The Email Edge Review – What You Need to Know

The Email Edge is an eBook that explains the concept of profiting on the internet through collecting emails and in this review, I’d like to give you my take on the matter since I read it, and also have experience in implementing such a strategy.

Product Info:

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  • Name: The Email Edge.
  • Author: Anik Singal.
  • Price: $0.
  • How long is it? 100 pages.
  • What is it? A template on profiting with email marketing.
  • Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars.

Recommended? Yes, but:

I typically recommend all of Anik Singal’s eBooks as well as people who are part of his Lurn network who also create similar free content.

However, most of these eBooks (The Email Edge included) pitch high ticket affiliate products (or something else) afterwards and I have never found myself recommending those, even though in many cases, they too are worth buying, and this is simply because of a few things:

  • They are very expensive.
  • Many of the strategies are too advanced and risky if you’re new or don’t have enough money to start.
  • There are better alternatives, for better deals out there teaching one or more of these same principals already.

This is ultimately why even though I recommend reading The Email Edge, I will not recommend the program pitched at the end of the eBook that is known as the Email Startup Incubator (but more on that later).

Alternatives? Yes:

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Summarizing The Email Edge (plus a review):

First, some background:

The Email Edge is actually one of Anik’s older eBooks and nearly every single one always talks about email marketing. That may make you think that Anik is a broken record, but after having read multiple ones, Anik always seems to come up with new angles to explain the profit potential behind the method, and very well if I may say so myself and what is more important is that it really is based of strategies he uses.

Summary of the eBook:

  • There are 12 chapters discussing the following things (this is not in specific order to how it is in the eBook):
  • The profit behind collecting emails and the business potential (billions).
  • The history of Anik himself using it and how others use it too.
  • The concept of finding somewhat competitive and popular niche markets to build your business off.
  • Finding popular products to promote, whether as digital (like on Clickbank) or others.
  • Creating simple websites with opt in forms to offer people some sort of bonus (like an eBook or some sort of value).
  • Driving traffic to those opt in forms and collecting the emails.
  • Offering people products to purchase directly through the emails they provide you and making your business that way.

Here’s an example of how this can look (this is an idea based off my knowledge on the subject):

  • Let’s say I find a popular niche topic/audience, like those with low back pain.
  • I find a product on Clickbank that helps solve this problem and pays me $40 per sale (costs $50 to buy).
  • I make a 1 page website offering people a free eBook on solving back pain problems (incentive).
  • I find traffic on places like Google Ads and make ads so people who type “low back pain” see my ad.
  • I get 10,000 clicks to the ad and 1,000 people signing up (10% opt in rate). I pay $2,000 for the ad.
  • Inside the free eBook people get, I will also pitch the Clickbank program.
  • Out of the 1,000 opt ins, 100 people buy the program ($4,000 commissions).
  • $4,000 revenue minus $1,000 in adspend = me making $3,000 profit.

And that’s how you can turn emails into profitable businesses. It’s a simple example, but I hope it makes sense to you.

I’ve done it before with a few diet programs I used to promote back in the day as a Clickbank affiliate (see my 1 page site case study), but the concept is very similar to the way The Email Edge explains it and just as well, how the program Anik pitches later (Email Startup Incubator teaches it too).


  • Generally speaking, everything in the eBook is based on solid ideas.
  • Typically, every single one of Anik’s eBooks are high quality (and recommended).
  • The Email Edge is totally free to read.
  • Email marketing used right can definitely lead to massive profits.


  • The Email Startup Incubator is pitched (It’s very expensive, I don’t recommend it).
  • Starting an email marketing business requires several assets (I’ll explain in a moment).
  • It takes practice to become a successful email marketer (writing good, convincing sales emails).
  • I typically will not suggest people start an online business via email marketing because of the costs and advanced nature of it.

Note: Here are some other eBooks and reviews of Aniks you can check out that also cover the same subject (but from different angles):


Email marketing will always be a solid way to build an online business and I do believe Anik teaches it well, whether as a preview in eBooks like The Email Edge or in programs of his like the Email Startup Incubator that gets into the finer details of setting that up. However:

Email marketing may sound simple on the outside, but it does require you buy several important (and expensive things), including a website, autoresponder, drive paid ads to your site and then test, refine and test again from your opt in pages (and improving their conversion rates), to the emails you actually write and see if they actually sell. This takes time, effort, A LOT of money in most cases and practice.

If you’re a beginner or someone with a small wallet, email marketing is not a business model I’d consider (yet) until you have the funds to pay for it. In my opinion, a better option would be making an online business through blogging and profiting with it through affiliate marketing, learning from that, earning from that and then going into email marketing.

I said before that I did email marketing and quite successfully, but even I, an advanced marketer moved away from it because there’s other methods out there you can use to succeed and some are just more beginner friendly. I’ll also once again say that while I do recommend The Email Edge, I will advise caution in entering the email marketing world if you’re a beginner or unable to pay high costs to run such a business ($1,000’s needed in many cases).

If you’d like to build a profitable online business which can branch later on into other realms, including email marketing, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate first and foremost, especially if you’re a beginner!

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