Write Your Way to Freedom Review: The Pros And Cons

I know you’re here because you want to know if Write Your Way to Freedom is a legitimate course and this review will tell you just that.

For starters, here’s 5 things you need to know about Write Your Way to Freedom:

1) It is 100% legitimate (not a scam).

2) I didn’t buy Sarah’s program, but I do make a passive income through writing (blogging) and I understand this subject very well.

3) There are positive reviews for Sarah’s program and I will link some of them to you to see for yourself.

4) Overall, the program works and is highly recommended.

5) However, one major issue I see is that this program is highly expensive and if you’re looking for MUCH cheaper alternatives (there’s also a waiting list currently). I will be suggesting the program that taught me how to be a very profitable blogger and writer, which is Wealthy Affiliate (more details coming up).

A quick summary and review of Write Your Way to Freedom:

Who created Write Your Way to Freedom?write your way to freedom review

Sarah Turner (official site).

How much does Write Your Way to Freedom cost?

Either $1,997 in one payment or $299 over a 10 month period (might be a better deal).

What does Write Your Way to Freedom teach?

How to become a successful copywriter and attract high paying clients to pay you to write for them basically.

Over an 8 module course, you’ll learn how to create website (blog) on a niche you like, and then grow it to build traffic. You’ll use those skills to then find clients through cold emails and get them to pay you to write on their sites, blogs and emails.

How much you can get paid varies but copywriting itself can be a very profitable skill and Sarah’s course will show you every step of the process to get profitable results out of this.

My rating for Write Your Way to Freedom: 4 out of 5 stars

Is Write Your Way to Freedom legit and do I recommend it? Yes and yes.

The only 2 cons to this program are it’s highly expensive price in my opinion, and the current waiting list to join. Other than that, this is a great course that can certainly help you become a profitable copywriter and work from home.

Keep in mind that you do have to enjoy writing to do this though, and it will take a lot of work.

Alternatives? Some:

Since this does deal a lot with blogging successfully, there are certain programs I can recommend (the last choice is my favorite option and has the best deal):

  1. Blogging Fast Lane.
  2. Passive Income Geek.
  3. Elite Blog Academy.
  4. Healthy Commissions.
  5. And my top choice (which I promote):

write your way to freedom alternative

Write Your Way to Freedom, a detailed review:

Again, you learn to build a blog in a particular niche you like, and then grow your copywriting skills from that. You’ll then use strategies Sarah teaches you to go out and find clients looking for copywriting experts and use your existing blog as sort of a resume of proof. That’s essentially how Write Your Way to Freedom works.

As you get more and more clients (some might leave along the way, which is normal), you’ll still be able to use your blog as a resume, but on top of that reviews from happy clients to build up your client base.

There’s an entire 8 module course to show you every step of this process and if you take every lesson, in every module and put it together, there are 50 lessons in total to learn all of this from. Included are also ways to negotiate with clients and get paid well (as well as getting retainers for more consistent work).

Copywriting clients can come from multiple places, including:

  • Private blogs who need to outsource content creation.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Affiliate networks who need people to write about their products or do press releases.

My experience with freelance and copywriting work:

As I said earlier, I am someone with a lot of experience writing and blogging and I have been making a living doing so for many years. This type of work is very familiar to me.

The only difference between what Sarah’s course teaches and what I do is this:

  • Sarah’s course shows you how to blog (SEO stuff is included too), get clients for copywriting work and get paid that way.
  • The way I do things, is that I blog about niche topics I love, get visitors to my sites through good SEO tactics and promote products to my visitors through affiliate marketing.

I personally like my approach more because I dislike having to work with clients and negotiating contracts. What I do and what Sarah teaches is essentially the same thing, except the last part where we monetize our work (I do affiliate marketing, she teaches how to get clients for copywriting work).

In addition to that, I find my approach to be a bit more freelance because I’m not bound to any clients or paid an X amount for my work hourly, whereas with copywriting gigs, I would be (some people find the opposite to be better for them though).

How much can you earn from following Write Your Way to Freedom’s teachings?

Copywriting pay varies depending on what you negotiate and how much existing experience/previous client work you have, but it can produce some amazing results.

Now in terms of specifics, again it varies, but you can get paid per words, per hour and whatever prices you negotiate, which typically goes from $15 an hour and up to $100’s (yes some high end copywriters can get paid that much) will be what you can earn.

It’s not out of the ordinary to make a full time income with this business and certainly, Sarah’s program will help you rise up the ladder from this.

What are the reviews Write Your Way to Freedom saying?

There are several positive reviews I’ve found of this program and the one I feel stands out most is this Write Your Way to Freedom review, of someone who did use the training and is earning pretty good money in the process. It’s a very real, and comprehensive review and in many ways backs up the same things I say in this one which is:

  • This program is legit.
  • You can make good money as a copywriter.
  • It takes a lot of work and some time to do this (in her case, it took about 8 months to get results and in 1 year, she made over $30,000).
  • The price of this program is certainly one of the only things that may stop you from doing that.

Now the thing to note about that review is that the person wrote it on Medium.com, and not her own blog and this is interesting since Medium.com is known to get bloggers as their articles rank pretty high on Google.

Conclusions about Write Your Way to Freedom:

There’s no doubt in my mind that if you apply what Sarah teaches in her course, you will likely see pretty good results. Of course, you have to have a passion for writing, otherwise this might not be for you.

Now again, there are 2 cons in my opinion which stand out about this course:

  • The price (yes it’s very expensive).
  • Doors are (currently) closed. You may not have the patience to wait until they open (get on the waiting list here).

write your way to freedom waiting list screenshot

My alternative recommendation to Write Your Way to Freedom: Wealthy Affiliate

write your way to freedom other alternative 02

In many ways, what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to do is very similar to what Sarah’s program teaches as well. Let me explain:

  1. You learn to pick a niche you love.
  2. You build a blog out of it and through SEO skills taught at the WA program, grow it to get traffic.
  3. For monetization, you learn to do several things: Affiliate marketing, running ads on the site (Ezoic, Adsense, Mediavine), and/or getting clients.

Subsequently, these same skills can be applied to do copywriting work because as you grow your blog, you will also learn copywriting skills to build it. In my case, since I do affiliate marketing, which is selling other people’s stuff, it does involve having to CONVINCE people to do that, and that involve copywriting.

I have some examples of it in posts like this one: How to write an affiliate product review in which I detail these things, but this is one of many examples of what a convincing copywriting work looks like.

The point is, whatever skills you learn in Write Your Way to Freedom, I am confident you will also learn in Wealthy Affiliate (I am proof of this and you can see more success stories here).

Let me put it this way: I already have copywriting skills thanks to WA and I have been approached by people offering me jobs because they’ve seen one or more of my blogs (including this one).

Those doors will open up to you when you apply what WA teaches. I just choose to pursue the less client related stuff and more of the freelance stuff. Either way, you will have flexibility with your online business with WA

In addition:

  1. The program is free to try (and is only $49/month if you wish to remain).
  2. You get a lot of tools and services given to you as a member (mass savings).
  3. The value of the training you get there is easily worth $1,000’s.
  4. You get help and even coaching (from me) to help you.
  5. You don’t have to wait for the doors to open, you can literally try Wealthy Affiliate today for free.
  6. You will be able to build a blog in a niche topic that you personally love.

If you’re someone looking to grow a blog and do similar copywriting work that makes you money online, I can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate can help you do this and you can save a lot of money (and not wait) in the process. It does also take work and effort, so just keep that in mind.

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