Wealth System Webinar Explained. What is it?

There are some things I would like to point out in this Wealth System Webinar review and while this may be the first time you’re hearing about this program, in my case, it’s like the 8th time I’ve had to do a write up on this subject.

Now before I begin, I have to put out the following disclaimers:

  1. I did not buy this program.
  2. I know about the subject of affiliate selling and make money online.
  3. I do believe that making money online is possible and Wealth System Webinar can make you money online, but there are potentially very high costs to start and personally, I am of the opinion that this might be too much as I have gotten my business started and succeeding for far less.

Here’s the short summary of Wealth System Webinar:

wealth system webinar review

Who created it?

Blair Phillips, aka Coach Blair.

How much does Wealth System Webinar cost?

This program is actually $0 to initially enter.

But as usual, this leads you down one of biggest high ticket programs I’ve ever seen, all the way up to $21,000+ in costs.

And you’ll see why I say “As usual” in a moment.

My rating for Wealth System Webinar: Pending.

Do I recommend Wealth System Webinar? You can make money with it, but there are risks.

I’m going to explain why I say this.

Making money with this system is possible and can happen here but how much is required to start and the risks are 2 different things and I personally believe these are very important and objective things to consider (and I’ll explain them).

Alternatives? There are several but my personal recommendation is this:

wealth system webinar alternativeNow I do promote that program in the banner above, but I also help people in the system (as an added bonus). It’s free to try so you can decide for yourself.

Getting to the review: What is Wealth System Webinar?

It’s an online sales funnel that takes people to join a high ticket program I’ve been seeing for many months now, which also, at least on the sales page I saw here doesn’t actually mention it’s name.

This high ticket program is being marketed across other similar and even identical online sales funnels like Wealth System Webinar and in this case, the creator of this sales funnel has had (or still has) a previous sales funnel like this called Flip The Career Switch, which is also doing the same thing.

What you need to understand is that Wealth System Webinar is not the program you are buying, but it’s just an affiliate sales page to direct people to the big program that is behind it (the high ticket one).

And like I’ve said before, this on the surface is not a problem for me, considering I too do affiliate marketing and have multiple promotions/sites myself.

But as I dig deeper into this, I have a lot of questions about this promotion and I really wish it was easier to find the answers. But let me move ahead before getting into that:

How Blair makes money (and how you can make money off this system too):

Blair makes a nice commission off each person joining this high ticket system through his Wealth System Webinar affiliate page which is in the range of $1,500-$15,000+ per sale depending on how much you spend on it, and then you get the opportunity to become an affiliate and make the same sales too.

This is how the system works.

Now as for you (same opportunity basically):

Based on what I’ve seen from past programs like this, you likely get the same type of sales page you see with Wealth System Webinar and promote it to others. And you can upon other people signing up on your sales page for this make the same amount as Blair does.

But you would have to come up with your own fancy website name to give this a shot and to be fair, the sales page you get is probably going to be identical to the one Coach Blair does, so a lot of that is done for you. But anyway:

Is there a problem with this method? Is it a scam?

Well no, but that all depends on what is being promoted.

As I’ve said on other reviews and I’ll say this again: I have no issues with people promoting the same thing across multiple sites. As an affiliate marketer myself, I often have to rely on multiple methods to promote the same things and it’s not a problem as long as:

  • The sales funnel is honest.
  • The program being promoted is legitimate.

Now I have some concerns I’ll talk about in a moment, but here is a positive thing I do believe:

I do believe you can make money with this program. More and more people are promoting this so it shows they are making money. But that’s the 1 pro I see.

wealth system webinar pros and cons

The 7 concerns I have of Wealth System Webinar explained:

1) First of all (as usual with this particular offer), the high ticket promotion Blair is promoting has no official name, no logo, nothing to tell me what in the world I am investing in.

2) If it were $1 to try this system, or people could try it for free, I would say give it a shot. However, this is not possible here and to get started is $3,000+ and this can go all the way up to $21,000 (and more).

3) Whenever I run into promotions like Blair’s (like I said, I’ve got 8 now that are doing this) and they all promote this secret high ticket system, I am personally not very comfortable with getting involved in any expensive program, let alone if I don’t even know it’s name. That’s my personal position even though right now I do believe you can make money with it.

4) If you think that spending crazy money guarantees you will make crazy money, I would be very careful. This is likely a system where once you join, there may be necessities to advertise this program (and pay for that) like through some sort of solo ad system, or buy clicks via ads online with again no guarantees of a good ROI. I’ve seen evidence of this in another review I did of someone else promoting this same kind of program before. The short story is that you need to funnel potential leads to this sales page you’ll get and that may cost money to do so.

5) The people who are making money with this system are likely very advanced internet marketers who know how to attract high ticket buyers and convince them to spend money on this. If you are new at this and most people might be, they may have trouble promoting this. If you are a beginner and/or short on money, I would personally suggest cheaper options available out there. I personally recommend (and do promote) Wealthy Affiliate.

6) I’ve got concerns about the fact that this is a very expensive program you’re buying into only to go around and promote it back to others the same ways. Lots of people do this yes, but I’m personally not comfortable promoting high ticket offers (or buying them). And that’s just my personal position.

7) Where is the value in their training resources? They sales page of this high ticket system says you get tons of eBooks and content to use to promote the system, but this is PLR content that is written by other people, from long ago in some cases.

To spend up to $21,000+ (which is what it costs to get this training material) for what’s worth a few $100 in my opinion is not right. And I break down why this PLR content is not in my opinion good to buy in my review of the Prosperity Warrior, which was the first program I discovered promoting this high ticket system.

There I provide proof and evidence of the PLR eBooks they sell on their program and how I found them on other sites for as little as $5 for some of them.

Conclusions on Wealth System Webinar:

I rarely have situations where I have so many questions about a promotion/program/offer and in this program’s case, while again, I do believe money is possible to make, why is it so hard to tell me what in the world this actual program’s name is? It’s a really simple question.

Just by knowing the name of the program behind all of this, I’d give this a bigger score. To me, it’s just obvious transparent info that needs to be there.

And that’s in regards to the program. Regarding the creator of Wealth System Webinar, I think Blair Phillips comes off to me as being a good dude.

Maybe he believes in this and opportunity it brings, but I am a bit more objective in the affiliate marketing realm and know more than a few sides of this business to know legitimate offers from the questionable ones.

It’s a bit mixed for me with this program, but the opposing side has major questions I need answers to before I’m comfortable recommending this and so far I have not yet gotten it.


The current Wealth System Webinar page has videos of Wes, a different promoter of this same mystery high ticket program giving info on the product. While once again, I didn’t see a name of the program being mentioned (sigh), some things that were mentioned were as follows:

You can buy clicks from ads they run for you to send people to the same promotion (which you promote). So to me that means that on top of the existing prices, you may have to pay extra to drive leads to the offer.

This can certainly be one way to make sales (and I do think it’s certainly possible), but again, there are no guarantees so make your own decision on these types of things.

wealth system webinar disclaimer

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