Is The Prosperity Warrior a Scam? Here’s my Review of it

Folks, I discovered some really questionable stuff when I checked out The Prosperity Warrior and in this review, I want to share my findings and offer my personal opinion on this program, whether it’s a scam and alternatives.

What I experienced with Prosperity Formula was 90% expected, because I see these sales funnels very often in my line of work, but the other 10% of what happened when I did a little bit of digging was what really solidified my decision in not buying, trying or recommending this program and you’ll see what I mean shortly.

But on the positive side, this review will be showing you a very legitimate alternative that works (very shortly).

A summary and review of The Prosperity Warrior:

the prosperity warrior review


Mark Wilson.


  • $3,000+ for a Gold Level.
  • $7,000+ for a Platinum Level.
  • $14,000+ for a Diamond Level.
  • $21,000+ for a Royal Level.

There are also administrator fees on top of these prices.

And they get higher and higher depending on which level you purchase, which is why I used the plus symbol above.

Anyway, before I move forward with this review:

prosperity warrior to wa link 07 take 1

What does The Prosperity Warrior teach?

Well for starters, from my research, The Prosperity Warrior isn’t the program you join but rather an affiliate for the high ticket program, which is apparently called The Warrior Blueprint.

And the problem is that the Warrior Blueprint name only shows up in the website URL (as you’ll see shortly) and that was one of the many suspicious things I found out because other than the website name, there is no other part of the website which uses this name (or any other) so I am left suspecting there is no official name for this program, thus I’ll call it the “mystery high ticket program”.

But there are videos within this “mystery high ticket program” which reveal a bit of what you get once you sign up with one or more of the above levels, and that is basically 3 different things:

  • Organization and mindset training.
  • Internet marketing training on things like email list building and so forth.
  • Content on internet security.
  • Miscellaneous other training material.

But this is all really nonsensical stuff in my opinion because as I found out, much of their “training” is really PLR books and content you can buy for under $30 on Amazon (I’m not kidding). And typically PLR content in my experienced is often outdated and not high quality either.

What exactly is the opportunity behind The Prosperity Warrior (The Warrior Blueprint)?

Based on my research, when you join through Mark Wilson’s referral link and buy one or more of the 4 packages above, he makes a big commission and then you basically are allowed to then promote the same mystery program to others (again it could be called the Warrior Blueprint, but I didn’t see this name anywhere on the site other than the name of it).

Depending on which level you buy into unlocks the monetary potential: 

  1. Buying into the Gold level lets you to potentially earn $1,500 for each sale.
  2. Buying into the Platinum level lets you to potential earn $3,500 for each sale.
  3. Buying into the Diamond level lets you to potentially earn $7,000 for each sale.
  4. And finally, buying into the Royal level lets you potentially earn $10,500 for each sale.
  5. Additionally, from what I gathered, if you go for the Royal level from the get go, you can earn even more each level (75% instead of 50%).

How you’ll be “making money” with this mystery high ticket program:

Basically you’ll also do what Mark does which is promote the same mystery name high ticket program to people and when they join through you, they’ll get sales calls to buy one or more of the same packages and depending on what they buy gives you a commission for it.

Do I recommend this program? My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Whether it’s The Prosperity Warrior affiliate page or the program you get taken to once you sign up, I’m just not confident in what I see and I’ll explain in this review why that is.

In my opinion, this is the best alternative to the Prosperity Warrior in my opinion (it is a promotion):

wealthy affiliate prosperity warrior cta 2 test

The 4 most important things I took from researching the Prosperity Warrior:

1) The Prosperity Warrior is just an affiliate page.

I don’t have problems with affiliate pages (I’m an affiliate marketer myself), but the problem is this page offers me very little to no training, value and content to lean on. Most of the page is a lot hype about the “opportunity” coming and showing off money.

2) There is literally no name on the page to the “mystery high ticket program” you get taken into:

Seriously, I looked all throughout the page:

  • I saw no names of the creator/s.
  • I saw no official logo.
  • No mention of a company.
  • Even the earnings disclaimer page has nothing about that stuff.

And on top of this, we have a mystery program asking me to spend $1,000’s and $10,000’s on it?

Now I’ll get into of this in a moment, but let me quickly interject with something very important which is what I recommend instead:

wealthy affiliate psw

And now let’s continue with the other things:

3) They are using PLR content in their products area (why this is not a good thing in my opinion):

While browsing the videos on the mystery high ticket program sales page, one of them actually showed me an inside look of the types of products provided to you once you join and immediately the first thought I had was:

“Are they seriously using PLR eBooks!?”

You see what PLR products are is cheap, and often outdated eBooks on many different subjects ranging from make money online topics to things like mindset eBooks.

And there is actually an entire industry where people make PLR products, sell them for cheap and give the people buying those products the rights to resell them for any price they want.

The problem is that if the PLR product is bad, and worth $5, does it really make sense to sell it for $100? Of course not!

But some people do that and I suspect (with evidence) that this mystery high ticket program is doing just that. Believe me, I know PLR content when I see it and this was as clear cut as it gets.

But I did a little digging to see if it could actually be true. Could a program charging me $1,000’s actually be giving me products they didn’t even make and bought from other third party sources?

Here’s my evidence:

I’m going to list a few images I saw in the “products” video of the high ticket program. I saw their titles, Googled them and found several sources, including from Amazon where you can literally buy that same exact eBook/product:

Evidence 1:

plr content proof 1

Evidence 2: 

proof of plr content 2

Evidence 3:

proof they are using plr content 3

And this is just 3 of the several more examples of other products I found outside this program for less. At that point I just had enough of seeing this and decided to stop looking.

People, these are literally the products you’re paying $1,000’s for to access, that are worth far less on the outside of this program. And these are the same programs that I suspect are also outdated on teaching you things like:

And I added links to my own free and updated training on these subjects so you don’t even need to get the PLR books either.

Concluding thoughts on this review of The Prosperity Warrior:

the last propserity warrior to wa review cta 4

Let’s do a quick summary of what I found with the Prosperity Warrior:

1) You are promoted a mystery high ticket program (no creator, no name, no information to check up on, at least if you look on the sales page).

2) You are asked to pay $1,000’s and $10,000’s for the opportunity to make high ticket commissions from that investment and for what it’s worth, in hindsight, I do believe that is possible, so that’s why I slightly raised the score.

3) You are given products once you join that I proved were PLR products (they didn’t make these products, they purchased them outside the program and they are super cheap if you just Google them).

Based on this, I personally concluded the Prosperity Warrior is not for me.

If you want to try a another program that does teach in the same realm which is affiliate marketing, but the training is updated and is based on doing affiliate marketing ethically, very high quality, and even free to try, then see Wealthy Affiliate.

the prosperity warrior disclaimer 01

5 thoughts on “Is The Prosperity Warrior a Scam? Here’s my Review of it”

  1. I was communicating with a guy by the name of Max from the so called office of Mark Wilson and he was a total unprofessional CHILDISH ASHOLE. When explaining to him that I need to weigh my options with another similar program he messages me saying something completely off to the left field, something about they don’t negotiate company compliance and that I was not fit for their company etc., etc. It’s like the guy was drunk or something. There was never any mention of negotiating anything with their program. He became very childish because he could not close me on the first set of exchange messages after we had spoken. I then sent him some constructive criticism about never burning bridges on a lead on the advertising dollars spent of the one who got in the program and how he should take advantage of the information given as leverage to close the sale, but instead he came back replying with insults.


  2. Great review, thanks! It looks like the same guy had a “Secrets of the Wealthy” scheme going a couple years ago, too.

    Looks like the same scheme but this time he’s leaning more heavily into the Army Vet schtick, which is pretty clever marketing.

    • Hi Johnny, I had no idea he had a previous program (allegedly) but I will keep looking and updating people on what I find. So far, this program (Prosperity Warrior) alongside 4 others are promoting what looks to be the same thing. I’m wondering if you know what this high ticket program is, because I still can’t figure it out.

  3. Thanks for the review. I couldn’t figure this program out, either. Wilson says he’s an ex-Army vet. He must have had some code of honor he lived by. I think he’s thrown that out the window!

    I’ve been following and learning affiliate marketing from Miles Beckler. He also has a ton of free training, all of which sets you up to start making money fairly quickly. Thanks again for the review.

    • No problem Bill! It didn’t really take me too much time to figure out The Prosperity Warrior as I’ve been reviewing these kinds of companies for years, but typically, whenever programs don’t do a good job of explaining what you’re going to be doing and really throwing out all the “look how much you can make”, that is suspect in my opinion.

      Thank you for mentioning Miles to me. I’ve never heard of his stuff, but at first glance of his site, he seems to be pretty knowledgeable on the affiliate marketing subject, so I’ll look into his courses and content more.

      That being said, if you aren’t already sticking to one program and Mile’s content isn’t exactly what you want to go with, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I find a lot of people bounce from different programs because they just can’t settle on one particular program that gives them the start-finish blueprint. WA does and I think you may also really like that program.

      Update: I just reviewed Miles Beckler and his courses. Have a look 🙂


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