10 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Affiliate Sales

I normally don’t like using the word “hacks” or “tricks” when talking about making money through affiliate marketing, but when it comes to making more sales, the following 10 methods I’ll show you may actually make you think they really are that.

You see there are certain strategies, tools and tips that you can apply to an existing blog, website, YouTube channel, all of which are doing affiliate marketing that can quite honestly have you see instant increases in sales and conversions and I’m going to share 10 of these methods I’ve personally experimented with, used and still use.

10 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Affiliate Sales

All of these strategies are predicated on the fact that you already have a website or some source that is getting traffic and you are looking to add one or more of these tips to see an increase in your affiliate sales and conversions. So let’s examine them:

Here are the 10 ways to increase your affiliate sales (this is a summary):

  1. Do affiliate product reviews on products you actually understand.
  2. Target specific problem topics you understand and offer affiliate product solutions.
  3. Create easy to read content that has pros, cons and summaries of what you’re promoting.
  4. Create a literal call to action link that says “Click here to get so and so product” that you’re promoting.
  5. Tell a personal story of what you’re promoting to better get trust.
  6. Create links that lead people to testimonial pages as proof the affiliate product works.
  7. Consider exit pop ups on your affiliate pages.
  8. For YouTube affiliate marketing, always mention to “Click on the link in the description” which is your affiliate link.
  9. Add images of proof that whatever you are promoting works.
  10. Scale by reusing these tips for other product promotions and problem topics you’re writing or making video content on.

Again, the effect of these methods works for people who already have some sort of source that is getting traffic. You can apply these tips and start testing how these tips will affect your sales and conversion rates and I am very confident they will, because they have for me.

How each option helps increase your affiliate sales and conversions:

Here I’ll not only explain why they work, but also share my stories on how these strategies worked for me. And these strategies are not anecdotal, but also workable across the board for all affiliate marketers:

1) Do affiliate product reviews on products you actually know about!

Most affiliates make the common mistake of “just reviewing” products they are wanting to promote and many of these people typically promote scams or high ticket products because they are quickly chasing what’ll pay them most.

But whatever the case is, the underlying problem that stops them from making sales is this:

  • They don’t own the product.
  • They don’t use the product.
  • They’ve never even tried something like it.
  • In short, they have no clue what they’re promoting.

To them, it’s only about reviewing and making money because that’s actually how they think affiliate marketing works but without properly understanding the product you are promoting, how do you expect to actually do it?

And this is why I’m not worried about affiliate competition or saturation. I know most affiliates haven’t got a clue about how to do this.

Why this works:

Reviewing what you know about or own makes it easier to:

  • Actually review it.
  • Connect with your audience better.
  • Makes writing the review easier.

Product reviews are typically the ones where you’ll make most of your sales as an affiliate, but I promise you that if you start reviewing the products you actually know about, you’ll see an increase in your sales!

2) Target specific problem topics you understand and offer your affiliate solutions there.

Typically pain related niche topics or how to solve an immediate an emotional problem is where you’ll find the easiest audience to sell affiliate products to. Things like:

  • Regrowing hair.
  • Getting back into a relationship after a breakup.
  • Stopping a particular pain in a certain area.
  • Or a rush to solve an immediate or soon to be problem.

Why this works:

All of these examples carry that problem and underlying emotion people have for it which makes them want to find and buy solutions to get that problem fixed asap. As an affiliate, if you can find this type of audience and ethically give them a good solution, you’re going to see a ton of affiliate sales from it.

And again, I stress the importance of KNOWING the subject you are writing about or making videos on. It will make making the sale easier, even though targeting these audiences is already making it easier.

3) Create easy to read content that has things like pros, cons, and summaries.

I won’t go too deep into this, but whenever you write reviews or are trying to convince people to buy stuff you promote, it is important to make the most beneficial aspects of the product clear, quick and help your audience see the benefit of buying it right away.

Why this works:

Adding pros, cons and summarizing the most important aspects of what you’re promoting makes telling this story easy for most people to read. I have a whole tutorial on writing affiliate product reviews to help you do this.

4) Make call to action links. They “command” people to buy.

While forcing people to buy stuff never works, what you’re doing with call to action links is telling people to “go here” and you should only start adding these types of links after you’ve taken the time to explain why whatever product you are promoting works.

Don’t use call to action links early in your content. Give people valuable info first, then start using call to action links.

Why this works:

Typically call to action links make people click more on your affiliate links and that should increase your affiliate sales.

5) Share personal stories of what you’re promoting.

When people know that what they are seeking to buy works for whoever they are reading the review from (the affiliate), it helps them trust that person more. It is another reason why you want to KNOW your product before you promote it.

When I share stories about my affiliate marketing journey for example, I share my about me story and when I review products that teach affiliate marketing, I always share some sort of story that is related to it too. Even a short story works here.

Why this works:

The point is, you want to get a little personal and a story about yourself works as it builds trust.


I rarely write reviews on this website, but here is one about an Affiliate Coach program I used. Just read how I share my personal story and how I prove it works and then basically use that idea for your own promotions.

6) Create affiliate links that lead people to testimonial pages.

This is a branch of making call to action links, but it encourages people to click on those links as well. Suppose you’re reviewing a diet product. A perfect example of using this strategy would be to make an affiliate link that says something like “Click here to see the before and after pictures”.

Why this works:

People’s curiosity mixed together with a good call to action that triggers that curiosity will make them want to click that affiliate link.

7) Consider exit pop ups. They really do increase affiliate sales.

I’ve tested at least 3 exit pop ups across different affiliate sites I run and they really do work. What I’ll typically do is find a page on one of my sites that is getting a lot of traffic and what I’ll usually see is that a majority of people who visit those pages leave. It’s actually normal.

And what I’ll usually do is try to retain some of that lost traffic by showing them an exit pop up before they leave to encourage them to buy the product I’m promoting and I’ll typically offer them bonuses if they do.

I’ve gotten exit pop ups to convert at 10% affiliate sales in some cases doing this. In fact, my very own helping hand site has a pop up which you can see if you decide to leave this page for reference.

Why this works:

Most people leave sites for numerous reasons, but an exit pop up creates a potential obstacle for them to do it and as long as it isn’t annoying, you can really retain a small fraction of that lost traffic, which can add up to more affiliate sales down the line. I’ve tested this and can tell you that exit pop ups do increase affiliate sales!

8) For YouTubers: Make sure you tell people to click on the link in the description!

Since affiliate marketing on YouTube works, one of the ways to make it work better is to promote something in the video, but give people directions on getting whatever you’re promoting. So tell them to click that link, and do is more than once, but scarcely.

Why this works: 

It’s pretty simple. It’s just another example of a call to action link, but in videos like YouTube, you can’t always rely on people figuring it out, and most don’t. Letting them know where to go next is what will ensure you get more clicks on that affiliate link in your YouTube video description.

9) Add images that what you’re promoting works!

Seriously, testimonials and images of those testimonials and/or your own proof is always a good way to sell an affiliate product. Simply see my coaching page and how I use an image with testimonials there as proof. And also notice how I make that image a link which people can click on.

There’s literally a lot of call to action going on, all while offering proof at the same time. It’s a powerful way to convince people to buy your affiliate promotion.

Why it works: 

It’s pretty obvious: Results from a product make people trust buying that product more and images that show that, prove that, better than words in many cases.

10) Scale and repeat these steps for other promotions!

You’ll find that using just 1 of these tips will get you more clicks and more results, but sometimes, you’ll have to take that 1 product promotion and let it ride. While you do that, don’t wait on the results. Scale by finding another product and doing the same things to promote it.

Why it works:

If taking one affiliate promotion and making it make sales worked, why wouldn’t repeating that formula increase that? It would.

Use these tips, but only if you’re already getting traffic:

This will be the third time I say it in this article, but I’m sure not all of you read my point about how this article’s tips apply to people who have a site with traffic on it. If you’re just a beginner with nothing in the affiliate marketing world, start with my affiliate coaching instead, and build up to that point.

I hope these 10 tips to increasing your affiliate sales and conversions have been helpful to you!

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