1090 Method? The program explained in 6 parts:

So it’s basically an integrated program that mixes several opportunities together into one program:

1) First up is your Forex Trading called “Epic Trading” which is a program where you learn about Forex material.

2) Second is your “Now Site” which is an affiliate page you get that takes people into the 1090 Method to sign up and join the program so you can get paid.

3) Third is the compensation plan of 1090 Method where the more people you get into the program, the more you earn (it’s an MLM program).

4) Fourth is a “Traffic Rotator” program that sends visitors to your “Now Site” affiliate page which is sort of like free traffic (and I suspect low quality traffic), but you can upgrade to send more people to that link.

5) Fifth is access to Amplified Profits which is actually a side program Michael started awhile back.

6) And sixth is (later down the road) access to Easy1Up which is Michaels original high ticket program that has 5 levels of online business training ($250-$1,000).

All of this culminates into the 1090 Method program and the prices of these things range. I suspect as you start with the program, later on you are pitched the more “premium services” of the program and connecting programs Michael has (Amplified Profits or AMP and Easy1Up).

The money making opportunity of 1090 Method explained:

1) Essentially you start off as a member of the Epic Trading opportunity, get your “Now Site” and then promote the same service to other people, whether through the Traffic Rotator program or by yourself using other methods (Blogging, social media posting, YouTube, or things like pay per click ads).

You do also get Forex trading, which I honestly cannot comment on since I don’t do it, but I have heard enough to know it’s not for me.

But anyway, keep in mind, that you need to be a paying member of Epic Trading to partake in this opportunity.

2) The compensation plan of 1090 Method is shown here:

1090 method compensation plan screenshot

And it basically culminates into this: Get more referrals, start a team, they get more referrals you can accumulate and earn more money as is the case with MLM business models.

3) And as you promote the program, however deeply involved you are in it, is how far you can promote it.

4) So to get the full promotional benefits (and compensation) out of this program, you do have to invest quite a bit to start (and it adds up), . That’s assuming all 6 parts of the program are pitched to you (and in my opinion they are).


  • Generally speaking, Michael and his programs are pretty transparent.
  • I can’t comment on 1090 Method, but his Easy1Up program does have OK affiliate marketing training.


  • In my opinion, Forex is extremely risky.
  • I do not believe in marketing MLM programs.
  • Lots of investment needed to start (1090 Method, AMP, ect…).
  • I feel 1090 Method is a bit too self promotional (common with MLMs).

Conclusions on 1090 Method:

I’ve never recommended Michael’s products before and my thesis then was that they were too expensive and that I don’t promote such high ticket products.

With 1090 Method, we have an extra 2 layers added on top of this:

  • Forex trading.
  • Multi level marketing promotions.
  • And down the line (I suspect) promotions for Michaels original programs I have history with.

But as for these 2 business models (Forex and MLM), I personally find them to be very risky and questionable.

Michael is a great copywriting expert in his videos and makes it seem like 1090 Method is an amazing opportunity with awesome potential if you buy into it, but I like to look at things from a more reality/on the ground perspective and in this case.

Here’s my 3 takeaways on the 1090 Method:

1) They give you the same promotional page to promote 1090 Method and it’s said to be a good converter of sales (automated system).

The way I subjectively interpreted what the 1090 Method sales page said was: Use the affiliate page we give you, send it traffic that we give you and make money on autopilot.

It just might be, but in my experience, there is no such thing as a “proven page” to promote or auto pilot systems and you should never rely on a page outside your control to do the selling for you. It’s important to get training on how to create your own online sales funnel that convert.

The whole angle of “automated system” is often not what I find to be reality in my experiences with these businesses.

2) Mass promotions of 1090 Method might make it tougher to promote down the line.

With MLM opportunities (and affiliate marketing opportunities too), the earlier you get in on the business, the more online space you have to promote it to new people who have never heard of it.

What usually happens down the line (MLM pun by the way), is that as more and more people begin to partake in the opportunity, more of the same duplicate sites sprout and this makes it tougher and more competitive to sell the same program.

At this point in time, 1090 Method is still new and accruing affiliates. I choose not to be one of them because I don’t really believe in this program, but timing is a huge part of MLM success (early bird).

3) I stay away from MLM programs because of this:

I believe many MLM programs are sold on the dream of the opportunity and making money from it, but unless your actual passion is this subject, it’s much better to invest money and energy into starting an online business on your niche passion, not go into something that is not your niche passion, but can make money.

And this is a really important point, because a lot of people will promote and other programs that have such glamour behind them and not chase the passion (niches they love) and this can make it tougher to succeed online.

wealthy affiliate vs 1090 method

This is why I tell people to join the Wealthy Affiliate program instead:

1) It does teach the whole niche marketing element of online business.

2) It’s free to try and very lost cost overall compared to 1090 Method.

3) There’s no MLM or Forex involved. You learn blogging, niche and affiliate marketing blended together which I find to be a better way of doing online business.

Whether it be 1090 Method, Wealthy Affiliate or any other option out there, I always advise people to cautiously proceed with any “online opportunity” and ask questions, because it’s your money on the line and regarding Wealthy Affiliate, you are more than welcome to ask me anything about them here.

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