Ezoic vs Adsense. Which Platform Can Make You More Money?

I run multiple blogs and while most of them make the majority of their income from affiliate marketing, some would be able to do pretty well with display ads. This brings me to the subject of Ezoic vs Adsense and which is better.

Based on everything I’ve read and researched so far, Ezoic seems to hold more benefits across the board against Adsense, and I will be sharing why that is shortly.

For me personally, the blog I am most considering running such ads on is my travel blog and ideally, I am trying to get it to a point where it’s traffic is such that I can run Mediavine ads on it, which would truly add some serious revenue to that travel blog, but while it is growing to that point, running either Ezoic or Adsense ads on it should help it earn several $100 a month (or more).

ezoic vs adsense

New to display ads like Ezoic and Adsense? Here’s what they are:

Both are platforms which you can sign up for and if eligible can place a code on your site and it’s pages to then run ads on it.

Depending on the platform and your site’s traffic, your site can earn money for every click and/or visitor it receives. The core question in this article is whether Ezoic is better for that than Adsense (or vice versa).

My experiences with using Adsense:

I monetized a few of my low traffic blogs in the past through Adsense that I wasn’t really growing. Overall, here are my experiences with it:

  1. It’s annoying to set up at first.
  2. The ads can be all over the place and can interrupt your reader’s flow.
  3. You don’t get really get paid a lot in general.

Ultimately, to succeed with Adsense requires you to have a lot of traffic to make it all worth it, and even if you do reach that point with your blog, in my personal opinion, you are far better off with the other display networks out there (Mediavine, Adthrive and after much research, Ezoic too).

And even if display ads aren’t your thing, a small affiliate sale here and there would likely make you more every month than using Adsense (if you do things right all things considered). Get affiliate training here.

As for Ezoic, here are my current experiences with it:

As of now, I do not use Ezoic, but based on word of mouth recommendations and what I’ve seen so far on the research I’ve done, they are all saying the same thing: It’s better than Adsense and highly recommended as a good stepping stone to more profitable display ad networks out there.

Now all this being said, there are still circumstances and reasons why someone may want to use Adsense and so it deserves a fair look as well, and thus far, here is what I know:

2 areas where Adsense is better than Ezoic:

  1. It’s easier to get approved.
  2. You don’t need much traffic on your site to get approved for Adsense (this is a double edged sword though because you probably won’t make a lot either if this is the case).

4 areas where Ezoic is a better alternative to Adsense:

Ezoic actually has several more advantages based on my research than Adsense and requires more than just bullet point explanations and so here we go:

1) First, Ezoic is generally speaking easier to work with.

Every review I’ve read so far has said that there is more personal help available to people looking to work with Ezoic and they will have their customer support help you in installing and running their ads.

2) You can get paid a bit more from Ezoic vs Adsense:

There are at least 2 blogs I’ve read which pointed to this and one of them had a substantial double digit increase in their profits once they switched over to Ezoic. Here they are:

Now truth be told, in order to be eligible to run Ezoic ads, you first need to have 10,000 visitors or more a month come to your site. But from my understanding, at least one of the blogs I just linked you to already had met that threshold and just switched over from Adsense to Ezoic, and the profits went up very quickly. Over a 14 day period, the profits were substantially greater.

What I currently see is that you get paid about 1% of 1,000 visits to your site, which is the norm when you think about it (YouTube monetization pays around the same). But Ezoic just offers more to do this and that takes me to the next benefit it has:

3) You can control how Ezoic ads are run on your site (and where):

Remember when I said that Adsense will just populate ads on your site and you have very little control over it? Well apparently, with Ezoic, this is not the case and you can organize where the ads will show on your site. I really like this benefit because you can structure your ads without having to worry about them messing up the look and content flow of your site.

4) Ezoic ads apparently speed up your site (I don’t know how this is possible, but it’s apparently real):

The same 2 sources I linked above said this. Usually any type of website that runs apps, plugins, the type of hosting it has and anything on top of that will be slowed down (it’s just how it works).

Apparently however Ezoic is very different in how it operates and can potentially speed up your website once it starts running.

One of the biggest reservations I have been having about running Adsense ads on my travel blog was this problem. The site already has enough to operate at the same time, and by placing Adsense ads on it, yes I would make money, but the slowing down of my site in the process would potentially inhibit my rankings in the long run.

With Ezoic ads, apparently, I wouldn’t have to worry about this.

Conclusions on Ezoic vs Adsense: Is Ezoic really a better alternative?

Everything I have seen and read so far says yes. The benefit of this network is that it’s qualifications are pretty easy to reach (10,000 visitors monthly isn’t difficult).

Right now I am 60% leaning to using them on my travel blog (TheNatureSeeker.com), but the other 40% is still having me focus a lot on growing the traffic so I can reach Mediavine (that will still pay way more).

But never the less, what brought me to seriously consider this network was my affiliate coach Jay. He doesn’t steer me wrong and if he says this is something truly worth considering, I’m taking that advice seriously.

And backing that up with the research I’ve done which also says that yes, Ezoic is a better alternative to Adsense, I am much more comfortable moving forward with this network now than before. I hope you are too if you were on the fence about it.

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