Affiliate Escape Plan Review. The Pros And Cons to it

I love to review affiliate programs on this site and naturally when a YouTube ad for Brian Brewer’s Affiliate Escape Plan came up, I had to cover it and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

For starters, this really is a free program that you get from Brian and there’s a lot of content to go through (which I will summarize in the review). However, there are important things to note in order to move forward with the program such as big expenses and I’ll be explaining all of that.

Here’s a basic overview of Affiliate Escape Plan (2.0 now):

affiliate escape plan review

Who created Affiliate Escape Plan?

Brian Brewer. He’s a super affiliate marketer for different programs, particularly Legendary Marketer.

How much does Affiliate Escape Plan cost?

It’s literally $0. To get it, you have to sign up via email on Brian’s site and wait about 12 hours to get access to the website (through your email).

Update: Currently I don’t see the free option to try it anymore and it’s $997 to join.

What’s taught inside Affiliate Escape Plan?

It’s a combination of things including:

  • An introduction to affiliate marketing.
  • An explanation of choosing niches for your affiliate business.
  • A introduction into Clickfunnels, the 15 Day Challenge and Legendary Marketer.
  • Brian also explains strategies he uses to promote products through social media, YouTube and other channel.
  • Update: Brian also informed there are coaching sessions provided to members who join up for the $997.

All of this is taught through a 3 phase system in the program. Each phase has it’s own series of lessons in video format for the most part and there’s hours worth of content to learn this material from.

My rating for Affiliate Escape Plan: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do I recommend it? Somewhat.

There’s many good things I have to say about Affiliate Escape Plan and some objective disagreements too, but overall, this is a good program with a lot of legit content.

That being said, a lot of steers people to join some pretty expensive programs such as Clickfunnels, and Legendary Marketer (through the 15 Day Challenge pre sell into it).

I’m not a big fan of any of these programs and believe they aren’t good for beginner affiliates to get involved with and even someone like myself who is experienced at this, stays away from programs like this for numerous reasons.

In short, I like Affiliate Escape Plan, but being that it steers people into programs I do not particularly like, I can’t recommend it.

Alternatives? Yes:

affiliate escape plan alternative

Here’s a deeper review of Affiliate Escape Plan:

Let’s start from the beginning:

For me, I saw Brian’s ad for this program on YouTube.

I clicked through to see more info, opted into to his course and this took me to another page where the 15 Day Challenge is promoted. This is a program I reviewed long ago on another site (link included above), which is a presell to Legendary Marketer, another program I also reviewed long ago.

By this point I understood the funnel Brian is pushing, which is promoting this program to me. Now he does in all fairness state this at the bottom of his page, so he is transparent, but by this stage of the experience, I wasn’t really a big fan of what I was seeing since I don’t recommend neither program (15 Day Challenge or Legendary Marketer) because I think they are overrated, overpriced and I am not a fan of the creator of them.

But I decided to wait things out and see what Brian would deliver in his Affiliate Escape Plan and I’m glad I did, because once I got access to his program, my opinion of him improved a lot.

Getting an inside look into Affiliate Escape Plan (the members area):

Once you get the email from Brian, you’ll need to create an account to access this program (that’s easy). Once you do, there are 3 phases of training to go through and in one sentence that summarizes it, here’s what you get from those 3 phases:

An overview of affiliate marketing, niches and becoming a member of Clickfunnels and Legendary Marketer.

However, despite this being the summary, it wouldn’t be fair to just end this review here, because Brian has put in a lot of work on this program, so let me go over it in a bit more detail. As I said there’s 3 phases and each one has lessons to cover.

affiliate escape plan members area screenshot

So here is an overview of each one:

Phase 1 (6 lessons):

This first part of the Affiliate Escape Plan gives people an introduction into affiliate marketing and warms people up in selecting offers to be a promoter for, which in this particular case is high ticket products that come from places like Clickfunnels, the 15 Day Challenge and what it gets people into which is Legendary Marketer.

Brian’s thesis here, at least based on my understanding is that it’s better to focus on promoting high ticket products that have good value and a lot of positive reputation such as these options (I would actually disagree with the value in these products, but that’s beside the point).

Brian does cover some good material here overall, but I didn’t particularly like his explanation of “niches” which he gives you a worksheet on which deals with Health, Wealth and Love, all of which are NOT niches, but just broader subjects.

I rarely see good material on niches which is why I have written a lot of my own free content on this and here’s at least 3 good sources to understand niches and just how important they are for an affiliate’s success in this world:

Phase 2 (4 lessons):

In this part of the program, Brian basically goes over traffic generation ideas, which encompass the following things:

  • YouTube affiliate marketing (and content creation ideas).
  • Facebook traffic generation through groups and other methods.
  • TikTok traffic generation.

I’m a big fan of the first option, but the other 2 I’m either not too experienced in (like TikTok) or think it’s a waste of energy (Facebook, unless it’s Facebook Ads which is a good option if you’re experienced).

In this Phase, Brian discusses not just traffic generation but building online sales funnels to get people into affiliate promotions such as creating ads, videos and other things which steer people into affiliate presentations such as webinars through your affiliate link and if they buy whatever is on the other end, that’s when you make a commission.

And again, there is a lot of mention and stuff on Legendary Marketer and Clickfunnels here too.

Phase 3 (4 lessons):

This last section of the program goes over basics of conversions, mentor ship and basically becoming more successful in your affiliate promotions. There’s also an action plan discussed which is basically joining the 15 Day Challenge.


Brian also provides 2 bonuses here. One is a promotion for Clickfunnels and how much you can make with it and another for a program that you can also pay for to become an affiliate for. I don’t know much about the second one, but I know a bit about Clickfunnels and do not recommend it.

Either way, it is stressed that joining Legendary Marketer is a higher priority than these 2 bonuses.

Conclusions about Affiliate Escape Plan:

The value in this program is high. But again, the promotions being pitched are not something I will ever likely recommend. I don’t like Clickfunnels, nor Legendary Marketer and I personally know some people who are members of both programs and high believers in them (also successful affiliates).

However, those same people are members of another program which I do think is far better for beginners which is Wealthy Affiliate and these people from my understanding got the BULK of their success through that program and not the other 2. If anything, Wealthy Affiliate helped them get their initial success which then helped them become successful affiliates for Legendary Marketer and Clickfunnels (how ironic).

But the point is while I personally choose not to promote these same programs (except Wealthy Affiliate), I do believe that the WA choice is much better (and more flexible) for you if you’re just starting out, because it’s cost effective, and does something that in my opinion is key to success in this business which is actually showing you how to build a business in the niche you personally love, and not pushing you into high ticket product promotions (see my free coaching course that previews this).

That is why, if you’re a beginner affiliate and looking for that “escape” and I mean no pun by that, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above Affiliate Escape Plan and certainly the other promotions in that program (Legendary Marketer, Clickfunnels, ect…).

Update: Keep in mind that Affiliate Escape Plan has updated to the 2.0 version and is now $997. I am pretty confident in the stuff Brian teaches in this membership, because I’ve seen the value of what he had to offer in his free membership of the same program. Although I am not a fan of high ticket affiliate programs or high ticket programs in general, I still think Brian is a legitimate marketer with lots to offer, so if you can afford it, I would consider Affiliate Escape Plan. If you want alternatives, Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion takes the top spot for that.

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  1. Hey Vitaliy,

    I just wanted to let you know that the Affiliate Escape Plan has been updated to the 2.0 version. In addition to the added content, I offer a bi-weekly coaching program to members and the cost is now $997.

    Additionally, there is now an Affiliate Program Associated with this product that pays a 40% Commission. Reach out if you want to discuss the new program.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Brian, thanks for sharing this. I’ll add the updated notes to this review. Wish you all the best.



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